Unforgettable Sexual Encounter Ch. 03

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Chapter 1

Part 3.

Sex on the Beach.

Two fingers, the thumb and the pointing of my left hand were working hard, rolling the hard nipple of the right breast. Both nipples were erect and hard. A light moan left Joan’s closed lips. Her eyes were closed, her legs wide open. I was sitting between them concentrating on what I was doing, playing with her nipples. I moved my right hand very slowly over her stomach, massaging her smooth skin down to her navel. The hardness between my legs was evident of the sexual energy flowing between us. She did not make any moves. Just laid there enjoying the procedures, which without doubt were sending her in the higher heavens. My hand continued moving slowly until it rested on her pubic bone. While keeping my fingers away from her clit I continued massaging her pubic bone as also rolling her breast nipple. Light moans kept escaping from her hot wet lips..

After continuing for a few more minutes I borrowed a bottle of baby oil which Joan had in her make up kit and poured some over the pubic area. Then, slowly started spreading it all around the vaginal area from over the pubic bone, the clitoris, vaginal area hitting even the wet insides between the lips and last but not least the anal area, making sure that the rosebud was well oiled. I started the massage with her pubic bone, and then slowly moved my fingers towards the inner thigh, avoiding the clitoral area where with my middle two fingers I gave her a long massage. My fingers moved from near the pubic bone down on the area between the thick pouty lip and the thigh to the perineum. I took my time to make sure that the area is getting relaxed and the right signals moving through the local blood stream. Then changed from the right thigh to the left. Her eyes remained closed, her breathing continued as instructed. Sometimes she moaned. Other times extended the opening of her legs.

My left hand moved down slowly over her body. My right started working on the outer lip and between my thumb and pointing finger, along moved her beautiful left pussy lip. In her breathing I heard the first high moan coming from her mouth. My left hand moved, the pointing finger started massaging the baby oil along the rim of her rosebud. While still massaging the pussy lips with my right hand, my left hand continued massaging the rim around her back hole very slowly sending light shivers of pleasure through, while getting closer to the epicenter. Changing from the left lip to the right, the work continued. The more my fingers moved along the thick outer lip the more the body movements increased. Joan started to move a little bit as the blood started to boil and move fast through the veins in her body. The red hot Chakra situated between her legs started burning with the multiplication of sexual energy. At that point I put a little pressure on her rosebud until the end of my finger illegal bahis started biting enough to get a feeling from the end muscle.

Finishing the lips massage I started feeling around her slit moving the oil as close as possible without touching the clit. My pointing finger moved up and down through her wet slit sometimes pressing against the left lip, then against the right lip. The oil and her wetness made it much easier. It just skids along, always trying to avoid touching her explosive button, mostly hidden under a beautiful structured canopy. Occasionally I played with the opening of her vagina, just moved my finger along the ring of the opening without intruding further. The feeling of shocks were obvious when certain areas were touched. The up and down movement sent also signals to my hard cock especially when her pee hole and her vaginal opening where felt. My eyes were concentrated on hers’ watching for signals which came out on her face, her movements and the moans that escaped her sweet lips. This continued for about two minutes when I took between my thumb and forefinger her now erect clit. Up and down along her quiet long little penis covered by an elegant canopy I massaged the oil.

The ass muscle started contracting, giving me indications that the first eruption was in the offing. The moans continued to increase as also the anal contractions. I pressed my finger a bit harder against her rosebud, just enough for her sphincter to stretch a little and held it there. She seemed to like it. Moans of pleasure increased as also the body movements. Sometimes her whole body shook with pleasure as I pushed the finger deeper.

At some points in time she tried to remove my fingers from the clitoral area as the huge eruptions took place, ‘Oh Sam! Ohh Saamm! That’s fantastic.’ As the anal muscles tightened against my finger I pushed further. It just popped in through her sphincter. Her legs tried to close against my legs, but because I was sitting between her open legs I made sure that my legs will restrict any chance of her closing them during a strong eruption. I continued massaging her clit, up and down, sometimes stopping on the center point, putting more pressure and feeling the results from my finger in her ass. ‘Ohhhhh! Sam I’m cumming, again … Ooohhhh!’ She tried to close her legs, tried to stop my fingers doing the hard work on her clit. Her anal muscle was opening and closing trying to cut my finger in two. I kept going, I didn’t stop, just wanted to build up more sexual energy within her body. Her orgasms continued mounting up the scale until I decided that it was enough for the time. On the other hand my prick was as hard as a piece of steel, there between my legs pointing directly at her already wet pussy.

I looked at her beautiful black eyes, focused on my face. ‘How do you like it?’ I asked.

‘Oh Sam, that’s incredible. illegal bahis siteleri I never experienced such an astonishing orgasm. It was long and strong. I could not take it in one go. Please be easier next time.’ she answered.

‘I must say your going to experience more concentrated ones that that.’ I continued moving my forefinger up and down her inner slit, in the valley of love. I stopped my finger for a few seconds on her vaginal hole, then moved it slowly and stopped on her pee hole, then up through the wetness to her clit. At every stage I stopped for a few seconds. Then down the valley again and up again until I very slowly pushed inside her vagina very, very slowly massaging the inside, first the roof of her love duct. Out again, very, very slowly and in again. I did this about a dozen times. Then I started turning it from left to right and from right to left all the time massaging the walls of her erupting Venus, feeling the inner structure the way it was finished. Feeling the softness of some area and the hard muscles of others, especially the roof where it’s connected to the clitoris.

Her ass hole started opening and closing, sucking my finger further in. Sometimes the two fingers were meeting each other with only, the thin membrane separating the wall of her cunt and her anal duct. I massaged the fingers together pulling them out and inserting them again at the same time. Always using the slow method of penetration, increasing the friction inside the tight holes and improve on the flow of energy. The indications I was getting were that her next orgasm was closing in. Her anal muscles and her legs were showing signs of a stronger eruption. I stopped my finger deep inside her ass hole while my other finger continued massaging the inside wall of her vagina. She was very wet and her juices had continued flowing. Her moans increased and her breathing getting quicker and quicker. Her hands were on my hand trying to stop me but I kept insisting that I will give her the strongest eruption of her life.

‘Ooohhh Saamm… please stop.’ Her anal muscle contracted strongly, her body started shaking, her legs pressing against mine, while my manhood increased in size and hardness. I was more than ready to penetrate but I wanted her to enjoy a series of long, memorable orgasms. At that stage I found her G-Spot which with my finger pointing upwards, started moving backwards and forward, brushing the palm of my finger against the rugged area, inside. As my thumb hit her clitoris from the outside, she erupted, again and again in a series of heavenly orgasms. ‘Oooohhhhh Sssaamm that’s great. Please Sam… give me a rest…..’

I continued with my hands working both inside and outside. Her body was shaking like an island in an earthquake. I pressed my finger against her clit and herewith she started shouting, trying to close her legs, tightening canlı bahis siteleri her anal muscle and pushing my hand away from her pussy.

Immediately Sandra entered the cave asking what’s happening. She looked really beautiful, her naked body, so well looked after, from head to foot was adorable. Joan’s body was still going through the strong contractions and with my concentration my hands did not stop what they were doing. I did not answer. But she knew exactly when she saw her legs jammed wide open and my fingers of both hands deep within the holes. She just looked in awe, then laid down next to Joan and stared kissing her, first on her cheeks and then on her lips. This sent more shivers of pleasured through her body. More eruptions of pleasure erupted some of them stronger, others not so. Sandra’s mouth moved down to her breasts. She took the closest nipple in her mouth while she started massaging the other.

Joan could not stop shouting. It was great being alone as we could have got a great audience. I was encouraged to continue. My hardness was at its’ peak. At times I was scared it will blow. But I managed to control. I just wished I will pull my fingers away and just push my little brother straight inside her wet hot pussy. I continued to resist. I was very happy enjoying the whole scenario. Watching Joan enjoying something she never enjoyed, a yoni massage was an incredible experience. A yoni massage could not only send any lady through incredible heights of pleasure but it’s greatly enjoyed by the giver through the flow of sexual energy. Most of it, is encountered through the movements of the sphincter passing energy through the finger sending shivers of pleasure. In this way, through my finger embedded in her anal tube I could feel the stage and strength of pleasure she would be going through. The satisfaction of controlling the sexual energy, flowing through the body of a human being is an ultimate moment. Since I have learnt the ropes of such a beautiful act, I have enjoyed precious moments, moments of great pleasure and satisfaction. I felt sexual energy flowing through my body to her body.

Followed by fantastic endings, at times gave what was the ultimate in making love. The real pleasure, when the flow passes not from fingers but from the male and female organs. The ultimate connections of the male and female into one body the multiple orgasms the couple enjoyed. They become so strong that they be totally entwined together, enjoying the total fullness of love, the beauty of two people totally lost in the pleasures of the flesh, sending total energy through their chakras until the ultimate moment when after reaching the highest point, they relax and slowly comes back to their normal life more then fully satisfied.

I stopped my movements and let her enjoy the series of delightful orgasms she was encountering until the time, the shaking and the moaning stopped. With my fingers still inside her orifices, I felt her relax. I pulled them out slowly, then moved on top of her, my cock touching her very wet slit and my mouth found hers.


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