Velvet Heat Ch. 04

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Kayla opened the door to a dejected looking Cole. She stared at him for a while wishing she could wave a magic wand and see his carefree happy self again.

“Ready to talk now?” She asked her boss with a slight smile.

Cole only gave a slight nod and stepped into Kayla’s elegantly decorated living room. She closed the door and turned to Cole with her arms stretched wide.

“Come here.”

Cole stepped into her warm embrace and hugged her tight for about two minutes. She had been watching him for the past two months and had seen the light die from his eyes. He had thrown himself so much into his work that she had a feeling he was avoiding her. But she knew at the right time he was going to open up. That day was finally here.

“Come on.” Kayla said dragging Cole by the hand to the couch. “What will it be?”


“Coming right up.”

Kayla brought a bottle of Hennessey with two glasses, poured some into both glasses and handed one to Cole. He downed everything in one shot and poured another. Kayla sat on the couch and Cole lied down with his head on her lap.

“Now tell mummy everything.” She said sipping at the own drink.

Cole told Kayla the whole story about Janice’s pregnancy and Briana insisting on giving him space.

“Oh snap! You just had to knock the bitch up didn’t you?”

“Kay I’m so confused I don’t know what to do.”

“What do you mean you don’t know what to do? She should give birth. And you should keep your relationship with Briana and be happy. What the fuck did you want to do?” Kayla asked with so much anger in her voice.

“Kay it’s not that simple. I’ve always known I wanted to be a father one day. But not like this. Janice is a demon with so much venom slithering beneath her polished veneer. Unfortunately I now have to face a future tied to her forever?”

“No you don’t Co…”

“Yes I do Kay. As the mother of my child, she will be tied to me forever. It’s not the child’s fault it has jezebel herself for a mother. I would want to be part of my child’s life and Janice knows me well enough to know this. She has me exactly where she wants me and she knows that. There is no way I could ever turn my back on my own child and deny him or her a chance at the type of childhood I had. My child’s happiness has to come first. Janice can make my relationship with my kid hell if she wants to. Kay I’m scared.” Cole finished in a whisper.

“Oh Cole” Kayla breathed. “It’s been what…two months?”

“Since the incident? Yes.”

“And she said she was almost three months gone?”


“And when was the last time you saw her?”

“Well I did go to see her a day after she told me. She said she was going to London for a while to visit her sister.” Cole replied omitting the part where Janice had tried very hard to have sex with him. She had angrily told him she was going to London after she realized Cole was serious about not succumbing to her advances.

“And Briana? When was the last time you saw her?”

“Not since the incident. I’ve been calling her but she usually doesn’t pick up and even if she does, she always tells me she’s busy doing one thing or the other and so can’t talk. So I’ve been texting.”

“And does she reply to your texts?”

“Sometimes.” He said in a small voice.

Cole sounded so defeated Kayla didn’t know what to say. She had never seen him like this before. And she didn’t like it one bit. Kayla knew what to do. Her boss was just wasting away right in front of her. That was simply unacceptable. She had to fix this somehow. Starting with Briana. Then she was going to pay that bitch Janice a visit.


“Bri?” Briana heard Jessica screaming her name from the corridor moments before she burst into their room.

“What Jess?” Briana asked jumping off her bed thinking something serious had happened.

“Tadaaa” Jessica shouted waving two tickets in front of Briana. “We are going to paaarrrrtyyyyy.” She said shaking and twisting her hips in an erotic dance.

Briana snatched the tickets out of Jessica’s hands and looked closely at them. “The annual Zonta Party?” Briana exclaimed. “How the hell did you get tickets to Zonta Zone? Who did you sleep with you slut?”

Jessica stopped dancing long enough to shout, “pure luck” then resumed her dance across the room.

“What do you mean by pure luck? Zonta tickets don’t just fly around by luck. How did you get them Jess?” Briana followed her friend’s movement across the room with shocked eyes. The Zonta annual party was the party of the year, usually attended by very important people who knew how to have fun. A college student getting an invite to such a party was a no-no. Just who had Jessica murdered to get those tickets, Briana wondered. She knew it had always been Jessica’s dream to get an invite into Zonta Zone. Hell, who wouldn’t wanna get in? But Briana really didn’t want to end up in jail for goodness sake. She was too young.

“Jess.” internet casino Briana screamed to get Jessica’s attention.

“Okay okay. Here goes…but you’re not going to believe this.”

“Try me.”

“Okay so I’m on my way here right? I get to the park behind the library. Then see these two hot guys looking at me like I was their wet dream come true. I mean I know I’m hot but you should have seen the way…”

“Yeah yeah yeah Jess. We all know you’re God’s gift to men. Will you just go on?” Briana interrupted rolling her eyes at her friend, making Jessica roar with laughter.

“Ok so I said hi. And we got to talking. Apparently they were looking for the new library so I gave them the direction. Then they wanted to know what I usually do for fun on weekends. Of course I told them I usually roll with my roommate who was no fun these days because she got her heart broke…”

“Jess you didn’t.” Briana shouted.

“Ok ok I didn’t add the last part but they asked what we would be doing on Friday. And I said nothing much since my roommate was no fun these days.”

“You really did say that didn’t you?” Briana asked quietly.

“Yes I did Bri. And it’s true. You are…like a zombie these days.”

“I’m sorry.” Briana said softly.

“Hey hey,” Jessica quickly sat beside Briana and hugged her. “You have nothing to be sorry about Bri. Just…try and have a little fun okay? For me?” She added with a wink.

“I will try. Maybe I should accept Taylor’s date request one of these days. What do you say?”

“Taylor? Well…he doesn’t come close to my Cole but…”


“You have to start from somewhere I understand.” Jessica said with a resigned sigh.

“Yes I do. You did say I should try and have fun.”

“Not that kind of fun but I’m okay if you are.”

Briana knew Jessica’s stand on the Cole business. She kept saying Cole hadn’t cheated on her and was obviously in love with her so she should keep her man. But Briana felt it was wrong to come between Cole and Janice because of the baby. To say her life for the past two months had been shitty was an understatement. All she did was attend lectures, eat and sleep. She had come very close to going to Cole’s just to see his face several times. But she always stopped herself. What even made it more difficult was hearing his voice. So she had stopped picking his calls. As for the text messages, they came every day. Cole always wanted to know how she was doing and never failed to remind her that he loved her every day. It was pure torture.

“So they gave me two invites for my ‘no-fun’ roommate and I. They said we should come and have the time of our lives.”

“Just like that.”

“Just like that. So…are we going?”

“Hell yeah.” Briana shouted with a laugh.

“That’s what I’m talking about.” Jessica screamed. “Zonta, here we come!”

“That’s just in two days. What are we going to wear?” Briana wondered aloud.

“Something sinfully HOT!”

“You’re nuts Jess.”

“But you love me dontcha?”

“I soooooo do.”


“This is awesome. Thanks for bringing me Briana.” Taylor said looking around with utter amazement on his handsome face.

“Yeah sure.” Briana replied looking around. She had almost told Taylor to reserve his thanks for Jess’s sick mother. Jessica had to go home the day before the party because her mum had to undergo an emergency surgery. She had insisted Briana attend the party anyway with anyone she preferred. She had therefore invited Taylor to come along since they had become good friends these past two months. He made her laugh and she liked that. Of course Taylor wanted to date her but she had made him understand she wasn’t ready for anything serious. He said he still had patience and hope. Funny guy! But she liked him. He was a really nice person.

“And you are the hottest and most beautiful girl here Bri.” Taylor said with so much admiration and want in his eyes Briana gasped.


“I know I know. You’re not ready. Remind me to give the guy who did whatever to you a dirty slap whenever I see him okay?”

The look on his face made Briana laugh so hard she had to hold on to him so as not to fall down.

“Oh Ty. Ever thought of doing a comedy show? Your face…”

“Glad I could make you laugh. You looked too serious. Lighten up Bri.” Taylor said and leaned down to place a chaste kiss on Briana’s cheeks.

“I will…and thanks.” She said softly.

“For what?”

“You did say I was beautiful didn’t you? Unless of course it was a line.” Briana said with a mock scowl.

“That can never be a line where you’re concerned and you know it.” Taylor said with a laugh.

“Thanks for coming with me Ty.” Briana said sincerely.

“Are you kidding me? Who in their right minds would miss this?”

Taylor twirled Briana around, caught her around her waist and started dancing with her. She was laughing so hard the whole time.

However, across the hall from them, someone wasn’t so happy. canlı poker oyna Cole had watched Briana laughing happily with that boy. He had watched the boy kiss her. The fact that it was on her cheeks was not the point. A kiss was a kiss. And he was seeing red. Now they were dancing and the boy had his arms around Briana’s bare back.

When he had first spotted her across the room, his first thought had been that she looked superb. She was so delicate, so exquisite, so…damned naked. What the fuck was she wearing? That dress could give a man a heart attack. She was wearing an alluring all-black cowl necked mini-dress. The loose plunging V-neck design created an instant sauciness. The outfit was full of surprises with the revealing sides merging into a 180 degree back cutout. Meaning the dress didn’t have anything at the back. The only thing being covered at the back was her arse as the dress stopped about two or three inches above her mid-thigh. From behind it looked like she was wearing a swimsuit. No wonder almost every man was looking in her direction. That provocative dress had to be covered.

Cole had bounded down the stairs on which he was standing at the time, toward Briana. He was already taking his jacket off with the sole aim of putting it on her. But he had been waylaid by one of the major partners of his firm. By the time he could excuse himself, the silly boy was all over his Briana.

Cole matched straight to where Briana and Taylor were dancing. Taylor saw Cole first and the deadly intent in his eyes caused his spine to stiffen. Briana looked up at Taylor when she felt the change in him. She turned to look at what had captured his attention and gasped when she saw Cole. God, he was handsome. In his crisp white shirt and red tie, he looked so damn fine. He had obviously come straight from the office.

Cole had his jacket off, but when he reached Briana, he couldn’t remember what he was supposed to do with it.


“Yes, Cole?”

She waited for him to say something more.

He however seemed content to stand there and stare at her. Her love was so apparent in her gaze. Her smile was tender. Dear God, he thought, he was unworthy of her, and yet she loved him. He broke out in a cold sweat. He started to reach for the handkerchief in his jacket pocket, but then realized he was holding the jacket in his hands.

He couldn’t imagine why. He put it back on. He couldn’t take his gaze off his beautiful Briana, and his arm got all caught up in the sleeve, but he finally righted the thing. Briana stepped forward and adjusted his colour, then moved back again.

And still he couldn’t speak to her. God, he had missed her.

“I love you, Bri.” His voice sounded as if he wanted to cry. Her eyes filled with tears.

But before Briana could say anything, she heard Taylor clearing his throat loudly behind her. When she turned to look at him, she realized quiet a number of people were looking at them.

“Taylor, this is Cole. Cole this is Taylor, my course mate.” Briana decided to add the last bit when she saw how Cole’s eyes had narrowed into slits.

“Hello Taylor.” Cole moved forward with his hand extended to greet Taylor. “Could I please borrow your date for a while?” And even before Taylor could speak, Cole was adding a tight “Thanks” and drawing Briana away.

“Cole.” Briana admonished in a loud whisper, “That was rude.”

“Yeah? Well so is touching another man’s girl. That boy was all over you Bri. And what the fuck are you wearing?” Cole added shrugging out of his jacket again. Remembering why he had taken it off in the first place.

“What?” Briana exclaimed incredulously. “I need to use the ladies room Cole.”

“Me too.” Cole answered acidly, opening the ladies room and entering with Briana. Then he locked it behind them.

Briana looked at him, surprised. “You know this is the women’s bathroom right?” she asked with one hand leaning on the counter. She tried to look bored. She hoped it was working. She shouldn’t allow this.

“Yeah,” he answered. He continued to stare at her. It started making her heart pound rapidly.

She knew she had to get out of there. But she just couldn’t move.

Cole came closer to her and bent down, leaned in, keeping her stare as he drew closer…closer. Finally, he closed his eyes, and then touched his lips to hers. Soft. For a long moment, he didn’t move, didn’t seek to deepen the kiss. Didn’t do anything. Except begin to shake.

She felt the tremor against her lips first. Tentatively, Briana touched his shoulder. He shook there too. His abs rippled under her fingers, as well. Raising her hand from his shoulder to his back, she realized he was trembling all over.


“Bri.” Cole whispered against her lips. “Do you have any idea how much I love you?”

Then his hands were in her hair taking out the pins holding her hair up. His hands fisted inside her hair and his tongue plunged into her mouth for a smoldering kiss. For the first time, poker oyna his kiss was full of desperation.

It shocked her from head to toe. She gripped him tighter and opened to him. Immediately, she tasted need. He needed her? At the moment, the reasons why they shouldn’t be doing this didn’t matter. She met his reckless onslaught. Cole grabbed her tighter in greedy acceptance, pulling her body against his. Though Briana hadn’t thought it possible, he deepened the kiss. Fast, a whirl of taste and touch, he swept through her mouth. Desire, heavy and warm, flashed in her belly. Clutching him, Briana moaned.

Then when he couldn’t resist anymore, he moved down and released those soft heavy creamy globes from the dropping neckline of her dress. They were perfectly round and plump and topped with stiff nipples begging to be sucked.

It made Cole’s mouth water. He eagerly took a nipple in his mouth and sucked while his other hand massaged her other breast.

Briana couldn’t think straight. She wouldn’t have been able to stop him if her life had depended on it. He then lowered his hand and reached underneath her dress.

He growled against her nipple when he realized she wasn’t wearing any panties.

“Really Bri?” he growled looking at her whiles his long thick digit began invading her wet pussy. He made the little come-hither motion that curled her toes and ignited the familiar but always welcome liquid ache deep inside her belly.

Briana couldn’t help the moan that escaped the lips. “The dress wouldn’t allow panties Cole.”

“I figured” Cole said with a chuckle.

He went down on his knees and pushed up her dress. He glanced up at her face for a second before he stuck his tongue out and licked her throbbing pussy.

Oh dear God.

Cole’s first pass through her wet, sensitive sex was an electric shock that caused her to gasp. The next was a pleasure bomb that detonated right where she needed it most and forced her to whimper. Her fingers ran through his short hair.

She was so, so close—closer to orgasm than she’d ever dreamed she could be.

“Cole…” His name on her lips was both a cry and a plea for help. Her legs buckled. Cole picked her up and placed her on the vanity.

He stepped between her knees, working his belt without taking his eyes from hers. Their panting breath mingled in the space between their lips.

“Do you know what it does to me to see you look the way you do tonight?” he asked.

This, obviously. But she wanted to hear him say it. “What?”

“When you look like this, dressed up, all fuckin’ provocative with every man wishing you were theirs… makes me just want to take you into my arms. And make you mine all over again.”

“I will always be yours.” She whispered. “Always.”

He tilted her back so that she was resting on her elbows. Then he was bending over her and fitting his mouth right over her sex, his tongue swiping across her clit, providing maximum devastation.

Her cry filled the restroom as he swooped in for seconds, then thirds, then got really comfortable, as if he planned to stay for a while.

“God, you taste sweet,” he whispered against her slick flesh. “I’ve got you just where I need you.”

He sucked, and she undulated against his mouth, feeling an impending orgasm looming over her.

“Oh God, oh God, Cole, please…!” was all she could manage when she started coming. He wrapping his arm across her stomach and held her steady as she convulsed against him. The incredible tension she’d been carrying around for so long inside her broke in waves and waves of ecstasy. She didn’t care if anyone outside heard her keening cry, or his answering groan that vibrated against her pussy. Her thigh muscles locked as she shuddered and writhed.

Cole pushed up and reached down between them and placed his cock at her soaking entrance. He pushed all the way inside her to the hilt in one thrust. They both moaned in unison.

Briana felt beyond packed full. Her body stretched to accommodate him, but she felt his possession acutely, almost more than physically. It was like Cole was in every corner of her, he was so deep.

Briana automatically placed her hands around his neck, drawing him down for a kiss. Then he took over and gave her a kiss that sent a hot shock through her body. Gentle but insistent, full of reassurance—that’s how Cole’s kiss flowed through her.

They heard someone try to push the door open, but neither of them could stop. Eventually the pushing stopped and the person or people walked away.

Then Cole started to move. Pound was more accurate. He drove inside her with shattering force. And she loved it. She made those delicious sounds he loved to hear. And when he changed his rhythm to more delicious and languorous strokes as he usually does, Briana lost her ability to form coherent words. Her fingers dug into his shoulders as pleasure tore through her body and her pussy throbbed. She screamed and clutched at Cole.

“Have you thought about this as much as I have?” he murmured against her.

He reached down to find her clit, toying with it lightly and bent to capture a nipple in his mouth, letting his teeth gently scrape her flesh. She bucked and arched as sensation tore through her.

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