Yellow Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: The Betrayal

Tricia put down the phone and flipped through her address book, stopping at an entry nearly halfway through the pages. She dialed another number and slid further down in the chair. Her masturbation session had been brief enough to prepare her for what lay ahead.


“Is Susan there?”

“No, this is her friend, Dan. Can I take a message for her?”

“Dan…” She drew the word out coyly. “This wouldn’t be Daniel Lemke, would it?”

“Well, yes, it is. What do you want?”

“Nothing…I was just calling to see if Matt had left yet.”

“Matt? Her ex?”

“That’s the one.”

“Oh, man, he better not be at her house right now. That fucking self-righteous bastard—”

“You mean you didn’t know he was here?” Her eyes widened in mock innocence.

“No, but…well, thank you. Thanks for telling me.” The phone was slammed back down.

Tricia sat back and studied the ceiling, grinning like the Cheshire Cat. It was going perfectly so far, and with any luck she and Susan would have the guys right where they wanted them.

* * * * *

Furious, Dan raced out from his house through the garage, grabbing his car keys on the way. He had been close friends with Susan for the past several years, ever since she moved from Michigan, and he remembered very well when she had tearfully told him how badly Matt treated her, wanting to have sex when she wasn’t ready for it. Ever since that day, Dan had hated the mysterious Matt with a passion. He’d never met the guy, but he had little desire çankaya escort to, either. However, this was an opportunity he wasn’t going to let go.

His eyes narrowed as he waited to back out from the garage. Dan was a good-looking guy, usually level-minded and rational, but today his handsome features were marred by the darkening anger that filled his eyes. After a moment, his initial rage turned to worry. Susan was with Matt. Didn’t that mean that she wanted to see him? What if Matt had really changed and become a better person? What if he threatened to come between him and Susan? Dan rubbed his temples wearily and started off towards Susan’s house. He loved her, and so many times he came close to telling her how he felt. But each time, something interrupted him, or another guy would come along and steal her from him.

“Not this time,” he said firmly, with conviction. He was going in there and confessing his feelings to her, whether Matt was there or not. Nothing was stopping him this time.

* * * * *

Just then, the doorbell rang. Susan was on top of Matt when it happened, and she had tied him down securely with long scarves to each of the bedposts. Matt tried to rise, alarmed. “Shouldn’t we go answer that?”

Susan pushed him back down roughly. “They’ll come back. Don’t worry. The only thing you need to be concerned with is just how much I am going to blow your mind.”

“Come on, honey, please. We can always—”

Susan cut him off with a firm kiss, her mouth grinding against his. She çayyolu escort moved back and forth, thrusting her silky tongue into his mouth, tracing his jaw line with it. Matt groaned loudly and arched his body against hers. Susan pulled away and started kissing his neck instead. She bit down on the skin gently, kissing it, massaging it with her tongue and lips. All the while, she was tousling his nipples gently, playing with them, stroking his broad chest. “Oh, Susan….God…that feels great. Don’t stop, baby.”

“I couldn’t stop if I wanted to.” She moaned softly, getting him more excited.

She worked her way down his neck, kissing him on the chin first. She flicked her tongue around the base of his neck. He groaned again, his erection becoming quickly obvious. Her hand bumped into it while moving down, and she glanced at it. “Going hard on me already, are we?” He didn’t answer.

With her mouth, she kept kissing his chest, slowly teasing and tantalizing him, getting closer to the promised land. He involuntarily tugged at the scarves that held his wrists and ankles in place, but in vain. There was no way he was getting out of those. He didn’t think that he could get any harder than he already was. The tension from his groin was becoming almost painful, and he hoped she would give him release soon.

Once she reached his hips, he held his breath and waited. She decided to tease him just a little more. She purposely avoided taking him into her mouth right away and instead went to licking and biting ankara escort gently on his testicles. She flicked her tongue right into the space between them, and Matt bellowed in pleasure. Susan then went even further down and started kissing the ultra sensitive stretch of skin right behind the testes. Matt trembled violently. “Jesus, babe, I don’t think I can’t take much more…don’t tease me like this!”

Susan backed up, kneeling between his legs. “Fine. You want it, you got it.” Then she lowered her head to his dick, swirling her tongue right around the tip of it, probing into the opening. Matt’s head fell back and he cursed some more, softly, getting near the edge. Susan took him deeper into her throat, moving her head up and down, stimulating him as much as possible. Then she pulled away, crawling over him until they were at eye level with each other. She took hold of him and rubbed it gently against her clit, and they both shuddered from the sensation. She guided him inside her at last, her teasing complete, and she rocked back and forth to make him orgasm as she continued to kiss him. Her hand brushed away a trickle of sweat on his forehead.

Both of them were breathing noisily, passionately. She felt as though her head might explode, and wondered what Tricia was doing in the front hall with Dan. At the moment, though, she didn’t care. All she ever wanted and needed, all she could see, was the strong but very much vulnerable man who lay underneath her, quivering. It was the most defining moment of her entire life.

They kissed wildly, frantically, evocative of what the rest of their bodies were doing. The overwhelming sensations took over their minds, as he pressed hard against her sweet hot spot, giving them both an orgasm like they had never known before. It would be a long time before either of them came down.

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