The Unexpected Wedding Guest

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Jake settled into the airline seat, getting everything ready for the long flight to London. Normally he would have been looking forward to the trip, but this time, he would not be seeing his usual associate. He had been meeting with Shona, a young Irish woman for the past few years, but she had just recently been transferred home to Belfast. He did have a wedding to attend, his cousin’s son’s wedding, but he wasn’t looking forward to being there alone.

The flight was uneventful and boring as was the train to London. Jake tried to get himself more excited. He loved London, the excitement and the atmosphere, but this time he was just going through the motions. He and Shona had almost gotten together several times on his trips to London. They worked in the same department, but on different continents. Shona was almost 15 years younger than Jake but she and Jake had become very close in their work. They often flirted, even kissed a few times but the timing never seemed right, either she was dating someone or Jake was. This trip was to have been different. Both he and she were in between partners, but at the last minute, Shona had been transferred. Jake was going to spend about ten days in London, five of them on business. At least the wedding was the first weekend; he could get it over with.

Jake put on his suit, making sure he looked good. One thing he didn’t want to do was to come across as one of the poor relations from the States. It was a large wedding, with several hundred people there. The only people Jake knew were his cousins. He looked around, trying to see if there was anyone he could meet, but all of the guests seemed to be either too old or too young.

The reception was at an old and elegant hotel in the heart of London, just a couple of streets from the church. Jake spent the first part of the reception talking with his relatives, catching up on the last couple of years. After the meal, everyone was sitting back, talking and listening to the band play while others danced. Jake strolled to the bar to get another drink when he felt a tap on his shoulder.

“Aren’t you going to get me a drink, Jake?” a soft voice asked. Jake turned, expecting to see a cousin or niece. Instead he saw Shona. He stood there for a second, not sure he was seeing right. He then quickly turned to the bartender and ordered her a martini, extra olives. Shona smiled, taking his arm in hers.

“What are you doing here, Shona?” he asked, handing her the drink. Jake could feel her large breasts pressing against his arm.

“Catherine’s sister and I are best friends and she invited me to the wedding. I didn’t know you were related to Bobby”, she said.

“Bobby’s mother and I are first cousins. My father and her mother were brothers and sisters”, Jake said, his eyes looking up and down Shona’s body. Shona caught him looking at her. She stepped back a step, giving Jake a good look as she turned around slowly.

“You approve?” she asked, knowing that she did look very sexy in the full-length evening gown. Jake smiled as he looked at the sequined gown as it hugged tight on to her tall, shapely body. The gown fitted her perfectly, tight around her large, firm breasts, showing off her thin waist and shapely hips and bum, then widening to give a flowing look. Jake felt a rush through his loins as he looked over her body.

“Oh yes, Shona. You look beautiful”, he said. She could feel his eyes over her body. She turned sideways, giving him a look at her bum. She smiled, knowing how much he had loved giving it a soft slap when they were at work in private. Jake knew what she was doing, and he loved it. He took her arm in his and led her back to the reception.

A slow song was playing, so they decided to dance. They danced together, their arms wrapped around each other as they caught up with each other. Neither of them were seeing anyone at the time, both enjoying the freedom of being alone when they wanted to be. As the evening wore on, their dancing became more and more sensual. Jake held her tight, their bodies swaying to the music, her breasts crushed against his chest. Shona could feel him become hard against her. She closed her eyes, resting her head on his shoulder. Shona pressed her mound against him, gently grinding against his hardness. She could feel his hand sliding down her back, pressing gently against the small of her back. Her hips responded, pressing against his cock. Shona bit her lips, closing her eyes as the passion within her began to build.

“I missed you,” Jake whispered softly. He could feel Shona’s lips on his shoulder as her face nuzzled against him. Shona sighed, kissing him gently on his jacket. “Where are you staying?” he asked, looking into her eyes. Shona smiled sweetly, telling Jake that she was planning to stay at a friend’s flat tonight, before flying back to Ireland on Sunday night. She had come straight to the church from the airport due to her flight being delayed so her suitcase was in lobby. “I’m staying at my usual hotel, just a couple of blocks from here. I would love for you to come back with me,” Jake said, not sure if he was pushing her too fast. Shona looked illegal bahis up at him, smiling.

“That would be nice, Jake,” she answered, wanting to kiss him, but knowing that this wasn’t the time or place.

They said their goodbyes to everyone before leaving the reception. Jake had a cab take the bags to the hotel while they walked, enjoying the cool night air. Shona held on to his arms, gently rubbing her breasts against him as they walked, talking about whatever was on their minds. The wine and liquor was beginning to have its effect on them. They easily fell back into their old flirting ways, teasing each other, making sexual innuendos. By the time they reached the hotel, they were both ready to rip each other’s clothes off. The bellhop had the bags at Jake’s room by the time they got there. The young man could hardly take his eyes off Shona. She insisted that she tip the boy rather than Jake. As she took the pound from her bag, she let it slip from her hand. She bent over slowly, letting the bellhop catch a full view of her 36D breasts. She smiled as she gently placed the coin into his hand. Once in the room, Jake and Shona laughed at the bellhop’s expression as he saw her beautiful breasts.

“You are so bad, Shona!” Jake said, holding her hands. Shona just smiled.

“Well, I wanted to give him a good tip,” she said coyly. Jake pulled Shona to him, looking down into her eyes. She came willingly, letting her body press against his. Jake slid his hand up her back, wrapping his fingers in her hair, pulling her head back. He had a clear view of her cleavage as she pressed her chest against him.

“I have wanted this for so long, Shona,” he said softly. Shona could feel his cock growing harder against her tight gown. She ground her hips gently against him.

“I have too, Jake. I have wanted to be with you since we first met,” she replied, lifting herself on her tiptoes.

Jake’s arm wrapped tightly around her body, lifting her to him. They kissed, gently at first, as if to savour the initial flavour. Shona moaned softly, the satin lining of her gown rubbing against her sensitive nipples. They had several short kisses, wanting to make sure that everything was right. After a few moments, Jake, pulled Shona tight to his body. Their gentle kissing becoming more passionate, more urgent.

Shona could feel her body begin to tremble in Jake’s arms. Their tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouths. Shona’s moans became increasingly louder. She felt Jake’s hands all over her body, caressing her through her tight gown. Her passion grew, moaning louder. Jake slid his hand up her side, cupping the tender side of her breast. Shona’s heart began pounding against her chest as Jake slid the back zipper down. His hands caressing the bare flesh of her back.

Jake felt his cock become rock hard against her thrusting hips. He cupped her cheek, pulling her hard against him. Shona squealed, grinding her pussy against his hard cock.

“Ooohhh Ggggddddd, Jake,” she moaned, letting her hand slip down his side. She gripped his cock through his trousers, stroking it gently. She felt the thickness in her fingers. Jake backed Shona against the wall, his body pressed hard against hers. She loved feeling him on her, his body crushed against hers. He slipped the thin straps off her shoulders, pulling the gown off her breasts. Jake had always suspected that she had large, well rounded breasts. Now he knew for certain. He looked at her round globes, standing on their own. Shona had always been proud of her breasts and she loved giving them to her partner. Shona smiled as Jake gazed at her breasts.

“You always liked looking at my tits, didn’t you, Jake. I caught you looking at them so many times,” she said, smiling at him. Jake was a little embarrassed having been caught staring at her breasts like some high school kid.

“Well, you were always flaunting them at me, weren’t you?” he answered. Shona smiled. He was right. She loved dressing sexily, showing off her toned body. She especially loved flaunting her body in front of Jake, teasing him in places she knew he couldn’t respond. But now, finally, he could do what he pleased with her.

“Take me Jake…take me hard,” she pleaded. Shona pulled Jake’s head to her breasts, shoving her firm globes against his face.

Jake buried his face into her breasts, cupping her flesh in his hands. Shona moaned, feeling his tongue flicking against her hard nipples. Her breasts were very sensitive, especially for their large size. Jake sucked on her nipple, pulling the hard bud into his mouth. She felt the warmth of his mouth on her, sending bolts of electricity throughout her body. Jake sucked and bit on her flesh, inhaling the little dab of perfume she had placed in her cleavage. His hands groped at her breasts, squeezing her firm flesh.

“Ooohhhhh Gggddd, Jake… yesssss!!” she moaned, rubbing her breasts against his mouth. Jake’s hands were all over her body. He had wanted Shona for a long time. Now that she was with him, he was losing control. He kissed down her flat tummy, pulling the gown down with him. Shona trembled with anticipation. She illegal bahis siteleri had fantasised about Jake taking her, lying in bed, rubbing herself, imagining Jake eating her wet pussy.

The sequined gown fell to the floor. After taking in her beautiful figure, Jake rubbed his face against her wet knickers, inhaling her aroma. He sucked on her knickers, already wet in anticipation. Her juices were sweet to his tongue. Shona leaned against the wall, unable to stand on her own. His nails slid up and down her thighs, sending wave after wave of electricity through her body. Shona rocked her hips gently, pressing her quivering pussy against Jake’s face. Jake pulled the knickers to the side, plunging his tongue deep into her neatly trimmed pussy.

“Oooohhhh Ggddddddd, Jake… yes, yes!!” Shona cried, her hands grabbing at his head. She pulled his face hard against her thrusting mound. She had dreamed about this for years, but it was so much better in real life.

Jake grabbed her firm arse, pulling her hard to his face. Shona squealed with delight, her hips bucking. Jake’s tongue lashed at her pussy, flicking across her swollen clit. Shona grabbed her breast with one hand, tugging at her hard nipple, holding Jake’s head firmly to her cunt with the other. Jake moaned and hummed, sucking on her clit. The vibrations sent Shona over the edge. She grabbed Jake’s head, grinding it against her pussy.

“Oooohhh ffuuuccckkkk, Jake, I’mmm cuuummiinnggggg,” she screamed, her hips thrusting against his whipping tongue. Jake squeezed her cheeks, grinding his face hard into her, his tongue digging deep into her wet cunt. Her body tensed as the orgasm exploded from deep within her, her juices flooding out of her pussy. The torrent of hot cum washed Jake’s face, covering him with her passion. He sucked and licked her juices, taking in all he could. Shona felt the warmth of her cum running down her thighs. She closed her eyes, her hands groping her large breasts. Her legs buckled. Had it not been for the wall, she would have collapsed on the floor.

Jake licked her clean as he made his way up her taught body. He spent a few moments on her breasts before kissing Shona deeply. She could feel his hard cock against her wet mound.

“Oh Jake, that was incredible,” she said softly, her breathing shallow and quick. Her hands tore at his shirt, popping the studs out onto the floor as she pulled it off his shoulders. Shona kissed his neck and chest while her fingers fumbled for his belt and trouser snaps. Jake felt his cock twitching, jerking in his shorts.

“Shona, I have wanted to be with you for so long. It is better than I even imagined,” he whispered, stroking her long hair from her face. Shona’s heart was pounding against her chest, she was sure Jake could hear it beating. She reached down, gripping his hard, thick cock. She had fucked herself with a dildo many times, imagining it to be his cock, but now she had it for real. And she wanted it to last all night.

Jake grabbed her hair, pulling her lips to his. They kissed deeply, passionately, their desire for each other overwhelming them. Shona kissed her way down his chest, falling on to her knees. She grabbed his hard cock, rubbing the thick head against her face and lips. She could feel his body trembling, shaking as her warm breath blew over his cock. Jake closed his eyes, his cock growing thicker in her grip. Shona eyed the thick shaft, studying the desire of her lust. Her fingers stroked it gently, sliding up and down the long shaft. Shona licked her lips, wanting to feel it in her mouth, wanting to taste his essence. Looking up at him sultrily, she slid her tongue along the underside, sending a shudder through Jake. Sliding up the long thick cock, she flicked her tongue over the tip, playing with the hole at its tip.

Jake was already going crazy and she had not even taken him into her mouth. Over the years, Shona had told him how she and her girlfriend had been the top cocksuckers in school. She often teased him by bragging about how good at sucking she was. Jake had believed her to an extent, but now she was proving it. He could have cum if he wanted to, and she had not even swallowed his cock yet.

Shona did love sucking cocks. She had been very active in her younger days, building a reputation as the best cocksucker in school. Tonight she wanted to prove herself again. Her tongue whipped around the thick head, teasing Jake unmercifully. Suddenly, she dropped her head, engulfing his cock deep into her mouth. She felt it jerking in her mouth, rubbing against her palate. The ooze of his pre-cum seeped on to her tongue, filling her with his taste. Shona bobbed her head up and down, sucking on his hard cock. Jake grew even harder and thicker in her mouth. His cock slipped out with a pop as she rubbed the head over her face and under her chin.

“Oh fuck, Shona, you weren’t lying, were you?” he gasped, trying to control himself. His fingers grabbed at her hair, guiding her head movement. Shona looked up at him and smiled. She wanted to please him as much as he has pleased her. Jake watched as this young, beautiful and sexy woman canlı bahis siteleri made love to his cock. She slid up slightly, wrapping her firm breasts around his throbbing cock. Rocking at her waist, Shona tit fucked Jake, letting the head bump against her chin. Jake watched her large breasts surround his cock as it slid in and out. He strained to hold himself, not wanting to cum yet. Shona opened her mouth, swallowing him whole. Jake moaned loudly, thrusting his hips. Shona sucked harder, feeling his thickness in her mouth. She loved sucking Jake, giving him so much pleasure. Her fingers rolled his balls as her mouth dropped to the base. She swallowed, feeling her throat vibrate against his head. Jake’s body was shaving, ready to release his seed.

“Oh fuck, Shona, you have to stop,” he said, pulling Shona up to him. “You’re going to make me cum too soon, babe.” Shona stood up slowly, letting her breasts drag across his belly and chest. She smiled, knowing she had proved herself to be a much more than an average cocksucker to Jake. Jake hugged her tight, kissing her deeply trapping his cock between their bellies. Jake swung his arms under her legs, picking Shona up in his arms. She giggled at his chivalry, holding onto to him by his neck. She pressed her breasts against his chest, smiling, knowing how much he loved it. Jake laid her on the bed, the light shining through the window reflecting on her curves. She looked beautiful. Jake stood there for a moment, gazing at his friend and now lover. Shona looked up, smiling softly. She had waited for this moment for a long time, wanting to feel Jake on her, inside her. Jake crawled onto the bed, lying next to Shona. He took her in his arms, holding her naked body firmly to his. They kissed again, expressing their long held desires for one another. Pulling Shona on to his bent knee, he slid his hand down her flat belly, cupping her wet mound.

Shona’s back was arched, resting on his knee. Jake slid his fingers back and forth along her sensitive lips, rubbing against her clit and slightly probing her tunnel. Slowly increasing the pressure, Jake watched as Shona’s face expressed her emotions. Shona could feel another orgasm building deep inside her. She bit her lower lip as Jake plunged his fingers deep into her. Her hips bucked against his hand, slowly at first. Jake went from her pussy to her clit and back, rubbing every sensitive spot of that area. Her hips began thrusting harder, fucking his fingers. Jake rubbed her clit for five or six strokes, then plunged his fingers deep into her, finger fucking her quivering pussy hard. Shona squealed whenever he did this, her eyes closed tight as her body shook uncontrollably. Smiling at her reaction, Jake’s hand went back to her clit, rubbing her swollen bud hard and fast.

Shona was losing control. She held on to Jake tightly, her firm breasts crushed against his chest as her hips rocked hard against his thrusting fingers. She opened her mouth to cry out, but no sound came. Jake watched her intensely, happy that he was about to make her cum. Shona felt her orgasm growing. The change in pace and location of her sensations not only kept her from cumming, but allowed the orgasm to build to an incredible pitch. She buried her face in Jake’s chest, her hips bucking wildly. The bed was almost bouncing on the floor when Jake plunged his fingers deep into her for the last time. He thrust hard, twisting and pumping his fingers deep inside her tight pussy.

Shona threw her head back, grabbing her breasts as she climaxed, the orgasm exploding inside her. She cried out, squeezing her tits hard as her juices burst from her pussy like a shaken coke bottle, soaking everything around her. Jake sucked on her hard nipples, kissing her flesh as he continued fingering her hard. She came again and again, her pussy squeezing tight around the fingers that were giving her so much pleasure, trying to hold them inside her. Jake slowed his pace, sliding his fingers in and out of her at a less frantic pace.

Shona looked up at Jake, smiling, “Oh God, Jake, that was incredible,” she said, her breath short and hesitant. Jake smiled at his friend, his new lover.

“I would want it no other way, Shona,” he said softly. He slid his cum covered hand onto her breasts, smearing her cum on them. Jake flicked his tongue on her breasts, tasting her warm juices. Shona fell back, lost in the moment, her body shaking, trembling. She held his head to her breasts, feeling the sensations throughout her body. She had already cum many, many times, but she wanted more. She wanted to feel him inside her. They lay there a few minutes, caressing each other.

Shona kissed her way down his strong chest, nuzzling her face against his belly, then against his mound. Jake felt a surge through his loins, his cock jerking upward. Shona looked up at Jake, his expression giving away his feelings. She dropped her head quickly, engulfing his hard cock. Jake moaned loudly, grabbing the sheets on the bed as he lay on his back. Shona used all her expertise to bring Jake to the edge. She slid her tongue along the underside, then flicked her tongue over the swollen head, before swallowing him again. Jake had never been sucked like this before. Shona would bring his to the peak, then let him down gently, extending the pleasure. After a few minutes, Shona looked up at him, her eyes burning with passion.

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