Unleashing the Bitch Pt. 01

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Group Sex

While the bitch is away, the bastard plays. This first chapter is straight cheating MF. Hung married stud and eager young babe. Things will get contentious next chapter.


The little beach babe was a great fuck. She had a lot of energy and a hard little body that belonged on the cover of magazines. Her hips were trim and her abdomen long and lean. Her tits were less than a handful but had long, hard nipples. Enticing tan lines highlighted her tits and her neatly trimmed beaver.

Dennis loved living on the beach. His wife’s big house was in prime bikini territory. Little honeys like this one were always flattered to be invited in. His current playmate seemed to be a bit of a slut which was cool. But Dennis also had a lot of fun seducing less experienced girls and women.

Unfortunately, Sandra, his wife, preferred the social scene in New England. She was a typical rich bitch who was more concerned with status than anything else. Her family money guaranteed her all the things she wanted in life, including a trophy husband. Dennis and Sandra had met four years earlier at a socialite party he had more or less conned his way into. Dennis was tall and well built and shameless in feeding a girl bull. When he realized how loaded Sandra’s family was, he made it his mission in life to marry into it.

Saundra was five years older than Dennis. She had already been married once and wasn’t looking for love but she did need a man on her arm to be a proper socialite. So they had come to an arrangement; they would keep each other entertained in bed and Dennis would act as her devoted husband in public. And along the way, he would live the high life.

Dennis and Sandra’s sex life was pretty good. Dennis thought of himself as a stud and with some justification. Sandra was a sexy and lush sort of woman. But Dennis eventually became a little frustrated. He and Sandra had sex often enough and there was certainly a degree of passion to their love making but somehow there always seemed to be something she was holding back. He’d see eagerness and hunger in her eyes and then she would just shut down and say she needed to use the bathroom or something.

From snippets of conversations he had heard among her socialite friends, she was supposedly a wild woman but Dennis never saw that in their bed. Perhaps her first marriage had hurt her in some way. Or maybe what the upper-crust thought of as wild was pretty pedestrian.

She did insist on a strong pre-nuptial agreement and that he be fateful to her. She didn’t want to be publicly embarrassed by infidelity. The gravy train would last only as long as he kept her happy in and out of the bedroom and kept his hands off other women.

Dennis had kept up most of his end of the bargain for four years. All of Sandra’s socialite friends seemed convinced that he was both the world’s greatest lover and also deeply in love with Sandra… she insisted on frequent public displays of affection and would describe their love life in intimate detail to her large collection of confidants. Hell, Sandra was a good looking woman with what seemed to be an adequate sex drive and Dennis had a healthy appetite for pussy so really, they got along just fine. He was frequently bored at the endless parties and lunches but that was a small price to pay.

But Sandra didn’t know about his extra-curricular activities.

They were staying in the west-coast house for several weeks and Sandra had entered into a golf tournament of all things. Dennis had learned to play the game but wasn’t very good. The tournament was a women-only charity event so Dennis basically had all day “off”. This wasn’t too unusual… many of Sandra’s activities were just for the gals.

So, as he had often before, Dennis had gotten himself a little strange for the afternoon.

His current playmate had probably told him her name but he couldn’t remember it. He didn’t know how old she was but she couldn’t have been over twenty. She’d said something about entering some surfing competitions. She certainly had a fit little body. She was only about 5’3″ which suited him just fine. He was 6’2″ and liked little women. Of course, he liked bigger women as well.

The little slut had stripped off her tiny blue bikini in the living room and jumped into his arms to stick her tongue down his throat. He carried her up the stairs, headed for the master bedroom.

He dropped her onto the king sized bed and she squealed. He reached to pull down his shorts but she beat him to it, sweeping them down his thighs in the blink of an eye. Sitting on the side of the bed, she squealed again when she saw his heavy cock, swaying half-hard just inches from her face.

Dennis’s general good looks and willingness to behave in the manner Sandra wished were the basic qualifications that made him eligible to be her husband. His enormous cock was the single biggest reason she had actually decided to marry him. He was the biggest she had ever seen and when he finally managed to fit his entire length into her body on the third time they made love, she’d become canlı bahis şirketleri absolutely addicted to his enormous shaft.

The beach bunny’s eyes were wide with awe. That look was familiar to Dennis and never failed to put some extra starch in his pecker. With each beat of his heart his dick bobbed and grew.

The slut tried to wrap a hand around his shaft but she couldn’t encompass the whole thing. She wrapped her other hand around it as well and ran them up and down his length. He was quite hard now and his cock’s head was beginning to swell to its maximum size. Even if she had three hands, she wouldn’t have been able to cover the entire thing.

“How long is it?” she asked.

“Eleven inches” he answered. He squeezed his muscles to make it jump.

She pushed it upward against his body to stare at it from underneath. “My god, it’s bigger than my arm.” Dennis laughed at that. It wasn’t the first time he’d heard the comparison.

She pointed the head at her mouth and kissed and licked it. Dennis breathed deeply, enjoying the feeling of her small hands and hot tongue. She opened her mouth wide and tried to suck on its plum-like head. It didn’t seem like it was going to fit. She pulled away to stare at it again. “Oh god oh god oh god.”

“Think you can take it honey?” Dennis asked, smirking. Quite a few women had begged off once they saw his size but judging by the glazed look of her eyes and the swollen tips of her breasts, this chick was way too turned on to think about backing out.

So Dennis was more than a little disappointed when she said, “No, there’s no way I can take that.” She released his rod and lay back on the bed. She bent her legs and spread them wide while scooting her ass to the edge of the mattress. Her pussy down was brown, at odds with her bleached hair, but it was neatly trimmed. Her pink cunt lips protruded and were split open ever so slightly. As bold as anyone could hope for, the horny girl pinched a lip in each hand and spread herself open.

“There’s no way I can fit that in my mouth. But I want you to force as much of that monster as you can into my wet little pussy.”

Grinning, cock in hand, Dennis pressed himself to her damp folds. Both shivered at first contact. The entrance to her pussy had to stretch a lot to accommodate the bulbous head of his cock. The girl bit her lips and hissed. Dennis backed off. “God, don’t stop.” She said. Dennis began to push against her gently.

“No, no. It won’t work if you keep going easy like that.” she said. “Force it into me. I’ve got to have that beautiful thing in me.”

Those words were music to Dennis’s ears. He was a bit of a dog and certainly an adulterer but he thought of himself as at heart a nice guy. He considered being so well hung as something of a responsibility and always took care never to hurt the women he was with, even if that meant he had to go without.

Well, he never would hurt a woman unless that’s what she asked for. But when a chick came right out and asked for it like this, it was a hell of a thrill to put it to her.

He bent over her body, placing his hands on the bed near her shoulders. Adjusting his angle slightly to insure he was lined up, he let his weight carry him into her body.

The surfer girl hissed again and squirmed but at the same time she had her legs hooked behind his to hold herself in place. Her juicing cunt stretched and stretched and with a sudden slip, the head of his monster slid past her opening and started forcing its way up her channel.

“Oh fuck oh fuck. God, it’s in me. You’re so fucking big I can’t believe it.” She was panting now and suddenly sweating despite the room’s AC. Inch after inch slid into her body until he hit the limits of her previously unplumbed depths. He stopped when he felt resistance again. Still panting, she put her hands on his shoulders. “Just stay there for a minute. I just want to feel it inside me for a bit.”

Dennis did as she asked, taking a moment to brush his hand across her cheek and then pinched a nipple softly. “You did pretty good for a little thing.” He said.

She tried to lift her head and reached down to feel the joining of their bodies. “Are you all the way in?” she asked even as her hand could feel that he wasn’t.

He laughed. “No. There’s still almost four inches left.”

Her mouth hung open. “Holy fuck. Un-fucking-believable.” She looked scared for a moment and began shaking her head. “I can’t take the whole thing. Oh, god, please don’t try to make me.”

He shushed her gently, putting his fingers to her mouth. “No, no, don’t worry. I won’t give you any more than you can handle. I’m going to give you the fuck of your life but I won’t do anything to hurt you.”

“Fuck of my life, huh?” She asked, his reassurances rebuilding her confidence. “I suppose next you’re going to tell me that no other man will ever be able to satisfy me after this.”

He withdrew his cock part way and gave her a long, gentle stroke before answering. “Well, I do think you will always and for the rest of your life consider canlı kaçak iddaa me the best fuck ever. But most women seem to be able to get over it eventually and settle for distant second.”

“Wow, you don’t lack confidence, do you?” She said. But as he pressed into her deeply again a moment later she added, “Oh fuck. That feels so incredible. I guess you deserve to be a little cocky.”

He began pumping his hips slowly, insuring that each time he pressed into her he bottomed out but did not try to batter her innards. Some girls didn’t want him to even brush their limits. Others enjoyed a little firm pressure in there. A handful got off on being pummeled like a punching bag. His wife was one of the few women that could comfortably take his entire length and she did enjoy a good hard screw. Sandra was probably the woman most appreciative of his equipment but she always called a halt to their lovemaking after he’d come no more than twice. She often had a burning hunger in her eyes as if she wanted more (which he was certainly able to provide) but never pursued it.

This little beach slut seemed to like a little firm stretching.

“Oh wow, that feels incredible. I’m so god dammed full of cock I can’t believe it.” Her hands gripped the edge of the bed and she let her legs rise high and wide. “Hell, even if you did ruin me for other men I think this might be worth it.”

A minute later Dennis was running on all cylinders, smoothly putting it to the little surfer girl. She had loosened up just a bit and her juices were dribbling down the crack of her ass. She had started grunting in a strangely musical way each time he thrust into her and those grunts were getting louder. Suddenly she announced “I’m cumming.” And her legs locked around his ass and held him buried in her as her pussy muscles convulsed around his rod.

“Do it babe. Cream on my cock. You’re so fucking hot.”

Gasping for breath as her climax ebbed, the girl gushed, “I’ve never cum so fast or so hard before. You really are the best.” As she said this, she let her pussy muscles play with his cock. After a moment she asked, “Didn’t you cum?”

He shook his head. “Not yet.”

She smiled crookedly at him, her pussy still working him over. “But you’re close.”

He trembled, “God yes.”

“Cool.” She said, sliding out from beneath him and pulling herself off his cock. She yelped softly when his fat cock head stretched her pussy entrance again on the way out. She laughed. “Ha, serves me right for forgetting how fucking big you are for even a second.” She knelt on the side of the bed and nestled her head alongside his wet, throbbing erection. She almost cuddled with it as she ran her hands up and down its length. “I want to watch you cum.” She said and began licking along his shaft.

“You keep that up and you’ll get to see it and feel it and possibly even hear it go bang.” She giggled, running her lips all around the head. “Do you like the taste of your pussy?” He asked.

“Hmmm.” She said. “I love the taste of my pussy. I always have. I like to lick it off my fingers when I jerk off. I sometimes spend half the night masturbating.” She grinned evilly at him, reveling in the dirty talk.

“Here it comes.” he said through gritted teeth.

The girl had felt his trembling and knew what was coming. She aimed his cock full in her face, staring down it like the barrel of the gun. When it went off, the thick milky substance blasted across her nose and upper lip. It immediately began running into and past her mouth, reaching her chin by the time the second blast was launched from Dennis’s cannon. She had her mouth opened wide for this shot and caught the entire load in her mouth. Salvos three and four went directly into her mouth as well. Then she shifted his aim down to her chest. The shots were decreasing in size but numbers five through eight gave her enough hot lotion to begin rubbing it into her tits.

Dennis was puffing with exertion and took a step back as his cock was reduced to a little dribbling. He was proud of the load he’d delivered. His wife had drained him twice the previous night but his balls were highly efficient sperm factories.

The girl had a funny grin on her face. She let her teeth part slightly and cum began running down her chin and onto her chest. She moaned with contentment as the warm jizz covered her tits and ran down her belly. She made a show of swallowing the dregs left in her mouth and smacking her lips. “Guys just love it when I play with their sperm.” She said, smearing it all over her body.

“Damn girl, you really know how to party.”

She had a dreamy look on her face. “Okay, stud. Now for the most important question. Are you a one shot wonder or are we going to be able to keep this party going.”

“I bet a hot piece of ass like you is used to still being horny after fucking some poor schmuck into exhaustion.” He said.

The girl acted coy, twirling her fingers through her hair. “Well, I guess that maybe I do sometimes end up a bit disappointed.” Then she pouted dramatically. “Actually, just canlı kaçak bahis about every guy I’ve been with pooped out on me just as I was getting warmed up.”

The slut’s behavior had been so wanton that Dennis’s blood was still at a hard boil. Chicks that had fun with sex were such a turn on. “Well little girl, in case you hadn’t noticed, I’m still hard.”

“I did notice.” She said dreamily. “Are you honestly telling me that you’re already ready to go again?”

“Little girl, the only reason I haven’t already pinned you to the bed is because you keep talking.”

Figuring that she would enjoy a little mock roughness, he lifted her to the center of the bed and forced her hands above her head. Grasping them in his left hand, he used his right to guide his dick back toward her gaping pussy. “Enough talk.” He growled and he jammed himself into her, blasting past her tight outer ring but slowing before he hit her inner barrier.

“God yes, fuck the shit out of me. Finally, I found a real man.” Seeing no reason to keep her arms contained, he released her. She wrapped them around his neck and locked her legs around him. He fucked her with a variety of fast and slow strokes but was careful not to bottom out too roughly. For three or four minutes she moaned and squealed as he worked her pussy over. She came again, crying out this time before biting her lip. Her climax left her panting and shaking with excitement. Her hands squeezed and twisted her tits. Having cum once, Dennis was quite a ways away from orgasm and continued to fuck her soaking cunt.

“God, I think I could really get use to this. Dennis, could you hold on for a second?” He slowed and then stopped, his member pressed deeply into her. Three to four inches of shaft were still visible but this was still all she could take.

She bit her lip for a moment. “Okay, look, we both know this is a one-time thing and I’m never going to see this horse dick again. You’re being a decent guy and trying not to hurt me with it and that’s great. You’ve already gotten me to cum better and faster than ever in my life.”

He grinned cockily at her and wiggled his hips, making her giggled. “So anyway,” she continued, “I was just thinking that it would be a shame for me to waste this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see what it would be like if you weren’t being so decent.”

He looked at her questioningly. “What do you mean?”

“I want you to pound it into me. I want to find out how much I can really take and if it hurts as much as I think it probably will or whether maybe it’s something I can get to like.”

He wanted to make sure there were no misunderstandings. “You want me to fuck you hard and deep? Bottom out hard and everything? Most women say that feels like being punched in the gut.”

“Right, but I’ll bet you’ve come across a snatch or two that gets off on it.” She said questioningly.

He sighed. “Yeah, there’ve been a few. Some women, not many, are deep enough to take my entire cock… they of course like it. But there have even been a few shallower women like you who end up cumming their tits off when I pummel them.” He was shaking his head as he said this though, “But most women really hate it.” Dennis found himself thinking of his wife. God what a fuck she’d be if she were a little more fun-loving about it.

The girl smiled at him and made a show of settling herself back onto the bed and into position. He sighed. “Okay, you asked for it.” He knelt between her legs and lifted them high, angling her ass for maximum penetration. He withdrew until his head was pulling at the folds of her pussy lips and then shoved himself home, striking her innards hard.

The girl grunted deeply and her hands went to her gut. Dennis stroked outward and delivered another blow. Her eyes were closed and there was a half-puzzled, half sick expression of her face. But she said, “Don’t stop.”

Dennis stuck it to her maybe ten times in rapid succession, ultimately sinking an additional inch or two of his cock into her hot cavern. She was moaning constantly, grunting and coughing with each impact. Finally she said “Stop, oh god, stop. It hurts.” He did as she asked but kept himself pressed deeply into her. There was now only two inches of his shaft showing beyond her lips.

The bleach blond was trying to catch her breath. She swallowed hard several time. “Jeeze,” she finally said. “I almost threw up.”

Dennis sighed and let up on the pressure against her pussy without really withdrawing at all. “You wouldn’t have been the first.”

She started pushing at him. “Get off, I need a minute.” Dennis did so reluctantly. He lay down on the bed beside her. Breathing deeply, she ran her hand through his soft, curly chest hair and then patted him. “Don’t worry, we’ll finish. I just need to let my gut settle.”

They lay quietly next to each other for about five minutes. She traced her fingers along his chest and flat, faintly defined stomach. He returned the favor, tickling her belly-button and softly pulling on her nipples. When she reached down to cup his big harry balls while kissing him deeply, he slipped a finger down her drooling slit while palming her hard little clit. With a moaning sigh, the girl turned her body and straddled him. She wrapped both hands around his cock and begun sucking its tip.

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