We Three, POV

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I’d like to thank PrincessErin for her comments on this story.


(Erica’s POV:)

“Come here.” He followed me to the bed and sat down. I leaned into him, ready for a kiss.

“I missed you today. I wanted to spend tonight with you. I have to go into work…but not for a little while.” He was silent. I grazed his arm with my breast and kissed his stubbly cheek.

I really wanted him to go down on me, he was very good at it. This pressure between my legs had been building all day, like a knot getting wound tighter and tighter. I wondered if he thought of having me all day.

“Too bad you have to work, Erica. I had so many plans for us…” He smiled mischievously. I kissed him hard on the mouth then pulled away. I didn’t really want to have sex before going to work, it would make me too tired…but God, did I need release. He would do it for me, I’d just have to guide him.

“Will you kiss me special before I have to get ready?” He nodded. I felt like a bitch, it had probably been a couple weeks since I went down on him.

“Wanna be on top?” I placed my tongue between his lips, touched his for an electric instant. I thought that I probably should just woman up and suck him, but my jaw didn’t open very wide and he was too thick. Maybe I felt a little lazy and was just rationalizing.

“Baby, could you just do me? I promise I’ll return the favor tomorrow.” He smiled funny, he would do it. I think I was a good girlfriend. I deserved him.

I pulled my pants off, didn’t bother with my top, laid back on my pillows with my feet flat on the bed. He leaned over and kissed me, put his hand on my thigh. God, my fat thighs, he probably thought of me as his ‘slightly chubby’ girlfriend. I moved his hand up to my breast.

“You like my panties?” They had little bears on them. He moved over me and kissed my neck above my blouse collar.

“I like what’s in ’em.” I had nice hair, it was darker than most girls with pale skin, my cute heart-shaped butt was just as nice… I mean, I could pull another guy that was as good looking as him, one that was older, wealthier, but I saw myself as having his babies.

He made enough that I could stay home if I wanted, we could get a second house down south or near the beach… He ran his fingers down my slit, over my panties. I shivered, closed my eyes, lifted my hips slightly.

“You wanna take them off me, Stephen?” I felt his hands on my hips, the fabric as it pulled away from my damp puss. My panties tickled my thighs as he took them off. So good, the presentation, the way he looked at my naked lips each time they were uncovered. I got bikini waxes through winter. It was such a small thing to do, but staying immaculate down there could make up for a whole lot. I couldn’t cook.

“Oh, fuck…very, very good.” I was spread, he was between with his face buried in my crotch. It usually took a while to get into it. He’d be down there doing what I liked, but I’d be thinking about my smell or taste and whether he liked it or just dealt with it.

It wasn’t horrible, some girls were a lot worse, some were probably better. He closed his eyes while he licked me. I couldn’t tell if that was a good or bad thing, maybe he was thinking of another girl’s pussy. That little nineteen-year-old, Jess… I bet she smelled like candy, hopefully he’d never find out.

“Ah shit, Stephen, right there!” He was doing some great pattern over my clit with his tongue, rubbing the back of his fingers over my lips. I had a hand in his hair, was pushing him into me, forgetting everything for a few moments. He was definitely mine, there were other girls around, but I was the one sharing a bed with him every night.

When I was sixteen I thought I’d already be married with a kid at twenty-seven. I didn’t think I was ready, he was a year younger so he probably wasn’t either. I guess I was just sort of waiting for it to be an accident with him, get pregnant and get married. I figured that was the path we were on, sometimes I even hoped that the condom might break to speed things up.

Fortunately, he was very good at getting a condom on each time he entered. Maybe that was because he didn’t want to have kids though, or maybe just not with me. We never really talked about it.

He looked up at me, smiled with his chin glistening. It wouldn’t take long for me to come. I raised my legs off the bed, spread more for him. He dove back in, licked and sucked on my labia, tried to push his tongue into me. I couldn’t make him…but I wanted him to lick further down. I would just explode if he gave me a few down my crack. I couldn’t ask, that’d be too much, maybe if I was sucking him I’d ask. I guess I could hint.

I rubbed my clit while he worked on my puss. Slowly, I brought my hand lower over my wet lips, he moved his mouth away to watch, then I did it. I ran my slick hand down my perineum and into my crack right over my asshole. It was so obvious and dirty, I loved it. I liked showing off for him, letting him know I was kinkier. I moved back bahis firmaları up to my clit and ran my fingers in circles.

“Back to work!” He chuckled at my command then went back to it. Licking my folds, but not venturing lower. I was bummed, figured he wasn’t interested when I felt the snail trail beneath my opening and then gently into my crack.

I was wrong, it only took one graze of his tongue over my anus to send me over the edge. I arched into him, thrashed and came as hard as I could remember. He held one of my thighs to keep my legs from clamping too tightly around his head. He would kiss my saturated lips as my thighs shook around his ears.

“Thanks, Baby, that was exactly what I needed.” I looked down at him between my legs for a minute, watched my thighs shake now and then from the after shocks. I guess I couldn’t smell too bad if he was still down there when the show was over.

“Do you love me, Stephen?” He got up on his elbows and kissed me sweet, caressed my cheek.

“I love you, Erica, no doubt.”


(Jessie’s POV:)

“Stephen, spot me?” He was gorgeous, best friends with my brother, but he was serious with this just average looking bitch. I worked out with him all the time, which was easy because I worked at the gym. I knew he’d dump her eventually, because she was a selfish witch, then we’d be together. I wanted him since I was barely pubescent. I knew he’d been looking at me more than any of the other girls running on their stupid treadmills.

“Jessie, you gonna go with some weights this time?” I’d only lifted the men’s bar last time, which was kind of a pointless exercise for me, because I didn’t really want to bench press. Then again, the point of it was to get his crotch as close to my face as possible.

“Maybe ten pounds.” He got the bar ready, secured the donut-sized weights while I got on my back. The only negative thing was my boobs looked too small when I was laying down. They were small, but their perkiness made up for their size in all other situations.

We’d been doing cardio, totally sweaty, so when he bent down to help me with the bar I could totally smell his crotch, that acrid musk. It was so dirty and nasty that I almost let the bar fall on my chest, he caught it and steadied me.

I did a few sets of five just to make it look good, then watched him do his own with enough weight to make it interesting. I stood behind him, but both of us knew I wasn’t really spotting him. He probably didn’t know I was staring at his bulge the whole time. I mean, mesh shorts? The bench was made for full bulge on display. It was so skanky getting aroused while being sweaty from exercise, but it was the closest I could get to the experience of sex with him.

“Hey, how come you didn’t come by last night for basketball?” We played once a week, it was mostly staff.

“Sorry, I forgot to call. Erica wanted to go to the movies.”

“What’d you see?”

“It was terrible, 19th century women crying the whole time.” I knew what he was talking about.

“You missed basketball for that?” Really, I only stayed after work for basketball because I knew he’d be there. He loved basketball. I’d usually find a way to sit out after about ten minutes and just watch him and talk to him for the rest of the hour.

“Sometimes you gotta take one for the team, Jess.”

“Stephen, growing up I never expected you to be the one pussy-whipped.” I bit my bottom lip to hide a smirk. He put the weight back and rested.

“Thanks, Jessie.” He didn’t look mad.

“I’m sorry, Stephen. You should come over and play pool. I bet my brother told you about the re-model my parents did to our basement. There’s a bar down there and everything.” He smiled, sat up. I already knew Erica was working, so all I had to do was get him to my house to spend some time with him alone.

“It’s the only bar you can get into.” He laughed, I hit him on the arm. I was pissed, he probably thought I was just some little girl. I straightened the band in my hair and marched over to the leg machine. I had a cute butt, I wanted him to stare at it, get a good look. Guys have a thing for a nice naked lower back too. He came over while I did my leg exercises. “I’m glad you don’t have a tattoo back there.” I was right, he was interested in my lower back, those two little dimples.

“That’s so 2002.” He was probably staring at my ass like a zombie now…

“Jess, want me to call Richie, have him bring over Erin, play some team ping-pong?” He wanted to come over at least, but fuck Rich and Erin, they’d totally kill the mood.

“No, we should play pool, it’s only good with two people.” I pouted, he smiled.

“Okay, I’m gonna go shower then I’ll head over to your house?” I nodded. I wanted to tell him he could shower at my house, preferably with me, but I didn’t want to come off as a total slut. He’d been my number one real life fantasy for so long. I just had to plant the seed in his head that I was next after Erica.


(Jordan’s POV:)

I kaçak iddaa was the sort of person that never really got over high school. I was only mildly popular, a cheerleader all four years. I never went to college. So at twenty-three, I already felt kind of pointless. The only thing I was ever really interested in were my friends, especially Stephen.

In high school I came so close to being with him, I was just a year too young at the time. We’d kissed a few times, went to a few school dances together. Now that age didn’t really matter he was with Erica, blah.

We hung out, but he was entirely friendly toward me. The desire he had for me when I was a Freshman seemed to have fizzled. I was the girl writing secret love notes and jamming them in lockers. I wrote about how much I wanted him, wrote every lame cliche short of signing “Your Secret Admirer.” Thank God, he never found out it was me. But I guess he never wanted to, because he never wrote back.

I wanted to call him, get him to come over or go out with me somewhere. Erica was okay with me as far as I could tell. She probably thought I was just some girl. I didn’t know how he could be with her for so long, she looked pretty boring to me, didn’t treat him very good. Pale skin, tall, dark hair and eyes… Every girl he dated before her had light hair and eyes, was petite like me. I was going to call him.

“Hey, Jordan, what’s going on?” It sounded like he was driving.

“Hey, I wanted to see if you wanted to do something. I don’t work tomorrow.” I worked for my dad, I was basically his secretary.

“I’m heading home now, then I’m gonna go to Richie’s for a bit.”

“Erica’s working tonight?”

“Yeah. But hey, I’ll call you if it’s not too late. We can finish watching the second season or whatever, nothing too exciting I’m afraid.” We found the first few episodes of this Scottish TV show at my dad’s house, we both liked it so much that we went out and bought the rest of them.

“You haven’t been watching without me, have you?” Or with stupid Erica, that would ruin everything.

“No. I’m waiting to watch with you.” That made me shiver; he’s thinking of me. “Okay, Stephen, you can call me either way, I’ll be up for a while.”

“Bye, Jordan.” Maybe I was too nice when we were together, maybe I needed to be more like Erica — sluttier, bitchier…yes, I was jealous. The thought of him marrying her made me want to throw up in my mouth.


(Jessie’s POV:)

I never showered at the gym. I was home and showered and made up and ready for him when he finally arrived like an hour later.

“You took forever!” He put his hands up.

“I had some messages and calls I had to return. Am I too late for a pool lesson, you little pool shark?” I was good at pool, actually just okay, but he was pretty crappy so it made me look great. I smiled and brought him down to the basement.

“What you want to drink?” I stood behind the bar ready to pour, he eyed me suspiciously. I wondered if he liked my new sparkly blue eye shadow.

“Where are Lucy and Gerard?” Of course my parents were out of town, how could I seduce him with my parents upstairs?

“At my grandma’s. Vodka, lime…?” I was just saying words that sounded right, I honestly didn’t know how to pour a rum and coke.

“How about we just have a beer, Jessie?” I agreed, took two from the mini fridge. I went to the pool table, bent over to rack the balls. He stood a few feet away, watched me in my cute jean skirt and tight t-shirt.

“You can break, Stephen.” I handed him the stick and cue ball. I wiped the floor with him, I think he hit two balls in. I was slutting it up by the third game, bending way over the table in front of him, skirt riding up, showing him my red thong and cute little ass.

“I can’t believe I’m so bad at getting a little ball in a hole.” I laughed and sat on the edge of the table.

“Get me another beer, Stephen?” He got us each one and came back, stood at my knee.

“Soooo…how’s Erica?” He tapped my knee with his bottle.

“Be nice.” He knew I thought she was an idiot.

“I saw her at the gym like twice this month — is she pregnant?”

“She doesn’t like the gym.” Yeah, I could tell.

“I thought she just didn’t like me.”

“Well, she says you give her nasty looks when she goes.” Probably.

“Not on purpose. When I see her I start thinking about you… I just don’t see why you’re still with her.”

“Why’s that?”

“She just seems like she’s not easy to get along with, like the most high maintenance.” She’s a bitch, Stephen.

“She’s a good girl, and I like the challenge.” That bummed me out, he was sweet and apparently in love with her. I nudged him with my knee a few times, he stopped me, held my naked knee in his hand.

“I’m jealous of her, Stephen…I’m easy to get along with.” He smiled, he still had his hand on me.

“You’re easy to get along with?” Well, not really. I giggled.

“Well, every girl needs to be worked a little. I haven’t had sex in kaçak bahis months, I don’t even know if it still works right. I could use a little maintenance…” He didn’t respond, I continued:

“I’d take better care of you than she does, treat you better.” He was rubbing my leg a little while I was desperately rambling, not exactly the elegant seduction I’d planned.

“I know you would, plus you’re the funnest — but I doubt you’re drying up at nineteen.” He took his hand away. He was about to say he had to go. I leaned back onto the table, skirt high on my thighs — I wanted to make him come to me.

“You’ve always been sweet to me, Stephen. I’ve wanted to be your girlfriend since I was ten.” I was being more honest than usual. He didn’t look surprised. He leaned toward me, put his hand higher on my thigh(not quite under my skirt) and kissed me soft on the lips. I kissed him back hard, he pulled away and I stared at his lips.

“I’d be lucky to have you, Jessie. But I’m with Erica and I’m looking for a wife.” I wanted to tell him all my wifely qualities but he didn’t give me time. He kissed my cheek and said he’d see me at the gym.

For the first time that I could remember I was speechless, watching him walk up the stairs. The boy I’d wanted forever had just kissed me and told me I wasn’t wife material all within the same breath. I frigged myself on that pool table, thought of his hand on me…then I cried.


(Jordan’s POV:)

I was just about ready to fall asleep on my bed in front of my computer when the phone rang. It was Stephen.

“Hey, Stephen, where are you?”

“Driving. Want me to come pick you up?”

“Okay.” I was excited, totally awake now. Thought about my hair, what I’d wear. Was silly, scrambling around my room and bathroom trying to get ready before he arrived. The doorbell rang maybe five minutes later. I was messing with my hair, ended up just putting it in a pony tail.

“Hey, Jordan.” I wanted to jump him, but casually walked with him to the car. Sometimes it just felt like we were dating — I liked to pretend anyway. We were driving around, talking about where we might go.

“We could go to the pub, or put some trophies on our friends’ front lawns…” I looked at him and laughed.

“Trophies, definitely.” He had a box of trophies in his trunk that we found on the side of the road one night.

We put them around local statues and landmarks, on our friends’ front porches. Jesus, it was so much fun. Running through backyards, putting bowling trophies in mail boxes, gardens, in the window boxes of our friends and family. It wasn’t really that late when we were done, we were just driving around.

“Wanna come over?” I nodded. We went back to his house. His house was nice, it was sort of out in the country, had three bedrooms and a giant field for a backyard. Perfect for kids. Even better, Erica was at work for the night.

When we went into his living room he stopped.

“Oh, I forgot I was taping Erica’s show.” I knew Erica’s obsession with having VHS tapes of every episode of this teen melodrama. VHS tapes, really. She couldn’t just download it the next day, it had to be on a tape that she could pop in when she wanted. I think she was afraid of technology.

“That’s okay, we don’t have to tonight…”

“No problem, there’s a DVD player in my room. Interested?” In going to bed with you, yes.

“Okay.” I got under his covers and we watched for mindless hours. I couldn’t imagine anything I wanted more — going to bed with him every night, laughing with him. I fell asleep and woke up against him in the morning.

“Oh no, Stephen.” He woke up and didn’t register for a little while, then he smiled and sat up.

“I should probably take you home.” Before Erica comes home, I know. I got my shoes on and he was looking for his keys when Erica walked through the front door. I was just standing there next to the couch like an idiot.

“What are you doing here, Jordan?” She was suspicious, I would be. Stephen came in.

“We were watching TV, we both fell asleep.” She studied each of us, said “Whatever” then went to the bedroom.

“C’mon, Jordan, I’ll take you home.” He was quiet on our drive over, he was gonna get in trouble with Erica.

“I’m Sorry, Stephen. I hope Erica doesn’t give you a hard time.” We pulled in my driveway.

“It’ll be fine, she might put you on a terrorist watch list though.” I laughed.

“I had so much fun last night, hopefully she’ll let me hang out with you again.” He smiled.

“Does everyone think I’m pussy-whipped?” I nodded.

“Bye-bye, Stephen.” I hugged him quick and got out. I was so bummed that I probably wasn’t going to see him again for a while.


(Erica’s POV:)

“Stephen, it’s not that I think you did anything with her. I just don’t want her in my bed. I don’t want any other girl in our bed.” I was dead tired and felt like giving him a hard time. I marched right into the bedroom and stripped the bed after they left. It wasn’t right that he invited her into my bed. He could have moved the TV and DVD player to any other room. At least it was Jordan, I kind of liked her. I don’t know what I would have done if it was that little bitch Jessie.

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