Workout at the Gym

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It was one of those days. You know, hot and sultry, air conditioning fans whisking around in the office scattering papers everywhere. Although I had had a shower before setting off for work, I was now feeling very uncomfortable, and I had yet more sweating to do at the gym later on.

I tumbled out of the office at 5pm along with the other 300 employees, and headed to the car park. ‘bye Helen, enjoy your workout’ shouted one of my colleagues. ‘Thanks, see you tomorrow for lunch’.

I drove along the crowded streets lined with people shopping, waiting for buses home, and mums pulling tired, crying toddlers along the street, and headed for the outskirts of the town to our new gym.

It was a purpose built building, privately owned and run, with a fully stocked gym, sauna and solarium, health suite with Jacuzzi and steam room, plus a new massage suite. I was looking forward to tonight, as I had an appointment for a full body massage after my workout. I couldn’t wait!

The lady who ran the massage suite was good at her job and always had a smile and made your tired muscles feel really good after a long day.

As I pulled into the member’s car park, I saw a strange car parked in the staff car park, but shrugged it off. Perhaps they have taken on a new member of staff in the coffee bar, I thought. They certainly need one.

I grabbed my things from the car and marched briskly into the gym reception,.. to met by the most gorgeous pair of blue eyes I have ever seen! The Adonis stood behind the reception desk was very muscular, you could tell from the bulging muscles of his arms below his white T-shirt. I stood and gaped.

‘Can I help you’ he said.

‘Um, ah, yes,’ I said, trying to regain control of myself.

‘Helen Daniels, I have come to use the gym and I have an appointment for a massage at 7.’ ‘Oh yes’ he said, fumbling through the appointment book, ‘your appointment with the masseur has been changed, I don’t know if you know, but Sue is leaving at the end of the month and I have been taken on to take her place. I’m Steve, how do you do?’ He put out his hand and I felt a strong but at the same time, gentle grip as his fingers closed around mine.

‘Nice to meet you, Steve’ I stuttered. I’ll get on with my workout and see you later then.

As I changed into my gym gear, I couldn’t stop myself thinking about this gorgeous hunk who would shortly be bağlıca escort running his hands all over my body. I shuddered. Feeling a shiver run around me, just imagining it. ‘Come on, pull yourself together’ I said to myself.

I had a really good workout finishing up on the treadmill for a 20-minute run. I really get a buzz when I work out. I feel really alive, and ready for anything. Well, almost anything! As I headed for the showers, Steve passed by me in the corridor. ‘Okay Helen, see you in 5 minutes, and we’ll get started’. ‘Okay’, I mumbled, starting to get butterflies in my stomach. As I stood under the shower jets, I was startled to find that I had this tingle, which started between my legs, and, was also making my nipples more sensitive than usual. ‘Oh come on Helen’ I said to myself, ‘he’s a professional person, and masseur is his job, for Christ sake get a hold of yourself!’

I towelled off, and wrapped the thoughtfully placed large white towel around my aching body. Oh, I needed to relax, and would now be able to for a while and be pampered.

‘Hi, come on in and jump up on the couch, I won’t keep you a moment’. As I lay there, under the glare of the lights, watching his preparations, I noticed that my breathing was a little heavier than normal. ‘Probably due to that 20 minute jog’ I thought to myself. ‘Well,’ said Steve, ‘I have looked at your records and its an overall massage for you, is that right?’ ‘Y-es’ I said, suddenly being unable to string a coherent sentence together. ‘ Do you have any problem areas that you want me to work on?’ ‘No, um, I don’t think so, but I worked out hard today, so something may show up’. ‘Okay, turn over onto your stomach and I’ll do your upper body first’

As his oiled hands touched my skin for the first time, I jumped. ‘relax and enjoy Helen. Are my hands cold?. ‘No, its okay, I’m just a little tense that’s all’ I said.

He started massaging my neck and shoulders, gradually working his hands down my torso, and round my sides. Boy, but he was good with his hands! He then started working on my legs, working his way up to my calves and pressing into my aching muscles. ‘Oh that’s good’ I said. ‘Your muscles are very tense’ said Steve, all the time working his well oiled hands up and down my slightly open legs, getting higher each time. With shock, I realised that I was starting to get very bala escort wet, and my pussy was beginning its familiar throbbing! What would he think if he knew. ‘Try and think of your stock take at work next week, anything but what is happening to you now’ I shouted to myself, but it was no good. I was now starting to feel very horny indeed!!

‘That will do for now’ he said. ‘Turn over onto your back now please’ I complied, and he started massaging my collarbone, and neck. ‘Mmmm’ that feels good’ I said. ‘You’re relaxing more now, that’s good’ he said, ‘and would you like me to do your upper torso?. ‘It was now or never. ‘Um, please’ ‘Don’t worry,’ he said with his eyes twinkling ‘I do this sort of thing every day. There have to be some perks to every job’ he laughed.

He stood behind me and slowly ran his big soft hands down my sides, and then back up in large sweeps, just brushing my sensitive nipples. ‘Mm,’ He continued, with each sweep now covering my nipples, and I couldn’t resist letting out a little moan. ‘Sorry, am I hurting you’ he said. A look of concern coming over his face momentarily. ‘Oh no, not at all’. ‘Well, it sure looks like your enjoying it to me,’ he grinned. ‘They’re standing up for my attention now’. He turned and was soon at my side. ‘Shall I see if I can get them to respond some more, or would you rather leave it?’ he said. I couldn’t believe it! Here was I on this massage couch with a total stranger and I was behaving like a hussy.

‘Umm, I don’t know what to say’, I stuttered. ‘I’ve never been like this before’ ‘Well, we are the only people left in the building now, so its up to you Helen? Do you want me to help you? If not you’re free to walk away from it’

He started to caress my nipples, and then bent his head to suck on them, making me moan. He massaged my breast, taking each one in turn and licking round my nipples with his hot wet tongue. It was driving me crazy! ‘Well, Helen. I think we both know what you really want, but are you going to admit it, and stay, or are you going to walk away?

‘I-I- don’t know,’ I said. ‘Well, shall I just continue for now then’ Steve said, ‘and we’ll see shall we?’

He bent his head and caressed my nipples again, and then his right hand started to trail its way down my body,, and then as it reached the towel that was only barely covering me, started on its way back up again, ankara escort making me writhe, as I felt a sudden rush of juices from my pussy. ‘I think we can dispense with this don’t you’ he said, as he whisked the towel away, leaving me completely naked on the couch. ‘Oh you have a lovely body Helen, you must work out a lot here,’ he grinned. He lowered his mouth to me again and started licking a wet trail down towards my shaved pussy. ‘ohh’ I cried. Ignoring me, he started to tease me, licking from my knees up to my now sopping pussy, and then skimming past and on up to my navel, before beginning again. ‘Ohh Steve, I can’t stand this, please don’t tease me’ ‘Be patient’ he told me, I promise that you will have more pleasure than you have ever experienced before, but you have to wait for it’ With that he started to lick up and down my legs again, avoiding the spot that he knew was begging for him. ‘Open your legs for me Helen’ I did as I was told, feeling a rush of cool air on my now throbbing pussy. My whole being wanted his head there, lapping at me, and taking me over the top, but I had to wait.

Slowly he licked the sensitive parts of my inner thighs, up and up, until I felt his breath on me. ‘God you’re beautiful’ he gasped. ‘I want to see all of you’ He gently ran his finger down my labia, and then used his fingers to open me. He started to finger me, the juices running out of me making it easy. ‘I’m going to lick your pussy’ he told me, lowering his face in between my wide open legs. ‘ooohhh’ yeess, lick me Steve, lick me with your hot tongue, make me cum’ He lapped up and down my hot pussy, driving me nearer and nearer to an orgasm, and then he stopped! ‘Trust me baby, it’ll be so good if you wait’. He then started again, bringing me closer and closer, but never letting me go on over.

‘ooooh, please Steve, make me cum, I can’t stand it any longer’ I begged. ‘Okay baby, relax and let it cum’ He licked and lapped at me, paying special attention to my clit this time, and just as I felt myself about to cum, he took his head away, and rammed three fingers into my sopping pussy! ‘ooh ahhhhh, please, finger fuck me, make me cum’ I pleaded. His fingers were now steadily plunging in and out of my wetness, and he was rotating his thumb over my clit. ‘come on baby, let it come, cum for me, cum, cum’

‘I’m cummmmiinnngggg!!’

‘Oh yeah baby, I can feel it, that’s a good girl, let it cum’

I arched my back and bucked on his fingers, soaking his hand and screaming! He held me as I came down from my climax, and protectively stroked me. ‘That was sooo good’ I whispered.

‘We haven’t even started yet baby’ he cooed.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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