Two Wives Share a Fantasy

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The ladies were having lunch at a downtown bistro, dressed up as if they worked in the corporate offices around them, laughing and enjoying their wine. They had been best friends since high school and even attended the same college. Both had gotten knocked up in their senior year and delivered beautiful baby girls. Now 17 years later their daughters were about to head off to college in the mother’s footsteps the coming fall. While they were happy with the way their lives had turned out, as they approached 40 years old they each had wondered what it would have been like if they hadn’t gotten pregnant and had completed their degrees.

Karen fantasized that she would have lived an artistic life as a painter/writer. She would have been touring the world and taking a new lover every year or so. Exploring the full taste of the Bohemian life.

While Jill yearned for a Corporate life style as some high powered executive. Wearing $600 Evan Picone power suits and 4″ stiletto heels, ordering men around in the boardroom and dominating them in the bedroom. Both ladies had a hidden repressed sexuality that hadn’t been explored since they had married their high school sweethearts. Each one had only had one lover and never been with another man.

It was probably the third wine that had loosened Karen’s tongue when she confessed that she and her husband had been doing a little fantasy role playing lately. She had told him about Jill’s fantasy about dominating a man while she wore her power suit and heels. And he had gotten turned on. So Karen had persuaded him to meet her at a hotel downtown and then wore one of her daughter’s College Interview suits and 4″ heels when she went over to the bar to meet him. Then she illegal bahis confessed that when she got there she introduced herself as “Jill”. She had a premonition that it wasn’t just the fantasy but that it was Jill’s fantasy that had him so hot. Jill, you know he’s always had the hot’s for you sweetie!”

Jill flushed both in embarrassment but also at the thought of him getting turned on about her fantasy. She’d felt him checking her out occasionally and if she was honest had let him see a little more than she should have. “Karen!”

“Jill it’s OK we only are only pretending. He enjoys calling me Jill and pretending I’m you and I get fucked harder than I have been in 10 years! God it’s so damn gooood!”

“Oh my God! How long have you been doing this? Have all of us been together since you started?”

” 6 month’s, and last week when we all went to the play together was the best by far. I think having you right there next to me must have had him hotter than a firecracker! He was feeling me up all night long. And when we got home I pushed him down on the floor and fucked him in the hallway. He loved every moment of it!”

“My God! That sounds so hot, I always wanted to do that!”

“Well! That’s why I told you to meet me here and get all dressed up! This is your chance. He asked if I thought you’d like to role play as well and I told him I’d convince you to do it. Here is the key to suite 1127 upstairs. He will be joining you in 5 minutes after i leave. If you want to fulfill your fantasy he’s yours until 3:00. Then I get him back!” Karen leaned over and kissed her friend on the mouth and said “Fuck yourself silly honey!” and then she got up and left.

Jill sat there thunderstruck for a full illegal bahis siteleri minute trying to decipher what had just happened. She took a gulp of her wine and was still sitting there when Karen’s Husband approached, wearing a business suit and smiling.

“Jill the office called and said I needed to get down her right away. Is there something you need from me, miss?”

She finished her wine and slipped into her fantasy in an instant. “Why yes there is. Come with me, now!” And she confidently walked to the elevator. “11th floor please.”

Once off the elevator she strode down the hall leading ahead of him. Not even looking to see if he had followed her into the room she pointed to the chair and told him to take of his jacket and leave it there. Then undoing her jacket she lay it on the couch and sat down. As her heart began to race and her breath quickened she pointed at the bed and told him to sit there. Watching him for a moment she deliberately uncrossed her legs, knowing that the skirt was half way up her thigh and that he was the first man ever to see her expose herself like this.

She watched him for a moment as she idly stroked her thigh and then told him to take off his shirt and tie. While she watched him remove them and then his shoes and pants she could feel the molten heat inside herself building. She stood up and walked over to stand in front of him. He started to reach up for her as she pushed his hands away. ‘”I didn’t tell you to do that did I!” Not even a question just a statement of control. “Take of your boxers and socks as well”. With his raging hard standing straight up she reached down and wrapped her small hand almost totally around it. Giving it a squeeze and canlı bahis siteleri pull she said, “Well I guess it will have to do.”

She stepped back and undid her blouse and skirt. Stepping back closer to him she unhooked her bra and slid off her thong panties. She pushed him back on the bed and told him “I don’t have a lot of time, I have an important meeting at 3:00 so you’ll have to let me fuck you now.” With that she straddled him and lowered her pussy onto this mouth. His left hand slid up to her nipple and began cupping it and his other hand spread her pussy to allow his tongue full penetration. As he licked her she reached back and grasped his engorged cock firmly in her hand. She began to shudder almost immediately. After a few minutes she slid back on his body and raised her hips to allow his cock entry into her pussy. She started rising up and lowering her slowly down his thick cock and then began moving more quickly. She was in total control and she’d fuck like she wanted to. She leaned down and kissed him for the first time, tasting her own juices on his lips. As she came she arched her back and he moaned her name “Jill, Jill I’m coming!!! Aggggh.” As she felt his hot cum filling her she came again. This wasn’t like her but it felt so good.

She rolled them both over and told him to “Fuck me hard! Harder, Harder.” After he came a second time and she had her third orgasm she told him get down there and clean my pussy. I have a meeting a little while and I don’t want your cum running down my leg while I’m talking to the board. This time she screamed as she came. An unending series of bodily contractions each one more powerful than the last pulled her deeper into her lust.

She lay there gasping for a couple of minutes then calmly got up put her clothes back on and said “Good , next week same time.” She left the room and passed Karen coming down the hall. They smiled at each other, Jill saying “I think I have him ready for you, honey!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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