What Have I Done?

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Larry groaned as his alarm went off at 5 am. It was entirely too early to get up. His wife, Linda and their 13 year old son, Scott had left yesterday for her parent’s farm in Ohio.

The doctors had first thought that her father had a heart attack, they had soon ruled that out and told them it was stress of running a farm the size of his.

Linda had called the night before letting Larry know that they had made it safely from southern Tennessee to central Ohio. She told him she’d be gone 2 weeks or longer.

The down side to this development is that their 18 year old daughter would be staying with him since she’d gotten a summer job to help with college in the fall. He couldn’t believe she’d be heading to Kentucky in just a few months.

His daughter was a beauty, he had to admit. Just like her mother was. Linda still turned Larry on. She stood 5’3″, had short black curly hair, green eyes and due to her Latino heritage, always tan. She had a voluptuous figure. At 38, she was 42DD, a thick body and a nice plump ass. After 20 years of marriage she was still his only partner.

When they’d gotten together everyone had told them that they’d never last. At the time the only thing they shared was their religion. They were both Catholic. Larry was 6’3″, with red hair and blue eyes. He was pale and covered in freckles.

Heather, on the other hand stood 5’9″ and very athletic. She played both volleyball and at one time had played basketball. Her hair was long, chesnut in color and curly. Her eyes were almost almond shaped and a smoky gray. Her chest, according to the bras he’d seen in the laundry room we’re a 34 C. Her stomach flat, her hips flared and her ass just juicy enough for a man to hold on to while she rode him.

Damn he thought where’d that thought come from. His mind wandered to his daughter’s best friend Kelly. Two days prior they’d planned on having a cook-out when things took a strange turn.

His wife Linda and Kelly’s mom, Joyce had left to go pick up stuff to cook out. The women had become friends during the years due to their daughters’ friendship. Scott and Kelly’s brother Brian were playing basketball while Heather and Kelly played in the pool.

Larry had went upstairs to his office to surf some stories on Literotica. He glanced down toward the pool seeing Kelly alone. He wondered briefly where Heather had gone.

Kelly was wearing a very tiny pink bikini, something he’d never allow his daughter to wear. As if she could feel his eyes on her, Kelly pushed the triangles off her small but pert tits then pulled the bottoms off one leg leaving her pussy exposed to him.

Her fingers went between her legs and one hand squeezed her tit. Larry watched as her fingers delved into the slit. She was pink and wet. Before he realized bahis firmaları what he was doing he had his 7 inch cock out stroking it.

He knew she couldn’t really see him due to the windows in his home office being tinted. Her hand started moving faster which caused his to as well. He had no way of knowing his daughter was standing in the doorway watching him in fascination.

He watched Kelly’s body tense up then relax. He knew she’d climaxed. He closed his eyes and could picture himself between the teen’s legs. She was petite, only 5′ tall, with tanned skin and long blonde hair. She had the girl next door type.

Stroking himself faster his load shot out and hit the window. Heather made a groaning sound. Larry whipped around seeing his daughter while he held his still hard member in his hand.

“Heather, what the hell?” He cried out shocked. “Mom called.” She stuttered. “The car won’t start.” Heather couldn’t stop staring at her father’s penis. He could see where her eyes was focused and quickly turned around.

As Heather went back outside she could smell Kelly’s scent. “What did you do?” Heather asked her best friend. “I had a quick orgasm.” Her friend said.

By the time they’d gotten the car back home it was late. No one was in the mood for a cook out.

Looking at the clock Larry knew it was time to get up. Jumping in the shower he jacked off, washed himself then dried off and threw on some sweat pants. Heading downstairs to the kitchen he started the coffee. He’d drank about half a cup when his daughter came into the room.

He’d just taken a drink and at her appearance spewed coffee all over the table. “What in the hell are you wearing?” He demanded. The robe she was wearing was a pale purple and had to be Kelly’s. It might fit her 5″ frame but didn’t even remotely cover Heather’s 5’9″ frame.

“Kelly left it here. I need to do laundry before work and I thought you had already left.” She told him. “Well obviously I haven’t, so go put some clothes on.” He told her as he could feel his cock start to harden.

Heather ignored her father’s demand. She walked over to the refrigerator, opened the door, bent over and made like she was looking for something. “Would you like some scrambled eggs, Daddy?” She asked.

Larry could see his daughter’s very wet, pink shaved pussy. His cock was throbbing in his pants demanding to be released. He groaned. “Heather, please put some clothes on.”

Heather stood up thinking it’s now or never. She untied the robe and as she turned around she let it drop to the floor. “There’s no reason to masturbate to Kelly when you have me.” She said.

Larry’s mind was telling him to leave the kitchen but his eyes were soaking up his daughter’s nudity. Fuck, she’s gorgeous! That’s all he could see. Her kaçak iddaa plump dusky nipples were hard from the chilly air inside the house.

Larry stood up ready to flee from the room. Heather walked over stopping in front of him and dropped to her knees. Her fingers worked fast at pulling his sweat pants down. His cock smacked her in the face before she took him into her mouth.

“This is so wrong.” He whispered. Then she took him as far as she could without gagging. She was trying to mimic what she’d seen Kelly do with her boyfriends. She’d even seen her suck her older brother. Kelly didn’t know Heather had seen that though.

Her dad was moaning and groaning as he ran his fingers through her hair. She must be doing something right. She would have smiled if her mouth wasn’t full. “Oh fuck, Heather we shouldn’t be doing this.” He growled.

Larry pulled his cock from his daughter’s mouth. Looking down at her she was so sexy with her lips all swollen and her sexy eyes glazed. Pulling her from the floor he kissed her. Not a father/daughter kiss but a lovers kiss. Their tongue’s danced and battled while they could both feel his hardness between them.

He cupped one of her perfect tits, rubbing his finger over the hardened nipple. He bent his head sucking the puckered beauty into his mouth. Heather had her head thrown back as her dad lavished her breasts and nipples. She was so close to coming.

Larry brought his hand between his daughter’s legs. He cupped her sex, pushed her legs further apart gently easing his index finger into her. “Oh fuck baby, you’re so tight.” He groaned as his fingers brought her to an orgasm he came to his senses.

“Fuck Heather, we can’t do this! You’re my daughter.” He said trying to get away. She got tears in her eyes. “Daddy, I need you. I’m aching so bad. I need you to touch me, kiss me, lick me, suck me and fuck me. Don’t you understand it has to be you because I love you. All these years I’ve watched Kelly with one guy then another, I can’t do that. I only want to be with a man I love and trust. I was afraid you’d choose Kelly over me after what she did by the pool.” She cried.

With her saying Larry knew he couldn’t deny her much less himself. Pulling her into his arms he kissed her. She grabbed his hand and led him to her room. They crawled onto the bed as the kissed and fondled each other.

Larry had no idea he’d ever be in this situation, that was his last thought as he buried his face in her folds. She tasted divine. He couldn’t lick and suck her fast enough. Within a matter of minutes Larry’s experienced tongue had gotten her off several times.

He slid up her body with his cock poised at her entrance ready to plunge he bent his head down and kissed her. He thrust inside her quickly while she screamed kaçak bahis into his mouth. He could see a tear in her eye. “Are you okay baby?” He asked. Heather nodded yes.

Instead of moving Larry just took in the feel of his daughter’s pussy. She was so hot and tight. It was as if she was made for him. “Please fuck me now Daddy.” She whispered.

That was all Larry needed to hear. He began moving in and out of her. He had never felt anything so incredible in his 38 years. He was like a man possessed, he couldn’t get enough just then he felt her shudder and scream out. “I’m coming, oh damn Daddy, I’m coming.”

Larry kept pounding his daughter until her orgasm subsided. “Get on your hands and knees.” He told her. He could see her juices and blood on him as he pulled out for her to turn over. Once she was where he wanted her, he pushed back into her.

At this moment if he was struck dead he’d die happy. He grabbed a hair pulling her up a little. With one hand he held her hair while the other cupped a sexy breast. Turning both of them lose he grabbed her hips and started fucking her fast and hard.

Larry was in a frenzied state. He could hear Heather screaming, “Fuck me Daddy, oh yes, fuck me harder! Oh yes, oh yes, fuck me Daddy!” That was all Larry needed to hear. He thrust as deep inside her as he could get as he shot ropes and ropes of incestuous semen into her womb.

Larry stretched out on his daughter’s bed and pulled her to him. He kissed her softly on the lips. “Until today I had never been with a woman other than your mother, Heather. I don’t know what we’re going to do now but I can’t stop with today. I’m going to call into work for both of us. I want you to soak in a hot bubble bath. When you’re finished come downstairs. I’m going to order some food.

Heather ran her water, added bubbles then got in to soak. She had finally lost her virginity and to her father no less. She was sore from the countless hours of continuous fucking. Now she understood why Kelly was such a whore.

Downstairs Larry made several phone calls while Heather soaked in the tub. When she came down the pizza had been delivered and her dad had set the table. Just as they sat down the phone rang. Larry answered it, seeing that it was Linda’s parents number. She told him that it turned out she was going to be gone longer than what she first thought because her father had been admitted into the hospital with a heart attack. Her and Scott would be there for the summer at least.

He told her that he was sorry to hear that and to call if she needed anything. He assured her that him and Heather would be fine as he hung up the phone. Together him and his daughter finished their food, threw away the trash and decided to watch a movie.

While they were watching the movie Heather’s phone chimed. She looked down it was Kelly wanting to come over. Larry took the phone sent a text that she wasn’t feeling well and she would talk to her in a few days. Then he turned off her phone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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