Was It Worth It? Ch.01

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Bible Black

This is the first chapter of a series. All the characters in this story are 18 and above. I’ve organised the story in such a way that there will be a sex scene in every chapter so there’s something for everyone. Hope you all like it and feel free to write to me with feedback.


Aria sighed as she looked at herself in the mirror. Lately she didn’t seem to like the face that looked back at her. Her soft blonde hair seemed terribly out of place and her eyes looked a bit red and baggy. The more she looked, the more worn and weary she appeared to herself. Everyone at the gym probably thinks I’m 25, she thought to herself. Aria felt that the stress of school and her familial responsibilities were making her age before her time. She sighed again, and glanced at the wall clock hanging just above the mirror. 17:20, almost time, she thought. She tucked a strand of her blonde hair behind her ear and bent down to pick up her keys and phone from her dresser. Dressed in a blue t-shirt and black yoga pants, she was ready to sweat the rest of the evening away. Her t-shirt hung loosely over her breasts, hiding her perky C cup breasts from view, while her yoga pants clung snugly to her shapely ass.

She retrieved her gym bag from behind her bedroom door and slammed it shut behind her. She jogged down the single flight of stairs and went into the kitchen to refill her sports bottle. She popped her bottle into her gym bag and slung it over her shoulder. “Mom, I’m leaving” she called out loudly and walked out of the house without waiting for a reply or acknowledgement of any sort; the door clicking shut behind her.

Aria walked to the gym briskly. She’d been going there ever since she’d turned 16. She was 18 now and was about to start her final year at high school. Thinking about her life, Aria found herself cursing the fact that she lived in Helsinki. She hated that high school here went on till the age of 19. She wanted to be done with school fast so she could move abroad and finally have a life of her own. Living with her parents was proving to be tougher by the day. Her parents had a troubled marriage and their constant fights had dominated her life so far. Almost every other night her father would get into an argument with her mother which would then escalate into a shouting contest. And on each and every one of those nights, her mother would come up to her room for comfort. She loved her mother but she was getting tired of having to put her mother’s life before hers. She wanted to move out and live on her own for a few years; she wanted to live for herself now.

All of these thoughts went through her mind in a buzzing blur, as she walked the half a kilometre to her gym. The gym she went to was in a basement just further down her street. It was run by her neighbour and old friend, Blaze.

Blaze was 29 years old and his family had lived in the neighbourhood for as long as anyone could remember. Blaze had gone to the same school as Aria, many years back, but ended up dropping out in his final year to pursue a career in modelling. That, however, didn’t quite work out for him and he found himself being used by his casting agent as a glorified escort. He was bi, his clients were generally lesser known but attractive Eastern European glitterati and the pay was decent, so he was happy enough to go along with it for a while. But 6 months later, when he found himself dumped bound, naked and bruised in an alleyway, with absolutely no memory of the night before, he decided to call it quits. For a while he worked odd jobs as a handyman but the pay was barely enough to pay his bills. His luck changed when his only grandmother passed away, leaving her crumbling house to him. Blaze used the house as guarantee for a small loan and set up a modest gym in the then rat infested basement. What began as a small exercise corner gradually turned into a full-fledged gym; just enough to cater to the adjoining blocks. Over the years, Blaze had acquired a couple of treadmills, exer-cycles and a whole range of weight training machines. Stubborn in his refusal to go commercial, Blaze had not hiked the membership fees in 6 years and refused to entertain anyone who wasn’t from the neighbourhood. While the gym was open all day, in the evenings, Blaze conducted a 2 hour long freestyle exercise regime he’d made up on his own, bringing together elements of yoga, zumba and aerobics.

Aria had known Blaze for 7 years now and admired his staunch sense of loyalty towards the local community, even as she wanted to detach herself from it. As Aria descended the steps into Blaze’s basement gym, her eyes briefly fell on the decaying house Blaze had inherited. The windows were shattered, the main door was ajar, just hanging off its hinges and the walls were pockmarked as the plaster had fallen out in large patches. Blaze had used all his money to maintain the gym and a small shed in the yard that served as his bedroom. He’d simply left the rest of the house to die. To Aria, the sight of a swanky gym below a decaying house seemed like illegal bahis the perfect metaphor for her neighbourhood.

As she came in through the glass door, Blaze smiled at her from across the room. She smiled back and walked over to him pulling him in for a brief hug. Aria then turned to her classmate Tiffany and hugged her as well. Tiffany was Aria’s oldest and closest friend. They’d been inseparable since they started school and over the years their friendship had matured like fine wine. Tiffany, at 5’6 was a good few inches taller and slimmer than Aria. Her brown skin and jet black hair were a stark contrast to the busty blonde. Where Aria was cute, Tiffany was plain hot. And boy did she know it! She wore her hair down at all times and always had a mischievous glint in her eyes. She preferred short, snug, low cut tops and dresses that accentuated what she considered was her best feature: her perky bubble-shaped butt. Today she was wearing snug fitting denim booty shorts along with a training bra that was clearly a cup size too small for her B-cup breasts. Tiffany had struggled to find the right fitting bra for years and had now decided to give up her search in favour of cleavage. Tiffany loved sex, so she figured her best chance of surviving in this world of imperfect sizing was to embrace promiscuity and nudity. If she was going to spend the rest of her life evading her bra at the earliest opportunity, she thought she’d might as well make the most of it.

Aria slung her gym bag off her shoulder and crouched beside it to take out her yoga mat. She then spread it out and took off her t-shirt in one smooth motion. She was wearing a black training bra underneath. As Aria set herself up beside Tiffany, Blaze began pacing by the door, looking at his wristwatch impatiently.

“I guess it’s just us today,” Aria said in a matter of fact tone, looking first at Blaze and then at Tiffany.

“Sounds good to me,” Tiffany chimed a little too cheerfully. Aria groaned and rolled her eyes. Tiffany had had a crush on Blaze for the longest time now. Aria even suspected that Tiffany’s crush on Blaze was the real reason she’d enrolled herself at the gym.

Blaze’s freestyle sessions usually got about 10-15 participants but today it seemed like it would be just Aria and Tiffany. Blaze didn’t mind at all. It just made his work simpler. But aloud he said, “Let’s give it a few more minutes,” in a neutral tone as he continued pacing.

Tiffany eyed Blaze hungrily. Her eyes were focused intently on his butt, watching the way his snug shorts hugged the curve of his butt; picturing what that ass would look like while thrusting deep inside her. She licked her lips as she stared at Blaze, her eyes wandering down to his muscular legs.

“Will you stop? You’re staring at him like he’s a piece of meat,” Aria muttered under her breath, part exasperated, part amused. Aria claimed to have very little interest in sex and boys, so, Tiffany’s constant horniness was a source of mild irritation for her.

“What I would give to have his meat,” Tiffany whispered wistfully, her eyes lighting up mischievously.

“Please… he thinks of you as a child.”

“I guess it’s time I showed him just how much I’ve grown,” Tiffany retorted and placed her hands on her boobs, adjusting her training bra. She pressed the underside of her boobs with her thumbs and pushed them up, amplifying her cleavage. When she was done, Aria couldn’t help but stare at her friend’s spectacular rack, “Daymmmmmn girl!”

“Thanks hun,” Tiffany responded, blowing her a quick kiss which made Aria chuckle softly.

“You really gonna go for him?” Aria asked, her tone serious this time.

“I am. I think today’s my lucky day.”

As Aria and Tiffany talked, Blaze had finished pacing and came over to their side of the room. “Looks like it is just us after all,” he said.

“Yay, more for us,” Tiffany rejoiced, making eye contact with Blaze. Blaze held her gaze for a few seconds before awkwardly averting his eyes.

“Right… let’s get started,” Blaze said, changing the subject.

Standing on his mat, Blaze began the usual warm-up exercises. He began by standing on his toes with his arms straight above his head. He stretched his body upwards as far and as straight as he could while inhaling, tensing his muscles. He held his breath and pose for a bit before exhaling and relaxing. Then he took a huge stride sideways and bent his knee, stretching his calf muscles, doing first his left and then his right leg.

As Blaze led the movements, Aria followed, imitating him with studious perfection. Having attended his classes for a while now, Aria knew all the movements by heart but still always made it a point to pay attention to the way Blaze performed these exercises. Tiffany on the other hand let her eyes roam all over Blaze. As he stood with his arms above his head, she moved her eyes to his crotch, where his significant bulge moved up and down with every deep breath he took. She wanted nothing more than to grab it and give it illegal bahis siteleri a good rub. As Blaze took them through the other exercises, she followed absent-mindedly; her attention almost entirely focused on whatever part of his body his posture seemed to accentuate.

After about 10 minutes of warm-up, Blaze began to take them through a few simple yoga postures. He began by bending down to touch his own knees and from there flowed into a posture that made his body look like an arch- his hands and feet touching the ground as he arched his back as far as he could. Once there, he paused and observed Aria and Tiffany’s progress.

While Aria seemed to be following with an easy grace that came naturally to her lithe body, Tiffany was feeling naughty. Sensing an opportunity, Tiffany called out to Blaze for help. “I don’t think I’m doing this right?” she said innocently, making eye contact with Blaze. Guessing Tiffany’s motives Aria rolled her eyes, but Blaze seemed to fall for it. Tiffany was lying flat on the ground and her tight, ill-fitting bra made her boobs fall out onto the mat, invitingly. Blaze tried his best to keep his eyes fixed on her face but couldn’t help steal a glance at her exposed boobs.

“Blaaaaaaaaze… do you mind?” Tiffany asked in a cute and innocent voice. She’d seen Blaze steal a glance at her cleavage and knew she had his attention now.

Abandoning his pose, Blaze came over to stand behind Tiffany, his cheeks red from having been caught staring. Having gotten Blaze into position, Tiffany wiggled her ass seductively as she pretended to struggle with the pose.

“I want it so bad, but I can’t seem to get it,” she said innocently, chuckling inwardly at the innuendo. Tiffany was lying flat on the ground, her bubble butt facing Blaze. Her trick worked and Blaze crouched beside her, trying hard to understand why she was struggling to arch her back.

“You need to push your body up with your hands and legs”, Blaze urged her as he placed a hand under her stomach to partially support her weight. While Blaze’s touch was entirely professional, Tiffany’s intentions were anything but. She made a big show of pushing her stomach off the ground and arched herself too far back on purpose so Blaze’s fingertips would just about touch the underside of her boobs.

Blaze realised where his hands were and adjusted them, hoping Tiffany hadn’t noticed. He brought his other hand up above her waist to press Tiffany’s back down and forward into a shapelier arch. Seeing her finally get the pose right, Blaze let go of her and took a step back, observing her.

Tiffany sensed her chance and pretended to lose her balance. Blaze instinctively reached out to catch her, his hands firmly grasping her by her slim waist as she remained bent over. “Ooops, you got me!” she said, turning her head back over her left shoulder to look into his eyes. As she smiled mischievously, Blaze suddenly realised how sexual their position was. He blushed, only to see the smile on Tiffany’s face widen. Knowing she had control now, Tiffany stood on all fours, arched herself perfectly and then leaned back just a bit so her butt made contact with Blaze’s crotch. Wiggling her ass and grinding on him ever so slightly, she once again turned back over her shoulder to look him in the eyes. “Is this the way we do it?” she asked innocently.

As Tiffany wiggled her ass on his crotch, Blaze couldn’t help but feel a stirring. He tried his best to will it away but the feel of Tiffany’s soft butt on his cock and the sight of her bent over in front of him had awakened feelings he never knew he had. His hands still on her waist, he found his hips involuntarily thrusting back against her. Tiffany felt his half-thrust, she felt his cock stir and she felt a fire light within her. Her eyes looked back into Blaze’s with a pure sexual energy that invited him to take her right there and then. Tiffany began to rotate her ass on his cock in a smooth circular motion, feeling the outline of his hardening cock between her butt cheeks.

The sound of Aria clearing her throat brought Blaze out of his trance. Blaze awkwardly let go of Tiffany’s waist and gave her body a wide berth as he returned to his mat. His cheeks were flushed and his ears red. As he resumed his yoga poses, his mind kept focusing on the image of Tiffany smiling back at him invitingly as she bent over and ground her ass on his cock. He felt his cock getting hard again and shifted his hips slightly, trying to make sure his bulge pointed downwards. His cock, fortunately had decided against sprouting a full-blown erection but the momentary rush of blood had left it bigger. Blaze felt Tiffany’s gaze on him as he adjusted his cock discretely and tried his best not to look at her; knowing what it would lead to. But as he went through another pose he looked at Aria and Tiffany out of sheer muscle memory. It was a harmless, instinctual glance that he often cast around the room while exercising; to make sure everyone was following his motions well.

And as canlı bahis siteleri his eyes fell on Tiffany, he saw her licking her lips as she eyed his growing cock shamelessly. Noticing his gaze on her, Tiffany raised her gaze to meet his. She held his gaze as she broke with the pose to bend over forward, causing her delicious boobs to spill out of her training bra, again. The fact that her nipples didn’t show was both a failure of gravity and a miracle. As much as Blaze tried to keep his eyes on her face, he suffered a moment of weakness and his eyes dropped down to her impressive cleavage. Holding his gaze and bending over, she smiled at him naughtily and blew him a kiss.

Standing there, maintaining the farce of a freestyle exercise session, Blaze began to feel incredibly conscious of himself. For most of his life, he’d been the sexual aggressor, now he sensed he was in the crosshairs of a formidable young predator whose presence he simply hadn’t anticipated. His body on show for her, he felt oddly vulnerable; like a deer whose every movement is being watched by a hungry lion, just waiting to pounce.

Tiffany’s gaze was in parts making him uncomfortable and turning him on. Blaze had been a wild fuck boy in his younger days but managing the gym had turned him into a monk. He considered the gym a sacred space and had always resisted the advances that had been made on him here. He hadn’t opened the gym to enhance his street cred and he certainly didn’t want his gym to become his de facto harem. That is, until today. There was something different about today; there was something different about Tiffany. He’d seen Tiffany grow from a rebellious pre-pubescent teen into an attractive woman who knew what she wanted. He knew Tiffany had fancied him for a while. She’d even told him as much on one of their nights of binge-drinking on the street but he’d never felt the same way about her. But now, he felt drawn to her. He wanted her, he needed her. Tiffany had well and truly seduced Blaze and Blaze, in fairness, had to admit, it hadn’t taken much.

As he finished the last of his yoga poses and started up his peppy zumba playlist, he felt himself give in to Tiffany. Watching her dance, seeing the way she looked at him, feeling the passion with which she wanted to fuck him, he felt himself give in to her; felt himself give in to her body. It had been long, too long, since he’d felt the slip of a woman in his arms. When asked about it later, by Aria, Blaze would go on to talk about how he’d fallen for the exciting and sexy woman that Tiffany had grown into but in that moment, all that went through his mind was the sheer excitement generated by the possibility that he might finally have sex again. He was just plain horny and he knew it. He felt himself give in to his lusty desires.

As the song on his stereo changed to a more steady rhythm, Blaze broke out of his usual routine and danced his way towards Tiffany. Taking her hand in his, he turned her towards him and put an arm around her waist. Pulling her in for a close dance, he began to move his hands all over her body as their feet moved with the rhythm; their bodies moving apart one brief teasing moment and then coming back together in passionate embrace, the next. Her hand wrapped around his ass and she grabbed and squeezed it as they danced. Bringing her hips close to his, she made sure to grind her pussy on his hardening cock, moaning ever so softly in his ear as she did so. In response, his hand moved to grab her ass, but she wiggled her ass such that the side of his hand ended up between her ass cheeks, brushing against her pussy. She then began an out of rhythm dance, focusing entirely on humping his hand with her moistening pussy. It was less of a dance and more of a call to fuck. She placed her hand on his, imploring him to rub her through the thin fabric of her yoga pants. Feeling the heat between her legs, made the thing between his, grow. Her other hand came around to rub his cock which seemed to be fully erect by now.

As their dance became unapologetically erotic, Aria decided it was time for her to leave. She packed up her stuff quietly and left with a murmured goodbye. Hearing the door shut behind her unleashed whatever little they had held back so far. With a fury, they began to grab at each other’s clothes. Blaze fumbled around Tiffany’s bra, finally getting it off on his third try. Tiffany went for Blaze’s shorts at the same time, causing him to lose his balance and fall backwards. His yoga mat cushioned their fall. His hands wrapped around her back, Tiffany too fell with him; his chest cushioning her fall. She chuckled softly at their childish clumsiness. “At least we got those damn shorts off” she said breathlessly and wasted no time in crushing their lips together. What began as a sloppy, clumsy kiss turned into a passionate make-out session. Blaze palmed Tiffany’s sumptuous ass and sighed happily as his hands grabbed and squeezed the soft, firm flesh like dough. Tiffany moaned into the kiss and pushed her tongue inside Blaze’s mouth. As Blaze’s hands worked their magic on her ass, Tiffany began to press her hips against Blaze in firm circular motions. Tiffany moaned again and she moved her hands to Blaze’s hair, playing with them as they continued to make out and grind.

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