Who You Calling Disabled? Ch. 07

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I wasn’t expecting another call from Kira’s clinic but it came a month later. The administrator asked me to visit Kira and also to “sort out” some aspects of her insurance claim. I explained that the insurance side of things were no longer my responsibility, but she said, “Come along anyway. There are personal aspects on which your opinion could be helpful.”

Of course, I agreed to go and was in a fever of excitement over what might happen with Kira; never mind the company’s liability.

When I got there, the admin meeting turned out to be mostly a formality over Kira’s clinic costs and my opinion on the likelihood of the company paying those at least as soon as possible. Then came the “personal aspects.”

Kira’s surgeon was also present in the meeting and he explained her latest medical and physical conditions. She was totally without legs at all; removed right up to the hip joint. Her general health otherwise was good. Her heart and kidneys had recovered much of their function after removal of the damaged limbs and their failing nerves. Kira could be expected to live for many years, perhaps a full normal lifespan in these conditions, and he had reported that to the new company adjuster who had taken over from me.

In the room was a woman who introduced herself after the surgeon’s talk as a “relationship therapist” and she did most of the talking from that point. She told us that Kira’s hyper-sexuality had increased, although she used the world “exacerbated” which made it sound like a disease. Apparently, Kira now sought sexual pleasure 24 hours a day, with almost constant use of sex-toys, and very many orgasms. She was in permanent state of either excitement or recovery.

Kira’s waist was now corseted to its absolute anatomical minimum, at her insistence. Her waist now contained only her injured spine, blood vessels and nerve tissues, and a single loop if her small intestine. Her colon had shifted downward and seemed to be functioning satisfactorily; while her stomach, liver, pancreas and lungs had shifted upwards into her chest; and also seemed to be unaffected.

“And there are other aspects of her appearance and condition which I’ll not describe here,” she concluded, “and she’s been asking for you to visit her.”

Immediately, I wondered if my opportunity had come again to experience some extremes of erotic pleasure with Kira. And I was not disappointed when they called nurse Alice to come for me, to go to Kira’s new room.

As soon as I got into the room, Alice closed the door and I locked it.

In her usual way, Kira held out both arms towards me and hugged my face close to hers as we kissed and nuzzled each other.

“I didn’t think I’d see you again,” she said into my ear, almost too softly to hear.

She was crying silently and I could feel the tears on my cheek.

I let her settle for a few moments, and spoke to her, “I thought you’d forgotten me; it’s been so long. I missed you.”

“I’ve been a bit depressed after the last operation but now I’m recovered and ready to see you again,” now she was smiling through the remnants of her tears.

“Please touch me, like you know,” she said looking straight into my eyes, and I put my right hand down to her new pelvic area. No legs, or stumps, just smooth curves between her hip bones and her labia and her bottom.

I noticed that her plugs were bigger again. In her rectum at least 4-inches across and in her vagina I thought 3-inches. And another very tight black Lycra panty-girdle over her entire lower torso.

I did my usual movements and pressings on the plugs and she held my face to hers as she came to orgasm in less time than it takes to tell here. Maybe only 8 or 10 seconds. She squealed a little as it overcame her and then relaxed her hold on my head. I stood up.

After a few more seconds, she said, “Let me show you this,” and raised her gown above her waist, so that I could see the massive reduction she had achieved.

I reached down and held her waist in my fingers and thumbs with my middle fingers overlapping at the back. Her measurement could have been only 15 or 16 inches round. My own corset fetish asserted itself fully and I wanted to get inside her as soon as possible and to cling onto that waist whilst plunging into her.

I moved my face close to her as I held her waist, “I want you very much. Please may I come in?” I was asking like a little boy pleading for a cookie.

“Oh yes, now, come into me now, I’ve been waiting so long,” she replied and removed her gown completely.

It was then I realized that her breasts had increased in size and she was wearing a really solid rather matronly bra with bones and a deep band that fitted over the top edge of her corset.

“Kira, your breasts are wonderful,” I said and she replied, “It just happened when we got the new tighter batıkent escort corsets.”

“I like your bra; it hold you very nicely,” I said stroking her well-supported breasts pointing to the ceiling.

“I was worried you’d think it all old-fashioned. I’m glad you like it,” she replied and I took off all my clothes.

Then four things happened as quickly as I could manage.

First, I clipped the stainless steel scrotum ring around my package of testicles and penis.

Second, I tilted her frame-bed back so that she was angled away from me with her pelvis at my shagging height.

Third, I struggled a little to remove the tight little panty-girdle. It was so small and containing, that I had to go round the other side of the frame to pull it all the way over her pelvis and lay it on the little table.

Finally, I reached down to pull out her vagina plug. It came with a little effort and a big sigh from Kira.

It was at this stage I realized that my sex package would never fill her space; nor would I get any stimulation just from moving in and out of her.

Kira knew exactly what was going through my mind and reached out to bring something even as I was wondering how to proceed.

“Put this in my first and then join us,” she smiled and winked at me

It was a smaller plug that had a channel gouged out of one side, and I could see how it would work for us both.

I lubed it and slipped it into her. It disappeared with no flange at the outer edge. Then I pressed my package into her and I could feel the carved plug under the bottom edge of my penis and testicles, but my top edge was pressed hard up against her vagina tunnel and got full benefit of the rubbing stimulation. In addition, the bigger hard plug in her rectum was pressing me from the other side of the membrane and increased my stimulation.

My full pack, testicles and steel collar, slipped into her as I took a hold on her tiny waist.

Slowly at first, I began shagging back and forth, and then with more speed; clutching her waist and shaking her body about without the weight of her legs, and her hands holding onto the frame.

Remembering from the last visit, I reached out for her big vibrator and switched it on. Holding it onto her clitoris with one hand, and gripping her waist almost entirely with the other, we both moved towards our orgasms.

Kira got there first and squealed again as her head flicked back and she gripped her own breasts through the strong bra.

I came a few seconds later and emptied myself into the space around the carved plug.

“Ooh, so nice,” she almost sang, “I wondered if that thing would work for us both. It wasn’t easy to get but I’m glad I did.”

I didn’t ask where she got the special plug but I held her waist again and squeezed her as hard as I could. But could make no impression on her figure; she was compressed already to the very limit of her muscles and bones.

She asked me to spin the frame upright so that we could hold each other and kiss again, with her almost standing but without legs. She clung to me and we kissed, and I let me erection subside against her corseted belly, and felt the full hard bra pressing on my chest.

Somehow, her face looked younger than ever, despite her surgery and other illnesses. She smiled into my eyes and kissed me again and again. I knew it would take some time for my erection to recover but she was urging me to give her more pleasure sooner.

“Please put your hand inside me,” she asked.

Removing the carved plug was easy, covered as it was with my juices as well as the lube, and then I slowly pressed my fingers into her slippery labia. With no effort at all, my entire hand slipped into her and I could feel her cervix against my middle finger.

I jiggled my hand a little and she shuddered with pleasure in the way I knew.

Bringing the vibrator again, I held it against her clitoris at the same time as shivering my hand inside her.

Initially, she smiled into my eyes; then closed her eyes and held her own waist; then bent her head back and came to a massive orgasm in just a few seconds. She more than squealed this time; she almost screamed; so much that I was worried Alice might come dashing in “to the rescue”, so to speak.

Kira subsided as I switched off the vibrator and slowly extricated my hand.

The flopped her head sideways onto the pillowed sides of the frame, with her eyes still closed and her breathing deep and steadily. And with a smile on her lips.

As she recovered, she asked, “Please put the bigger one back in me, and turn me down.”

I knew what she meant about “turn me down” and planned to do as she asked.

First, the bigger vagina plug was replaced although that wasn’t so easy.

“Slowly,” she instructed, “I haven’t got used to it yet beşevler escort but it’s nice when it’s in.”

As gently as I could, with frequent little back and forth movements and some twisting, it began to fill her up.

As we were nearing the widest part, her body went rigid, her eyes closed tight shut and she took deep breaths. She was struggling to take the stretch and the squeeze, I could tell.

“Oh my God,” she said suddenly and I’d never heard her express such discomfort before, “Push now!”

Against all my softer feelings, I leaned on the plug with my full weight and she coughed loudly. That did the trick and broke the seal, it seemed.

With an audible plop, that big plug dropped inside her and her labia closed around the stalk.

Kira was sweating and she smiled weakly as her eyes opened.

“Phoo!” she exclaimed, “it’ll get easier I’m sure. Thank you. Now I feel full and happy again.”

Her smile became stronger and she looked into my eyes again.

“Now turn me down, you know,” she repeated the instruction.

The frame spun so that her face was on a level with my groin and her two plugs were close to my eyes. Even as I was doing this manoeuvre, she opened her mouth wide to accept my package.

With no delay she took all of me; flaccid penis, testicles and steel ring in her mouth together. She sucked on me and started to grow my erection again. It slowly stiffened into her mouth, then to her back teeth and then into her throat. I could feel the teeth and then her uvula, and finally the ridged tunnel of her throat. She knew exactly how to grow an erection, and I was full size again after a few minutes.

With one hand she tapped her plugs, and then held her own waist again. I knew the signal and reached over for the vibrator. Holding it flat against both plugs, I sensed her orgasm developing both in her body movements and in the tightening of her throat.

After half a minute, she came to another overwhelming orgasm and I pulled out of her throat as she squealed and writhed her head from side to side.

She took a deep breath and relaxed, “Lovely,” she said softly, “just rest for a minute.”

My erection was raging and I was waiting for her to recover, and then we could move onto my pleasure. I hoped.

I was not to be kept waiting, nor to be disappointed.

“Please back me round and down, like we did last time you visited,” she said, “I’ve been saving a lot up for you. For days and days.”

I had a sense of what was coming and didn’t object.

The frame spun so that her pelvis was at my groin level, slanted so that I could gain access to her deformed rear-facing rectum; and with her head down near my calves and facing away from me. I knew that the rectal plug must come out and started on that; slowly and twisting and pulling. It had a wide flange end and I was holding it with both hands.

Although I couldn’t see her face, I knew that she was screwing up her eyes, and taking deep breaths as the massive plug stretched her anal muscles to the limit. With some force, more than required by the vaginal plug, it came out into my hands. I was stunned by the size of the thing: 4-inches across at its widest, shaped like an onion or small minaret, and over 6-inches long inside her. It was covered in lube, of course, but also a little stain of faeces on the pointed end. I laid it to one side, on the little table and quickly pressed my raging erection into her. Initially, I was too loose inside her but then her sphincter started to contract onto the stalk of my steel ring. Soon, I was totally enclosed inside her with my testicles feeling the smoothness of her rectum and my erection pressing up towards her sigmoid.

I didn’t move too much until she was gripping me quite hard, which took perhaps two minutes, and then started my shagging into her bowels. I had no legs or stumps to hold onto this time, only the smooth roundness of her hip bones and the startling hip-spring into her corseted waist. I held onto that and pulled her towards me, and thrust into her with as much force as I could to get the maximum stimulation in the vast open cave which was her rectum. Fortunately, her anal muscles gripped me well by this stage and there was little risk of my popping out of her.

At the same time as I could feel the smooth ridges of her rectum, I could also feel the hard plug in her vagina; pressing on me through the membrane. The sensations were unbelievable and I was going wild with her. Her body was swinging back and forth in a quick rhythm; her head was flopping about at the other end of her body from my erection. She made no sound until my climax began to build; my erection got harder and she began to make her little kitten mewing sounds which promised her own orgasm.

Then it all happened as I expected and partly had hoped.

I ankara escort was joined in her rectum by a mass of her shit, from higher up in her colon. I was expecting more of the wet sludge and this time even more because of the expanded rectal space after the plug was removed.

But this time, the volume of her shit was not squishy almost -liquid as it had been on the previous occasion. This was a solid log of hardened faeces; saved up and constipated for some days.

This shit-log was pressing hard against my erection and moving along it, until it pressed against my testicles held forward, as they were, by the steel ring. At that point, I felt discomfort from that force but my climax was close and I kept up the shagging until I emptied myself into her bowels.

The resulting extra lubrication from my sperm gave her shit-log the freedom it needed and it practically pushed me out of her; lock stock and barrel.

Exactly at the same moment, Kira reached her orgasm, she pushed the enormous shaft of her shit into the fresh air of the room. I could see it was 7 or 8-inches long and 1½ Inches wide. Of course, it was stained with my own juices and it dropped heavily to the floor at my feet. The stench was awful and I looked down to see my own sperms being forced out of her guts along with more of her solid shit.

As I pulled myself away of her, I was rewarded with another even bigger load of a solid turd-log. This one was over a foot in length, so she must have been emptying her entire colon in response to my shagging and lubrication.

Remembering my previous experience, I grabbed a towel and made a quick wipe of myself; and then turned the frame upright so that she may feel more comfortable in her stomach. But it was a wasted effort: she vomited a final mass of creamy stuff down her front and onto the floor.

I was looking worried but Kira smiled through her puke and in the stench, “That was lovely,” she said, “no one ever gave me those feelings before. I’ve been it storing up for you. Could you tell?”

I didn’t feel like thanking her because now we were both in a shocking stinky state, the floor was filthy, and she needed undressing and re-dressing as a matter of urgency.

But she kept talking and smiling, “I really like that feeling of all my inside dropping out and the weight leaving my bottom. This time was different, wasn’t it? Even better ‘cos it was hard. I really had to push hard but the feeling is so good. Thank you so much.”

As before, I dashed into her wet-room and did a clean-up on my legs and feet, and took off the steel ring to clean around my package. With soap and warm water; and so I was fairly decent and mostly dressed by the time Alice came to do the rest of it.

“She does this only when you come these days,” she observed, “what do you do with her?” but she was grinning and didn’t expect a full answer.

Kira was cleaned up and dressed in a new corset and gown. I wanted to watch the lacing of her corset but Alice insisted I sit outside until she was finished.

When I returned to the room, Kira was clean and tidy, even with a smell of toothpaste in her kisses, and a little flower in her hair.

When Alice left us, over an hour later with all the cleaning done, Kira made me sit down next to her. She looked serious.

“That was so nice. Thank you for coming to me and helping me. I don’t know anyone else who could do it,” she said, still serious.

She continued, “I think I have a problem with my body. I just need these feelings all the time or else I slip into depression again. But I can’t expect you to visit me every few days, just to give me the excitement and strange feelings I need.”

“So what will happen to you, Kira?” I asked.

“That’s what I want to tell you. It now appears I have a distant cousin in America, in Boston. My grandmother’s sister’s grand-daughter. She is a doctor, a child doctor, is that a paediatrician? Well, she’s offered to house me in her private clinic and take care of me whether the insurance pays up or not. So I’ll be going to America in two weeks time. That’s why I wanted to see you this one more time. So you’ll know I’m going to be looked after; and I haven’t forgotten you. Do you understand?”

I took her hand and kissed it and spoke, “Kira, you need more care than I can give you. So this news is good news; but I shall miss you and carry my memory of you for the rest of my life.”

She tugged me towards her and we kissed properly with lips and tongues and wide open mouths.

“This must be the end for us,” she said softly with a catch in her voice, “I have fallen in love with you but I must be realistic. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” I replied, “and I have come to think of you as the special person in my life; and I’ll miss you very much indeed.”

“Go now,” she said, “thank you for a lovely afternoon. Please put the vibrator near me. You know how I am?” and she giggled as she said it.

So much better to hear her giggle than to sense her sadness.

And so we parted. Both tearful but also smiling and with hearts full of good memories, and naughty memories too.

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