There Oughta Be a Law Ch. 01

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Friday Night

I was in the mood for steak and shrimp. None of my friends were handy so I decided to head over to the local Ponderosa by myself. It was the dinner hour and the place was packed. I saw the line-up was long and winding. I almost decided to head for a fast burger instead. But then I noticed there were two definite hotties standing at the end of the line. I decided I could wait in line if there was free eye candy. Once I got closer, both women started looking better and better. There was no sign of any men catching up to meet them either, which was kind of odd. Normally you don’t see ladies like this without a man.

Maybe they were hot lesbians? I stood in line behind them and gave them a good look. Both ladies were tall and slim. They stood at least 5’9, maybe 5’10” . I was 42 and I’m 6’1″ tall, so I was not intimidated by their height. They both were wearing tight pants that showed off their magnificent asses. One was wearing jeans and one was wearing tight slacks. I could see the shape of her underwear through the slacks. These two ladies were already driving me crazy and I’d only been behind them for a couple of minutes.

Their faces were so similar, they had to be related. Not twins though, the older lady looked to be somewhere in her late 30s. The younger one looked like she was in her late 20s. They both were wearing blouses that were sort of baggy so it was hard to see how large their breasts were. I was guessing that both ladies had smaller than average breasts, but this didn’t make them less attractive.

They both had brown hair with a slight red tinge and they both were sprinkled with light freckles across their face. I was in utter and complete lust with both of them. The younger one was undeniably slightly hotter, especially with her half way translucent slacks. But since I’m 42 I found myself checking out the older one more and more. I definitely liked what I saw.

If I had a few drinks in me, I might have opted to casually bump into them and cop a feel. There were many people behind me in line now and there was definitely opportunity to brush their asses and look innocent at the same time. The line-up was getting packed in like sardines. But that night for some reason I decided that anonymously copping a feel was not good enough. I decided to throw caution to the wind and talk to them as long as I could.

Before I started, I vowed to myself to be honest regarding my attraction, but to take whatever came in good spirits. If they brushed me off I was bound and determined to laugh and still be friends with them anyway. I mean, chances were they were both happily attached and simply out for a girls night.

They had their heads together and they were talking to each other quietly. I had no idea what they were talking about, but I had to do something. Their tight asses were just beckoning to me. I leaned in my head close, right between the two of them and said “They’re oughta be a law”.

They looked at me questioningly. Here was this guy talking to them out of the blue and they weren’t quite sure how to react. I had a friendly smile on my face and I let them study me for a second and just stood there grinning stupidly. The older one said in a puzzled voice “Excuse me, What??”

“I said there oughta be a law.”

“That’s what I thought you said. What are you talking about?”

I pumped up the wattage on my smile a little more and said

“There oughta be a law against having two visions of divine loveliness standing together like you are. You should have to be separated by at least ten feet. How’s a man supposed to ogle you properly if you are standing together like that? “

The older lady blushed slightly and looked at me and then said “You’re having trouble ogling are you? You poor man.” The younger one seemed to be enjoying the exchange greatly. Seeing her sister(?) blush was obviously a good thing. She smiled at me saucily and said “How can we help?” I looked her up and down boldly, still smiling. “Well, young lady, let me concentrate on you for just a bit here.”

I turned to the older woman and said “Just a sec, you’ll get your turn don’t worry.” The older lady nodded her head somewhat unbelievingly. I turned back to the younger woman, and looked her up and down again. “And, what may I call you, darling?” She still seemed to be enjoying herself. She liked being the flirty one, while her sister(?) was still confused as to what was going on. “You may call me Ellen.” I took her hand in mine and brought it up to my mouth, staring into her eyes the whole time.

“Charmed, I’m sure.” I said and then I kissed her hand. “I’m Don.”

She looked a little flustered and she looked like she might want to fly off the handle and reprimand me, but then I think she realized that in the role she was currently playing this didn’t really fit, so she came back in a friendly tone saying “You’re a smooth one aren’t you? “

“Not usually this smooth.” I answered back truthfully.

I illegal bahis turned my attention to the older one. She seemed to have regained her composure and it looked like she didn’t want to be one-upped by her sister(?) because she smiled at me with a definite ‘come hither’ look and said

“And now you can concentrate on a real woman.”

“And you are?”

“I’m Carolyn.” and then she did a little pirouette.

“Like what you see?”

I lifted her hand up and kissed it as I stared into her eyes.

“You two are going to be the death of me.” I said

Both giggled very pleasantly and then looked into each other’s eyes with devilish smiles.

I looked from one to the other in wonderment. They were obviously very close. The little digs at each other were received with smiles of true enjoyment. I could think of other ladies who would be ready for a catfight in a similar situation.

Somehow I was much more confident than my normal self. I’m guessing it had to do with the fact that I was wooing two girls at once. Neither one wanted to look bad in front of the other so they reacted differently than they might by themselves. I almost felt like I could do no wrong.

We continued to flirt back and forth relatively harmlessly until we finally came to order our food. Ellen got Prime Rib and Carolyn ordered a steak. I ordered my traditional steak and shrimp. When all of our food was ready we looked at each other again.

This was the first turning point in our little relationship. Would we just pretend nothing happened and go our separate ways or not? I decided to stick with my plan to take it as far as I could with as little pressure as possible. I was still thinking they were both too hot to be single and I was figuring that this would be the end. This was probably a little harmless flirting to keep their ego up and then back to the boyfriends at home.

“I would be very pleased if you would both join me for dinner.” I said while trying to make it obvious by my tone, that I wasn’t really expecting a yes.

They looked at each other and I was on pins and needles. Hope was getting the better of me. Maybe one of them was single? Somehow they obviously communicated together easily without speaking, because Carolyn replied with a smile on her face. “We would be delighted.” While Ellen also smiled invitingly at me.

“Right then, follow me please.” I said in my best Maitre D imitation.

“Does this table seem suitable?”

They both smiled and Ellen said, “Yes, thank you very much sir.”

I held out the chair for Ellen and she sat down, and then I moved over and did the same for Carolyn. I nodded gravely and said “Enjoy your meal.” and then walked away from the table slowly.

They both started to giggle and I turned around again with a sappy smile on my face and bowed briefly and then sat down. “You sir, are a nut.” said Carolyn with a big smile.

“So, you two are sisters, right??”

“Yes, we are. How could you tell?” laughed Ellen

“All I can say is if I ever meet your parents, I will have to congratulate them. They raised two wonderful daughters. They must have done something right.”

Both girls faces got a little redder, but they didn’t say anything.

We ate our dinner, and chatted some more until we were all finishing up our plates.

I stared into Carolyn’s eyes for two long seconds and then I turned to Ellen and stared at her. Bringing them both back into focus I said

“You two are most definitely too good to be true. Did you just get off the plane from fantasy land?”

“Oh, come on” said Ellen “Look at her over there. She comes from fantasy land not us.”

I looked in the direction she pointed. An undeniably beautiful young woman was strutting by. She had a dynamite body with large breasts, and her face was all painted up. She had the look of a supermodel, but the major problem with this lady was that she knew she was beautiful and she figured this meant that she was the Queen and everyone else was her loyal subject. She had her nose in the air, and it didn’t look like it ever came down. Her escort was a well built young man and he was definitely handsome, but he looked like he was a dog following his master. I gave the lady a fair ogling just to make sure of everything and then I turned to my new friends. They seemed to be very anxious to hear what I was going to say next.

“I agree she is a beautiful woman.” I said and then paused. My friends nodded their heads seriously and remained silent. I continued “But I am sorry, if she appeared in any fantasy of mine, it would be more like a nightmare.”

“You can’t be serious” said Carolyn “I’m sure every man in this place is going crazy thinking about her.”

“Well, maybe a few” I agreed. “She does have some undeniable charms, but I assure you I did not even know she was in the restaurant at all until you pointed her out. I was too busy going crazy thinking about these two young ladies illegal bahis siteleri I had just met to even notice her.”

“You’re serious aren’t you?” Said Carolyn wonderingly

“Of course I’m serious. She looks like the definition of a stuck up bitch. If I were with her, I would be spending the whole time being furious with myself for putting up with her attitude just because she was hot. No thank you, not for me, thanks very much.

Now, you two are totally different from her. You are just as beautiful as she is. Trust me. You don’t need cakes of make-up for your faces to be beautiful. If either of you are wearing make-up I can’t tell that you are. And that, by definition, is an effective make-up job in my books. There’s nothing that turns me off more than obvious lipstick. And the other thing that makes you 100 times more desirable than her is that you are not stuck up, at least as far as I can see so far. “

They looked at each other for a second or two and then Ellen said “Well Don, you are a surprising man. Here we thought you were just a funny clown, and now we see, there may be also a brain under there. Are you sure you are not from fantasy land?”

It was my turn to be legitimately surprised.

“Who? me? I’m 42. My ex wife dumped me a few years ago. I’m not that handsome. You must have me confused with somebody else.”

Carolyn replied “You’re 42? Really? You look around 37 or so to me. I’m 39 by the way. And that’s a real 39, not a 39 going on 45.”

“I’m 28 but I still think you are a handsome man. Looking good for 42 bro.” Ellen said with a wink

“Well, if you girls keep talking like that, it might just make my head swell, and not just the little head either.”

They both guffawed.

“Hey, watch it buster.” said Carolyn “This is a family place.”

“It is indeed. May I entice you lovely ladies to join me for an evening of dancing?”

They looked at each other again, and then Carolyn said

“We need to visit the girl’s room. Don’t go anywhere. We’ll be back in five.”

They got up and left before I could come up with a reply.

I still was unsure about them. I threw out the lesbian hypothesis. They seemed to be legitimately flirting, which I didn’t think true dykes could pull off.

Maybe they were both attached? Maybe just one? But, which one?

I decided my best guess was that Ellen was attached and that Carolyn was interested in me. I mean, even if Ellen were unattached why would a 28 year old hottie like her be interested in a 42 year old fuddy duddy like me?

They returned from the bathroom and Carolyn seemed to be somewhat upset. Ellen had the look like she had just won the lottery. I was confused and I looked a question at them. Carolyn said “Unfortunately Don, I have to head home. I’ve very much enjoyed meeting you and I would like to see you again sometime if you are so inclined. Here’s my e-mail and my phone number.” She handed me a slip of paper and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and then turned. Again, I couldn’t put a sentence together before she was already quickly walking away.

“Is she OK? ” I asked Ellen “Oh, she’ll be fine. Don’t worry.” I nodded my head and then looked at her beautiful face. She had a sparkle in her eye. I wanted to reach out and pull her to me and never let go. Some of my hunger must have been apparent, because she visibly started and then smiled at me. “So where are we off to?”

I stood up and moved over to her chair. I held out my arm and she pulled herself up into me. We sort of bumped into each other clumsily and then I put my arm around her and we walked out. She snuggled right up against me like we had been together for years. I tightened my arm around her a little as we walked up to my car.

I had been burned before by being too physical too fast and I wasn’t sure whether I should give in to my urges and kiss her or not. After all, we barely knew each other. When we got to my car she turned around and pressed herself up to me so close there could be no doubt. I leaned forward to kiss her lightly but Ellen was having none of that. She stuck her tongue in my mouth and started frenching before I could even pucker. “I guess that settles that” I thought to myself and kissed her back passionately. After a few seconds I pulled away and said “Wow”. She looked at me and smiled and said “Yeah, wow”

We were at it again in no time. I reached down and let my fingers stroke her beautiful ass. She smiled up at me and said “How long have you wanted to do that?”. Oh, since when I got within about 50 yards of you.” I said. She laughed. I grabbed onto both cheeks with my hands and started kneading as hard as I could. As I was doing that, I nibbled on her ear lightly. She moaned. I pulled away and looked at her. “Your place or mine?” I gasped Right then this was not a cliché at all. This was just the easiest way for me to get the information I needed. She smiled and said “Yours”.

I zoomed home in record canlı bahis siteleri time. Ellen was almost squirming in the passenger seat. She was as keyed up as I was. I couldn’t decide which one of us was more anxious for the next step.

As soon as the door closed to my apartment we were in each others arms again. After some frantic kissing I grabbed a hold of the bottom of her blouse and pulled up gently. She lifted her arms in the air, but her expression changed. It was almost like she was afraid or something. I immediately let go of her blouse and backed away concerned.

“I thought you wanted this as much as I did. I’m so sorry for taking advantage of you.”

“I do want it.” She said “I want you so bad it hurts. I’m just afraid you will laugh at my tits.” She wrenched off her blouse. Her bra looked almost like a training bra.

She quickly undid the bra as well, and her tiny tits were now exposed for me to see.

“Are you disappointed? ” She asked with a quaver.

I ostentatiously stared at her chest and then I sidled up to her. I leaned in and licked one of her nipples as I twirled my fingers around the other nipple.

“I am in lust with every inch of you including your delicious breasts.” I said

Then I grabbed her hand and pulled it over to touch my throbbing cock through my pants.

“Does this feel like the member of someone who is disappointed in the way his partner looks?”

She rubbed my cock and then looked up at me in wonder. “It’s big and it’s hard as a rock.”

“Well, I’m not sure it’s all that big.” I said “Around 6 or 7 inches , but it’s definitely as hard as steel right now. I’ve been at least semi-hard ever since I got a good look at you two. Even before I said anything to you at all.”

She smiled and started undoing my pants. “You sure know how to make a girl feel good about herself.” she said

Once my pants and underwear were gone, she took my cock in her mouth and licked gently. She pulled away and breathed on it and then brought it back in for a suck.

“I’m sorry honey but I can’t hold on any longer . I’m coming”

Spurts and spurts flowed out of my cock into her mouth. She swallowed some of it but a fair bit landed on her face and in her hair. She didn’t seem upset at all she just smiled and said “Wow, that’s a lot of come.”

“Yeah it’s been a while. There was no way I was going to last. Sorry about the quick draw.”

She looked at my cock and her eyes widened.

“Do my eyes deceive me, or are you hard again already?”

As we watched together my cock went from half mast to full attention.

“You are an inspiration.” I said

I reached for the button of her slacks and she wiggled her butt to help me take them off.

She slid her panties off quickly and I got my first look at heaven. I made a little twirling motion with my fingers and smiled at her. She looked at me seductively and then slowly did a 360.

I reached out and grabbed the cheeks of her ass.

“This my dear, is a work of art. We should make a plaster cast of it and then it should be displayed at the Louvre or the Smithsonian or something.”

She laughed and said ‘Come on, I know everyone says my ass is my best feature, but it’s just an ass. How can it be that different?”

“It just is. Trust me”

I lowered my lips and started licking around her thighs and pelvis. I purposely stayed away from her pussy lips or vagina for the time being. As I slobbered over her I kneaded her ass cheeks roughly. She was raising up to meet my tongue and moaning. I continued to tease her a little longer, but I eventually stuck a finger up her cunt. She was well lubricated already. I looked up at her and said

“Someone is awful wet down here.”

“It started when you kissed my hand, and it just kept getting wetter.”

“Is that so? …. Interesting.”

I stuck my tongue up her cunt and moved it around a little. She started to buck like crazy. I found her clit and rubbed it with my finger.

A little mini waterfall occurred. She moaned and writhed for a second.

Then she said

“Stop playing around and get that hard cock inside me now.”

“Yes’m. We aim to please.”

She laid on her back with her legs spread and looked into my eyes as I positioned my cock for entry. I kissed her passionately again and then shoved in.

What followed was one of the most unbelievable things I have ever experienced.

We went at it, switching positions every 5 minutes or so. It must have been at least a half hour of continuous hardcore fucking. My previous record with my ex was probably about 15 minutes, maybe 20.

Eventually, I finally started to feel my orgasm building. We were in the doggie position and I was mesmerized by her butthole. I stuck my index finger in my mouth for a second for a little lube and then I pressed it up her arse as I thrust my cock into her cunt as hard as I could.

Her moaning reached to a crescendo and her body started shivering all over. I let go my load into her belly and then we both collapsed. I felt like I had run a marathon.

She turned around and looked into my eyes soulfully. “Wow” she said

“Yeah, wow” I replied and then we both chuckled.

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