Waking Up

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Before my eyes even fluttered open, I felt his fingertips brush against the side of my breast. I didn’t want to move and spoil his fun. He loved to wake me up in his own special way. So, I laid there, basking in the glory of his touch. His fingers moved down my side, gently tickling my soft flesh. I felt him move closer to me, pressing himself against the swell of my bottom.

He tugged at my shoulder, rolling me onto my back. His right leg insinuated itself between my thighs as he cupped my left breast with his hand. I opened my eyes slightly and smiled up at him. His mouth descended on me, drawing my nipple between his lips. I brought my hand up and cupped the back of his head. He sucked ravenously at my hardening nipple until it was painfully erect and sensitive. Then, he moved his hand downward toward my mound, pressing just hard enough to make my breath catch in my throat.

His fingers pressed between the folds of delicate flesh, finding the tiny nub of my clitoris. My back arched as he rubbed it. His teeth grazed my tender nipple and I let out a throaty moan. He released my aching nipple and shifted his body. There above me was the bets10 man I loved. The man who gave me goose bumps just by walking into the room.

I opened my mouth to speak, but he silenced me with a kiss. I knew then that he only wanted to hear pleasure, not words. I gave in and looked into his warm brown eyes. He smiled down at me and moved slowly down my body until he was nestled between my thighs. I could feel his breath on my skin and the heat of his body as he pulled my legs up over his shoulders. He lifted me just enough to slide his pillow under my bottom.

He had me just where he wanted me. I was fully exposed to him. I closed my eyes and reveled in the moment. His tongue slid over my clit and I shuddered. My body quaked as he began to suckle and flick my aching nub. His arms wrapped around my thighs and his hands rested on my belly, holding me in place. His embrace was inescapable.

I felt liquid, fluid, as if my body was made of quicksilver and would never be solid again. Nothing existed but our bodies. His tongue stroked me languidly, eliciting the most sensual of reactions. I could hear the roar of my blood as it bets10 giriş flowed through my veins like a freight train. Then suddenly, I felt the explosive force of my first orgasm. His mouth sucked harder and faster as the flow of sweetness filled his hungry mouth.

He didn’t stop there. A few moments later another orgasm, more intense than the first, rocked my body. He was determined and deliberate with each masterful flick of his exquisite tongue. I was writhing in his embrace, my intellect replaced by pure pleasure-driven instinct. I moaned with delight as each successive orgasm exploded from me and filled his greedy mouth.

I gripped the back of his head, pressing him against me. He sucked harder and faster, bringing me to yet another orgasm. Part of me wanted him to stay between my thighs. But another part of me wanted him to fill me. He released my swollen clit and moved upward. I pulled him down on top of me and kissed him, tasting myself on his lips and tongue.

I reached down between us and wrapped my fingers around his manhood. My fingers grazed the head and were met with sticky approval. He groaned with need. bets10 güvenilir mi My only thought was to please him, to satisfy his every desire. I gently nibbled his chin as my hand stroked up and down his rigid shaft. He looked into my eyes and I knew exactly what he needed.

I urged him onto his back without a word. He cupped my breasts as I straddled him. Slowly, I eased myself down onto him. I watched his face as he filled me. He held his breath for a moment, savoring the quivering, silken flesh that surrounded his cock. I leaned forward, nipples dangling over his mouth, and started to move.

I rocked back and forth, my nipples brushing against his lips. His hands moved to my hips. I began arching my back and then pressing my hips forward with each beautiful thrust. His eyes closed and his grip on me tightened. There was no frenzy, only slow, deliberate, arching movements. And from the look on his face, he was enjoying every sweet second of it.

I stared into his eyes as his fingers dug into the flesh of my sides, urging me on. His body tensed and I felt him explode inside me. Then, a split second later, my insides convulsed with another orgasm. He smiled as my muscles twitched around his shaft. Finally, after our orgasms subsided, I collapsed against him.

He smiled against my ear and whispered, “Good morning, baby girl.”

© AmyBell aka briansboobear 01/11/06

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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