Two Friends With Tension

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Thalia leaned back in her chair deeply, taking another slow sip of red wine. She looked straight ahead at the miniature christmas tree and the lights they had just put up together, knowing he was looking at her. That made her feel powerful. She kept cool and expressionless. She knew that was how she would stay in control, though she did wonder about him. Why hadn’t he ever made a move on her? All this complaining about his girlfriend, all of her hints, all of their texts about masturbating. They talked about sex together more than either of them did with others. She decided to have a little fun, maybe lubricated by her wine. He was weak, she had always known this. Didn’t she have needs too? Was it her problem if he acted dishonestly? He’s a free adult, if he decides to cheat, that wasn’t her problem.

“You know,” she started, knowing this would go exactly where she wanted it to. “If you were in an open relationship, we could fuck.” She looked over at him, and saw his stunned and pained look. She met his gaze and saw him glance at her chest, covered only by a thin black curve-clinging tank. Her breasts were small, especially on her tall and slim frame, but still pert, round, bouncy, and firm, like little oranges. She never wore a bra and was proud of that. The discomfort, the extra step to undress. No thanks. Her tits just stayed up and she liked that what you saw with her was what you got.

She twirled her pink hair idly, and reached for her wine glass, letting the silence torture him. She felt just a slight pang of guilt but it vanished as soon as he spoke.

“Whaaaat. You cannot say that to me.” His voice was laced with torment and dramatized agony, and his heels pushed against the couch cushion for added effect. Thalia tried not to smile at this, but inwardly felt victorious.

“Wwwwwhy not?” Her voice rose, feigning innocence.

“You’re like, killing me.”

“How…” she continued, amused. She watched his hand adjust his black jeans just below his stomach, bunched at the knee but tapered and tight elsewhere. She let her eyes glance upward at his arms. For a super thin guy, Aaron’s arms were meaty by comparison. You could clearly see the outline of his illegal bahis shoulder, as if he were wearing some kind of pad. She’d always liked his shoulders. His tight black knit shirt wasn’t hurting either. Every contour of his chest was visible. He always dressed that way, or at least seemed to whenever they hung out. She liked to imagine he was showing off for her.

“You can NOT say that to me. It’s the worst…” Aaron insisted, playfully. This seemed to be as far as he could go, and maybe hoped that if he doth protested too much, she would make the move for him. He was teetering at the cliff’s edge of violating his relationship and just couldn’t jump. He wanted her to push him over so he could blame her in his mind.

“Well, I mean, I’ve thought about it before. Like when we were at Emily’s in that kiddie pool together.”

“You thought about me then?”

“Well, yeah.” She said it matter of factly.

“So… why didn’t anything happen? God this is fucking killing me.” He remembered sitting opposite her in Emily’s backyard, just the two of them, and stealing glances of her breasts barely contained in a frilly bikini.

“Um. You had a girlfriend Aaron. I wasn’t going to do anything with that.”

He made some sort of pathetic groaning noise. “I just cannot believe this.”

She looked over at him, and he was smiling and writhing at the same time. “I mean, we could have a threesome. I’d do that with you.” She decided to up the ante just a tad.

He covered his face with a tense hand, pulling on his skin and digging in. “We could? Really?” He moaned a bit.

“Yeah, if you were in an open relationship. I mean, I’ve alllllways loved red-heads. Like that would be so fun. And blondes.”

“God, me too…” he said, with strained vocal fry.

“Well… just be in an open relationship….” Thalia loved how much this affected him. It made her feel sexy and powerful, especially after her ex had stopped fucking her for the remaining 3 months of their relationship. Ever since that breakup she was quietly insecure, and unwilling to date others. Not that other offers hadn’t come in. She posted thirst trap shots on instagram pretty much daily, with faux-innocence illegal bahis siteleri to bait all her desperate male friends. A selfie of her in a full-length mirror, wearing a bikini, with the caption “hot and proud.” Another of her chest in a mirror, saying “have a good day.” Then the DMs would come through and she’d just shrug while quietly loving the attention.

Aaron covered his eyes and groaned again. “I wish you hadn’t told me that,” he said, smiling. She knew he didn’t mean a word of that, and she knew he was trying to find a way to justify his want for her. She waited and drank her wine, grinning to herself.

“Welp…” she looked over at him, shrugging.

“I mean, fuck…” he twisted his body to look at her. “I always thought it was just me, like, ALWAYS.”

“Oh. Um, no.” She was stark and matter of fact. She felt in charge and it was exhilarating. She could do anything she wanted. She could stop this anytime. She could push it as far as she wanted.

He laid back and stared at the ceiling. “Jesus.”

“Yeah.” She looked at her toes, painted a deep pink. They matched her sweatpants.

Silence for a few moments. The distance between the couch where he lay and her lounge chair felt like a chasm bridged by a taut wire of desire.

“You know…” he started, pausing to sip his wine for a jolt of courage. “We could do, like, a test run. Juuuuuust to see how that would be.” He craned his neck and glanced over at her.

“No, we can’t do that.” She didn’t expect this. Did he think he could just have her? Definitely not. Nice try though.

“Okay, fine….” Thalia was amazed how quickly he gave up. “Can I have some of your wine?”

She handed him the glass, reaching lazily toward him.

He took a slow sip and paused to look at her. “Just so you know, i only share drinks with people if I want to kiss them.”

“I mean, I could just come over there…” She doubted it would continue but decided to call his bluff.

He turned again to look at her. “Okay, so do it.”

She was stunned. Now it was real. She wasn’t about to stop. She wanted this. It wasn’t her responsibility to stop him.

“Okay, so I’m really canlı bahis siteleri gonna do it…” she gave him one last chance to stop it. He kept his gaze fixed.

She got up from the chair, adjusting her pink sweatpants to sit better on her slender hips. She walked over to the couch and climbed on to him, slowly, cat-like. She crawled up and leaned in confidently, closing her eyes gently and preparing herself.

Her lips, pillow soft, met his, and she kissed him deeply, putting her hands on his face and pulling herself toward him. She wanted to prove, instantly, that she would be better than he’d had before. She felt his hand cupping her ass and felt suddenly electrified, like someone sparked her spine. His hands squeezed and caressed, moving up to her back and settling on her hips, pulling her down to his thrusting pelvis.

She felt a stiff bulge, and remembered the time they had gone to a nude beach together. She hadn’t forgotten his penis, impressively large and pretty even when not erect. She lightly ground her crotch into his, wanting to feel it but unsure how far it should go. Their lips continued to connect and move together, tongues ribboned around each other like dancing snakes.

She pulled away after a few minutes, knowing this was just a free sample. He couldn’t just have it all. She sat up and grinned at him. His face told her she had succeeded. She was surprised though how much this had turned her on, and she suddenly realized she didn’t want to stop.

“Um, wow…” he stared at her with a hungry look she’d never seen on him. She quickly glanced down and saw the bulge had grown, and he was thrusting upward even while resting on the couch.

“Yeah….” she said softly.

“That was pretty amazing.”

“Yeah,” she said again. She met his gaze this time. She wanted him and couldn’t keep up her power game.

“Do we need another test? I think we do, maybe.”

She smiled unexpectedly, and honestly. “We really shouldn’t.”

“Nahhhh, I think we should.” He put his hand on hers and she felt a chill on her neck at his touch.

She felt intense desire and couldn’t resist. “Fine, okay… but I think we need to go in my room this time.”

Aaron felt a rush of excitement at this suggestion. His heart pounded so fiercely he worried she’d hear it. He had fantasized about her for nearly a decade and couldn’t believe this was happening.

…to be continued….

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