Wedding Night

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Big Dick

Gently you slide your body on top of mine. I have wanted to make love to you as my husband for so long, I wasn’t sure how long I was going to last. As our eyes met, you smiled your fabulous smile at me and I melted. You began to kiss me, passionately and tenderly. Our tongues rotated around each other and our hearts began to race. I slide my hands under your arms and down to your ass. I grab it and then find the top of your pants. Pulling at your shirt, it is quickly pulled out and I slide my hands down your pants, feeling your bear bottom in my hands.

I squeeze you tightly and push your hips into mine, feeling your stiffness against me. I roll you over and stand up. You stand behind me and begin to kiss my neck and move down to my shoulders. I watch in the large mirror as you slowly unzip my dress and let it fall to the floor. You get a devilish smile on your face when you see my sheer, creamy, lace bra and panties. Unhooking my bra, I feel your cock get harder behind me. Your hands illegal bahis run through my hair and onto my shoulders. As my nipples harden you begin to trace them with your finger tips. I lean my head back and rest it on your chest. Your kisses coat my neck and I feel my pussy swell with desire.

I turn towards you and begin to unbutton your shirt, your freshly trimmed chest calls to me as my lips begin to explore. I push your shirt off your shoulders and let it fall to the ground. Kissing each nipple, I slowly move my kisses down. Your stomach quivers with each touch of my tongue. You push your pants down to your ankles as I push you onto the bed. I remove my thongs, revealing my freshly shaven pussy, that’s dripping for you.

I run my hands along your thighs and when I reach your erect cock I take it with both hands and stroke it. Moving my hands up and down you begin to get wet. Needing to taste you, I let my mouth ravage you. With quick motions I take you in my mouth and rotate illegal bahis siteleri my tongue around you, tasting your sweet juices. You look down at me, watching me as you slide in and out of my lips, getting wetter with each passing. I run my hands up your stomach and circle your nipples, feeling you shudder with excitement.

Then slowly I kiss the tip of your cock moving all the way up to your lips. Very passionately I kiss you hard, harder than ever before. And while in the throws of our kiss I slide onto you. Your hard cock, feels so good deep inside me. My wetness and heat take you in and begin to ride you. As I rock my hips back and forth you slide deeper in me. My hot tits are pressed solidly against your sexy chest as I fuck you. Moving my lips to your ear, I slide them up your ear lobe and whisper “You are amazing.” Hearing me whisper and feeling my breath on your neck almost sends you over the edge. Not wanting this to end, you roll me over on the bed and find my tits.

Taking canlı bahis siteleri one nipple at a time in your mouth, you suck them hard, causing my pussy to tighten and my back to arch. I run my fingers through your hair, guiding your movements. I begin to moan with pleasure and the more you sucked the louder I got. I reach down, grab your ass and pull you up to me, forcing your cock into me. With your hands on either side of my head you begin to make love to me, more urgently than ever before. Never feeling so much love, from any man, your hardness and movements send me over the edge.

My pussy explodes around you sending my juices all around you. Loudly I moan as my breathing gets heavy. Loving the tightness and wetness you pound me harder and faster until I feel you push your come inside me. I grab your ass and force you to continue your lunges as your spent cock continues to pulse. Breathing hard and sweating, your sexy body falls limp upon mine. Feeling sweat run down my breast, I feel more love than I had ever felt before.

After cleaning up from the passion, we enter the bed with no clothes on and hold each other as we drift asleep. Our bodies seem to mold into each other, like we were meant to be. Fate.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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