You , I: Night of Passion

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Double Penetration

The moon was full as I slowly walked into the woods, removing an article of clothing every few feet. I had started out wearing a black sleeveless shirt with a black windbreaker and black jeans and combat boots. Now I was wearing slinky black lingerie. It dipped down in a lacy V between my breasts. Lace ran down each side of the garment, and curved into another V above the crotch and ass. The blanket I carried in my hand was wrapped around a bottle of warm honey and a can of cold whip cream. I spread the blanket out by a small tree and sat down to wait.

I had left a note on our bedside table for you. I supposed you were already reading it and wondering what I had planned as you dressed yourself in what I requested. I imagined you in a white button-down shirt, black jeans, and your boots and I shivered. I toyed with my nipple rings as I waited for you. It seemed forever until I saw the glint of your eyes in the moonlight. I stood slowly, my arms crossed on my chest as you approached me. My white skin appeared to glow and you spotted me.

I saw you smile slightly as you stood in front of me. “What do you think?” I asked as I turned around once to model for you. You nodded your approval and kissed me hard, slipping your tongue into my mouth and grabbing my ass. I tangled my arms around your neck, holding you close. You bit my lip and looked into my eyes, smiling. The can of whip cream reflected light from the moon onto my face and you looked down at it. Your eyes widened and you kissed me again, harder this time, with more passion. I scratched the back of your neck gently, moaning into your mouth. Your hands moved down my ass to my pussy and discovered that my lingerie was crotch-less. A deep moan escaped your throat as you slid a finger between my pussy lips.

I tilted my head to the side and began sucking your neck as you played with my pussy, making me wet. You pulled me against you and our bodies fit together perfectly. My teeth grazed your neck as I kissed my way to your throat, licking up and down across your Adam’s apple. You swallowed hard and I began to grind myself against you hard and slow. I felt your dick getting harder and harder in your pants. You ran your hands up and down my sides, stopping to cup my breasts as you felt my nipples harden. You toyed with them, pinching, pulling, and twisting gently. Your head dipped down suddenly, taking my right nipple in your mouth and sucking hard, flicking my nipple ring with your tongue. I moaned softly as you began to bite gently, your hot mouth sending shivers through my body. Your finger still played with the lips of my pussy, slipping further between them with each slow, soft stroke. My hips began to move of their own accord, wetness dripping from my pussy down your hand.

The wind began to blow hard and I shivered, nearly naked and cold. You removed your hand from my pussy and your mouth from my nipple. “Let’s go back to the house. We won’t be able to do much here if you’re cold,” you whispered, “and I want to do a lot.” I wrapped the whip cream and honey back in the blanket and held it in my arms, smiling as you picked me up, my legs over one of your arms, my back braced against the other. We walked slowly back to the house, your eyes peering at my bare breasts from time to time. Finally you set me down in front of our door, unlocking it and leading me in by my hand.

We reached our bedroom and you stared at me as you climbed on the bed, lying on your back. I turned around and slowly slid my lingerie down my body, bending all the way over and stepping out of it. You were smiling when I turned back to face you. Your pants had formed a tent over your throbbing cock. polatlı escort I climbed up on the bed, straddling you and grinding my drenched pussy on your crotch. Your eyes closed tightly and you moaned my name. You pulled me down and began to kiss my neck, your hands gliding down my body to my ass and squeezing hard as I rubbed against you still. Your teeth bit into my neck and I whimpered in lust as a little trickle of blood dripped into your mouth.

You sucked hard at my flesh as my eyes closed and I began to pant. Suddenly you stopped and lifted me up off of you, sitting me on the bed beside you. I looked at you, my eyes wide as you dived on top of me and kissed me as hard as you could. I moaned into your mouth and wrapped my legs around you as you ground yourself into me. My body seemed to melt into yours as you kissed me again, soft and passionate this time. Your tongue rubbed under mine as mine rubbed the roof of your mouth, my tongue ring barely tickling it.

You began sucking my tongue, biting it gently as I squeezed my legs around your back. I lifted my hips up, wiggling them and pressing myself into you. My eyes seemed to beg you to do more to me. Your lips left mine and traveled down to my breasts, suckling lightly at my nipples. I arched my back and moaned softly, grabbing your hair and holding it tightly. You moved down once again, lacing kisses down my stomach to my pussy. I lifted up on my elbows and looked down at you as you began to rub the lips of my pussy with your face. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back. Your tongue slipped past the past the lips and touched the burning, wet flesh. I gasped and moaned a little, your tongue beginning to flick up and down softly and slowly. You set your hands under my thighs and spread my lips with your thumbs, plunging your tongue into my pussy and wiggling it hard and fast.

I threw my legs apart as wide as they would go, arching my back hard and moaning your name. Your tongue fucked me deeper, curling inside of me, driving me crazy as you rubbed my clit hard with your finger. My hips began to buck as your buried your face in my pussy. I closed my legs around your head, holding you to me, moaning and writhing like a maniac. You rubbed my thigh gently with one hand, pulling your tongue out and sucking my clit, nibbling it a bit. “OH OH OH OH!” I yelled as you bit my clit hard. My body shook as I came wildly, my juices covering your mouth and chin. You lapped at my pussy, your tongue slipping up and down. I spread my legs again, my chest heaving, my tits bouncing with each ragged breath. You smiled at me and slid up my body, licking your lips and kissing me.

I began rubbing your shoulders, moving my tongue in and out of your mouth slowly. You sucked it gently, licking at it, running your hands down the sides of my body and lifting me up, cupping my ass in your hands. My legs found themselves wrapped around your back again as you ground your erection into me. “Mmmm..” I moaned. You smiled and ground yourself into me harder. I began rocking my hips against you. You lifted your body up, pulling away from me and getting up. You went to the dresser and opened a drawer slowly. I cocked my head to the side as you pulled out four pairs of handcuffs and grabbed the honey and whipped cream from my blanket.

A smile crossed your face as you walked back to me. Soon, I found myself handcuffed to the bed by my hands and feet. You stood beside the bed now holding me captive, holding the bottle of honey in your hand. I tingled slightly as you lowered it to my breasts and squeezed it. Honey oozed out onto my nipple and I squeezed my eyes shut. You repeated pursaklar escort the process on my other nipple, then down my stomach to my pussy. Then with the whipped cream, you sprayed it in circles around both my tits, in a zigzag pattern down my stomach, finally covering my pussy with it. Your eyes flamed as you crawled over me, dipping your head down and devouring my right nipple, sucking hard at it, lapping up the honey. Next you licked up the whipped cream, slowly and teasingly. My eyelids fluttered, my eyes rolling back in my head as you nibbled my flesh softly.

I gently rubbed the back of your neck, scratching it as you licked the honey and whipped cream from my other breast. Your soft, hot tongue worked its way down my stomach, curling over my skin as you licked away the honey and whipped cream. I arched my back a bit as you reached my pussy, dipping your finger into the whipped cream and sucking it off. I watched you as you did this over and over, each time your finger going deeper into my pussy. Finally, your head dipped down swiftly, your face nuzzling it as you licked it clean of the food. I moaned as your tongue entered me once again, licking and fucking me furiously. You moved your face up and began flicking my clit with your tongue as fast as you could, inserting two fingers into my pussy and fucking me hard with them. I wiggled my hips with your pace, squeezing my eyes shut and trying to pull my legs and arms free from the handcuffs. You knew when I was going to cum as my pussy clenched around your fingers.

You pulled away again and I whimpered, my orgasm subsiding. My skin was sticky as you kissed your way up my body slowly. “Maybe we should clean you up..” you said with a smile as you unlocked my handcuffs, picking me up and walking with me to the bathroom. I turned on the shower and watched you as you undressed slowly. I stepped under the hot water, letting it cascade down my body. You stood there, watching me and smiling. I held out my arms to you and you stepped into the shower, kissing me hard, nibbling my bottom lip. The hot water poured onto our heads as I ran my hands down your sides to your ass. Your hands went to my chest, gently massaging my tits, rubbing down my stomach, finally to my pussy. It was still wet as you inserted a finger in, playing with my clit. I rocked my hips against your hand, looking into your eyes as your other hand gently rubbed my tits. You took my hand and placed it on your throbbing dick, closing your eyes as I squeezed it, starting to stroke it slowly.

I began rubbing the head of your dick with the tips of my fingers as your mouth opened slightly, little moans coming out. With my other hand I cupped your balls, massaging slowly and softly as I jacked you off. Your hips bucked as you fucked my hand. I licked your bottom lip as I jacked you off, your moans vibrating my tongue. Suddenly I was on my knees in front of you, licking the head of your dick softly, my tongue slithering against your V-spot. Water still poured down upon us as I devoured your dick, sliding my head back and forth, sucking hard. You grabbed my hair, holding me to your dick. Moans escaped your open mouth, setting me on fire. I sucked and licked with more passion, stopping occasionally to kiss the head. My eyes gazed up at you softly, my eyelids half lowered as you began to fuck my mouth slowly and softly. I applied gentle suction as your dick slid in and out of my mouth, your face contorted with pleasure, your soft moans driving me crazy. I toyed with your balls, gently massaging them, rubbing in circles with my fingertips. You squeezed your eyes shut, your dick beginning ankara escort to twitch in my mouth. I pulled it from you and stood up slowly, kissing you deeply and lovingly, sucking lightly at your tongue.

“Please fuck me..” I begged in a small voice, smiling at you and rubbing your cheek with my thumb. You smiled back at me, licking my bottom lip. I turned around and bent over slightly, spreading my legs for you. You moved closer to me, reaching around me to cup my breasts in your hands, rubbing my nipples with your thumbs as you rubbed your dick along the wet folds of my pussy, your veins hitting my clit. I moaned softly, rubbing against you and closing my eyes. Your dick slipped back down, resting at the entrance to my pussy. You gripped my hips in your hands and slid your cock into me inch by hard, hot, throbbing inch. My eyelids fluttered as you buried yourself to the hilt inside me. I leaned my head forward as you leaned over me, kissing the back of my neck softly. I began rocking my hips slowly as you started fucking me gently, massaging my tits in your hands. Your lips and tongue grazed over my shoulders and neck softly as you fucked me harder. I reached back with one hand, squeezing your right ass cheek hard, making you buck into me. A loud moan escaped my lips.

Pushing back against you gently, I silently urged you to fuck me harder. Your tongue and lips ravished my neck and shoulders urgently, your strong hands kneading my breasts, your breath coming in ragged gasps as you began fucking me with all your might. My back arched as I moaned your name over and over, your body slamming against mine. “I’m gonna cum!” you announced breathlessly. I reached back, gripping the base of your dick between two fingers so you wouldn’t cum. I wanted it to last longer. You pulled out of me, letting your cock soften once again after a few minutes. I turned, kissing you hard and passionately. Your hands roamed around my naked body.

We soon got out of the shower, clean and slick. As I stood in our room, drying myself off with my towel, you began walking toward me slowly. You reached me, but kept walking, forcing me to walk backwards toward the wall. My back met the wooden wall and you smiled, knowing it was my fantasy to be fucked that way. I grinned and wrapped my arms around your neck as you gripped behind my knees and lifted me up. I wrapped my legs ‘round your back as you slowly pushed your pulsating erection into my pussy. My eyes fell shut. You began a slow grinding motion, your pubic bone rubbing my clit hard. Soft moans escaped my lips as I ground myself into you. Your lips began kissing my neck, your tongue reaching out to lap at the skin. My body shuddered hard as you pulled your cock out of me and slammed it back in as hard as you could. The grinding began again. I clawed your back and shoulders and your growled, smiling and sucking hard at the flesh of my neck.

Suddenly, you stopped grinding and began fucking me like a battering ram, slamming into me, making my back arch and my head hit the wall with each hard thrust. “OH! OH! OH!” I moaned loudly. Your teeth bit into my neck as my nails drew blood from your back. You mumbled incoherent sweet nothings against my skin, my blood dripping down your chin. My chest heaved with each breathless moan, my breasts pressing into your chest. Your eyes closed as your dick jerked inside of me. I knew you were going to cum, as was I. “Cum for me, sweetheart..” I whispered, bucking my hips against yours. I felt your cock swell as you exploded into me, your hot cum filling me and making me cum with you. My pussy began to spasm and clench around your tool, my eyes fluttering and rolled back. You slammed into me once more, harder than I ever thought you could. My mouth opened wide, a short scream pouring from it. Your mouth met mine, your tongue lapping at my own. I clung to you, our cum mixing and dripping down our legs. “I love you,” was all that I heard before darkness overtook me.

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