Wife Awakens

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“So you don’t see anything you like?”

I was bored at this stage. I’d been out shopping with my wife for about 90 minutes and she’d looked at about 3 tops. All completely boring and all three looked the same. There was football on at 6 o’clock and I didn’t want to spend the rest of my day doing this.

“There’s just nothing out at the moment babe”

She must’ve said this line about 3 times a month. While in a yet another cheap clothes store, she spotted a woman buying a leather mini skirt.

“Oh look at her! Imagine me wearing that!?!” She laughed

“Yeah…” I half heartedly mumbled.

I always had a thing for shiny clothes, and leather in particular but my wife had what some would call a conservative dress sense; I’d called it downright dowdy. She barely wore heels, let alone anything that would’ve show off her terrific figure. Well I think it’s terrific anyway, some might think she’s too voluptuous.

“What, you don’t actually think that that would look nice, do you!?”

“I’m not saying it’s nice, I just think you’d look hot in it”

I couldn’t believe I said that.

“Its so cheap looking, its not even real leather”

“I dunno love, I reckon you’d look really sexy in it. Maybe not for a classy night out but not everything has to be classy”

“Seriously, you’d like to see me dressed like that cheap slut?”

I smile nervously. This could land me in deep trouble. Say the wrong thing here and I could lose all privileges for a month or more. Ah sod it; let’s see how it goes…

“I’m not saying you’re a slut, or you’d ever come close to being a slut love. It’s just that if you were to wear that skirt with a couple of other items, I think you’d look really hot. It might, I dunno, it might be a bit of fun for us”

I wasn’t sure how she’d take it.

“Fun! How would it be fun!?”

“I kızılay escort dunno, it just that I think you’ve got this terrific figure and maybe if I saw you show it off a bit more, it might, I dunno, it might get me a bit more, you know, excited”

She then noticed I was in a state of arousal already. I hadn’t even noticed myself.

“Whoa, hello there! Are you horny thinking about me?”

“Eh, yeah, I guess so”

“What else am I wearing, close your eyes”

She grabbed me at the crotch. Jesus, that felt good. She had never, ever acted like this. She moved closer to me.

“Come on baby, tell me what I’m wearing in your fantasy. Am I a total slut!?”

I had woken a sexual beast.

“Eh, are you sure love? I don’t want you to feel like an object or anything.”

“Stop thinking about it, and tell me how slutty I look!!!”

“Eh, you’re wearing a leather miniskirt like that girl was buying”

“Yeah? Is my bum bursting to get out? Am I bending over for you?”

“Oh God yeah!”

“What shoes have I got on? Really high heels with a clear platform?”

“Ooh that’d look good but in my mind you’re wearing 4 inch black knee high stiletto boots”

“Yeah? Do my legs look really long and sexy bending over for you?”

“Yeah, you’re unbelievably hot!”

“What kind of top do I have on babe? Are my tits bursting out for you? Making you wanna suck them?”

I was on fire at that moment. My erection was as big as I’d experienced and I could feel my face becoming redder and redder.

“You’ve a tight red low cut top on. It’s just made of any material.”

She broke away from me and I opened my eyes. She looked a little flustered too.

“Jesus, I sound slutty. I had no idea you felt like that. Come on and let’s see if we can find those clothes for you.”

Oh what I done? kolej escort Was I about to see my wife dressed like a total slut or was she just playing with me? She walked over to the shoe section. She picked up pair of black leather knee high boots.

“What do you think of these babe? Are they sexy enough?” She giggled.

The girl I knew was a giggler. We had a decent enough sex life but she always seemed too “nice” for me to fully open to about my fantasies. I’d made do with looking at porn on the internet and fantasising about my wife dressed for sex.

“They’re ok love, but a higher heel and a pointier toe would be better”

“OK, what about these?”

I nodded. She picked up a stunning pair of boots. Black leather, about 4 inch heel, toes nice and pointy with a zip all the way up the side. Didn’t look expensive but that wasn’t the point. She asked the girl for a size 7, and said she’d pick them up in a minute as she was off to find the rest of her outfit. She walked straight to the leather skirt. It was obviously a PVC type skirt but it was ridiculously cheap and looked like leather. She grabbed a white t shirt and the skirt at the same time, hoping no one would see her with the miniskirt.

“Now that’s a slutty top!”

She was giggling again. The top she picked up was a cheap polyester type material. It had leopard print on it and looked very low cut. She picked up a size 2 smaller than her normal size. She walked back to the shoe section and picked up the boots, telling the girl she’d try them on in the changing room with the rest of the outfit if that was OK. The completely bored teenager just mumbled.

My wife went into the changing room and what seemed like an eternity later, she sent me a picture message on my mobile phone. I actually gulped. There she was in her leather boots, leather ankara escort mini skirt and leopard print top. Her cleavage was huge and he was making a terrific show. I just stared at the picture on my phone. Another message came through.

“Quick, no one in here”

I hesitated. Another message arrived instantly.


I had no choice. I slipped into the ladies changing room and saw my wife’s head poking around a corner. She wasn’t smiling, more of a knowing smirk.

“What do you think babe?”

She looked at my crotch and got her answer. Before I could open my mouth, she grabbed me and started kissing me.

“Do you want to fuck me right now? Do you want to give this slut what she deserves?”

What the hell! I wasn’t expecting this.

“Come on daddy; show the slut your big cock”

She opened my jeans and took my rock hard cock. It had never looked as big before. She quickly bent over to suck it. In between strokes and sucks, she kept up the dirty talk.

“Oh, you like that, do you? You like the view of my ass in the tight leather skirt? You wanna fuck me in my slutty boots? You wanna fuck me from behind looking at my leather covered ass? Grab my big fucking tits and fuck me hard from behind? Come on babe!”

Oh jesus, she was in control now. I flipped her around and she crashed into the side of the cubicle. She bent over and showed me her bare pussy. I just rammed it in. There was nothing loving about this; my time for a bit of dirty talk.

“You like that big cock in you cunt? You dirty little slut!”

“Oh yeah baby, I’m a fucking slut, fuck me harder!!!”

I grabbed her hair with my right hand as the left hand gripped the leather skirt. Within 3 or 4 minutes I was ready to come. She knew too.

“You wanna come on my slutty face! Treat me like the whore I am”

She turned round and I launched it all over her face. It went everywhere. All over her face, hair, tits, her leopard print top and even dripped down on to her skirt and boots. If she hadn’t have been planning to buy the outfit, she had to now. I was already thinking of future uses…

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