Vacation Pt. 01

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Part 1

Brandi’s skin was soft and supple, glistening in the glow of the lights.

The weather was slightly balmy which gave her a slight sweat covering her bare skin. But it was slightly cooler, not enough to make it worth putting on extra layers; just enough that it made Brandi shiver from the feel. Being covered in a dew like that made it more thrilling.

Bourbon Street was alive and vibrant. Her first time would be memorable.

That was the idea though. Today was the first of an eight week vacation for her and Bill.

He looked at her in astonishment. They had made a decision to not only take a vacation. They would push their boundaries sexually to find ways to really make life amazing. Growing up in a strict house, she had always wanted to, but never had the courage. This trip would definitely change that.

Looking at her, her feet had sandals with a Greek look to them. Sexy straps that showed off her ankles and calves while being comfortable. Brandi had been working out, and her beautiful legs were toned perfectly. She had also been trying to get tanned which showed as well with the glow her body gave in the lights. Bill almost couldn’t contain his boner as his eyes drifted further up to her perfectly shaped ass, which was clothed in a tight pair of cutoff shorts that seemed almost painted on.

From the front, those tan shorts were tight enough to show the lines of her perfect abdomen that ran down to where her legs formed that tight V. He couldn’t wait until later that evening.

Her straight brown hair hung down long, below her shoulder blades.

The white tank top she wore was low cut and tight against her abs. In starting her exploring, she had decided to surprise him for this night. She had decided to not wear a bra. Bill realized that her tank top wasn’t quite thin enough to see through, but her nipples had hardened from the excitement and were printing through the light white fabric. That turned both of them on even more.

Brandi couldn’t believe she had gone through with it, but was excited and she couldn’t wait to explore.

Another surprise made her self-conscious, but she was enjoying it. By going completely free, she decided to try non-piercing nipple jewelry. She didn’t want anything permanent while still wanting to try something new. When she was showering, she got herself excited by gently sucking on her own nipples which got them hard enough to slip the gentle silver wire frame of the small flower onto it, which it curved slightly to follow the shape of her sweet skin. Sucking her own breasts always turned her on, thinking about how she loved Bill playing with those perfect mounds, and how she eventually looked forward to making babies with him that would drink from them (and maybe him too if there was enough left over). Tonight though, they were still for fun and her sexy display with her man and the world.

She felt Bill’s hand come to rest just above her butt.

Looking into his eyes, she said, “I love you. Let’s go have fun. I can’t wait to break loose and see what happens tonight.”

That mischievous look was all he needed to have his cock straining against his own loose shorts.

Taking his hand, she led him down the street which was teeming with life. Even though there were a lot of drunks and it was kind of funny, she was a woman on a mission. On her run earlier in the day, she scouted a strip club to take him to (the reference from the front desk helped as well). It was more for her, but she wanted him there as she started to explore herself.

Everything about the experience was thrilling and she was just letting herself be absorbed by it. Walking in, she was getting turned on even more. It was naughty, but she couldn’t wait any longer to see what she wanted to know.

With how she was dressed and feeling her nipples harden against the little flowers looped around them, Brandi felt as sexy as the dancers looked in their skimpy outfits. There was hardly anything there.

But she loved the thrill and feel of it all.

Sitting down, they ordered their drinks. For all intents and purposes, Bill would do the drinking tonight because she didn’t like alcohol. With this though, she was starting to reconsider it. He would drink enough though to make sure the cover was handled. His loose shorts weren’t staying loose as his boner grew harder and he was almost embarrassed. Brandi found it cute and sexy…if he only knew what was coming next in her plan.

She excused herself to the restroom.

He just watched everything going on in the darkly lit room with the lights flashing. The woman on the pole was a good dancer, but not one he found particularly attractive.

Two beautiful and nearly naked dancers walked up and asked if he was with Brandi. Answering “yes” curiously, they sat down on either side of him. To his left was Ashlee and on his right was Crystal. Both had well toned bodies and even in the low light, he could see both enjoyed the sun without much in illegal bahis the way of clothing because of how even their skin tones were.

Ashlee was 5’11” with red hair reaching nearly to the top of her butt, an hour glass figure, and B cup breasts. Crystal was only 5’4″ with blonde hair that was not quite a bob, but not long either and small, perfectly round and perky A cup breasts that he could tell would be quite sensitive; enough so that the right treatment would cause her hours of pleasure from amazing orgasms.

Both immediately noticed his bulge and smiled.

Brandi slipped back quietly as Bill was checking them out. To be fair, she had the pleasure of checking them out already and asked them to join. She sat next to Crystal and nearly cuddled up to her.

All four of them began talking and just relaxing as Bill enjoyed his drink and Brandi her soda. What came next nearly caused him to pass out from shock.

Crystal asked Brandi if she wanted a private lap dance. Looking across at all four of them, she grinned mischievously. Taking Crystal’s hand, she said, “Lead the way.” As they got up, she looked at Ashlee and Bill and asked, “Aren’t you coming? I think it would be a lot more fun with all four of us.”

Ashlee and Crystal led the way.

In a private back room, Bill and Brandi took their seats side by side. Bill watched on in amazement as the two beautiful dancers were grinding and pleasing his girl visually in a way he had never expected. Each girl took turns stripping in front of them both.

Music playing, they danced and made some very sexy gestures, going so far as even encouraging Brandi to unbutton his shorts so that his cock could “breathe” a little. Ashlee seized the opportunity and began grinding her clean shaven pussy against his cock through his underwear.

Meanwhile, Crystal had Brandi’s shorts slightly undone and they were playing together, grinding against each other’s legs, even though Brandi’s shorts and underwear were still covering her.

As Crystal was completely bare, it was intense for Brandi having another woman straddling over top of her. The smell of both women being turned on by each other only added to it, making them both soaking wet. Bill could feel Ashlee getting wet from watching it and feeling his cock through the fabric.

It surprised him though when, as Crystal was grinding down and rubbing low against Brandi, there was a slight head nod.

Brandi’s hand came up and pulled Crystal into a passionate kiss.

At the same time, Crystal’s hand disappeared under Brandi’s shirt to explore gently.

Ashlee let out a slight gasp and ground down against Bill’s cock, dry humping him furiously. He couldn’t believe what the experience was with the hot, sensual kiss unfolding before him. Where this was leading he had no idea, but he wasn’t about to stop the surprises.

As the songs ended for the lap dances, he realized both Crystal and Brandi had been getting each other off as both were panting hard. Bill had never seen Brandi enjoy such an explosive and mind blowing orgasm before with such passion and abandon. He remained hard as a rock.

Ashlee and Crystal were smiling as they put their skimpy clothes back on and Brandi got herself back on her feet.

Returning to the main area, the two girls decided to stick around and talk.

Brandi was amazed that Crystal was 21 and Ashlee was 20. Bill sat back and had another drink as the girls talked and got to know each other better after such a hot experience. Ashlee draped her legs across Bill’s and slowly stroked his arm, still flirting with him gently. (Bill was amazed as Brandi and he were both 31, but he felt like he was 25 again.) It also turned out they were roommates with benefits, as both were bi and enjoyed the arrangement so they could have fun almost any time.

After about 20 minutes, Brandi excused herself to head to the restroom. The two sexy girls got up and offered to show her. Both admitted they were almost done with their shift and would show her back that way. Getting a devilish smile, Brandi looked back at Bill and said, “Don’t have too much fun without me while I’m gone. But enjoy it if you do.” Winking, she headed off with the two other girls.

Apparently they weren’t used to too many female customers, so the women’s restroom was shared with the dancers.

Ashlee had entered first, followed by Brandi, and then Crystal. Sensing an opportunity, Brandi stepped to the side and backed against the wall as she took Ashlee’s hand in hers to pull her close. Responding in kind, Ashlee pressed her full body against Brandi’s for a deep, tongue twisting kiss. Brandi nearly released an orgasm from the mix of the cool wall and Ashlee’s body heat.

What really did it was feeling her tank top sliding up and Crystal cooing in delight on seeing the nipple jewelry. Crystal’s tongue gently traced around it and flicked at Brandi’s exposed nipple tip.

Ashlee felt as one of Brandi’s hands explored her hip illegal bahis siteleri towards her pussy, making her hot and wet.

All three sighed almost simultaneously as the kiss naturally ended and Crystal gently pinched Brandi’s nipple with her teeth.

“Have you ever been to Bourbon Street before?” asked Ashlee.

“No. This is the first time for me. We’re on a vacation to explore and just relax. So whatever happens will just happen.”

Ashlee and Crystal both stepped away to the employee side of the restroom to change into street clothes while Brandi took a relaxing pee. She didn’t realize how much was saved up from being so turned on.

As she washed her hands, the two stunning beauties walked back up and asked if they would be interested in hanging out. Maybe even seeing where things would lead. Brandi smiled and agreed, knowing that Bill wouldn’t mind.

Meanwhile, Bill was relaxing, trying to figure out everything he had seen and wanting to just fuck someone at this point. A dancer named Tina, who was African American came over to talk. She was a perfect mix from her multiracial parents to make her extremely sexy. He paid for a short lap dance that was ending as the three women returned from the bathroom. They all smiled seeing his shorts tenting from his boner.

Brandi smiled. Ashlee and Crystal told Tina how sexy she looked and said their goodbyes to their coworker. Tina looked at them and with a knowing wink at Ashlee said to the entire group, “Have fun.”

Heading out on to the street, it was clear that all three women had foregone their bras. Brandi in her sexy tank top was matched by Crystal in a low cut cotton top with spaghetti straps; the loose fabric barely hanging on to her perfect breasts. Ashlee had a pink top on that in normal lighting would be see through, but because of the neon lights, took on a slightly more shielded look. It was clear though that she wasn’t wearing a bra either and had reinserted her own nipple jewelry, which she would take out for safety during her shift. Little bar bells were clearly visible through the t shirt.

Brandi whispered in his ear that they would be joining them for the evening to see where things would lead. He made sure they weren’t hookers, to which they laughed and said no, just very turned on by such a sexy couple.

Heading out, the girls led them to a nearby bar that they liked as locals.

Brandi didn’t normally drink, so he was surprised when she followed Ashlee’s lead to order a fruity drink. They sat to the side watching the dance floor. Being a Friday night, everything was busy and people were bumping and grinding on the floor. It was sexy and Brandi was really in the mood. Chugging down the last of her drink, she grabbed Ashlee’s hand and led her out on the floor. Before long, they were very clearly flirting with each other and just letting themselves be taken in by the experience.

Crystal slid close to Bill and smiled at him. She leaned up towards his ear and whispered to him that both she and Ashlee thought that Bill and Brandi were sexy. As she finished whispering, she added that she couldn’t wait to taste his cock and then kissed his cheek as her hand grazed his pants. Bill jumped slightly, seeing the naughty but equally sweet look she had.

Looking on the dance floor, he was surprised to watch as Brandi and Ashlee kissed quickly while dancing.

Turning back to Crystal, she smiled shyly and he leaned into her. He asked if it was okay and she responded by kissing him deeply.

He kissed her back and began tracing along her smooth leg.

Breaking off the kiss, he looked back to see his girl completely lost in her new interest on the dance floor, very clearly getting turned on. Asking Crystal why they liked them, she explained that even though they lived together, they enjoyed hooking up with couples when the chance came up. It was kind of a fun sex hobby for the two of them as friends. They both knew they wanted to hook up as soon as Bill and Brandi had come in the door and were trying to seduce them. Laughing he said, “It looks like it’s working for you.”

She smiled and they leaned into each other to kiss again.

Brandi smiled from the dance floor as she felt Ashlee’s body against hers. It felt freeing and exciting as they were both exploring. It was time to step things up as Ashlee saw everyone getting comfortable.

Knowing the bartender was about to help with benefits.

Ashlee ordered a shot and laid back on the couch. She had explained what she wanted Brandi to do and to Bill’s surprise, she was going along with it. The shot was set on her naval, some salt along a small part of her tight abdomen, and the lime resting on her lips (some of which she rubbed on her lips for a follow on kiss). Brandi took the tequila and then quickly licked the salt up, which made Ashlee shiver, before leaning in for a passionate kiss with the lime.

Both of them were turned on, with Crystal ready to go too.

All canlı bahis siteleri four walked down the street hand in hand. Ashlee and Crystal were on either side of Brandi, alternating who had their arms around each other. Bill watched in amazement as each would sneak handfuls of grabbing Brandi’s butt. To be fair, she was returning the favor as Bill had his arm wrapped around Ashlee. He was playing with her back and the edge of her clothing.

They were ready to play together.

The elevator ride was fun and tense as everyone was trying to keep their hands to themselves.

Brandi was first in the door followed by Crystal, with Ashlee and Bill coming in behind. Crystal didn’t hesitate and took Brandi by the hand to lead her to the chair at the desk. As they walked in and the door clicked shut, Ashlee turned and pinned Bill to the door. Brandi had told her a way to really get him going and she followed it. Pressing her entire body into him, she locked her hand around his swollen cock through his shorts as she kissed him passionately. Brandi smiled seeing him squirm with excitement. Ashlee whispered in his ear that she couldn’t wait to feel that deeply inside of her. As this kiss broke off, Bill looked at Brandi who smiled from ear to ear.

Crystal helped move them to the next step by unbuttoning her shorts to reveal a very see through g-string. It showed her ass and pussy perfectly and there wasn’t a bad view from either side.

It made Brandi nearly cum from the sight. To make it even more exciting, Crystal unbuttoned Brandi’s shorts and took her down to just her cotton panties. They were pink with white polka dots, but because of the sexual tension, it was clear how excited she was from the darker patch on her underwear. Crystal looked into her new lovers eyes and said, “This is the dance we wanted to give you earlier.” Winking, she began grinding against Brandi, kissing her and licking her as she explored. Brandi’s hands began to wander around Crystal, feel the soft skin of the woman pleasing her.

Ashlee let her shorts fall to the floor, revealing a see through blue g-string leaving nothing to imagination. Her ass was perfectly shaped. Ignoring Bill, she took a sultry walk towards the two other women now grinding together in a sexy dance.

Leaning down she kissed Brandi while slipping a hand along Brandi’s breast. The slow massage made the already hard nipple point even harder through the flower. She began to shake a little as the passion grew from the kiss and as Crystal let her hand slide along Brandi’s leg to the edge of her panties. The teasing made all three of them hot as Brandi extended her hand to Ashlee’s pussy to massage her in return while Crystal slowly kissed and explored along the edge of her underwear.

Pulling back, Ashlee kissed her way down and popped Brandi’s breast out to suck on it for just a moment. On finishing, she slid it back under the fabric and winked at Bill.

Looking at Brandi, she smiled as she reached down to take off her top. Ashlee let her g-string fall away.

Reaching down, she pulled Brandi’s shirt off to expose her to Crystal. She then turned and walked back to Bill who was watching from just inside the door with a boner that needed attention.

Ashlee pushed Bill back against the door.

Meanwhile, Crystal took Brandi’s hand and led her to the bed. Before letting Brandi lie down, Crystal kissed her lips deeply and Brandi kissed back. Crystal kept kissing and worked her way down quickly, pulling Brandi’s panties to the floor, smiling at the beautiful pussy in front of her. Brandi returned the favor, but stopped to massage each nipple and breast in her mouth. They were just slightly salty from sweating in the humid air when they had walked back. But it was still sweet.

Brandi knelt down to pull off Crystal’s panties, licking a pattern around the small tuft of blonde hair Crystal had clearly worked hard to shape.

They nearly pulled each other into bed. As they did, Crystal laid her back to begin exploring Brandi’s body with her mouth.

Ashlee ripped Bill’s shirt over his head and began nipping and licking her way down. Kissing along the pants line, she unbuttoned his shorts and pushed them to the floor with his underwear.

All four were naked and excited.

Ashlee had dropped to her knees and began licking him. Hearing his moans, Brandi stopped Crystal and pulled her over to the other two. Smiling, she dropped to her knees as well. Kissing Ashlee deeply, they both turned to begin sucking on him together while Crystal kissed him and began massaging his chest.

He nearly came from the overload of stimulation.

But Ashlee stopped him.

Crystal and Brandi smiled, Brandi kissed Bill, said, “Have fun” while winking at him, and took Crystal back to bed. Crystal laid her out and didn’t wait, but dived in to lick the outline of the jewelry to tease Brandi again. She then worked her way towards Brandi’s beautiful pussy to begin working on making it an incredible experience.

Ashlee stood and kissed Bill. She took his hand and led him to the TV stand. Leaning over, she looked him in the eye and said, “Are you ready to take me?”

Cock hard as rock met pussy that was wet and ready for it.

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