Titus Ch. 01: The Eve of Battle

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Ass Pounding

Titus Labienus Luscinus looked out over the plain and watched the evening fog begin to roll in. He was often agitated on the eve of battle but this time he felt differently. He was a young man, some back in Rome believed him to be too young to hold his rank, yet here he was in Gaul as a Lieutenant. His shaggy dark hair blew in the breeze and as the darkness began to envelop the surrounding fields he strained his striking hazel eyes to see the local Gallic residents begin to light their fires, this may have kept the wolves from their settlements but come tomorrow it would be powerless to stop the Roman army. Titus’ camp became raucous, he knew the men were either eager to spill blood or uneasy about the upcoming battle, what better way to pacify them than a cup of wine or two. Titus had always favoured a different calming technique and with that in mind he returned to his tent.

Titus entered into his tent, it was hard to tell he was campaigning so far from Rome with the large canvas structure sheltering everything he needed. The scent of pork stew being cooked made his mouth water as he sat back into his chair. “Serving girl!” he called out but there was no answer. “Kennis!” he exclaimed. She had struggled to understand as she had only recently began to learn Latin, having only been brought under his service a few months previously in the campaign. A blonde haired woman of Celtic appearance entered into the tent and moved up to stand beside him. “Fetch me a cup of wine” he demanded but her blank stare reminded him that she needed more hints. Titus lifted his bahis firmaları hand to his mouth in a drinking motion and raising two outstretched fingers. Kennis nodded silently and left to get him a drink. A few moments later she returned with a large jug of wine and two beakers. Titus motioned towards the chair opposite him as she filled both the beakers.

It was not uncommon for the pair of them to practice Latin before dinner, however, they would never drink together. Kennis knew that something was different this time, not just from the wine but also the way Titus was looking at her. She knew her place in their relationship, she was his servant and he was her master. As the night rolled on they were still barely able to communicate, just looking at each other over the table and several glasses of wine. Titus leapt up from his chair and moved with purpose towards her, he stood over, looking down at her as he brushed her long blonde hair from her cheek. His fingers lingered over her neck and traced her jaw line back towards her chin. He took hold of her jaw as he pulled her mouth to meet his. Titus began to kiss her passionately, catching her lips on with his teeth. She tried to pull away as he moved his hand behind her head and pulled her back.

Kennis could not decide if she was comfortable with this shift in the dynamic in their relationship, although, she knew it would only be for tonight and whatever happened, she was still his servant and he her master. Titus’ hands began running through her hair as they kissed and grabbed in a sort of ponytail, pulling kaçak iddaa her head back. His other hand began moving up and down her neck in a weak choking motion, a show of dominance rather than anything else. He picked her up and placed her seated on the table in front of him. He took both her hands and guided them up to his straps. Kennis began to undo the straps on his breastplate and let it fall to the floor. She pulled open his tunic, revealing his bare muscular chest. She kissed his chest and slowly moved up onto his neck as his hands began pulling at her hair again. It was harder this time but it made her gasp with delight.

Kennis dragged her nails across his chest and removed his tunic. She could see that he was excited, his hard cock appeared to be staring at her intensely. She opened her tunic at the top to expose her breasts and reached down to take his throbbing member in her hands. Titus’ hand removed to that now familiar grip around her throat and hair as his lips travelled down her neck and onto her tits. Moving his hand away from her neck he propped up her chest as he circled her nipple with his tongue, all the while keeping her head locked back with his grip on her hair. His tongue was now moving over her nipple, occasionally running the length of her cleavage before returning his mouth over her now hard nipple. Kennis was running her hands up and down his shaft, using longer, faster strokes as Titus began to bite down. She moaned something that he was unable to understand but took it as a compliment as he bit down again. Removing her tunic he kaçak bahis placed his hand on her inner thigh.

Titus’ fingers entered her easily, first two and then three. He fingered her rhythmically in time with her strokes on his cock. His other hand had moved back to pull her hair. Titus enjoyed the feeling of control he had over her and Kennis enjoyed it even more. Titus picked her up and felt her tense up as he slid is cock into her warm vagina. Kennis’ legs wrapped around him as he supported her on his muscular frame. He began to bounce her on his cock, her tits matching the speed and vigour of his thrusts. Using one hand to support her lower back, he traced the other up her spine until he reached the hair again. This time wrapping it round his hand to get a better grip. He bounced her until his legs became weak and almost dropped her onto the floor.

Following her down onto the floor of the tent, he entered her again. Looming over her, he placed her legs on his shoulders as he thrust deeply and powerfully into her. He read her moans and gasps and became quicker. One hand was once again at her nipple, the other he used to stimulate her clit in time with his thrusts. Kennis began speaking Celtic again as she started to stiffen up. Titus felt her cum and continued regardless, this was for him after all. Titus’ strokes became fast and shallow and his penis began to twitch. He pulled himself out and made Kennis kneel as he towered above her unleashing a warm load of semen onto her chest covering one of her nipples. “No Gaul is worthy of my Roman seed.” he thought, as he watched it begin to drip down her body.

Titus retired to his sleeping quarter knowing that could have been his final time and knowing that tomorrow could bring death in battle for the glory of Rome.

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