Unexpected Homecumming

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After being on the road for a week, I was finally on the plane home. All week and even during this day flight, I dreamed of getting back to my wife’s arms, feeling the tightness of embrace, the smoothness of her skin. The dreams were so real, I could feel the warmth of her body, the touch of her skin on my skin and the smell of her hair. This all led to eventual sexual teasing through touches – but it was still only a dream.

The trip home from the airport was longer than desired with rush hour traffic at its height. My wife was kind enough to pick me up since it was mid-week, but soon regretted it when we entered the throng of cars commonly called traffic, but really just the proving grounds for Survivor. Although all commuters are looking to get home in a timely and safe manner, the competitive urges take over to create a game of survival with cars and SUV’s as the weapons. The bigger the vehicle, the more aggressive the driver. Safety in size.

Needless to say, after an hour of this real life game of survivor, the hopes of having a joyous, sexual reunion were gone in the first 15 minutes of leaving the airport. Not that the odds of having sex in the middle of the week were certain, but the odds improved greatly after being gone for a week. Alas, hope no more – traffic killed the mood for this night. Our busy lives killed our desires for sex for the next few days.

Finally, the weekend came. A far longer week than the calendar showed. Since we are empty nesters, the home was vacant of any guests or occupants aside from us. The weekend errands were handled expeditiously giving us the full afternoon to enjoy each other. Cracking open the wine and beer after lunch, we were finally ready to unwind and get ready to enjoy ourselves – as a couple. After completing a couple of glasses of wine / beers, we finished our conversations recounting our week apart and my wife made a move to go to the shower.

While my wife was in the shower, I ran downstairs to set the stage. All week my desire to take my wife on the top of our dining room table kept coming to my dreams. So I acted to make this a reality. Placing towels nearby, I also placed her favorite dildo along with sex gel for smooth insertions. The anticipation of what was to come, gave rise to a raging hard on that was ready for my wife. I then ran back into the bathroom to place an outfit in the bathroom for her to put on after her shower – a tight fitting dress that accentuated the tantalizing curves of her body and clung seductively to her breasts to show the perfect globes. That was it for her outfit. No under garments as they would slow things down and mask her assets. Not to be one sided, I donned silk boxers since I had already showered. I then ran downstairs to await for the realization of my dreams.

A few minutes later, my wife came down, dressed in the garments I laid out. The dress was thin enough to show her nipples protruding further than any other time that I can remember. Those beautiful orbs needed rubbing. Coming up from behind, I softly kissed her neck and firmly rubbed her tits. While massaging her tits, I gently pinched her nipples each time. For every occasion that I did this, my wife groaned sounds of pleasure. To increase the body contact while rubbing her breast, I pulled up tight against her, pushing my hard cock against her ass. She pushed back, rubbing her ass up and down occasionally catching my cock in a little deeper in her crack. Even though I was still in my silk boxers, the feeling of her grinding and the silken material made me ready to cum.

Soon my boxers were off – I could not wait any kızılay escort longer. I started to stroke my cock, feeling the firm rigidness of my cock in my hands pulsing with every heartbeat. This brought me to the brink of cumming. But I stopped stroking my cock to hold off this feeling of pleasure for a bit longer. My wife saw me stop and came over to tease my cock further with a few firm strokes of her own. This encouraged pre-cum from its tip. My wife tugged me a few more times to urge even more pre-cum out of my cock and then rolled the pre-cum over her fingers. Then she slid her fingers into my mouth so she could feed the pre-cum to me. This sweet tasting fluid was magic in my mouth. Not only was this the first time she ever did this, it was also the first time I tasted my own pre-cum. Sounds strange, but true. Typically my wife viewed this act of eating cum as gross, unhealthy, and something to avoid. She was clearly moving into unchartered territory. Her sexual tensions must be high…enough to remove some of her sexual inhibitions.

I now removed her dress for full, unencumbered access to her naked body. As the dress was gently falling off her body to the floor, we went to full embrace, running our hands across each other’s body. Pressing our bodies in full embrace, kissing passionately the whole time, we both were moving to a frenzied state of sexual arousal. More pre-cum squeezed out onto my wife’s belly and mine. We broke long enough for my wife to stroke my cock a couple of times to coax out the remaining pre-cum. This time, there was enough to leave drops of pre-cum on her fingers. Watching her rubbing her fingers together, she seemed to be mesmerized by the feel and the texture. Then ever so slowly, she reached up to my mouth to put them in again! She then moved to kiss me deeply with her pre-cum fingers still in my mouth, sharing in the taste of the sweetness of my pre-sum. This increased the moistness of her cunt as she seemed to have wetness dripping down her thigh. As I rubbed her wet pussy, my wife was shuttering with anticipation. However, she then stepped away from me.

My wife moved a step away and then bent down to start giving me a blow job. She sucked my cock hard, sliding her mouth to the base of my cock. She sensuously flicked her tongue on my pole as she came to the top. While doing this, she had one hand wrapped around my leg to hold me firmly in place. This was getting too much. My legs felt weak, barely able to hold me up. With the hand that was wrapped around my leg, she released her grip and slid it towards my ass. She knew from prior sessions, having her tease my ass was something I loved. As I moaned words of encouragement to her, she started to massage and to tease my ass hole. This was getting to be too much. I could feel cum rising in my balls. Sensing this, she stopped.

When she broke the suction on my cock, I showed my wife the dildo and lubricant that I brought down. I suggested she lube the dildo well and use it to help us along. A somewhat perplexed look, followed by a devilish look came over her. She then asked if I meant for use herself or on me…. Originally, I was thinking that she would use it on herself. But now with the sexual tensions so high, why not let her give it to me? So I said “Whatever you want is fine with me.” With that, my wife grabbed the dildo and lubed it up – but never answered what she was going to do with it.

The hope of my wife fully penetrating me anally has long been a fantasy of mine. We never talked about this hidden desire, but it was always there for me. Whenever that she touched kolej escort my ass, I moaned encouragement, hoping that she would go further. Occasionally my wife would tease my anus while giving me a blowjob or even when fucking her. However, she never penetrated me fully. Would this teasing be it for tonight or will she go further? My cock bounced in anticipation of something highly sexual – whatever happened. With the dildo in hand, my wife came closer to hug me tightly and kiss me. Breaking from our kiss, she firmly pushed me toward the sofa with a knowing and controlling grin. Once there she continued kissing me and gently brushed her tits across my chest and her hand across my cock. Then she quickly reached around with her left hand to spread my ass cheeks and pushed the dildo up my ass with her right hand. Although this was not a good angle, I lowered myself to give her better access to my hole. Somehow, she was able to find my anus and get an inch or two in. This stretched my anus with a bit of a sting, but it strangely felt amazing. Although we were never quite sure how this happened, I ended up on the sofa, face down with my wife behind me, pushing the dildo further into my ass. The feeling was like nothing I had felt before. It sent shivers up my spine and pushed more pre-cum out, urging a full orgasm – but not letting it out. The pressures were intense to let myself cum. But I wanted to wait for my wife and also enjoy the realization of a dream. Gently pushing the dildo in and out, she was able to reach a bit deeper until the 6 incher was fully impaled in my ass. Then she started stroking me. Each thrust in, I let out a guttural moan – almost an animal grunt. I had to make her stop pushing it in so I could enjoy the dildo more. It had reached my prostate and started to give me an orgasm that I had only read about where the prostate orgasm is intense, but different. Cum dribbled out of my cock ever so consistently from the pressure on my prostate. As I caught it with my hand, my wife grabbed some in her hand as well and fed it to me. Without hesitation, I lapped it up willfully, tasting my own white, creamy cum for the first time. A tremendously erotic moment. The dildo effortlessly slipped out of my ass, giving me another surge of satisfaction.

The heat of the moment was so strong that my erection came back – just as strong as before if not stronger. Now it was time for my wife. As I pushed her back to the table that had the towels, I lifter her up onto it so she laid down on her back. Her clit was swollen and cunt dripping with juice. The aroma and swollen flower was too much for me – so I went right for it and licked her intensely, slipping my tongue into her cunt while rubbing her clit with one free hand. As she writhed in pleasure, moaning loudly, I reached over to the lube some gel on my fingers. Never taking my mouth off her this whole time, I then rubbed my lubed hand over her anus. Gently massaging it. She moaned even louder – vocalizing a “oh god” from her lips. Clearly this was adding to the pleasure factor for my wife. As I continued to rub her clit with my left and ass with my right, the moans continued, in synch with each touch of her anus.

Adding a bit more lube to my finger, I held my middle finger poised near her anus, but not entering it. As I licked her pussy, she slid down towards me. Not moving my lubed finger, this resulted in a gentle penetration into her ass – maybe 1/2 inch. The moan almost became a scream of joy with that penetration. Felling bolder now, I gently slid my middle finger further into her ass up to my 2nd knuckle. ankara escort As I did this, she was having a tremendous orgasm, screaming sounds of unintelligible satisfaction. Each time she screamed she seemed to be having an orgasm as I felt her anus involuntarily convulse around my finger. This was the first time that I ever penetrated her as with my finger – but clearly one to repeat.

Withdrawing my finger as she came down from her orgasm, I pulled her waist to the edge of the table to gain better access to her with my dick. Despite the earlier orgasms, my dick was hard again and needed to be inside my wife. Standing up, I thrust my cock into her waiting wet pussy. With varying depths and rhythm, my wife was nearing another orgasm. She reached down to massage her clit and reached another orgasm. This was too much for me. I came in my wife’s pussy while she was having her own orgasm. Rubbing her clit at an intense rate, her orgasm went on well after I had finished cumming – maybe a good minute after I had finished cumming, my wife completed her orgasm. We struggled to hug after we both came because we were still on the table. As my wife sat up to hug me, she pushed my cock and some cum out of her pussy onto the table.

My semi-flaccid cock was coated in cum and overly sensitive, making me wish I could give her more. As my wife falls back on the table in relief, she breathes a sigh of contentment. Although she came several times, her clit was still engorged. As my cum covered semi-flaccid cock rubbed against it, my wife reacted to the touch. She reached down to grasp my cock, but really went down to rub her clit more. Not being able to stand by as an observer, I went down on her cum soaked pussy to give it more oral attention. As my tongue competed with her hand, my wife had another short, quick orgasm while I got a mouth full of my own cum. As the orgasm subsided, I climbed up with my cum covered lips to plant a full kiss on my wife’s mouth. This would have never happened previously, but this time it was fully permissible and even encouraged. We deeply and passionately kissed to the point of making out. As we relaxed in each others arms, we recounted the events that transpired and committed to doing this more often as well as to open up more of our own desires so we could maximize our newly found sexual freedoms.

My wife concluded that her only regret was that we did not record the events so we could relive them when we were apart. She said that had I been smart, I would have placed the GoPro on the table across from the dining table. Just hitting start as my wife came down would have captured enough to make it erotic. I said I wish I had done that as well.

Once we broke from our hugging and my wife went to clean up, I thought about what she said and wished we had taped it for reliving on my next trip. As I was thinking about this, I realized that we may actually have taped it! We installed surveillance cameras in the house for security reasons and a feeling of safety for my wife when I travelled. We had gone away for a long weekend and I changed the taping schedule. This included Saturday and Sunday daytime hours. Looking back, I could not remember if I had changed it back…which means that we may have taped our sex session in the dining room.

Although still enjoying the session we just completed, I went to the office to look at the computer that managed the cameras. Pulling up the camera schedule, I saw that I had NOT changed it! So we had a video of our sex filled afternoon. Scrolling through some of the data collected, I found our naked bodies writhing in the dining room and on the sofa. I could hear my wife finish cleaning up and getting clothes on. So I closed down the program for now. Editing would take a while, but surely it would be a fun chore. A well concealed file for later would be there for each to watch next time we are apart.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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