Time to Learn Pt. 01

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Lucy and Dan have been working non-stop for over 7 months on a project for their final year of college. 6 days a week they are working side by side trying to make it all work and come together. Lucy is a married 42 women, 5 feet 5 inches tall, maybe 100 pounds, shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes. Dan is 33, 6 foot 2 inches, 210 pounds and keeps his hair relatively short. They had gotten to know each other quite well and always talked about their families, life and even their sex lives. The sex life stuff came only about 2 months ago when Dan had jokingly mentioned that Lucy should try to button up her shirt one more button, as he could sometimes see her bra and it was distracting to him some days. It was at that point that he and Lucy liked to share about their sex life while working, it made the work they were doing a little more exciting.

Late one Friday night Dan received a text message for Lucy. ‘Is there any way we could meet at school tomorrow, I know we said we wanted the weekend off but I’m home alone and bored.’ Dan thought about it for a while and asked his girlfriend what her plans were. She had plans of her own Saturday, so Dan send a text back to Lucy. ‘Yeah, I am available. You had better make it worth my while and have a good story to tell me.’ She replied with a smiley face emoji and the words. ‘Don’t you worry about that.’

The next morning, Lucy walked into the third-floor computer lab and found Dan already hard at work on his part of the project. As she walked towards Dan, he looked at her, she was wearing sandals, tight jean shorts and a button up plaid blouse, with of course not too many buttons done up. She sat down and turned her computer on.

“Good morning Dan, how long have you been here?”

“Oh, maybe an hour. Couldn’t sleep so I came in early. Girlfriend had friends over last night, they were and being loud as always. I went to bed early and boom, here I am. How about you, how did your night play out?” he asked her.

She kind of sneakered and asked him, “Do you want the truth or just hear that I went to bed early as well as I was home alone?”

“Truth.” He said.

“Well.” She says. “I was alone last night, which you already know. I went upstairs, took a shower, climbed into my bed naked, turned on some porn on the television, sent you the text message and masturbated for about two hours.”

“You were masturbating as you text me or after?” he asked with curiosity.

“Before, during and long after. I was going to tell you last night but didn’t know what you would say or if your girlfriend was around you.” She tells him.

“Wish you would have, I would have played along with you, lord knows I didn’t get off last night.”

Lucy leans towards him and jokingly rubs his legs. “My poor little Dan isn’t getting any action. I took pictures, would you like to see them?”

“If you are serious, Yes please.” He quickly tells her.

Dan turns his head and looks at Lucy, he quickly notices she isn’t wearing a bra and sees her tits, not big, not small but just nice. Her nipples on the other hand are very nice and hard. He doesn’t take his eyes away from her tits. She takes out her phone, unlocks it, finds the pictures she took the night canlı bahis before and hands him the phone.

“I’m as serious as you are looking at my tits. You can probably skip the first three, they are just my tits, and clearly you have seen them already.” She says as starts to type on the computer.

Dan spends the next fifteen minutes staring at the pictures she took on her phone, some would be considered PG 13 and others could easily be XXX. Lucy looks over at Dan, glances down at his crotch and sees the bulged in his pants that wasn’t there 15 minutes ago.

“I see you are really enjoying what you are seeing.” As she wheels her chair closer to him.

She leans over and looks at the picture he is looking at, she scrolls through the phone while he still holds it and finds a video.

“Here, let’s watch this.” She says and she puts her head on his shoulder.

What Dan sees and hears next, makes him turn red. The video is of Lucy, fucking herself in her bed with a dildo and her repeatedly saying. “Fuck me Dan Fuck me Dan.” Dan watches it twice to make sure he heard what he thought he did.

“Guess you like it if you are watching over and over.” She says as her hand starts to rub his leg, awfully close to his erection concealed in his sweat pants.

“Clearly I do!!”He says as he points to his bulge.

“You want to know what the best part of me making that video was?” she whispers to him as she slides her hand into his pants and grabs hold of his cock. “I did it this morning wishing you were with me in my bed, and holy fuck did I ever cum a lot after I said your name.”

She leans down and get her face closer to his cock. Dan runs his hand down her back, over her ass and grabs a hand full.

She looks up at him. “Want to make my wish come true?”

Dan simply nods his head yes. She smiles at him, turns her head and starts to lick his cock and fondle his balls with her hand. She licks it up and down and around the head, tasting some of his pre-cum.

“Do you want to fuck me here, or in my actual bed?” she asks him as she lowers her mouth onto his cock.

“Here, bed, car, anywhere.” Dan mutters as he feels her warm mouth touch his cock.

Lucy doesn’t say anything else, she simply continues to pleasure Dan with her mouth in the computer lab. Sucking his cock and stroking it, not once skipping a beat she moves her head up and down and he watches her suck his cock. The thrill of getting a blow job from Lucy, the thrill that someone might walk in and catch them and the shear fact that this woman knows how to suck a cock makes Dan know he isn’t going to last much longer. Lucy, who hasn’t stop doing anything but sucking his cock starts to go a little faster now, and Dan can’t control himself.

“OH fuck!!” Dan moans out as he starts to cum.

She feels his cum shoot up his shaft and into her mouth, she quickly starts stroking him faster and leave her mouth just wrapped around his head. Shooting all his cum into her mouth. She keeps her mouth closed, pulls her head from his lap, puts his cock away and grabs her phone. She opens her mouth, takes a picture of all his cum, closes her mouth and swallows it all.

“Fuck that tastes so good!!” Licking her lips. bahis siteleri “Get your shit together, let’s go to my place. We can take my car.” She turns off her computer and leave. They get into her car and drive to her place.

“Are you sure your husband won’t come home?” he asked her nervously.

“He is 5 hours away and won’t be home till tonight, so shut up, follow me to my room.” She leads the way.

As she walks into her room, she quickly unbuttons her blouse and it falls to the floor. He removes his shirt and waits for her next move. She undoes her shorts, slowly pulls them down, Dan notices she wasn’t wearing panties and her bald pussy is exposed to him. She steps out of her shorts and crawls onto the bed. Dan watches her seductively crawl to the middle of the bed and she shows him her ass and pussy.

“Would you rather fuck me in this position or on my back?”

“Get on your back and let me eat your pussy till my cock gets hard again. You can bend over like that and let me fuck you after I get my fill.” He says as his voice changed from nervousness to lust.

She turns over onto her back and says. “I must warn you. When I get my pussy lick I tended to squirt, when I say move you had better, or you will get covered.”

As he pulled his pants off and approached her, she already has her hand on her clit and was rubbing it rapidly, his cock started to grow already but he wanted to make her squirt. He took her hands away and quickly licked her clit. He tried to go as fast as she was rubbing it, but he wasn’t able too. She squirmed and moaned as he was licking her, her hands rubbing her tits, pulling her nipples.

“Fuck yes! Eat me Dan, make me your bitch, treat me like a whore.”

It was at this point he figured out she was a little naughtier then he taught. He licked her pussy as fast as he could and started to finger her as well. Her pussy was getting very wet and her moans were getting very loud, he kept his fingers in her as deep as he could, and she enjoyed it immensely.

“Put a finger in my ass but keep one in my pussy.”

He quickly slid a finger into her ass, his fingers were so wet it didn’t take much forcing it. He was now going in and out of her pussy and ass with his fingers and still licking her clit. She was moving so much he was having a hard time keeping his motions moving, as he kept going in and out of her holes.

“Move your face!!” she screamed out.

Dan moved his face to the side but kept his fingers in her and she squirted out a short stream that flew almost across the room, she moaned and screamed as she kept cumming. Dan pulled his fingers out of her and grabbed his cock to check if it had gotten hard enough to fuck her and it was ready. Lucy was also ready, she was already on her knees with her face down on the pillow. He came up behind her, grabbed his cock and pushed it into her soaking wet pussy.

“I’ve been wanting this for so fucking long Dan. Don’t be shy big boy and have your way with my pussy!” her voice crackled with pleasure.

Dan had never been told anything of the sort, but he didn’t care, he started to fuck her as hard as he could. He was going in as deep as he could, his balls were slapping off her clit which bahis şirketleri excited Lucy even more. He had a tight grip on her hips and was pulling and pushing her off his cock with force. There was a loud smacking sound every time their bodies made contact, it was muffled by her loud moaning and screaming but Dan knew it was happening. She reached down between her legs and grabbed his balls, holding them tight in her hands. It seemed like the harder he fucked her or the more pain he caused her, she enjoyed it and wanted to return it.

Her face was the only thing holding her up now, as her other hand was now rubbing her clit since his balls were not touching it. The pain Dan was getting from her grip on his balls was almost too much, but he kept fucking her the way she had wanted it. He was looking at her ass, thinking to himself, ‘how much more pain will I get if I finger her ass.’ He released the grip on his right hand and wound up and smacked her ass as hard as he could.

“Fuck yeah!! I’m a bad girl, spank me again.”

Dan spank her ass again and she screamed out in pleasure. Again, and again he smacked both sides of her ass. Louder and louder she screamed for more. Dan felt her hand release his balls, it felt better. He placed one hand on her ass and smacked her one more time.

“Oh daddy!! Give me more pain as you fuck me please!” she moaned.

Dan could only think of one thing to do, he spit on her anus, placed 2 fingers on it and pushed them in her. As his cock was coming out, his fingers went in, back and forth he pushed and pulled his fingers in and out of her ass, his cock fucked her pussy hard. Lucy started to scream out that she was going to cum and wanted him to cum at the same time. Dan wasn’t too sure about cumming in her but figured what the fuck, why not. He continued to fuck both her holes as hard as he could, she kept rubbing her clit.

She screamed in delight. “Ooooh!! Fuck yesssss!! I’m cumming again… cum with me!”

Dan felt her pussy get very wet and she moaned and squirted all over her bed. Dan erupt hot cum deep inside her. He pulled his fingers out of her ass, gripped her hips and pounded her as hard as he could till, he was also down cumming. He didn’t release his grip on her hips as he started to sit back, she followed him, she leaned back against him.

“Holy fuck!! That was 100 times better than I hoped for, you made me squirt twice, my bed is soaked.”

“I hope that’s ok, and fuck me you are one crazy woman, hope I didn’t hurt you too much.”

She reaches back, pulls his head down kisses him and says. “Nope, if you did, I would have ripped your balls off anyways! Now get you cock out of me. I need to lie down.”

He pushes her off and she falls to the bed and catches her breath. Dan starts to get dressed as she lays there naked watching him.

“I will take a quick shower and drive you back to your car, I am not in the mood to work on this project today.” She tells him as she walks to the washroom.

That night Lucy texted Dan and asked him. ‘Do you want to hear something crazy?’

He sends her back. ‘Oh boy, let me have it.’

She sends. ‘I want more of you, do you think we can do that again sometime soon?’

He sends back, ‘We sure can, you say when and I’ll be there.’

All he got back is a picture. It was the one of her mouth full of his cum with the words Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday written all over it.

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