Tourist Attraction

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It was something that’d never happened before. Especially not to me. It was only based around fantasies I’d had, and from stories I’d seen on television. At age thirty five and married for ten years, my life was normal and mundane, though not accidentally. I’d strived for normalcy for many years, and kind of accepted my everyday life a normal guy whose only big advantage was a small beach house up the coast from where I lived.

I don’t know what had gotten in to me, but that July afternoon, things just kind of took off. I guess you could call it sewing my wild oats, or perhaps I was just being adventurous. That Wednesday afternoon I’d driven down to the shopping area a few miles from where I’d lived and decided to stop off to get a latte. Normally, I’d park my car, rush in, get my drink, and speed off. But that day was special.

The afternoon was crisp, and though it was warm, it wasn’t unbearable. After feeding my early afternoon caffeine habit, I stepped out on to the sidewalk to sip my drink and looked out on to the crowds of shoppers and tourists. It was mid-July so the tourism in my town was especially heavy this time of year.

I’d taken time out to enjoy the sights for ten or fifteen minutes until I noticed her. It was unusual how she stood out from the crowds, even though she seemingly took great pains in blending in with everyone else. She sat along a bench within the crowds that afternoon, looking down at her phone screen and texting, and made a particular case of clutching on to her huge tote bag that apparently housed her clothes and possessions.

She didn’t seem distressed, but also didn’t really look calm either. Her bright blond hair was bunched up in a small messy bun, and she was a natural beauty. She’d traveled for a while, so she wasn’t wearing any heavy make up, and wore an inconspicuous burgundy tank top and tan shorts. The shorts did a poor job of hiding her curvy hips and very long legs that ended with her feet wearing simple flip flops, and her tank top didn’t hide her figure.

She was very slim and limber, almost like a dancer, and her small pouty breasts hung under her tank top. You couldn’t really notice it with her bag clutched to her lap like a sick dog she was cradling, but every time she leaned over, I made a point of watching. Normally I’d just ogle a woman like her and be on my way, but for some reason, a spark of courage washed over me, and I strode over to her casually, parking myself on the opposite end of the bench from where she sat.

By what seemed like serendipity, she’d doted over her bag dropping her passport and papers. I rushed over to help her and handed her documents sitting back as she nodded and thanked me with a very wide beaming smile. Her voice was also quite intoxicating, as she spoke in a very thick Austrian accent. English was obviously a new language to her, but she seemed to understand me.

“Don’t want to lose those,” I joked turning away to make her feel more comfortable.

“I always drop things,” she scoffed trying to hide her accent.

“That’s an interesting accent,” I smiled, “Is it Austrian?”

“Yes,” she scoffed surprised, “I’m here with friends for the summer. English is new to me.”

“Did they leave you here?”

“No,” she scoffed, “I was coming here to meet a friend but he never came.”

“I’m on my way to work, I could illegal bahis give you a ride to your hotel if you wanted.”

“That’s okay,” she chuckled bashfully, “I’m staying downtown.”

“It’s on my way. It’ll be free of charge.”

She smiled nodding politely in refusal, and I made a point of not insisting. She was trusting, but by no means naïve, so I stood up shaking her hand, wishing her a good vacation, and made my way toward the car.

“Does the bus come here?” she asked as I prepared to leave.

“This time a day it takes a while, there are a lot of shoppers,” I warned shrugging.

Her face transformed from hopeful to irritated in a flash and she stood up looping her bag around her shoulder.

“It’s no trouble for you?” she asked shrugging, taking me up on my offer.

“Not at all, it’s better than a smelly bus, and no rude people to bother you,” I smiled lowering the top to the car.

She smiled relieved, and walked over, as I took her bag dropping it in to the back seat, and opened the door for her. I couldn’t believe I’d ever go this far. Paranoia swept over me as she slid in to my car and smiled pleasantly as I closed the door. Perhaps someone would see me, or word would get out. But something about her made me bold and courageous. In either case, I’d gotten in to my car and sped off down the road as she looked out the side relieved she was in a comfortable position.

“I’m surprised this is your first time in New York, it’s the best place to be in the summer.”

“Yes, I just finished school, so I finally got the chance to travel,” she smiled, “New York is my dream vacation.”

Her name was Anika, and I was taken with her smile and accent, and though she was a lot younger at aged twenty three she was mature and had a lure that didn’t need to be flaunted. Even the way she pronounced my name “Greg” was enticing. She didn’t seem very old to begin with, and her beauty and obvious sex appeal became ever more apparent as we drove through the highways.

This was an event I’d never actually dreamed of stepping in to, but we’d entered in to a very engaging conversation and over the course of the ride I’d gained her trust. After thirty minutes of conversation, I’d talked her in to going sight seeing with me to tour New York with an “actual New Yorker” for the day. Being wise, she’d let her friends know where she was going, and very enthusiastically agreed to go with me.

For the rest of the afternoon, we’d walked around touring all the best sights and the awkwardness faded in hours. What began as a mere friendship transformed in to flirting and subtle smiles that signaled my bold moves were paid off well.

As we finally left to my car that afternoon, I’d decided to go for broke and take my big chance with the day, driving off in to the coast as we’d decided to leave the last sight up spontaneously. I’d driven for an hour before we finally made it to the beach and we discussed the sights as she gazed in awe at the coast and miles of beach. Nonchalantly, I’d pointed out my beach house down the road, and we’d continued talking. What seemed like an apparent throwaway fact came to the surface just as I’d hoped.

As we’d driven and driven she’d fussed around in her seat and I noticed looking over to her. “Are you okay over there?” I joked.

“I’m fine,” she grinned.

“Are you illegal bahis siteleri sure?” I chuckled.

“No,” she nodded and chuckled aloud bashfully, “I have to pee.”

“We’re far from any stores, unless you want to stop off at the house quickly,” I braved the question, “It might be a few hours until we get to your hotel.”

“I don’t know,” she shrugged considering her options.

“And the good thing is no one will bother you if you take long,” I joked giving her a grin of assurance. Luckily we’d been together long enough to where she trusted me, so she eagerly agreed. We sped quickly to the house, and I opened letting her in before me. She looked around in a mixture of awe, confusion, and joy, which excited me for sure. She was certainly not bashful with me as she smiled looking around. I pointed her to the bathroom up the steps and she rushed off closing the door behind her.

My stomach was in knots as this could go either way. This wasn’t me. I wasn’t a cheating kind of man, but Anika was beautiful, and she was such a turn on. I brushed my black hair back and slid in to kitchen serving a drink. I heard the door open upstairs and waited with faux reservation. I turned walking over to the hall and found her standing in the hall observing a painting.

“This always gets everyone’s attention, I can’t quite understand it,” I smiled standing beside her, “I picked it up at a swap meet.”

“It’s kind of beautiful,” she giggled.

Within a moment we turned to one another and I leaned in kissing her deeply. Much to my surprise she didn’t turn away or push me back and I savored her sweet lips. I noticed she’s reciprocated leaning her head over, and I clutched the back of her neck softly, kissing her deeper and more passionately. I leaned back looking in to her eyes as she gazed obviously turned on and I quickly leaned in kissing her neck and shoulders prompting soft moans from her as she guided my head with her hands.

We’d made our way to the bed room where we kissed for a very long time, sitting at the edge of the bed. She’d slid off her sandals and we settled in, kissing and rubbing bodies. I tore off my shirt, and she unhooked my pants as I slid down her shorts and she panted looking back confused.

“Everything okay?” I asked confused.

“Who is that?” she asked furrowing her brows.


I turned noticing that I’d made every detail except for the fact that I shared the beach house with my wife Ellen. I looked over by the wall at the picture of her hanging over the bed, and I was stunned. Anika looked betrayed for a moment, looking over at me.

“Your wife?”

“Of course not,” I responded hiding my shock, “That’s my sister.”

Anika analyzed my response for a moment.

“Was my sister.”


“She died five years ago from cancer. We were very close with one another. I forget her picture is there sometimes. It’s just…,” I feigned sadness, “My way of keeping her near me whenever I come to relax. She loved this place.”

I didn’t think she’d respond to my story, but after a few moments I heard her tisk sympathetically. I looked up to see her look of betrayal become sheer empathy and much to my surprise she seemed very turned on by my inherent grief. Before I could attempt another move, she’d leaned in kissing me with zeal and we continued our encounter. canlı bahis siteleri She pushed me back a bit and tore my pants off, leaning down and engulfed my hard cock with her mouth. I moaned leaning my head back as she rapidly devoured my and rubbing my bare chest with her left hand.

She was even more amazing than I imagined and I glanced down to see her going to town on my cock, working the shaft with her right hand, her head bobbing up and down speedily as she moaned softly. She’d halted kissing me passionately as I lay her back along the bed admiring her amazing slender body. She slid her shorts and panties off with one motion, as she tore off her tank top.

She looked up at me with a hint of a smile, clearly aroused and I leaned in sucking on her hard nipples that erected from her small pouty breasts. As I sucked on them, I slid my hand down between her legs rubbing her wet pussy with two fingers, and sucked on her beasts gently as she moaned looking down at me with mouth agape in pleasure. She turned on to her side squirming and moaning and I crouched over her sliding my cock in to her firm behind, thrusting with one motion. She cried out in pleasure clutching my arm as I thrust in to her again and rapidly fucked her from behind. We met eyes as I pumped her eagerly, watching her moan and cry out in pleasure.

After a heated session, I turned her spreading her long legs and mounted her sliding my cock in to her with a thrust as she cried out once again clutching my shoulders with both of her hands. I met eyes with her again as she moaned and panted and I gained momentum, slowly sliding in and out of her and sped up as she moaned and cried out wrapping her long legs around my waist. The thrusts became harder and faster as the moments passed and our love making intensified as she leaned her head back moaning aloud in utter arousal, taking every pounding with an inviting “Yes” that became louder and louder. I clutched the end of my bed increasing the force of my humping as she cried out and came harder than I ever have in my life.

I grunted aloud panting hard as she panted with both eyes closed, clutching my hair passionately, and soaking in the silence and sweat soaked sheets. It was nothing I ever imagined myself doing in my life, but as I lay atop the gorgeous young goddess, kissing her deeply as she lay under me, clutching my back and waist with her arms and legs clearly not intent on ending the sensation any time soon, I had zero regrets. I’d never taken a risk this big before, and making love to Anika was an amazing experience.

After lying side by side soaking in the silence and making small talk set to laughter and friendly smiles, we’d dressed up again, and I drove her back to her hotel. The night had fallen as I drove up to the front of her hotel and she grinned, glowing from the afternoon encounter we’d shared.

“Call me?” she asked handing me her phone number.

“Of course,” I smiled tucking it in to my shirt pocket.

She leaned in kissing me deeply, and leaned back sliding out of the car. I gave her her bag and she waved turning in to the hotel and disappearing in to the lobby. I sat in the car watching her enter the elevator and leaned back in my seat, relieved and in swimming on a high of excitement, pleasure, and exhaustion. As I drove off, Ellen rang my cell phone and I picked up welcoming her excitedly.

“I miss you,” she scoffed.

“I miss you too.”

“How’s your vacation been? I know without work you’re usually bored.”

“Nah, I’m doing fine,” I chuckled speeding back home, “I’ve been keeping busy.”

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