What Happens in Spain Ch. 05

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“Well? Do we know where we’re going?” Tina asked the next morning as they were finishing their breakfast. “Do you know a beach?”

Lori and Irene had been the last two to arrive at breakfast. It was obvious that Ryan had a bit of angst over their interlude the night before, but she’d eased that by taking the seat next to him. She’d gripped the chair as she scooted in, slipping her hand up and giving his knee a squeeze, all while greeting everyone else. When she looked up at him, his eyes and smile said, “Thank You.”

“I know lots of beaches between here and Barcelona,” Irene laughed.

“Yeah, but are they,” Sherry answered, glancing to see who might be in earshot; seeing that others were in listening range, she lowered her voice just a bit, “like we want?”

“We won’t have a problem finding a nice beach,” Irene said, “there are lots of them.” Glancing around at the other ladies, and Ryan, she finished, “Is this what you want?”

Lori had wide eyes and her lower lip between her teeth, but nodded yes; Ryan just shrugged, and Tina said “Let’s go. I’m in.” They detoured by a store for drinks and snacks once again before heading along the shore toward Barcelona.

It was a relaxing trip, stopping at several locations to view the ocean and wade into the water, nearly reaching Barcelona before Irene directed them off the highway at Playa el Torn. The beach itself was a few minutes’ walk from the parking, but shortly they found themselves on a moderately populated beach. The sign as they left the parking area had said “Platja Nudista, Ni Banyadors, Ni Gossos”, “Nude Beach, No Swimsuits, No Dogs”, leaving no doubt that this was indeed a beach for naturists and that everyone was expected to be naked. They all turned toward the least occupied area, stopping and spreading their towels together when a clear sandy area was found.

Surprisingly it was Ryan that stripped off first, folding his shorts and shirt, placing them in a neat pile before standing back upright, making no attempt to show off, and no attempt to hide. He was simply nude.

The girls didn’t take long to follow suit, except that Lori was still obviously a bit bashful. Turning away as she took her clothes off apparently helped and soon they were all nude. “Well girls, here we are,” Ryan said, standing and facing them, “No more secrets between co-workers. What we see is what we are. Anyone for a swim?” he finished, turning and walking for the water.

“Come on,” Irene said, reaching over and grabbing Lori’s hand. Turning they ran a few steps to catch up, splitting around Ryan, where each of them grabbed one of his hands.

They were waist deep in the warm Mediterranean waters before Tina and Sherry caught up. Irene looked over and saw Lori smiling and slightly shaking her head. “What?”

“My husband will never believe this. Me, naked in the ocean, with my four co-workers.”

“Too bad you can’t tell him,” Ryan began, the tease in his tone obvious to Irene, “What happens in Spain….”

“Stays in Spain!” Irene, Tina and Sherry finished in unison. Looking at each other, they broke into laughter. When they looked back at Lori, she wasn’t laughing, a look of disbelief on her face.

“I… I can’t tell my husband?” Lori asked, seemingly mortified, ‘but I share everything with him.”

Ryan laughed at her seeming mortification, “We’re just being goofy. Yes, of course, you tell your husband anything you want about you, it’s just at work, we talk about work.”

“Oh, yes, of course,” she confirmed.

Turning, Ryan did a surface dive and began swimming out to deeper water. Gradually the girls paired up, Tina and Irene floating and talking, Lori and Sherry moving towards shore. A few minutes later when she looked again, she found Lori and Sherry were slowly walking on the beach down the water line towards the end of the beach.

“Did you stay with Ryan last night?” Tina eventually asked.

“Why do you ask that?” she asked, the tightening in her stomach at the question telling her it was a question she really didn’t want to face.

“Oh, come on, Irene. Put a piece of paper between the two of you and it will catch fire. You two both have eyes for each other, and we all see it.”

“I know. But I’m married, I couldn’t…”

“Couldn’t what? Have sex with him? Of course you could. It’s not like you want to marry him too, you’re just strongly attracted to him and just want to have some fun. And my god — look at that body! Has he got a nice ass or what?” She giggled and asked, ‘Have you ever had a circumcised one before?” She’d noticed when he was standing in front of them that his cock was circumcised, obviously Tina had also.

“No,” Irene answered, looking out to the deeper water where Ryan was still swimming. As she watched he took a breath and surface dove underneath, his ass momentarily displaying itself to them.

“Me either, but I hope to someday. So pretty. I always like sucking a cock with the kızılay escort foreskin pulled back, I love the feel of the head. So smooth.”

“Tina! TMI!” Irene answered, looking at Tina, aghast at the conversation.

“What, you don’t think Ryan has a pretty cock?” Tina responded, inadvertently admitting that she had been looking. Of course they’d both looked; it was hard not to look, what with Ryan standing before them and spreading his arms and essentially saying ‘take a look’. “What’s your husband’s name? Oscar?” Tina asked, slowly wading into the shoreline.


“And you’ve really only ever been with Oscar?”

“He’s the only one I’ve ever had sex with.”

“You mean, intercourse; fucking. He’s the only one that’s ever pleasured you with his cock.”

Pleasured you with his cock, is what stuck in Irene’s mind. Yes, he had occasionally provided her much needed pleasure, but even then, it had never been much. “I guess.”

“You guess?” Tina stopped and turned, looking back out to Ryan who was floating on his back, and then again began shuffling through the alternately ankle deep to knee deep water gently sloshing up along the shore. “what do you mean, ‘you guess?’ You don’t know if… Oh.” She suddenly realized how else the fuzzy answer could be interpreted.

“So you’re saying that Oscar is the only man you’ve ever been with all the way, he’s got a small cock which is why you’ve got a big dildo, and he’s not very good at taking care of you? Is that about right?”

“I guess,” admitting that everything she’d just said was absolutely what she was thinking.

“My God, Irene. You don’t know what you’re missing. You need to spend tonight with Ryan and let him fuck your brains out. You’ve got to know he wants to, we all do.”

“You’re saying I should cheat on my husband?”

“Not at all,” Tina answered, turning to sit on her towel, and bending to brush the sand from her feet. “Do you love Ryan?”

“No, of course not.”

“Do you love your husband?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Will you stop that? You keep saying “of course” to things, as if it’s a given. It’s not a given, it’s not pre-ordained. So you love your husband, but sexually he’s not very good, and you don’t love Ryan, but you have no idea yet as to whether he’s good sexually or not? So what’s to worry about? Take him for a test drive and if he’s any good, go home and give your husband pointers. He’s not going to get any better unless you tell him what you need, and you’re not going to know what you need until you find it.”

“But what do I tell my husband?”

“That’s up to you and your relationship with him. Haven’t you ever had the conversation about what would happen if you were ever physically attracted to someone else?”

“Have you?”

Tina shook her head and laughed. “I guess it’s my turn to say ‘yes, of course.’ I think that my husband and I have a very different outlook on life and marriage and sex than you do. My mother used to tell me that marriage was like buying a car. You never want to buy a car without a test drive, the hot flashy model may look good, but it may be the plain old sedan that really suits your needs. You may try many different models before you find the one that is best most of the time, but no matter what you choose, there will always be occasions when you need a different model for a while. Sometimes you need a bigger or smaller model, sometimes you may need two cars. When I got to the point in a relationship where we were going to have sex, it usually occurred in my room, at home, and we had breakfast with my parents in the morning. Later when my girlfriend and I got an apartment together, I don’t think either of us lived there all the time; one or the other of us was always staying with a boyfriend or having them stay with us. There’s nothing like actually living together to learn if you’re truly compatible or not. “

Irene contemplated what she’d said for a few moments. “I don’t know about that buying a car bit. Are you saying that you’ve had sex with others?”

“It’s not just about sex. It’s little things, like my husband never makes the bed. It drove me crazy to start with, but I realized that it only bothered me, not him; so either I make the bed, or I ask him to help”

“Ok, but what does that have to do with having sex before marriage?”

“I had one boyfriend that I lived with for almost a year, for example. Now I look back and wonder why we took so long to break up. The sex was OK, nothing spectacular really, he just didn’t do it for me. I kept thinking it would get better, but it didn’t. That, in itself, saved a divorce; if we’d married, we would have divorced. I have no doubt. Not because of bad sex, although that was a symptom, but because we were no more alike than dogs and cats. But with Terry, from the beginning he wanted to take care of me and my needs. Sex started good and got better; life started good and got better. Everything kolej escort we do seems to complement each other. Now, I can’t imagine being with anyone else.”

“So you haven’t had sex with others?”

Tina didn’t answer immediately, contemplating the answer before she said, “I didn’t say that.”

“You’ve cheated on him?” Irene asked, trying not to make it sound accusatory.

“No. It’s not… cheating. He knows.”

“And he’s OK with that?”

“When we first got married, it was all about each other. We didn’t hide anything about our past, he told me everything and I told him everything. I’d learned enough to guide him to what I needed, and sexually we were quite compatible, right up until I got pregnant. I didn’t at first know I was pregnant, just that suddenly it seemed I was insatiable. I’d fuck him silly, and then ask him to lick me to another. We’d have somewhere to go, and we’d almost always be late, and then I’d jump him again as soon as we got home. When I missed my period, I knew it was because I was pregnant. I was a little over two months along, and Terry’s younger brother Eric got a short-term assignment in our city and asked if he could stay with us for a couple of months. We said yes of course, he was family, and it was supposedly only for a few weeks.

Eric walked into the house the first time, and when he kissed me hello, he took one look at me and said, “You’re Pregnant!” I didn’t deny it, but I wasn’t even showing yet, so asked him how he knew. He said “are you kidding? You’re absolutely glowing! I don’t think there is anything sexier than a pregnant woman, and you’re definitely sexy and pregnant.” I still don’t know how he knew, but he couldn’t have been any better for my ego at the time. Even though I wasn’t showing, my pants were just a little tighter, I was feeling bloated, and unsexy, and wanting it like six times a day. That evening I couldn’t get enough, I think Terry and I did it three times before going to bed. I told him how good what Eric had said made me feel, how it made me feel sexy when I wasn’t particularly feeling sexy, just horny.

A couple of days later we were going to take a sauna and Terry invited Eric to join us. Everybody goes nude in the sauna, although normally only mixed company with close family. Even then it wouldn’t have happened if he was just visiting, but he was living with us. That was the first time Eric and I had ever been naked around each other. A few days later we did a sauna again, and at one time I looked over and saw Eric had a chubby and saw him looking away from me.”

“A chubby?” Irene interrupted.

“You know, when a man’s penis swells, but not fully erect? It’s just swells bigger than normal?” Irene nodded, remembering the times that she’d touched Oscar when he wasn’t fully erect, soft, but larger than normal, and he always swelled to hardness to her touch.

“Ah. Yes, I know.”

“That night, after Terry did me, we were talking, and I giggled and told him I’d seen his brother get a chubby, and he told me he was surprised that it hadn’t been a hard-on. When I asked why, he said that Eric had told him that he thought I was extremely sexy. I told him the way I was feeling recently if he’d said that to my face I’d have probably jumped him right then and there. He laughed and said that Eric would like that, and when I told him that I didn’t want Eric, I wanted him, he said “no you don’t, you just want sex. Maybe you should do him, so I don’t have to do you six times a day.” That was the first time I realized that maybe Terry was giving me all the sex I was demanding not because he wanted it, but because I wanted it. I was feeling feisty and said something like “Maybe I should, because you can’t keep up with me.”

“It was the very next weekend, a few days later, on a Saturday. We’d been out all morning, and when we got back, early afternoon, we decided to take a sauna. Eric joined us, and before we got out, I saw he had a chubby again. Eric is almost a clone of his brother. Eric is about 2 or 3 cm taller, but otherwise they’ve got the same body type, same size… in everything. By that time, he’d been with us a couple of weeks and I’d gotten where I knew what he was thinking, just like I knew what Terry was thinking. He couldn’t hide his chubby without just covering it, but he wouldn’t look me in the eye either, so I knew he was thinking of sex, but so was I. Afterward we went to our room, and Terry was a lot more in charge than normal. We’d played sex games before, and usually it was early in the day when we weren’t going to just fall asleep afterward, so that wasn’t unusual. He pushed me back on the bed and tied my hands to the bedposts, and then blindfolded me. Terry had tied me up before so that I couldn’t stop him from doing anything he wanted, and I had tied him before, too. That’s always lots of fun. But when I asked why the blindfold, he said that way I could imagine that he was Eric. He wanted me to ankara escort tell him all about how it would be with Eric, what he would do to me, and then he did what I was saying. When I told him that Eric wanted to suck on my nipples, he did. When I told him that Eric wanted to pleasure me with his tongue, he did. When I told him that I wanted to suck his cock, he knelt by my face and let me. He got me off with his tongue a couple of times, and then went to the toilet to wash his face. When he came back I told him to take my blindfold off, I wanted to see him while he fucked me, but he refused, and began molesting me again. It was just like before; he kissed me, and sucked my nipples, except that I noticed he kissed and rubbed my belly before going down on me again. I came a third time before he even tried to fuck me. My god, I was so wet…” Tina stopped and looked up at Irene. “My God, I’m getting horny just talking about this. I’m definitely going to need my little helper tonight,” she giggled.

“Your brother in law was watching,” Irene said, assuming she knew how this story was going.

Tina shook her head, no. “No, my husband was watching. It was Eric fucking me.” They sat quietly for a few moments before Tina continued. “I hadn’t expected that, I didn’t know he was there. He’d just slipped inside me when suddenly there were hands on the blindfold pulling it off and Terry was leaning in from the side to kiss me, an “Oh my god this is so fuckin hot” kiss. His mouth was attacking me, his hand on my breast and his brother was between my legs, fucking me, with his hand on my other breast.”

“Your husband switched with his brother?”

“Yeah, he did. I never did ask exactly when, probably when he went to the toilet after he ate me the first time. I don’t know exactly, it didn’t matter. After Eric came, Terry fucked me again and we both came.

“Eric ended up living with us for almost 6 months, and Eric fucked me quite regularly. He was staying in the guest room, he never slept with us, but the three of us played regularly on the weekends, but individually during the week. Terry and I talked, and he admitted I had been wearing him out, and he found it quite hot watching his brother fuck his wife. He told me that if I needed a little extra, that it was OK if I used his brother. Eric would do me during the day when Terry wasn’t home, and Terry would do me at night and in the mornings, and I was a very happy woman.”

“You and your husband are swingers?”

“No, except for Eric, I haven’t been with another man since we got married, although he’s told me that if I ever wanted to, as long as I told him about it, I could. We’ve been to adult resorts a few times, where we’ve watched and been watched, but except for Eric when I was pregnant, I’ve never been with anyone else since we married.” She giggled, “I think Terry might like it if I was with someone else as long as he could watch. He really liked watching Eric with me, and we’ve had some hot sex together late nights watching and being watched by others at those adult resorts where almost anything goes, but I’ve not been with anyone except Terry and Eric. I don’t understand it, but Eric absolutely loved me pregnant. He said there was nothing sexier than a pregnant woman. He never failed to rub my belly and tell me how sexy that made me. The bigger I got, the more I felt like a blimp, the more he affirmed my sexiness to him. Toward the end, I couldn’t do it missionary anymore, we had to be sideways or me on top. Terry liked me on top, so he could play with my breasts, Eric liked to do me doggie style where he could watch me in the mirror and see and play with my breasts. They would double team me, I’d be riding Terry and sucking Eric, and he’d pull off and Eric would then take me from behind, and then I’d get Terry again.” Tina paused again, looking at Irene. “I know a lot of women say their sex life goes to pot when they’re pregnant, mine did just the opposite with my first kid. Those six months were the most sexually active of my life, but with my second kid, it was just the opposite.”

“Why was that?”

“We had a two-year-old and I was tired all the time. I was feeding and changing and taking care of her, the house, and Terry. Most of the time when Terry got home, I just wanted him to take care of her for a bit, just let me unwind and go take a bath. And then when we finally got her to bed, I was exhausted and wanted to go to bed too as I knew she was going to wake up early and we’d do it all again. With my first kid, I had sex four or five or six times a day, with my second, we were lucky to do it twice a week.”

“I’ve never done it six times in a week, let alone six times in a day.”

“Oh.” It was all she said for several moments. “Can I ask why?”

Irene was silent, glancing up at Tina once and then back at the beach. “I don’t know. I guess I’m just not very sexual? I mean, it’s OK, I don’t mind Oscar making love to me, but…” she trailed off, not finishing the statement.

“But you’d just as soon use that monster toy of yours, right?” Tina finished for her. Irene said nothing, “I mean, when you’re really horny, would you rather take care of yourself with your toy, or have your husband take care of you?”

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