Toga! Toga! T-oh-ugh!

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I felt the warmth of the sun on my face and a pounding in my head. ‘How much did I drink last night?’ I wondered. But that wasn’t the only question I had. Something didn’t feel right, in fact, a lot of things didn’t feel right. I forced my eyes open to seen the bloodshot eyes of a man in the bed I was in.

“Aaahhh!” we both cried, which was quickly followed by, “Ooohh!”

I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and opened them again. The man was still there staring at me. His brown hair was a matted mess, his brown eyes were very bloodshot, and he was sporting what some would call a five o’clock shadow.

“Hi,” he croaked.

“Hi,” I moaned back.

“I’m Owen.”


“Nice to meet you… again.”

I giggled and looked around the room. This wasn’t my dorm room, and I had no idea where I was. I moaned. “Where am I?”

Owen looked around. “My room at the frat house.”

“Frat house? Oh fuck!”

“I need to use the head. Would you like something when I come back?”

“Water,” I moaned.

“I’ll be right back.”

Owen slid out of his bed and stood up. His semi-flaccid cock hung between his legs as he grabbed a pair of boxers. I smiled, but said nothing as I watched him leave. His curly brown hair, firm build, long legs made me smile. I’ll admit, if I was to wake up next to a naked man, he was a man I didn’t object to waking up with. Now, if I could only remember what we did last night. I shut my eyes and tried to remember what had occurred the night before.

Flashes of loud music and dancing ran through my memory. My friend Chrissy was the one who talked me into coming, but shortly after we arrived she ditched me to be with her sorority sisters and the other frat guys. I debated about leaving, but I didn’t. Why? Oh, because that guy asked me to dance with him. Not the guy who I woke up with though. Who was he again? Owen, that’s right.

I was still lying back and under the covers when Owen returned with four bottles in his hands. He handed me two and said, “Here.”

“Thanks,” I said, then drank some water. The other bottle, lemon-lime Gatorade. My personal favorite.

“So, how long have you been a member of KT?”


“Kappa Tau.”

“I’m not a member of Kappa Tau, or any sorority for that matter.”

“Then why were you at our party?”

“My former roommate and best friend is a member. She invited me. I’m three weeks away from graduation.”

“Wow! Congrats!”

I lay back on the bed, then asked, “Are my clothes in here somewhere?”

“What clothes? If you mean your underwear, they might be downstairs. Last night was our annual toga party.”

I closed my eyes and sighed. “Oh fuck! That’s right. I was wearing a purple sheet.”

“You mean this one?” asked Owen, holding up a purple bed sheet.

I opened my eyes. “Yeah, that’s mine. Is my bra around?”

“What color is it?”

“Purple. I really would like it back. It’s my favorite.”

“We usually keep them as mementos of our parties.”

“What will it cost me to get it back?”

“I’d say a blowjob, but you don’t look so good and to be honest, I’m enjoying our chat. Finish your water and I’ll try to rescue you bra and panties.”

“The panties are a white cotton thong with black smiles on them.”

Owen smiled. “They sound cute. So tell me, why did you attend our toga party?”

I sighed. “Because I’m going to graduate in three weeks.”

“I’m not sure I understand.”

I drank my water and Gatorade, then said, “I’ve done nothing but work and go to school for the last four years. I’m on four scholarships that demand I maintain a 3.0 GPA, I’m working two part-time jobs, and I usually spend my free time studying. Chrissy, my friend, told me I needed to experience college, not just attend.”

“Why didn’t you try to join the sorority?”

“I did. They don’t usually take girls who can’t afford to be members. Chrissy got in, I didn’t. I figured it was for the best. So, Chrissy moved into sorority the house and we stayed friends. When she told me about the party, I figured, what the hell.”

“What’s your major?”

“Majors,” I corrected him, not that he’d know that before. “Computer science and English. I want to write educational programs to help teach kids how to read.”

“Why not become a teacher?”

“Simple. They get paid like shit.”

Owen laughed. “This is true. My older sister is a teacher and she’s always bitching about how shitty her pay is.”

“I need to use the bathroom, and I don’t have any clothes.”

“Here,” said Owen, handing me a clean t-shirt and boxers. “This way you don’t need to walk out naked. Not that I would mind.”

I smiled and slipped on the clothes. Owen escorted me to the bathroom and offered to search for my bra. It was then I saw my reflection. My face was red and blotchy, my hair, a matted mess. Not only was I sure I had fucked Owen, but I was pretty sure I had fucked another as well. Maybe. Flashes of kissing random guys danced through my head. I also remember when I took my bra and panties off. It was canlı bahis şirketleri stupid, but it was during the song, “Shout!” All the sorority girls were taking their bras off and tossing them into a basket. Not wanting to be left out, I did the same. Though, I know I was pretty drunk by then.

I emptied my bladder and returned to the room I was in before. I grabbed my toga and stared at it. Hot tears welled up in my eyes, and burned down my cheeks. What was I thinking coming to a frat party and fucking a random stranger or two? I put my face into my hands wept. I had never had a one-night stand before and the shame of my stupidity added to my poor decisions.

Owen entered the room and exclaimed, “Hey! What’s wrong?”

“I’m not a slut,” I sobbed.

Owen set the food on his dresser and sat next me, putting his arm around me. “I know that.”

“I got so drunk last night.”

“What did you drink?”

“Beer, tequila, I think some rum and vodka. I know I kissed several guys.”

“Sounds like a normal party here.”

“And then I wake up and I can’t remember if we fucked or not!”

“Well, let’s try to make this a happier ending. Are any of these yours?” he asked, holding up the three remaining bras.

I looked up and quickly spotted my bra. How do I tell this guy the reason I wanted it back was it was my only good one? I smiled and said, “This one is mine.”

“Here,” he said handing it to me, “I couldn’t find your panties, but I should return these. Oh, I brought us some bagels and cream cheese. Assuming you’re hungry.”

“I should try to eat.”

“I didn’t know what you’d like so I grabbed a plain, onion, poppy seed, and a blueberry.”

“Plain please. It’s the only one I like.”

Owen handed me the plain bagel, then said, “Shit! I forgot a knife. Wait here and I’ll get us a knife and return these bras.”

Owen grabbed the bag of bagels and the bras and left. I stared at the bagel and smiled. I decide to prop the pillows behind me, and relax. My head was still pounding and I knew I’d need to ask Owen for some ibuprofen and soon. Part of me was still ashamed about what I had done, and even though Owen seemed like a nice guy, I still felt like shit. I started to cry again.

Owen returned with my panties in his hand, a knife, a jug of orange juice, two cups, and the bag of bagels. “Why are you crying again?” he asked.

“I feel like shit,” I said, drying my eyes on the back of my hand. “You seem like such a nice guy, and I’m such a whore.”

“You’re not a whore,” he said sweetly. “You got drunk, and we fucked.

“I am a whore!” I cried. “I act all prim and proper, but the truth is, I’m just a whore!”

“If you were a whore, you’d be downstairs in the dogpile.”


“I’ve been a member of the Alpha Sigma Zeta fraternity for three years and had heard stories of the legendary orgies with the sexy ladies of Kappa Tau, but thought they were just stories, until now.”

“They had an orgy downstairs?” I asked, not hiding the shock in my voice.

“Looks like it,” he said, then sighed. “But I missed out because I was up here with you.”

“But I was drunk.”

“We were both drunk. I’ll own my drunkenness.”

We shared the bagels, drank the juice, and continued to talk. “So, Owen, what is your major? Partying like a rock star?”

“No,” he said. “Psychology.”

“Oh,” I said, taking a bite of my bagel. “I’ve taken a few classes.”

“Most people have. It’s a graduation requirement.”

I looked at Owen. “You do look a bit familiar. Have we met before tonight?”

“Maybe. What psych classes have you taken?”

“Um, 100, 301, and one other… what was it?”

“Four-twelve maybe?”

“Yeah! The one about human sexuality,” I said, then moaned. “Oh, my head! You got any ibuprofen?”

“Yeah, hang on.”

Owen reached into a drawer and pulled out a bottle. “I hurt my knee last year and I got the 800 mg kind for the pain. Since I don’t take them often, I save them for my hangovers.”

“Thanks,” I said, smiling as best as I could. “You’re a life saver.”

I took the pill and chased it with a swallow of juice, then closed my eyes. I knew it would take some time for the pain to go away, but just knowing the clock was ticking on my headache helped.

“You okay?” Owen asked.

“My head hurts and the room’s spinning.”

“Why don’t you lay down and rest?”

Owen pulled the bedding back and helped me into the bed. Then he climbed in next to me and held me close.

“I feel like shit,” I said.

“I’m sure you do,” said Owen.

Owen held me in his arms, stroking my hair. It was such a gentle moment and not how I expected a frat guy to behave. I thought about Chrissy and the dogpile downstairs. I was sure she was there, in the middle of it. She had mentioned once before the erotic parties they had, but was never able to give many details. Then it hit me, I was brought here to be a part of the dogpile, but instead I ended up here, with Owen.

“Why were you in that class?” I moaned. I didn’t want canlı kaçak iddaa to think about Chrissy, the dogpile, or anything else.

“It’s for my major,” explained Owen. “I want to be the next Kinsey. I want to prove that humans are sexual beings by nature.”

“I guess being in a frat helps.”

“Actually, anything I do with a woman is private. I don’t kiss and tell.”

Owen kissed my head. Something about his body language changed. I could feel it.

“What is it?” I asked.

“I, um… that is… I remember last night.”

“Oh shit.”

“Actually, you were quite amazing.”


“Tell me what you remember?” he asked.

I took a deep breath, then said, “I remember dancing.”

“You can do better than that.”

I sighed, “Fine. Chrissy helped me with my toga. We picked the purple sheet to match my bra. Hers was flawless. She’s flawless. Tall, leggy brunette with perky little breasts, a tight ass, and gorgeous. Next to her I’m short and dumpy.”

“You’re not dumpy,” said Owen.

“But I am short. Being a blonde means I’m constantly overcoming the stereotype of being a stupid nymphomaniac who’s only interested in a sugar-daddy or being a trophy wife. I’ve busted my ass for four years and will be walking with a 3.8 GPA. I’m not the valedictorian, but I don’t fucking care about that. I’ve got four job offers waiting for me when I graduate. I’ve spent my entire college career overcoming men thinking I was a fuck-toy or an idiot and tonight I just wanted to see how the other side lived.”

“Wow! A 3.8 gpa is nothing to sneeze at.”

“Thanks,” I said, then continued. “So, Chrissy and I arrive and the music was so loud, and everywhere I saw handsome men and sexy women all wearing togas. I didn’t think I belonged, but soon lots of men were talking to me, and pouring me drinks. It seemed the more I drank, the more they would talk with me. I’m sure I kissed at least a dozen different guys.”

“When did you give up your bra and panties?”

I bit my lower lip and fought back the tears. “It was during ‘Shout!’ You know the song.”

“Oh right… I remember someone calling out for everyone to lose their underwear. Hell, even I shed my boxers then.”

“I was so drunk, and everyone else was taking off their bras and panties so I decided what the hell. It was kinda freeing. Then I noticed the guys started feeling up the girls and togas coming off. I wasn’t so comfortable anymore and I wanted to leave, but, I got lost.”

“I found you hiding in the kitchen.”

I looked up at Owen. “That’s where we met. You were… you were so nice. You didn’t start groping me. Not right away, that is.”

“I was getting myself another beer when I found you. We shared a beer, then a kiss. I told you I had some good tequila in my room and you said it sounded good.”

“Right! That was good tequila.”

“You’re telling me, you let me do a body shot on you.”

“It did turn me on.”

“Your sucking my cock turned me on. And you were an amazing fuck.”

“You’re just saying that.”

“No, I’m not,” said Owen. “And to be honest, I’d like to show you just how amazing you were.”

I looked up at him. “I look like shit.”

“You look beautiful to me.”

Owen leaned down and kissed my lips softly. My heart raced, but my head was still pounding. I broke off the kiss and said, “I’m sorry, my head still hurts.”

Owen smiled. “Why don’t you try to sleep? We can resume later. Right now, I should help with the clean-up efforts.”

“What if someone tries to come in?”

“We aren’t like that. We understand no means no. A chapter in another state lost their charter because their membership didn’t understand that. We’ve got too much invested to have that happen here. I assure you, no one does anything here without consent.”

“I’d feel better if you were here,” I said, yawning.

“Fine, I’ll stay,” said Owen, wrapping his arms around me and pulling me into his chest. I was asleep almost instantly.


I awoke to a full bladder, and soft brown eyes looking at me. “Welcome back sleepy head.”

“Hi. How long was I asleep?”

“A few hours I think. I fell asleep shortly after you did.”

“I need to pee.”

“Want an escort?”


Owen helped me out of the bed and escorted me to the bathroom. I could hear the downstairs stirring, and what I was sure the sound of sex coming from another room. I emptied my bladder, washed my hands and face, then went back to the room with Owen.

It was now that I was able to focus and look around. His room wasn’t that of what I expected for a frat guy. I mean, there were posters of nearly naked women on the walls, but there were also real books on his shelves: psychology, history, literature, and many more. He had a nice, expensive laptop on his desk, an antique lamp, and a nice pen set. What I didn’t see were any pictures of him with a girl. Only of pictures whom appeared to be his parents, and maybe a sibling or two, and the guys from the fraternity.

“May I ask you a personal question?” canlı kaçak bahis I asked.

“Sure,” he said.

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

Owen smiled, then said, “I did, but we broke up over a year ago. Since then I’ve kinda buried myself into my work and research.”

“Do all frat guys have their own rooms?”

“No, but the senior members do. I got lucky, my big brother graduated a semester early thanks to summer school so he willed me his room. When I graduate, my little brother will get this room. Right now he’s sharing a room with another guy from his pledge class.”

I sat back on his bed and folded my legs underneath myself. “Somehow I expected your room to have more evidence of frat parties.”

“Not my style. My room is my private chamber if you will. I come here to work or play. You’re the first girl I’ve had in here since it became mine. My ex left me before I got it.”

“She was a fool,” I said before stopping myself.

“Thanks,” said Owen, smiling.

“I mean it,” I said, rubbing his arm. “I mean, you’re a hell of a kisser.”

Owen leaned over and kissed my lips softly. “You’re a hell of a kisser too.”

“You should experience my blowjobs.”

“I think I did, but I’d like to see how it compares to when you’re sober.”

“Take your boxers off. I do owe you one for rescuing my undergarments.”

Owen stood up, removed his boxers, and said, “You owe me nothing.”

“I know.”

I sat up, took his soft cock into my hand and guided to my mouth. I kissed the head, licking the hole and stroking the shaft with my hand. Owen moaned softly, then wove his fingers through my hair. I slid his cock into my mouth, feeling it grow between my lips and on my tongue. I sucked his growing cock, licking the head and sides, and letting my teeth drag along the shaft.

“That’s perfect baby!” moaned Owen.

I sucked his cock until it reached full size. His precum coated my tongue, and his cock filled my mouth. The sweet, salty taste was heaven on Earth. It was only now that I realized just how big he was. I wondered why my pussy wasn’t sore from our fucking.

Owen pulled his cock from my mouth with a pop and said, “Fuck! That’s even better than last night!”

“Thank you.”

“My turn.”

Owen pushed me down and pulled his boxers off my hips. He smiled wickedly and licked his lips. “God that’s such a beautiful sight.”

Before I could reply, because it took my hung-over brain a moment to process his words, he was between my legs and kissing my pussy. I felt my eyes roll back into my head as his tongue touched my outer pussy lips. I moaned as his fingers separated my labia and his tongue brushed my clit.

“Mmmm,” he moaned, “so tasty.”

As God is my witness, I couldn’t say a fucking word! I felt my mouth open and move, but no sound came out. Instead, I just breathed, panted really, as he licked my pussy and slid a finger or two inside. I could actually smell the scent of my own arousal fill the room. I caressed my breasts through the t-shirt Owen had loaned me, and the effect was making me nuts. I squirmed as I felt my orgasm building. Part of me wanted him to make me cum on his face, part of me wanted to wait for his cock. My decision was made when, by my best guess, Owen sucked my clit into his mouth and pushed me over the edge causing me to scream, buck, and soak his face.

Once my orgasm passed, I heard a familiar sound. I looked up to see Owen rolling a condom on his cock, and suddenly, I too could remember last night. We had fucked. Yet, it wasn’t the hard fucking I had thought it was, but a good, drunken fuck. The best part of my memory, Owen was the only one who fucked me after all.

Owen slid his cock into my pussy, filling me the way I expected, and more, and I moaned. He didn’t fully enter right away, but with each thrust he went a bit deeper until I knew he was fully in, and I was filled in a way no man prior had filled me before. Not that I’ve slept with a lot of men in the past, but I was by no means a virgin before this party.

Owen leaned over and kissed me hard as he thrust. I could taste my pussy in his lips and tongue and found it strangely erotic. No man had ever kissed me after eating my pussy before, but I now wish they had. My hips met him thrust for thrust and I just wanted more. My second orgasm hit, and I kissed him to keep from having the entire frat house hear me scream.

Owen pumped harder and faster within me. He held me tight, and flipped me over so now I was on top. I sat up and rode him, cowgirl style. His cock filled me more than before. He sat up, held me close, peeled off my shirt, and kissed me as a third orgasm hit. He sucked my nipples as I rode him through my orgasm.

He pulled me off and had me get on my hands and knees. Owen stood up and pulled me to edge of his bed and slid his cock back into me. He held my hips firmly as he pounded me with his cock. I tried to bury my face into the bed, but he grabbed a handful of my hair and made me sit up. I could feel his cock swell and pulse within me just moments before he growled and shot his load into the condom within me.

I felt him kiss my shoulder blades and spine before he pulled out. I collapsed on his bed as Owen disposed the used condom. He sat next to me and I rolled over onto my back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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