When Dreams May Cum… Ch. 03

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T. G. I. F! It is FINALLY Friday! I skip out of work without so much as a “goodbye” to my co-workers, all I want to do is get home and fall asleep as quickly as I can. The 15 minute drive to my apartment is entirely too long. I want to be home NOW.

I pull into my drive, park my car, all but run upstairs and let myself into my apartment. I strip quicker than I think I ever have before and crawl between my egyptian cotton sheets. I reach over to my alarm clock and turn it off, no interruptions tonight. My dream lover is going to know the full wrath of my sexual frustrations. NO INTERRUPTIONS. I easily slip into a dream I have been desiring all week long to complete and pick up right where I left off….

I breathe a long warm breath on his throbbing cock then lick his pre-cum from his meatus. My tongue ring applying the perfect amount of pressure to make him moan. I lick him like a lollypop from base to tip, tip to base. I love his manly taste. I wrap my lips around his dick and inch him into my mouth and down my throat. Humming, I slide up and down his cock. I flick my tongue very fast on the frenulum.

I love the look of pure esctasy on my lover’s face… it urges me on. Still holding the rose, I pluck one petal off and proceed to place it just above his manhood. I suck in my breath and blow it over his abdomen and chest, then crawl up his body to blow it back down to his raging erection.

“Oooooooo! Mmmmmmm!” He moans. “You drive me so crazy!”

“That ok, you’ll love what’s next. I’ve been interrupted by my alarm all week long, you will recieve everything you desire tonight,” I tell my lover.

He has no idea how much of a sugar kızılay escort junkie I really am. In a drawer under my bed I have stashes of everything sweet…. I pull out my favorite candy, Rolos, and place one on his erection. I gently suck on his sac and swirl his balls with my tongue while I wait a few moments for it to begin to melt.

As soon as I see the chocolate start to drizzle down his shaft, I lick my lips. I love chocolate. I gently nibble the sides of his throbbing member, licking up the misplaced chocolate. “Mmmmm,” I say. I then lick up the remaining Rolo like I mad woman and start my assult on his cock.

I love the way he feels in my mouth. I love the moans and murmurs he utters as I lick him thoroughly; not one single inch is left untouched by my tongue. I lick the delicate frenulum, wiggling my tongue ring across the vein that runs the length of his cock and take just the tip into my mouth.

I run my tongue under the ridge that was left from his circumcision, carefully applying pressure on the frenulum and up the meatus. Another sigh greets this. I lick his pre-cum and then take him into my mouth fully, my tongue moving in gentle circles on the underside of his shaft. I “swallow” to let him know he’s deep in my throat, I want him to know how much I respect and worship his manliness.

I twist my head back and forth as I bob up and down his entire length, from tip to hilt, humming as I do so. Up and down, down and up, my tongue circling his shaft on the way down and licking his meatus when I reach his tip; I do not let one single drip of his man juice go wasted.

I slick my hand with saliva and kolej escort proceed to start giving him a hand job. Twisting my hand around his shaft and applying slight pressure on the frenulum, I continue my torturess assult. I lick his meatus as I continue pumping him. My other hand wanders over his stomach, his sac, his ass, and his thighs in a light erotic fashion. I know this is driving him crazy, it’s driving me crazy too since I get very higly aroused performing fellatio.

I trace my fingers along each side of his sac, just grazing the hairs there sending shivers of passion up his spine. Replacing my fingers with my tongue, I run circled around and around his sac and then lick from the bottom of his balls up to the tip of his cock in a hungry fashion.

I reach up to caress his stomach and chest; he grabs my wrist and pulls me up his body, all my womanhood pressing against his manhood and passionately kisses me. Pure unadulterated heat radiates through my body as our tongues fight for dominance, I feel it at the core of my body spreading from head to toe. As the passion washes over me, I ponder how it is he managed to get his hands free.

His hands roam over my shoulders and back, tracing the outline of my spine. I could never get enough of his hands on my body, which makes all of my womanhood scream out in the injustice of this being “just a dream”… it feels so real. Slowly his fingers run down my spine, just a gentle touch yet so erotic I can feel my wetness deepening becoming almost unbareable. Over my hips and down my thighs, his fingers run.

I feel his erection just below where man and woman come together, ankara escort he is so large and hard, it is all I can do not to slide myself onto him… but I am not done with his slow and methodical torment yet.

Restraining him once again, slowly slide down his body allowing my tongue to trace its way down his body as I go. I once again take him into my mouth, just the tip, swirling my magical tongue around and around, flicking the frenulum as fast as I can make my tongue to and licking the juices spilling from his meatus. MMMMM, he tastes so good… I could never get enough of him.

I inch him into my mouth, licking and tasting, flicking and swirling, slowly I make my way down to his base and he is sliding down my throat. I swallow him, I love the feeling of having my mouth so full, I swallow again. A moan escapes his lips, I know I am pleasing him well. Suddenly I feel his hands in my hair, and again, I wonder how he managed to escape his restrains.

His fingers touch my cheeks as I bob and weave on his cock. I love the feel of him touching me while I am pleasuring him. He gently traces my lips as I take him in to the hilt and then raise myself to the frenulum to flick him. I wonder just how much my lover can endure.

I caress his sac, his balls haven’t really seen much attention, and to this another sigh is uttered. Gently I draw circles on each half, I don’t want to leave either side feeling neglected. I feel him get thicker in my mouth. His breathing has become more ragged, quickened, I know there isn’t much more of this that he can take.

I quicken my own pace, up down, up down, up down, around and around, bobbing as fast as I can manage… “Oh, Oh, Oh!”

I take him comletely into my mouth and swallow him, this is all he can take. He releases his delicious juice into my hungry mouth.

“MMMMM, you taste soooo good. May I have some more?”

He laughs and says, “Sure, tomorrow night.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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