Young Girl’s Sexual Memories

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I was going to Orange Coast College the fall after high school graduation. It was the local community college and I was enjoying my time there. I had mostly done poorly in school from k-12 but Senior year, I really got into shape and got a 3.83 GPA when my norm was 2.8. I had a couple friends from high school going to the same college. We had lunch together about twice a week and I loved that.

I had recently been dumped by my boyfriend of 2 months, Aris, and while I wasn’t looking for another boyfriend anytime soon, I was still pretty boy crazy and was interested in hooking up with them. They seemed to like me enough. I had a slightly plump hourglass figure on a petite frame with big, perky breasts and waist length red curly hair draped over my face with full cheeks and teal eyes. I was a total freckle face, so maybe that was a minus for some guys, but had very clear skin and facial features that fit the definition of classic beauty. My style was conventional, girly, and a bit suggestive.

In my English composition class on the second or third day of class, the professor had a family or health emergency or something and he had to be out the whole Semester. It took a while to find a sub who could stay the rest of the semester. When we did, she was always late, but I liked her anyway.

Since she was usually about 10-15 minutes late, the students would sit outside a lot and chat. This guy, Nick, who was a year older, started talking to me early on during those waiting periods, just about the class and everyday things. He wasn’t that bad looking. He was about 6’0″, very lean and tan, with dark brown long unkempt curly hair, always with a beanie. He had very distinct facial features that I still remember seven years later, but they weren’t necessarily conventionally attractive nor unattractive, just distinct. Our styles and personalities seemed so different, but I liked spending time with him and we would hang out and talk a lot between classes, talking about school and our personal lives and I would drive him home usually, since he was right on the way for me, and like I said, I enjoyed his company. He would often hint that he wanted more than friendship but I would ignore it. If he wasn’t going to be explicit, he wasn’t going to get what he wanted.

One day he found me in the library, studying. He plopped down next to me, with his big goofy grin, “Hello miss studious. What are you doing?”

I didn’t exactly want to be interrupted on this but I decided I would have enough time later. I put my pen down and turned to face him. “Ethnic Studies homework. What about you?”

“Well I’m done with classes, was wondering if you wanted to hang out for a while.” He looked up expectantly.

I smiled, “OK.” and started packing my stuff. “Let me show you the goosebumps section. I know they’re kid books, but they’re really good and I even get a little scared if I’m reading it alone at home.” I giggle.

He seems amused and follows me to the shelf nearby. I pick one up and read the summary aloud to him. He is behind me and really close but we’re not touching. When I turn around, he looks a little bashful. My thoughts go a little romantic for a second but I push them away because I’m still not sure if i see him as more than as a friend.

There are things I really like about him. He’s sweet, tall, and funny, but the old fashioned part of me thinks he should be the one driving me home and he shouldn’t live with his parents, even though I do too. He’s only 19. These cultural expectations made me feel a little ashamed to go out with him, like he was using me for my car or something. But he was the only new friend I’d made.

On our way home one day, after about a month of hanging out, he tells me his parents are out of town and if I want to see his place. I hesitate, because I think he probably wants to get me in bed with him, but I’m also not sure I don’t want that. One reason is I’m not experienced and it is out of my comfort zone to kiss and touch and have sex with guys. I also thought that since he’s young like me, he might not be experienced either.

I ultimately decided to go in with him with the awareness that it didn’t mean I was going to have sex with him, but I might want to. He got his keys out of his pocket and opened the door for us. A scruffy happy dog greeted us at the door.

“That’s Scrufus. He’s friendly.” Nick said.

I giggle, “I can see that.” He holds the door open for me and I squeeze past him, our bodies touching, so as not to let Scrufus out. I like the contact, realizing how love deprived I feel.

“Do you like dogs?” He asks me as he leads me to his bedroom.

“Oh I love them, have two at home, as well as a cat.”

We enter his room. It’s fairly tidy with a lot of posters that I don’t get on the wall. He drops his bag off on his desk and offers me to do the same. I put my bag next to his and turn to see him facing me. He steps forward and puts his hands on my upper arms, lightly ankara rus escort squeezing them. He leans down and looks at me, studying my stunned face, and kisses me softly on the lips. So he’s finally making a move! The feeling I get is a definite confirmation that I am totally love deprived. My heart speeds up and I feel like I could melt. My cheeks are so hot they almost hurt.

Nick pulls back and looks at my newly rosy face. I smile up at him. He kisses me again and it’s longer this time. He pulls me in closer.

“Can we lay down?” He asks.

I nod and he leads me to his bed. He lays me down, kissing my lips, cheeks and going down to my neck. The warmth of his body over mine feels so exciting, I can’t believe it. His fingers fiddle with the buttons on my sweater, then my phone rings. I sit up and look at the caller ID.

“Oh shoot, I forgot my mom needs her car! I got to get this.” He moves next to me a little out of breath. I take a deep breath and compose myself.

“Hi mom.” I answer, trying to hide my heavy breathing.

“Hey Sweetie, you almost home? I need the car for my jenny craig appointment, remember?”

“Oh right, I’m sorry, I was chatting with a friend. I’ll be there in fifteen. Sorry!”

I hang up and look at nick. “Alright, I got to go. It’s too bad we couldn’t take more advantage of your parents absence…”

He looks hopeful. “They’re out of town for three more days, if you want to come over again before that.” He puts his hand on my shoulder caressing it and asks, “Do you want to?”

I blush, “Well I do want to come over, but I want to take it slow, ok?”

“Of course.”

I think about what I’m doing tomorrow and how to lie to my parents. I decide to tell them I’m going to french club. “Ok…let’s plan on tomorrow. After class, I guess.”

“Perfect, and bring your swim suit. I have a pool outback.” He gestures to the backyard and then his eyes quickly travel down my body with that big grin, probably imagining it in a swimsuit. He walks me to the door and kisses me again, oh it’s so nice…too nice.

I sigh, “Ok, well…I’ll see you tomorrow.” I giggle.

On my drive home, I weigh the odds of sleeping with him. I know I want to, I’ve been absolutely boy crazy since I was ten and almost never acted on it and here he was, not the best looking guy but not bad and I’ve gotten to know him as a friend for about a month. I just don’t want to make it weird like if we sleep together and then what? Keep doing it and keep being friends? Or just do it once and then we ignore each other? Sex just seems to complicate things from what I can tell but does that mean I’m only going to sleep with strangers to keep things simple? I’m sure it’s better and more enjoyable to be intimate with someone I know and trust than some random guy.

I’ve only been with 2 guys, one boyfriend and one random guy and amazingly the random guy made me feel better than my boyfriend did. I was 18 and had been waiting for eight hours downtown on a bench for this flaky guy I had a thing for, he kept texting me he’d be another 30 minutes but he never showed up. Then this guy, Mark, stopped to talk to me. He asked me what I was doing and I told him. He wasn’t that cute, kinda short with average looks, blonde hair and a mustache. He was amazed that a beautiful girl like me would wait so long for a guy that clearly didn’t respect me and he let me know that.

He was 27, with a group of friends, maybe two couples and they all convinced me to hangout back at their place. I considered the possibility of being murdered by them and decided it was really unlikely. Plus, I already lied about sleeping at my friends house and now it was too late to show up there so really, I didn’t have anywhere to go since James flaked.

We sat and talked at their place. I had one beer. We didn’t get drunk or anything. After about two hours, everyone decided to turn into their rooms and somewhere in that time, it was decided that I was spending the night. Mark was visiting from out of town and was sleeping on the couch bed and there was nowhere else to sleep so I joined him.

We stayed up and talked together for about an hour, just about why I would wait that long for a guy and our dating history. Then we turned off the lights. I removed my bra and pants under the covers and was left with a light cotton sweater and panties. I think he was in a t shirt and underwear.

With his group of friends around, he hadn’t been flirting that much with me, just playing it cool and even acting like a jerk sometimes, but when we were alone, we got more personal and now laying in bed next to him, I wanted more. He was lying on his side facing me. I figured he wouldn’t make a move, like most guys, but this time I was more bold about it.

I asked him, “Do you want to cuddle?”

He replied “yeah” and nodded.

I moved over and put my back against him, moving my long curly hair out of the way. He bahçelievler escort put his arm around my waist and his breath on my neck felt so good. The contact really excited me, no matter what he looked like. His hand made it’s way up to my breasts and he squeezed them. I let him. He started to move on top of me.

I said “Wait…Mark, I thought we were just cuddling.”

He pushed it, “You don’t ask to cuddle with me If you don’t want to have sex…come on.”

He was pressuring me and I didn’t understand yet that it was wrong, in fact I relied on it, being so shy. I wanted sex but I wished he didn’t have to go so fast. But I just let him take the lead. He asked me to kiss him, I did so hesitantly, it was a shy quick kiss. He asked me to remove my shirt and I did and he ran his hands over my full perky breasts and bounced them a little. He laid me down and pulled down my panties. He touched me with his fingers.

“You’re wet…” He sounded almost surprised.

“Oh” I said, my breathing starting to increase and turned my head to the side.

I didn’t really know what to do or say. This was all happening so fast. I guess I was new enough to this that being alone with a male was arousing in itself. He removed his underwear and entered me. Even though there were a lot of things wrong with the situation, like me not knowing him, the pressure he put on me, sadly that’s what I needed I guess because I could never get that wet with my boyfriend and now with this random guy whos not even that cute and pressuring me for sex, I’m dripping between the legs. Something must be wrong with me.

He is sitting up, penetrating me on my back, boobs bouncing and vagina feeling happy. I think it was the first time I’d had sex while aroused and it was so pleasurable. He came down fully on top of me and i let my guard down and embraced him, lightly running my hands down his back and squeezing him with my thighs. He looked at me thoughtfully for a second and continued. His penis was just right to stretch me without hurting me and I started to get lost in him and forget about everything else.

He finished too soon though and not realizing he came, I asked “Why’d you stop?” a little out of breath. He seemed kind of annoyed that I didn’t know. “I came on your stomach” I felt it with my hand and gasped. “Oh my god!” There was so much. He seemed to be mad that I was so shocked. Maybe he felt guilty for pressuring me now that he realized how inexperienced I was and was taking it out on me, considering he was rather misogynistic.

We cleaned up and went to sleep on our own sides of the bed. I didn’t like or get why he was mad at me but it was so late, I fell asleep pretty quickly.

The sunlight through the window woke me up the next morning. Mark already seemed to be up, looking at me. He didn’t seem annoyed anymore. I looked at him a little awkwardly. “Hey.”

“Hey” He looked a little uncomfortable, too.

“Is anybody else up?” I asked, sitting up.

He shook his head. “I don’t think so” He looked at my face in the sunlight. “You have freckles on your lips”

I blushed and looked away. “I know…it’s weird.”

He shook his head. “You’re beautiful. Your freckles don’t take away from that. They make you different.”

I smiled and looked down. “I should probably get going. My mom thinks I’m spending the night at my friends and she might call them.”

“Don’t worry. If she trusts you, she’s not going to call for a while. It’s only 7:00. Let’s wait for Ben to wake up and give us a ride to your bike.”

“Oh…I hope you’re right.” I took out my phone to check for missed calls. Nothing yet.

He looked pensive. “You know ben will probably be a while. Can we…get together, again?”

This time I blushed deeply. “Ummm…it feels weird, like someone could come down any second. That makes me nervous.”

He shook his head again. “No they won’t come down. They’re pretty late sleepers and they have nowhere to be. Besides they wouldn’t care. We’ll just pull up the blanket if we hear anyone coming down.”

I thought about it and found myself wanting him to penetrate me again. “Ok just let me freshen up first.” and i went to the bathroom to pee and used the mouth rinse that was on the counter.

I returned to Mark who was naked and asked me to remove my clothes. I did and got into bed with him. We kissed more this time and I let myself relax and opened my mouth. He climbed on top of me and caressed my breasts and licked my nipples, his mustache tickling me.

I liked that he was giving me more attention before getting to business and I noticed my wetness this time. “I’m ready now” I told him.

He smiled real big and entered me, pounding me so hard, I squealed. He lasted all of five minutes but it was long enough for me to squirt on his penis. We cuddled afterward. He didn’t seem mad at me this time.

I thought about this sexual encounter on the drive home and decided ankara escort I did want to sleep with Nick. Not knowing Mark may have helped my nerves and helped me enjoy the sex more, but maybe Nick and I are more compatible than me and my ex were. I know I like being romantic with him and it feels counterintuitive to resist going further with him. My ex is just one example of sex not being good with someone I know. It doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy being intimate with Nick. He is so different than Aris. And maybe it helped that we were friends first instead of going straight into dating.

The next day before leaving for school, I bathed very thoroughly and shaved my legs, bikini line, and armpits. I washed and conditioned my hair and lotioned up my whole body. I knew it would all come off in the pool and I would need another shower but I did the preparation anyway. I wanted to look and feel my best. I chose my most revealing bikini, knowing Nick and I would be alone.

In class, Nick made quick glances at me and made me blush every time, knowing what we were going to do. He didn’t know for sure but he probably guessed, based on my enthusiasm yesterday. When class was over, we walked to my car together and he put his arm around my waist and gave it a light squeeze. I really liked that. When we entered his house, and I almost tripped over scrufus.

He chuckled. “Did you bring a bathing suit?”

“Yes” I answered. “I’ll go change in the bathroom.” I skipped happily with my bag to his bathroom.

When I came out in my bikini, he was already in his trunks and looked at me appreciatively.

He shook his head, his eyes on my full breasts popping out of the bikini top.

We started out in the jacuzzi. I relished the heat and tipped my head back, relaxing in it. Nick inched over to me and put his arm around me, fingers brushing the side of my breast. I felt tingly right away and my nipples hardened. Arousal washed over me and I kissed him, letting the warmth and wentness of our mouths guide us wherever they wanted.

“Well we might as well move over to the pool.” I said, Chuckling.

I got out and went to the side of the pool, dipping my toe in…only to be pushed in by Nick, who followed right after me. He splashed me repeatedly, invoking some sense of competition in me and I got him back even harder. He gasped and lunged at me. I went underwater to dodge the attack and swam away. He began chasing me. Who knew swim tag could be so fun?

I started to get exhausted though, not used to swim sprinting and took a break on the pool steps. He came over to me and playfully lunged again, embracing me and starting to tip us both over.

“Nick!” I screeched and moved onto his lap, trying to put him under, my hands on his shoulders and my full soft thighs straddling him. But he was too strong. He stayed upright and pulled me in for a kiss, his arms smoothly sliding around my waist pulling me closer as his warm soft lips played with mine. His hands inched their way down to my hips, playing with the string ties.

“Nick…not here.” I moved his hand, although I was very aroused.

“How about inside?” He asked.

I nodded.

He got up and held out his hand. I took it and he lead me to his bedroom. When we got in, he continued the kiss we started. I wanted to lay down but not with the wet swim suits. He seemed to read my mind and untied my bikini top, letting it fall to the ground revealing my full soft breasts with pink nipples. He squeezed them, “Hmm so sweet” and then he removed my bottoms, squeezing my full bottom so tight. He then removed his trunks.

We sat down on his bed and looked a little nervously at each other and giggled. His penis was surprisingly large for how lean he was and he was hard as a rock. It got me excited. I looked at it then up at him. He looked excited, too. He laid me down and got on top of me. He rubbed his erection over my wet slit before inserting it.

I gasped. “Uhh…Nick” He was really stretching me a lot.

“Shhh” he soothed me and kissed me and it helped me relax a bit. He started pumping and with each one, it felt more and more pleasurable. He was going really hard like he had no control but I liked it. He reached and touched my breast that was bouncing from the activity. He was playing with it for ten seconds and then he came inside me.

Again, like Mark, he was quick, but something about it I just really liked. And Nick, well his penis felt amazing. He pulled the blanket up over us and embraced me, kissing my lips and cheeks.

“I love your chubby cheeks…” He told me as he kissed them.

I rubbed my cheek on his thinner one. There was something arousing about our difference in fat. I wasn’t fat by any means, but well…I was a developed young women and I felt much cushier than he did. Why did that difference turn me on so much?

He looked at me…”I’ve wanted this for so long.” and kissed me again, so soft and warm.

“Yeah I kinda figured” I giggled, “But i’m glad you made a move, because I think i’m hooked.” We embraced and fell asleep.

Until I was woken up by mom calling, “Isn’t french club over by now? Where are you, I need my car!”

Oh the joys of living with your parents and owning nothing…

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