Wilmington Woman’s Club Ch. 31

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June, 1986 – Janet we’re picking him up when his flight gets in around five.”

“Fine,” Janet said, and swung her legs off the bed and onto the floor.

“I know what you need, Janet.”

“What’s that?”

“You need a new man in your life.”

“That’s the last thing I need. Besides, I have you.”

“Now sweetie, the best way to get over one man is to get under another.”

Janet laughed into the phone. “Are you suggesting what I think you are?”

“I haven’t suggested anything, darling.”

She reflected on the last time she and Nick had sex. One week earlier, he had entered her and moved inside her for several minutes before shriveling and flopping out of her. He had refused to let her try to get him up again.

She felt that she owed him another chance to regain his manhood, and so told him she would be ready when he arrived. They hung up and Janet tottered into the shower and, after vomiting in the basin, tried to make herself presentable.

Phil? Nick and Phil. I’ve never had two men at once. Of course no one and I mean no one, puts it up my behind. Nick knows that. He’ll tell Phil, so no worries there. But is Phil clean? I’ll have Nick buy a bunch of rubbers.

Just before letting herself out of her place, Janet looked in the mirror. That was probably a mistake, her hair was tangled and messy; her brown eyes looked dull and lifeless, and her usual glowing complexion was pale with two nice bags under the eyes.

“Oh, Christ!” she swore, and ran to the bathroom and heaved up the toast and coffee she’d had for a quick breakfast.


A long session with her makeup and having a glass of vodka helped her keep her lunch down, and any tremors to a minimum.

She met Nick at his place, and after picking up Phil at the airport, they dined at the Hilton where Janet’s stomach seemed to tolerate the food, although she did feel a little queasy.

Looking across the table, Janet sized Phil up. She found him to be an attractive male, about 35 or 36, and better still, he made her laugh. She was still laughing at his antics an hour later as the three of them tumbled into bed.

It had started out promising enough. Nick had been impressed, even a little taken aback, by Janet’s capacity for lust; moreover, her willingness to be accommodating with her mouth to both; and her later surrender of both holes to them had them both coming back for more.

The unquestionable highlight of that memorable evening was when Janet leaped from the bed and ran to Phil who was jerking himself off in an armchair, while watching Nick and Janet fuck to a roaring climax. With a gleefulness that surprised everyone in the room, she took Phil’s cock in her mouth and sucked him off. When he finished coming, she leaped back on the bed, knelt over Nick, and kissed him, transferring from her mouth to his the undeniable proof of her intimacy with his friend.

Nick hadn’t anticipated this action, and when the hot semen poured from her mouth to his, filling his mouth and nose with the unmistakable taste and aroma of fresh semen, he ejaculated. This was followed by his demonstration of love and affection that consisted of a series of long, tonguing kisses, kızılay escort interspaced with his shouting that he would do anything for her; and in the end, it was the reason he married her.

Later that night, after both men had taken her virgin asshole, she had been left sleeping alone in the master bedroom, while Nick and Phil had slipped downstairs to fuck without her, like voracious animals, on the living room couch.

The following morning had been a near disaster though. “You don’t have to deny it, Nick,” Janet had spat out after Phil had left. “You think I couldn’t hear you? All that carrying on?”

“Why are you getting so angry?” Nick had shouted. “I warned you Phil was insatiable. You knew it was likely to get complicated. I don’t even understand why you agreed to do it in the first place.”

“What the fuck… I was hung-over. Two guys sounded like a nice way to rid myself of a relentless headache. And it almost worked. I mean, it turned me on… two men at once. Every girl’s fantasy, you know? Or did you even think that I might have had a fantasy? I mean, like you were so wrapped up in your own. Then again, maybe I did it to please you. Would that be so horrible, if I cared that much about you?”

It was at that moment that Nick first realized that he could ‘love’ her. She was fiery, and not afraid to speak her mind. She didn’t kowtow to him like everybody else did. He was turned on by her passion, by how she stood her ground, and most of all by how she seemed to genuinely care.

On reflection, he realized that he and Phil had left her alone and continued the sexual marathon without her. Perhaps if they had stayed in the bed with her she might have felt differently about things. He replayed her comments, and decided that she might have good reason to be pissed at them. At him, for he had brought Phil into their bed.

In the developer business, he had learned some hard lessons about how to keep his ego in check, and it served him well at this critical point. Janet was certainly not a sycophant; Nick had recognized this from the start. Still, during their short relationship, there was always another lover, usually, but not always a male, hidden away somewhere.

“You’re absolutely right, Janet. Please accept my apology. I was wrong to take him downstairs and leave you alone. I honestly thought you were zonked out for the night, and we were still two horn dogs wanting another hole to stick our dicks into.”

He saw a look of indecision in her eyes and pulled open the nightstand drawer for a squirt of his favorite lube, and the one, lone filmy stocking Janet had left behind last time caught his eye. She was definitely worth her weight in gold, that woman. She had such a nasty imagination.

“What are you doing?” she said flatly.

“Want to fuck? I’m up for it if you are.” He retrieved the stocking from the drawer and held it up, knowing she was thinking the same thing he was: how she had tormented him that time, using the stocking to tie his hands behind him, then bending him over the bamboo trunk at the foot of the bed. She had alternated licking his balls with an incredibly well paced rim job. She had driven kolej escort his cock crazy by practically ignoring it. Every once in awhile she’d suck the swollen head of his shaft into her mouth, or swipe a dribble of pre-cum from his piss slit with the tip of her tongue, but other than that she’d focused on the rimming. Her delicate hands keeping the taught globes of his ass spread wide so that his puckered hole was at the mercy of her mouth.

Nick knew there’d been no real reason to tie him up for a thing like that, it was something he’d have submitted to willingly, but he liked that she’d pretended he hadn’t had any options. He felt himself grow hard and released his cock from inside his pajamas, slathered it with the lube and suddenly realized he hadn’t given Phil a second thought that morning.

His thoughts had been solely on Janet and how he was going to tease her before fucking her again. Then the strangest thing happened. He found himself thinking what it might be like to be married to her. He was well aware that it was normal for the flame of passion to fade from most marriages, but somehow he couldn’t picture it happening between him and Janet.

Ignoring his erection, he began thinking about their relationship, looking for moments with her that might support his momentary thesis of being married to her. He recalled calling her one night when out of town and waking her at about three in the morning, insisting that they get off together, and how responsive she had been, even as groggy as she was at being awakened at that ungodly hour.


Janet had later told him his voice had sounded like a caress over the line. “Remember what it was like,” he’d said, “that first time I took you to my place? Remember that, Janet? What a filthy little girl you were. You really surprised me that night. Remember what I made you do?”

“Yes,” Janet’s breathy voice had come back at him in the darkness. “I remember.”

“Tell me what you remember.”

“You had me lean over the butcher block table and fucked my brains out.”

“And what else?”

“We ordered a pizza.”

“After that.”

“You made me get down on my knees.”

“And then what did I make you do?”

“Unzip your trousers with my teeth, and then I had to lick your cock.”

Nick loved to hear the word ‘cock’ coming out of Janet’s mouth. She had a way of making the whole notion of a cock seem scary to her, scarier than he knew it could possibly be, but it made her mouth sound vulnerable just the same. “That’s right,” he’d said. “You did such dirty things with my cock that night didn’t you?”


“Why did you do it, Janet? Why were you such a nasty little girl?”

“Because,” she’d whispered, “I’m your slut, Nick, you know that. I’m a slave to your cock. I’ll do whatever you ask me to do as long as I know I can have that big cock of yours in one of my tight holes.”

“Oh yeah? Do I get to choose which tight hole I put it in?”


“Even your asshole, Janet? You’re going to take me up your tight ass?”


“All the way up?”

“Yes. Even if makes me sweat with the stretching.”

“If what makes you sweat?”

“You ankara escort know… getting stretched back there.”

“Where? Tell me where.”

“My asshole… God, your cock is huge!”

They had gone on like that for nearly an hour. Nick hadn’t been able to stand the idea of hanging up, of being alone without her in his bed, even for the one night. But eventually she’d insisted that she had to get some sleep, even though he hadn’t come yet.

“I’m going on an important interview in the morning, darling. I need to get some sleep. As it is I won’t fall asleep for another hour or so after we hang up.”

“Why so long?”

“You know why.”

“Tell me, I want to hear you say it.”

“I have to masturbate, or I won’t sleep at all. There, are you happy now?”

“Okay, darling,” he conceded, preparing to hang up the phone at last, “I’ll let you go this time. But after tomorrow, I’m never letting you go again.”


When they’d each hung up, he’d been alone in the darkness, his fist around his aching cock. Much like he was now, thinking of Janet naked, her long legs parted, revealing the closely-clipped black hairs that set-off the fiery pink flesh of her engorged pussy when she was fully aroused, breathing hard and waiting for him to mount her.

Nick loved the sight of her like that. He knew from experience that she would cry out and clutch at his hair, his back, his ass, when he finally laid down on her, penetrated her and gave it to her hard. It was easy for Nick to forget that unless they were into something kinky, or another male was nearby, his manhood would flounder and he’d struggle to maintain his erection.

His fist slid languorously over the slippery head of his cock as he thought about Janet and those cries she made. Cries that sounded like she was in extreme anguish and pain. In his mind, he replayed how he and Phil had both gone at her; it was to become one of his favorite memories. She’d gotten especially worked up when she was on all fours getting it at both ends at once. Phil had had a firm grip on her ass as he’d pounded his uncut meat into Janet’s pussy. Nick’s eyes couldn’t get enough of watching it. He’d been on his knees in front of her, his erection filling her mouth as she grunted from the force of Phil’s rhythm. He had dug his fingers into her hair; grabbing it in fistfuls while he’d fucked her mouth hard. He’d known they were getting rough with her, but she seemed to be wildly into it.

Nick worked his cock more vigorously now, tugging it faster, in time to the visions replaying in his head. He loved to think of her as a slut, as his slut; taking whatever he could dole out.

They would be married then, he realized. Somewhere in the back of his brain the thought agitated him…but what about the men, he wondered? Would she really be okay with his occasional man?They had discussed it, and Janet had said she would deal with it somehow. Bisexuality didn’t just disappear because a person uttered some marriage vows. They both knew it.

Back to the present: He tied her hands to the bedposts and had her screaming for more in less than twenty minutes. He had squatted over her face and had her lick his anus, including the slight residue of semen left there by Phil the night before. He had tossed her legs upon his shoulders and fucked her anally, and for the finishing touch, he had gone down on her with her hands still affixed to the posts, and brought her to a tumultuous climax.

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