Thinking About You Again

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I’m thinking about you again.

Sitting next to you is erotic torture. You laugh and it makes me smile, then you look at me with those deeply soulful and knowing brown eyes, and I feel a twinge of promise that makes me squirm in my seat. I look at your fingers and hands, and imagine them holding my breasts, running a trail down my stomach to my pussy, pressing on my clit and making me cum in a flood of release. I think about your fingers pumping in and out of me while you watch my face contort with pleasure.

I stand near you and smell the pure smell of sex coming from your body. I want to touch your neck with the tip of my tongue, tasting your sweat, open my mouth and kiss you with all the pent-up frustration that I’m feeling. I want to feel you wrapped around me, gripping my ass with one hand and the hair behind my head with the other.

When we get together socially, sometimes you playfully smack my ass. With your hand, or whatever happens to be available. I wonder what you would do with me if we were alone…would you tie me up? Make me struggle? Hold me down as you lick and suck my nipples, grab my breasts, dig your fingers into my soft flesh? Would you flog me, leave marks on my body to remember you by?

Or illegal bahis would you simply look into my eyes and hypnotize me so that I couldn’t resist?

I’ve fantasized about how we would come together…in dreams, and in daydreams. At night, I imagine you as a dangerously erotic vampire, appearing at my window…I see you there, but I can’t move…I’m frightened, breathing hard, but I wonder how much is from fear and how much is from wanting your touch? You cross the room, slowly, torturing me with anticipation…slowly pulling back the covers on the bed, you look in my eyes…all I can see is the lust that burns in your eyes, matching the fire that rages through my body. You touch me slowly, lightly, tracing a path from my lips to my pussy…gently prying my legs apart, you find that I am wet…my breath catches as you run your finger through the wetness and rub my clit..I moan as you taste me and begin to move your tongue inside me. You slip one finger, then two, then three into me, and begin to finger fuck me…and I orgasm, my wetness covering your fingers. As I lie there, breathless, you move up my body, keeping your eyes locked on mine, holding me in your gaze…your body covers mine, you move above me and then you plunge illegal bahis siteleri into me and I gasp in pleasure. I lie there, dizzy with the overpowering sensations…and as orgasm approaches, I arch my back and expose my neck to you. As we climax together, you bring your mouth down on my neck and I feel your teeth pierce my vein. The pain only adds to my pleasure as you feed upon my lifesource….you leave your essence in me even as I give mine to you.

I have dreamt this more than once. Each time I awake from the fantasy, I find that I am very wet. If dreams only can do this to me, what would the reality do?

Sometimes at night when I can’t sleep, I go outside and sit and wish for you to appear. The weather is nice, and I imagine what would happen, if you were to suddenly arrive at my house…

“Are you alone?” you ask.

I say “Yes…”…you come up to me and take me in your arms and kiss me with all the pent-up tension we have been feeling. “God, I want you…”, you growl…you bend me over the railing of the porch and I hear you unzip your pants…suddenly I feel your dick plunge into me and I resist the urge to scream in joy. You reach for my hair and pull it back, ordering me to bare my breasts….I canlı bahis siteleri comply and you reach around and squeeze them painfully, making me moan in pleasure. You pump into me hard and fast. You speak to me, telling me how much you have been wanting this, wanting to feel my hot, wet pussy surrounding your dick, squeezing you further into me. You slap my ass, making me hotter, and tell me how much you want to just fuck me until I am senseless…I cum and cum, continuously, trying to stay quiet, but wanting to scream in ecstasy…

You stop, and order me to take you in my mouth…which I gladly do. I lick my juices from your cock and then slowly pull you into my warm and waiting mouth…in and out, in and out, deeper each time, until I have you all the way down my throat. You moan in pleasure as I deep throat you, then move to lick your balls. You pull me up and bend me over the railing, and plunge your cock into my pussy once more…I squeeze as hard as I can with my muscles, and feel my orgasm starting again as you groan, plunging deeper than ever. I reach around for your balls to stroke them, and I feel them contract as you make one final thrust, as deeply as possible, and cum inside of me. I cum too, washing us both with our mixed love juices.

Yesterday, you looked at me, and your eyes told me everything. I can see the lust in them. The want. The need. The fire burns inside me, waiting to be quenched.


I’m thinking about you again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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