Wooded Cabin

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The end of Zoe’s relationship with her third husband in ten years came suddenly. “Fuck you!” were her last words as she slammed the door with only a suitcase and her purse in her hands. She had learned to keep a hundred hidden in her wallet for such emergencies.

The old pickup truck roared backwards down the short driveway then the tires squealed as she raced towards Highway 12 south. She banged her hand on the steering wheel as she replayed the image of him with his head between the neighbor woman’s thighs and how he hated to do that to her – so he would say. The warm late afternoon air rushed though the window and blew her long brown hair about her head. A bead of sweat dripped down her forehead as she unbuttoned another button of her blouse. A nipple welcomed her fingertip.

Zack was in his early twenties when Zoe was conceived quite by accident. He didn’t stay with her mother very long – wanderlust he would tell himself to try to soothe the guilt. A shot of whiskey would help more; sometimes a warm woman wrapped around him would ease the night. He always sent Zoe cards and letters.

Now he sat by the pool behind his cabin and looked at the thick pine forest that extended for half a mile in every direction. Seclusion to hide him from the world did wonders for his troubles. The large white clouds drifted overhead. Zack was at peace.

“Hey Dad,” the happy voice said as he held the black cell phone to his ear. “Hope you want some company tomorrow, maybe for a while? Lost another guy it seems.”

He smiled at the sound of Zoe’s voice. Since her graduation from the university, she had become a friend, one of his only friends. There was always some boyfriend or husband in the way of her infrequent visits. “Sure,” he assured her. After a few more quick words, he hung up and returned his attention to the book in his lap.

Highway 12 was long and straight for the past twenty miles. Traffic was light. Now as she headed into the low hills the turns became more frequent. She closed her cell phone and dropped it on top of her purse. The breeze whipped the open blouse apart leaving one breast free for the touching. Her hand against the soft mound helped remove the tension. “Dad,” she whispered aloud as her hand cupped and jiggled the breast. It wasn’t as if she had not thought of her father in inappropriate ways during the past few years. “Dad,” she said to herself and let the left leg move to the side letting air flow under her dress.

Sleep did not come easily for Zoe. The motel mattress was hard and thoughts of Zack filled her mind – thoughts she should not be having. He was her father. Her fingers filled her pussy, rammed in and out, all vague efforts to banish the thoughts, all without success. The Big Ben alarm clock by the bed ticked loudly and each time she looked it had only advanced a few minutes. The first sign of sleep came at eleven after two hours of effort. Twelve thirty, the loud airbrake exhaust of a truck awoke her. Even her orgasms were difficult to come by. Sleep would not come again until five fifteen, and then not for long.

Zack paced the small bedroom. No movies on the satellite service, no pornography he had not committed to the back of his eyelids. Visions of Zoe raced through his head. “No Goddamn … my daughter. Nah. I never lived with her mother and her, never helped raise her. Nah.” He banged his head against the wall and stormed into the kitchen, poured himself a whiskey, then splashed it into the sink. “It’s okay. She won’t….”

The knotty pine walls of the cheap motel, the small metal shower, and the well-worn bedspread, all were things she would not miss as she closed the room door. The engine sputtered and roared to life as the fog-covered morning hid the sun.

A mile down the frontage road was a Waffle House just like all the others. She sat at the counter, sucked on her black coffee and read the USA Today trying to ignore the bib-overall covered chain smokers on either side both wearing baseball caps with some farm implement logo illegal bahis smeared with black grease. She pushed the empty plate away. The runny fried eggs and sausage patties filled the empty spot in her gut. She finished the last of the newspaper article and the last of the coffee in her cup. She paid and walked out the door. She belched twice as the pickup truck began to roll under its own power.

Zack dried himself then ran the brush through his thinning hair as he observed his still trim body in the long bathroom mirror. With just a black tee shirt on, he plodded to the kitchen and poured coffee into his mug. “Wonder when Zoe will get here?” he mussed aloud. He caught himself thinking about how nice she had looked last year when she visited. His morning erection returned and bumped into the cupboard door. “Dirty old man,” he roared with laughter. He walked to the deck with the cup in one hand and a worn old Playboy in the other.

Zoe passed an unsavory hitchhiker just before the frontage road merged back with Highway 12. She did not slow down as he waved. She did smile. An 18-wheeler blew his horn for several seconds as she slowed before pulling into the morning traffic of whatever small town she had spent the night. Today her blouse was completely unfastened and her panties still in her suitcase. A finger played with her clit out of boredom. A man in a tall SUV blew his horn and leered as he saw the flash of a bare breast. She stuck her tongue out and frowned.

It was eleven-oh-eight and 87 degrees according to the woman on the radio reading the farm report. She found her first road sign for Walton, the widening in the road where Zack lived. “Three miles and then right,” she reminded herself aloud as she glanced at the odometer.

The twin pickup to hers sat in the gravel parking area in front of the cabin under the only piece of shade. He had given her the one she drove the second time she visited. She left her belongings on the seat and slammed the door closed. “Zack!” She did not expect him to come running out, but she had fantasized of them running towards each other with arms held wide waiting for the impending embrace. “Probably out back,” she whispered aloud and walked along the narrow dirt path though the tall grass that led to the back of the house.

Barefoot but dressed, he walked towards her. “Wow!”

“Nice to see you too,” she giggled as she pulled him close enough to kiss. She realized her blouse was still unbuttoned as his shirt button grazed a nipple. “Sorry,” she said as she pulled the fabric over the breast.

“Sorry about asshole, but I’m glad it gave you a reason to visit. I was starting to miss you.”

Her hand took his and in the process, the blouse fell open again. She shrugged her shoulders at the futility of hiding what already was seen. “Yeah-h. He was in bed with a neighbor woman half my age doing things he wouldn’t do to me. I was pissed.”

“I like to do ‘things’.” His words were quiet, meant only for him.

Zoe heard them. “I bet you do old man.” Her hand squeezed his and jerked his hand forcing his hip against hers for a brief moment. She giggled. “Going to be a warm one, I can feel the heat building.” She laughed, groaned at the double entendre, and pulled the bottom of her blouse from her skirt. It would have been hard to expose more of her chest, but it happened.

“Maybe we should get the rest of the way naked and go for a swim.” His hand slid along the small of her back feeling the soft flesh like the hand had not felt for a long time. Not since Mattie, a woman from a nearby town had slept with him once a few months ago.

“Your hand feels good. My back hurts from the drive. Maybe a massage would help loosen me up.” She purred and looked at his handsome face. She wondered why he didn’t have a regular woman around. She found herself thinking about filling that need. “Gotta piss first.”

“Meet you by the pool with the lotion.”

Zack watched her as she walked towards him wearing only a blouse that blew gently open with each illegal bahis siteleri step. “Holly shit,” he groaned aloud.

“Got a problem?” The devilish grin filled her face.

“Hell no. Just enjoying the view.” His hand rubbed his crotch twice. “Always thought you were a lovely woman … now I know you are.” He grinned and stood just as she stopped a foot from him.

“Da-amn-n,” she drawled in a sultry voice as she watched the bulge in his pants grow. “Is that goin’ to hurt me?” She laughed and dragged her hand over it. “You are-e packin’.” She dropped the blouse by her foot.

“Well-l,” he drawled enjoying the touch from his gorgeous naked daughter.

“Maybe that monster will help break up the tension in my back.” She laughed and lay on the cushion by the edge of the pool filled with crystal-clear water. Her legs sprawled unabashedly wide revealing her lack of hair that she proudly had laser removed for her birthday – something that her husband had not enjoyed looking at the results.

“I need to ask, I don’t mean to ruin the moment, but….”

She cut him off. “Dad, I want you. I thought about you the whole trip. Hell, I thought about this each and every time I visit you. I just was too chicken to do anything.” She watched his cock bob with excitement. She watched the concerned expression. She wondered which would win.

Zoe let two fingers spread her labia wide, the wet pink center begged for him to enter. “It needs ‘things’.” Her voice was deep and sultry, thick and wanton.

Zack leaned down for the first kiss between his daughter’s thighs. He didn’t stop.

She let him take his time as he explored and became use to the taste, the aroma, the fragrance. “Ah-h,” she softly moaned as she ran her fingers though his hair. “Good-d.” Her knees fell to the side and she let her crotch gently ride his lips, her hips hovering. She moved so he would be against better places never suggesting he wasn’t giving her exactly what she wanted. “Oh-h Dad-d,” she would often moan as she listened to the slurping sounds of him sucking and licking her.

He pulled her clit between his lips again, rolling it tightly between them. A spark raced up her body. “Oh darlin’!” Her hips bucked. Her crotch rocked. Another finger filled her. “Oh darlin’!” She was close. They both knew it. “Ah-h, ah,” she gasped in quick breathless gasps. Her crotch locked against his face, she spasmed, desperately trying to get a breath, trying to cum, trying to cum with her father’s face between her thighs. “Yeah-h, yeah-h.” The sensations flowed across her body in ways they rarely had before. “Yeah-h.” She fell limply, gasping to fill her lungs. “Yeah-h.”

Zack lay beside Zoe, their lips touching, their tongues lightly teasing the other. His hand kneaded her left breast. His fingertips twisted the nipple. She could feel his cock pressing against her. She knew he wanted her. Her tongue vigorously searched his mouth. Her hand held his cock. It felt good to hold it. Thicker, fuller than asshole’s cock. No foreskin – she liked it that way. She like the way it let the head swell freely and the smoothness turn a slight purple color.

She let go of his mouth and kissed along his chest racing over the navel and through the hair between his legs. “Yes-s,” she told herself as she paused to examine what she had held, what had pressed against her, wanting inside, wanting release. She kissed the head tenderly and licked around the ridge and over the indentation at the back. She sucked the tip. He groaned. He gasped. She sucked again, this time taking more between her lips. “Dad.” The word blew across his cock as her mouth absorbed the head, moistened, covered, loved it.

Zack watched Zoe’s head move and bob as she suckled his cock. Pleasurable sounds wrapped her. His fingers played with her hair. She took more into her mouth – quarter, half. She gagged. She took more. Her throat relaxed. She no longer gagged. She stopped. “Cum in my mouth.” She continued. He did. Cum dribbled down her chin as she gulped and swallowed canlı bahis siteleri and gulped again.

Still erect, she straddled his hips and let the cock fill her. He was finished. She just wanted to feel him inside. She wanted to look down at her father as she gently rode the remains of the erection. Soon she lay on his chest, her face against his shoulder, her hair across his face. “Dad.”

Zoe pulled herself up on the edge of the pool. The water drained over her breasts, hips, and along her long legs. “Can I fix you some lunch?” It was a novel question, one he rarely, if ever heard some woman ask him, especially one as lovely as Zoe, especially one that was his only child.

“I was just feasting on your beauty.”

They walked quietly holding hands towards the backdoor. By the sink, he rested a hand on her hip, a finger laying in the crevasse. “How long you goin’ stay this time?”

“You already trying to get rid of me?” She laughed and rinsed a dish. Her hip wiggled under the weight of his hand, not trying to shake it off, just enjoying the weight of it.

“Don’t know. There’s nothing back there demanding I return. I got laid off at the IGA. Guess I was tired of checking groceries anyway. Fat biddies always checking their damn receipts like I scanned a pack of gum twice or something. Yelled at one. Boss told me not to come back. That was the day I found him lickin’ her pussy. Fuck ’em all.” She turned and rubbed a breast and then put her fist against her waist above the hip cocked out to one side.

“Don’t want to cramp your style.” She giggled and cradled his cock in her palm. “That was a mighty fine time out there … maybe the best.” She did not say more. She let it grow all by itself for a moment. “It seems that you need someone to take care of you … of your needs.” She giggled and squeezed the erection. “I have needs too. You don’t need to tell anyone I’m your daughter. I just would like to get to know my father.” She led him by the erection to the bedroom.

The light of the full moon crept around the edges of the curtains and filled the bedroom. Zoe’s head rested on his shoulder. As she became aware of where she was, her hand moved atop his stomach and slid lower. Her fingers wrapped his erection.

“Damn, girl.”

“I can’t get enough of you … Dad.”

Zack leapt from the bed. Zoe raced after him and found him leaning against the railing of the deck staring at the forest. The noise caused two deer to scamper away. Her hand rubbed his lower back and she rested her head against his shoulder.

“What?” she begged.

“It’s wrong.”

She hushed him and took his hand then pulled him towards the step. “Quiet.” She led him to the cushion by the pool. “Lay down. Don’t talk. Just listen.” She gently urged him to lie on his back and she lowered herself onto his erection. “Shhh,” she blew as she began to rock her hips letting her pussy slip along his cock.

Her upright body towered above him as she watched his face and massaged his cock with her pussy. “If you don’t want me here, if you don’t want me like this, I’ll leave. You were not part of my life as a child but now you are. That is important to me. These visits with you have shown me what I missed all those year. You are a wonderful man. Now I find that our sexual needs so wonderfully match. Tell me you don’t want this and I’ll leave.”

“What will they say?”

“Who? Do we care? We can be Zack and Zoe. No one knows I’m you daughter. It will be just fine.”

“But I do.” Zack watched her breasts sway as she continued to ride his lap in long slow strokes. He knew he was enjoying having Zoe around, that he had more and better sex in the past 24 hours than in the past ten years, that…. His mind swirled with thoughts.

“Don’t make such a big deal of this Zack. If it doesn’t work, then it just doesn’t work.”

“Yeah-h.” His orgasm finally rushed though his body and began filling her.

The pool water sparkled in the bright light of the full moon. Zoe’s bare buttocks hovered just above the surface as she lazily paddled towards the far end of the pool. Zack reached down and pulled her to the edge then to her feet. He led her back to the bedroom where they cuddled and reassured each other all would be okay.

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