Wanting Her

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Stepping with my frozen feet across the cold, hard floor, the floorboards creak loudly. Slowly I make my way to the laundry room, wearing only a towel around my waist. I open the door; a burst of cold air engulfs me, freezing my damp skin, making me shiver. As I sift through the warm clothes of the dryer, a drop of water falls from my hair landing on my arm, releasing a wave of goose bumps across my body. I find the underwear I was looking for. Quickly I drop the towel letting in the cold air to my core and pull on the toasty boxers, filling my body with warmth. With the black cloth now covering my most sacred parts, I lie back down on my bed, still temperate from the night before. As the comforting warmth takes a hold of me, I slowly drift in and out of a sweet sleep thinking of her.

The motionless air is quickly glowing from the morning sun. I hesitantly get out of bed, stretching and yawning with pleasure. The hours seem long waiting for her. When she finally calls and I hear her voice I feel the joy that it always brings to me. When we hang up, I feel excitement and a slight nervousness grow inside of me. I wait, not knowing what really to do. I see a silhouette at the door! As soon as she knocks, I open the door revealing her allure to me. I stand there basking in her beauty, soaking in the view. She giggles and blushes as she walks past me, brushing my arm. Keeping my eyes on her, I close the door. She turns and quickly embraces me. I put my arms around her and hold her tight. Feeling her warmth against me, I never want to let her go. We stand there for a minute. We release slightly to stare into each other’s eyes, communicating an unknown. We embrace again, this time more vigorously adding a kiss here and there. We start to kiss more passionately. Our kisses become deeper, longer. I feel her hands glide against my body, feeling my canlı bahis şirketleri back, stomach, chest. I slightly open my mouth to let my tongue slide against her lips; I feel them part slightly, my tongue quickly enters her mouth and I feel a sensation of an indescribable since. I let my hands wander, I feel her hand lower to my ass and grasp it.

I feel her hands move up to my front resting at the edge of my shirt before slowly moving up, under it. Feeling her hands against my bare skin sends ripples through my body. Her hands are soft against my stomach and chest. Her hands move to my back, letting her nails graze against my skin sending shivers down my spine; making me melt. As she feels me tremble, she grabs me tightly, stabilizing me. She slowly slips off my shirt revealing my body to her eyes. Letting the shirt land in a crumpled pile on the floor, she admires my body for a moment; a smile spreads across her face. She kisses me, this time with force making me step back. She pushes me to the couch invading my mouth with her tongue. Our tongues dueling, she lies on top of me and feels my bare chest with her hands. My worm hands on her hips holding her close, pressing our crotches together, and sending waves of pleasure through us. My hands slowly move up from her hips, across her stomach, to her breasts. She moans as I grip lightly. I massage her breast in my hand; my thumb presses into her nipple making her moan.

My hands move back to her hips as I move my head down from herr lips. I kiss her lightly on the neck. She feels my hands touch the soft, warm skin of her stomach. I leave my hands there as my kisses become harder. She feels me lightly sucking on her neck. She moans as I move my hands to her back, up her spine, feeling every vertebra. I lift her shirt over her head revealing her cute, black lace bra. We kiss again, canlı kaçak iddaa letting our tongues dance. I swiftly unhook her bra as we stand up. The straps fall from her shoulders letting the bra drop to the floor next to both of our shirts. We stumble to the bed kissing and rubbing our hands against each other. We fall to the bed and roll over letting me on top. I feel her hard nipples against my chest. She feels my cock jump against her leg as I take hold of her bare breast in my hand.

She moves her hand down slowly, skimming my skin, making my hair stand on end. Her hand slips inside my pants, grasping my already hard cock, making me moan. She pulls her hand out and quickly unbuttons and unzips my pants. She pushes my pants down and with my help get them completely off. I smile and move down her neck leaving a trail of kisses. I move down until I reach her breast. I kiss her nipple and watch in rise. I brush my thumb over her other nipple, making it grow as well. As our crotches press together her skirt rides up revealing her thighs. I take her nipple in my mouth and suckle it while my hand moves down to her stomach reaching her skirt. I feel her soft panties. I hook both my thumbs in the waistband and pull her skirt down over her lovely ass, down her legs and slip them all the way off. We lay together making out and fondling each other.

I slip my hand down to rub her pussy through her panties. She wriggles her hips against my crotch. I slide my hand inside her panties feeling the edge of her soft pubic hair with the tips of my fingers. I slide my hand deeper and feel her soft lips and trace the length of her pussy. I press slightly and feel her lips part; my finger slides in easily. She moans and kisses me harder; I pull out and slide over her clit with my wet finger. She shakes with pleasure. I hold her tight as I run canlı kaçak bahis circles around her clit. Pleasure overwhelms her body. Her moans become louder as she starts to tremble beneath me. I move my fingers down from her clit and slide two fingers inside of her, slowly thrusting them in and out.

I move down her body to kiss her thighs. I slip her panties down over her nice ass, down her smooth legs slowly exposing her to me. I pull back to take in the full view of her nude body; heart stopping. I move back down and kiss her thighs. I begin to move up, kissing lightly; her hip, stomach, breast, neck. As I reach her lips she moves down my chest past my stomach to reach my boxers and quickly pull them off. She lightly kisses my cock. She puts one hand around it as she reaches the head. She licks the tip sending a wave of pleasure through my body. Her lips slowly wrap around the head, flicking her tongue as she takes in more. Her hand moves back and forth with her mouth. I start to moan as she starts to get faster. I almost cum when she stops abruptly and moves her way back up to kiss me; her lips feel warm and tender. Our naked bodies press together. As our bodies stabilize, we make out, my cock brushes her inner thighs.

Suddenly she reaches down and takes a hold of my cock. I pull back slightly and she guides me into her. I slowly move in, inch by inch. I kiss her deeply as I my full length fills her. Her worm pussy grips my cock. I start to thrust in and out of her. We move in rhythm with each other. We moan into each other’s mouths. I fondle her breasts as we steadily move faster. She thrusts her hips up to meat me as the pleasure between us intensifies. I let a hand drift down between us to lightly rub her clit. She moans loudly, holding me tight. I feel her wriggle under me. Her pussy tightens around my cock. She kisses me deeply as she orgasm; her pussy massages my cock into orgasm, filling her, and I hold her tight. Our pleasure melts into each other, we meld into one. We kiss deeply as our orgasms start to fade together. We hold each other, with me still deep inside of her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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