Twin Cities Tryst Ch. 02

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Chapter 2 – Champagne Dreams

When I stirred and began to wake, I felt the warmth of Janie pressed into me. We had fallen asleep holding one another and it was a wonderful sensation. She hummed and stirred as well, finally stretching her body and then leaning down onto me, her arm resting on my chest and her chin on her arm. She smiled at me, still not fully awake but clearly pleased to see me.

“Hey, beautiful,” I said, keeping my arm around her. “Sleep well?”

“Like a baby,” she replied, nodding. “Which weird, considering I had a naked man in bed with me.”

I gently pulled her up to me and our lips met in a deep, loving kiss. Her soft, naked form felt so amazing pressed to mine. Tongues slid and tangled around one another gently and she hummed into my mouth. She slowly crawled on top of me, allowing me to put both arms around her and hold her close. Her warm pussy nestled down against my cock and I felt him stir slowly.

“Mmmm, hello,” she giggled as she felt him come to life and gave a little squirm against him. “Looks like you’re not the only one who’s happy to see me this morning.”

“I think I speak for us both when I say I’m beyond delighted.” I agreed, giving her dainty nose a kiss.

“Mmm, well, my girl and I are pretty happy to see you both this morning too.” Janie said. “Feel her giving him little kisses?”

I smiled and nodded. “I was thinking of giving her some good morning kisses myself, actually.”

“Oh,” she mused, considering the prospect. “She’s never been kissed by a guy before, and frankly, you’re probably the only one who ever will be allowed.”

“Great,” I said cheerfully, reaching down and squeezing her cheeks. “Bring her up here.”

“Like, sit on you?” she queried. I nodded. Janie pushed herself up and straddled my stomach for a moment before sidling forward toward my face. Seconds later, her pussy was right in front of my mouth and she stared down at me intently, curious about what I’d do. I smiled up at her, taking gentle hold of her thighs and sidling her a little further forward until I could kiss her netherlips. She had a warm, pleasant musk from sleeping, coupled with a hint of arousal from our good morning kisses.

She shivered as my tongue slowly lapped at her, sliding over her clit, which peeked out shyly from beneath its pink hood. Her knees were on either side of my face and I could feel them tremble slightly, tighten in around me a little as her body responded to my teases.

“Mmmm, not bad, Michael…” she sighed as I let my tongue work up and down her slit, making her increasingly moist. I was taking my time, wanting her first oral experience with a guy to be a memorable one, not some quick over-and-done thing she wouldn’t recall fondly. “Pretty damn good, in fact… ooohhh…”

I squeezed her thighs gently, then began sctratching my nails very lightly back and forth along the pale, tender skin, sending little tingles of delight up her spine while I slowly worked her pussy. Her eyes were closed and her body moved subtly above me. She certainly seemed to have no complaints, which pleased me. Yes, I’ve had sex with lesbians before, but I adored Janie, and knowing that I could pleasure her was really special to me.

She shivered and sighed again, beginning to squirm on my face. I finally pushed my tongue between her pussylips and she gasped as I began to explore her. My hands moved further in, resting on the top , of her thighs, but close enough that either of my thumbs could gently press against her clit or pull her lips wide if I desired. She tasted musky and a little fragrant, as well as getting increasingly wet. She leaned forward, bracing her hands against the wall behind the bed, supporting herself. Her hips undulated slowly and I matched her rhythm, letting her decide when I got deep inside her.

“Gnn, Michael!” she rasped, almost doubling over as I hit a spot inside her and my thumb pressed on her clit. “Oh, fuck, yes… yes, right there…”

Her movements were becoming more direct, her need building so I ramped up my assault on her inner pink, my tongue almost fluttering inside her, twisting and snaking around or pulling out to flick her clit quickly before diving back in. My fingernails grazed her delicate skin in time with my tongue’s movement. She groaned, her body trembling.

“Oh, you’re going to make me cum…” she breathed. I could feel her body getting warm, even a sheen of sweat starting to glisten on her. “Oh, holy shit, I’m gonna… mmmmm, fuck yes…”

I sucked her clit into my mouth and she sat up suddenly, her back arching and her body going rigid. My tongue rolled around her button while I slid two fingers deep inside her. Her arms almost flapped as she fought for control, body shaking. Her hips were now grinding against my mouth wantonly, my face shining with her arousal.

“Fuck fuck fuck…” Janie gasped. “Oh, fuck, I can’t… gnnnnn…”

She groaned loudly and guturally as she pressed down on me, hips bucking and her bahis firmaları thighs closing in. I concentrated on lashing her clit with my tongue and snaking my fingers rapidly in and out of her clenching tunnel as she came, trying not to think about the fact that she was about to squash my head like a grape if she pressed her thighs any tighter. My face got very wet quickly but I pressed on relentlessly, determined to give her an oral experience she couldn’t forget.

Janie fell off me onto her side on the bed, shaking and holding herself. Her eyes were closed and if I hadn’t seen this reaction in girls before, I’d have thought she was suddenly freezing to death. She panted loudly and clenched her hands together, flexing her fingers. I just watched her patiently, not touching her since her entire body was probably highly sensitive right now.

“Holy shit…” she murmured quietly after nearly a minute of silence. “Oh my fuck… total blackout orgasm. Fuck…”

“You gonna live?” I asked cheerfully, propping my head on my hand as I turned sideways to face her.

“I think so…” she said breathlessly. “I don’t have the blackouts very often, but when I do… oh, God, Michael. You’re a guy, you have no business being that good at sucking pussy.”

“I beg to differ,” I replied lightly. “Straight men need to be that good to compete with lesbians and keep you from stealing our straight girls.”

“Okay, fair enough,” she admitted, finally calming down. “I do love stealing straight girls. But I maintain you have no business being a lesbian level of good at it. Straight girls will settle for less.”

“Maybe, but I’m making love to a lesbian,” I pointed out. “Seriously, would you want me to not have done as good a job as I just did? I was working hard to impress you.”

“Muurrrr, you self-righteous mother fucker,” she sighed, pulling herself close to me and putting her arms around me. “Damn you for being so logical.”

She kissed my face gently, even sliding her tongue around my mouth and jaw, tasting her cum on me. Her body almost glued to mine as she basked in the afterglow of her climax.

“Mmm, I love how I taste,” she purred softly. “But I apologize in advance, Michael, because when I suck your dick, I’m not going to be anywhere near as good.”

“Oh, you don’t need to, silly,” I said gently, hugging her. “I know you’re still a lesbian, even if you made an exception for me last night and this morning.”

“I want to,” she said, almost insisting. “Mike, you’re the one guy I’ve ever wanted to fuck, seriously. You know I’m crazy about you, I love you. And when I think of guy’s bodies and dicks, I get the fucking jibblies and it grosses me out. But not you, because you’re you. You’re my exception and I want to do this.”

I considered what she was saying. “Janie, do you want to do this all week? You and I, making love when we’re not out doing something?”

“Yes,” she said, her voice emphatic. “I’d considered it before you got here, wondering, and I can’t explain it now, but I am really enjoying having sex with you. It’s not like my lesbian circle has to know, right? They just think I’m hanging out with a guy friend for a week, drinking and going to strip clubs.”

“Well I’m immensely enjoying it too,” I concurred. “I’ll happily have all the sex with you this week we can possibly handle.”

“Kiss on it?” she asked.

I pulled her into me and we kissed deeply, sealing the deal. She broke it off when she heard me chuckling.

“What’s amusing you?” she queried.

“Nothing of note,” I replied, lying on my back and staring at the ceiling. “Don’t worry about it.”

“No, tell me,” she pressed, putting her chin on my chest and tracing a pattern around my pectoral with her fingernail. “Inquiring minds want to know.”

I sighed. “I almost feel bad for Hannah is all.”

“Why?” she asked.

“I shouldn’t tell you.”

“Now you need to.”

“Well, she and Les had a bet going about my visit. Les said you and I would end up in the sack and she said no way in hell. If he lost, she fucked his ass raw. If she lost, she swallows for a month, no complaints.”

She was silent for a moment. “They made a bet on us?”

“Well, more like on you,” I corrected. “Hannah is convinced you’d be totally repulsed by me.”

“Because you’re a guy.” Janie said somewhat flatly.

“Maybe,” I mused. “But I know she and Les keep entertaining some fantasy where the two of them get you into bed and fuck you. So I think it has more to do with Hannah judging that you would not find me attactive in a sexual way.”

“But she thinks I’d sleep with Les?” she almost demanded. “Or her? She’s freaking huge and he’s a scrawny douche with a pedostache. Fuckin’ ew…”

She flopped onto her back. “Now I’m pissed. Not only that they made a bet about me, but because they dared to second-guess my choices. Don’t they know I’m crazy about you, even if you are an overly large, hairy male?”

“I think she doesn’t want to believe it, you kaçak iddaa know how she gets. What she wants to believe is usually more important than fact.”

“Her and Les…” she almost growled, still staring at the ceiling. “Fuckin’ ew…”

She now turned her head to look at me. “Well, you won, or more to the point, Les won.”

I shrugged. “Doesn’t matter, you know her, she’ll say I can’t prove it as an excuse to get out of swallowing.”

“Oh, no fuckin’ way,” Janie said, turning on her side. “She’s not getting out of this. I’m pissed. We’re gonna send her proof, all fucking week. We’ll send her Snapchat pics and videos all fucking week to drive her nuts, really rub it in.”

“You sure you wanna do that?” I asked warily.

“Normally I wouldn’t, but it’s Snapchat. She could possibly save the pics, but not the videos. And I’m pissed that she thinks so little of you. She’s gonna pay and it’s gonna be a great month for Les.”

“If you say so, darling.” I acquiesed. “Let’s make her life a living hell.”

“Good,” she declared, snuggling into me. “We’ll start slow, of course. Since we’re in bed, we’ll send her pics of us lying together and kissing. That’ll make her frantic and send her into denial. Then we’ll ramp it up later today.”

“I love how you think.” I said, smiling slyly. “Get in here and let’s snap some humiliation her way.”

She curled her body into mine as I reached down for my phone. Hers was right nearby it so I passed it to her and we began taking pictures. The first one showed us looking up at the camera, side by side, shoulders and collarbones exposed. The swell of Janie’s breasts were just visible above the covers. We both had serene smiles on our faces, not to mention hers was still flushed from her orgasm earlier.

The next pic we took showed us kissing, with her turned onto her side and pressing her lips to mine, her right arm slung across my chest and her breast barely exposed above the cover. We immediately sent both pics to Les and Hannah’s phone, so they both knew what was happening. Hannah couldn’t just erase the pictures and claim they never happened if Les got them too.

“I don’t think we’ll be hearing back from her just yet,” I chuckled. “Shall we shower and get ready? We have a big day ahead of us.”

She nodded and looked at her phone. “And still plenty of time to get ready, since we don’t check in until noon. We’ve got just over five hours.”

“So we’ll shower, have a quick bite, pack up and get on with the errands.” I suggested. She nodded and we got out of the bed and walked to the bathroom, holding one another very close. She turned on the water and we clambered in, embracing and kissing one another lovingly as the water beat down on us. Aside from kissing and caressing, the shower was tame, because she was still sensitive from what had apparently been a mind-blowing orgasm. We cleansed our bodies of our sleep scent and sex before stepping out and drying one another off. I let Janie pick my outfit for the day. She went with my black Moroccan shirt and white linen pants, finishing it off with my flip-flops. She then dressed herself in snug jeans and a low-cut shirt and we went to the kitchen for sustainence.

“What about the Godvia goodies, like the strawberries and fruit cups?” I asked.

Janie pouted. “But I was hoping we could eat those in the hotel. Y’know, in our jacuzzi.”

“So I’ll buy more,” I said, shrugging. “There’s a Godiva on the way, I’ll buy another round, no biggie.”

“In that case, I accept!” she declared, grinning and breaking out the goodies, followed by making some strong coffee. We destroyed the sweets and two cups of coffee each before we began packing away everything we were bringing. I noted she was packing her new robe, which pleased me immensely, since she looked so great in it.

A few minutes later, the car was packed and we were on our way back downtown. The hotel I’d booked was right in the heart of the city, where all the action was, within minutes of all the best strip clubs, restaurants and other attractions. We were sitting at a stoplight when I noticed her looking at me and smiling for no apparent reason. I raised my eyebrow in way of a question.

“Nothing,” she said sweetly, reaching over and caressing my cheek and then my long blond hair. “You just don’t at all look your age, you look like you’re in your early thirties, it’s amazing.”

“Thanks,” I replied. “Good genetics and clean living, I guess.”

She snickered. “Clean living, riiiiight. I know what a perv you are and how long you’ve been living the perv life. Regardless, you look a good ten to fifteen years younger than you are, it can be very confusing for a girl.”

“Only if she’s a ageist,” I said, shrugging. “It’s kind of a trap for me, sometimes. Girls are often really into me until they find out how old I am, then they get confused, followed by distancing. And it’s not like I did anything wrong.”

“That bothers you, hm?” she asked, driving again.

“Not just kaçak bahis on my behalf, but I hate the concept of ageism, always have,” I said firmly. “Even when I was really young I did, it seemed so unfair. I’ve been married and nearly married now. In both cases, kids and the family I want so desperately were denied to me. Now if I want a family, the girl I marry has to be considerably younger than me by default, you know?”

“I guess that’s true,” she mused. “She’s gotta be fertile.”

“Speaking of,” I said, remembering something. “We need to be more careful if we’re gonna do this all week, darling. We went a little crazy last night and I came inside you with no protection. I know we’re both clean, but I don’t want to put you in a situation where you might end up-“

“Oh, that’s not a concern,” she answered somewhat dismissively. “I’m on birth control.”

“You are?” I asked, looking amused. “Why the hell would a lesbian need to be on birth control?”

She was silent for a moment as she merged onto a highway. “I have ovarian cysts,” she admitted. “The depo shot helps control them and regulates what is otherwise a very unpleasant one week a month for me, you know?”

“I get that,” I replied. “My wife had the same issue with the cysts, but she just took pills because she was scared to death of needles.”

“So there we go,” she said happily. “No need for condoms, you can cum in me all you want.”

“Sounds like a plan.” I said agreeably, letting her drive us to the mall for more supplies.


“Holy shitsnacks,” she muttered, looking up at the hotel. “We’re on the twentieth floor?”

“Nothing but the best for my favourite lesbian lover.” I replied, putting my arm around her shoulder as we turned our gaze skyward. It felt weird having the valet park her junky old beater car when we were staying at such a swanky location, but a ten dollar tip kept him from judging us. We went in the big doors while a bellhop trundled in our luggage. It was just past noon and we were now eligible to check in.

They seemed eager to welcome us and were very expressive and descriptive in the details of services available. Then again, for the amount I was playing for the next six days, they were not remiss in doing so. Some small booklets with the range of options we could indulge were given to me and then we followed our bellhop into the elevator and ascended to the twentieth floor.

“How many rooms are in this hotel?” Janie asked our attendant.

“Uh, three hundred and fifty, miss.”

“Oh. And how many on the twentieth floor?”

“Mmmm, five, I think. And the twenty-first has four, but those are the penthouse suites, one taking up each corner of the building. But don’t worry, your hotel room is plenty big, biggest one on the twentieth floor, I think.”

We arrived at our designated floor and exited the elevator. He led us to our room and opened the door, gesturing for us to go in…

And it was quite magnificent. The bay windows gave us a splendid view of the downtown core and the Metrodome. Janie’s eyes widened in wonder as she looked around. There was a small living room with three plush chairs and a lovely chesterfield, all of which were facing a large, flatscreen TV. Another corner was dominated by a wooden desk.

The bedroom had an oversized king-size bed, remarkably soft and plush. Janie giggled in delight. This backed onto a glass wall that divided us from a roomy alcove, in which were situated the refrigerator, a closet and some other minor amenities. But what really caught our attention was the bathroom- the shower was easily big enough for us both and had dual shower heads. The toilet was in a small, self-contained area with a glass door. A large, circular sink with chrome fixtures and a sizable mirror along the back wall.

But it was the jacuzzi that caught our eye. Long and wide, with a plethora of jets, it could fit the two of us without and we both knew without saying anything that this is where we’d spend most of our time when we were en suite.

Janie was still gawking in the bathroom when I went out and noticed that our porter had unloaded the luggage for us in a recessed corner. I slipped him a hammy and he smiled gratefully before exiting. Seconds later, Janie came skipping out of the bathroom and crushed herself against me, kissing me deeply.

“Mmmm, this is gonna be wonderful,” she hummed through the kiss, caressing my back and shoulders. “I can’t believe you did all this and invited me…”

“Happily,” I replied, my hands wandering over her soft body. “Where shall we make love first? Jacuzzi? Shower or the bed? Shall I bend you over the chesterfield?”

She giggled and was starting to tug at the hem of my shirt when there was a knock at the door. We both froze for a moment and then sighed. I broke the kiss and went to answer it. A smartly-dressed blonde woman in a pencil skirt and blazer smiled genially at me.

“Hello, sir,” she said politely. “I’m Erika, the guest relations advocate for the twentieth and twenty-first floors.”

“Didn’t know I needed an advocate,” I remarked, gesturing for her to enter. She swished in and went straight to Janie, shaking her hand. “Here to welcome us, I’m guessing?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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