The Tutor Ch. 05

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James is getting ready to leave work when his phone vibrates. He pulls the phone out of his pant pocket and sees he has a new message. He touches the envelop. The message reads, “I have a present for you. Can you come home?”

He cannot help but smile, wondering what this present is that Melanie has for him. Rushing out the door, he jumps in his SUV and races home. James quickly unlocks the door to his house and sets his work bag on the floor at the base of the end-table in the family room. Hoping to see Melanie soon, he rushes into his bedroom to change clothes. To his surprise, Melanie is lying naked on his bed, her legs spread wide. James stops in his tracks. He cannot help but stand frozen in his place and stare.

“Surprise.” Melanie says seductively before sucking on the tip of her index finger.

“Wow. Umm. Hello. This is quite a surprise.” James says, stumbling over his words.

Melanie looks down and sees a bulge in James dress pants. His reaction makes her happy, and even more horny. She has been waiting for this day for a long time. She wasn’t sure if she would ever gain the courage to do it. After much deliberation, she decided it is the right time with the right person. After all, James had been so patient with her over the last few months, teaching her about real estate and giving in to her every sexual demand. There have been many firsts with him, it is now time to take the last step.

James removes his dress shirt and tosses it on the floor while Melanie works on removing his slacks. He can see the wanton desire in her face. He knows he should not be surprised, after all, the entire series of events with her have been a complete surprise to him. Climbing onto the bed, James pulls Melanie close. Her naked body feels warm against his skin. She leans in and kisses him deeply.

James waits a few seconds before braking the kiss. “So, how did you get into my house anyways?”

Melanie giggles. “I was admiring your yard work and I noticed a rock that seemed out of place. I picked it up and noticed it was plastic. I heard something rattle inside. When I turned it over, I saw the door. I opened it and found your spare key, so I decided to surprise you. You don’t mind finding a young woman naked in your bed do you?”

He leans in and gives her a quick peck on the lips before answering. “Absolutely not. I may have to find a better hiding place for my spare key though.”

They both laugh. James slowly begins to caress her breasts with his hand. She moans, encouraging him then pulls his mouth to her neck. “I love when you kiss my neck. It is such a turn-on.”, she tells him.

James takes the hint and softly kisses her neck while continuing to massage her breasts. Melanie runs her left hand up and down his back, softly dragging her nails on occasion. Her actions, encourage him to continue kissing up and down the side of her neck and behind her ear.

Her body is starting to heat up. Wanting more attention on her lower body, Melanie pushes is left hand down. He takes the hint and softly runs his fingers over her mound. She gasps as his fingers run over her labia and graze her anus.

“Are you my present?” James whispers into her ear.

Melanie takes a moment to enjoy the sensations of his fingers massaging her vagina before finally answering. “You have no idea.”

James smiles and gives her a look of confusion. “What does that mean?”

Unhappy his hand stopped moving as he looks at her, she says,”Please don’t stop.”

James bahis firmaları hadn’t ever realized he paused. He starts making little soft circles on her swelling lips once again. Her knees pull back against her body, giving him wider access to her inner workings. He slides a finger inside her, rewarded with a faint moan.

“Perhaps your present is me and a friend.” she finally answers.

James looks her in the eyes with a serious look on his face. “Are you being serious?”

“You would like that wouldn’t you?”, she asks, testing him.

“Hmmm. If that is what you wanted.” James replies, being careful not to commit either way.

Melanie reaches down and starts stroking James’ inner thigh. She knows there is no way she could share him with a friend. It isn’t that she feels like he is only her man, it is more that she would feel uncomfortable being naked in front of a friend and seeing a friend naked as well.

Happy to keep him in suspense, Melanie gives him a partial answer. “No we are not having a threesome. I will give your a present that you won’t expect though….in a little bit.”

Sliding a finger inside her wetness, James starts teasing her insides. “You are being a tease today.”

Melanie starts stroking his penis. “I am a tease huh? Is this teasing?”

“Mmm. No that isn’t.” he replies.

James slides a second finger inside her vagina and places his thumb on her clitoral hood. She offers him a longer moan and lifts her hips toward his hand. The pressure of his hand against her clit feels so good. Wanting more, she puts her right hand over his hand and presses down.

“Quit teasing.” she says.

“Horny today aren’t we?” he says, laughing.

“Uh huh.” is her simple reply.

She begins stroking his penis faster, showing him how she wants him to move his hand. James matches her speed and starts moving his two fingers in and out of her spread lips faster. He begins rolling his thumb around the top of her hood and causes her hips to jump. “MMM! I like that. Keep it up.” she says.

Melanie can feel his penis grow and get warmer in her hand. She loves the feeling and the way the penis reacts. She just has to have it in her mouth. In one swift move, she rolls on top of him. His fingers slide out of her. She moves her body down him, her tongue leaving a wet trail down the center of his chest. Her lips slide over the tip of his penis.

Surprised by her aggressiveness, James lets out a long moan.

The taste of his swollen penis makes her mouth water; her vagina twinge in excitement. She knows this will be the last time she tastes his delicious manhood. Taking her time, Melanie slowly moves her lips down his penis, taking as much of him in her mouth as she can handle. Her mouth coats him with saliva.

His hands begin to muss her hair. She loves the feeling of his hands in her hair. Anxious to hear his response, Melanie starts bobbing her head, holding his swollen penis softly between her lips. She holds the base of his manhood and pleasures him. When his hips begin gyrating, she stops bobbing her head and concentrates on the tip of his head for a few seconds. Her tongue swirls around the mushroom head. She looks up at him and smiles, seeing his facial expressions of pleasure.

Melanie doesn’t want to get him too excited so she slides back up his body and presses his penis against the outside of her vagina. James opens his eyes and smiles. He wishes she would allow him to slide inside her, but he knows she has repeatedly kaçak iddaa stated that she doesn’t want to have intercourse because she is saving herself for that special man. He can only hope that he will accidentally slide inside her for a brief moment as they move. He imagines how the warmth of her inner walls would feel against the head of his penis.

Almost ready to give him a present he will never forget, Melanie leaves a trail of wet kisses from his neck to his mouth. She can hear his heavy breaths. She anticipates hearing the sound of his deep, short breaths in her ear very soon. She leaves several long, deep kisses on his lips before propping herself up with her hands. She looks down several inches at his face and gives him a huge, devilish smile.

James’ eyes open wide when Melanie starts grinding her hips against him. He rests his hands on her butt cheeks and does his best to resist from pushing himself inside her. He groans, wanting more, as she slides his penis slightly between the folds of her labia, spreading her wetness over his manhood.

“You are such a tease.” James exclaims.

“Why am I such a tease?” she asks, even though she already knows the answer.

“You know why.” he says. “You know that makes me want you so much.”

“Want me how?” Melanie asks, pulling her hips up, sliding her vagina up his hard penis.

“Oh my God.” He exclaims, feeling his penis begin to throb. “You make me want to be inside you. That is not fair.”

“Oh!” she says, faking realization. Her hips carefully slide down him slowly, one more time.

Her motions are not only teasing him. Each time she slides him between her lips, she feels a strong twinge inside. His hot penis feels great against her inner labia. It makes her want to do it again, more and more. She slides her hips up his length again. The tip of his penis almost slides inside her vagina. She stops just short of inserting him inside her. He moans loudly. She moans in response and takes a deep breath before sliding her hips down, pushing his penis over her now exposed clit. This makes her throw her head back and moan.

She cannot take the teasing anymore. She tries not to think about what is going to happen. It is time. “I am ready to give you your present.” she says.

“I am ready. What is it?” He asks.

Melanie takes one last deep breath then very slowly rolls her hips up his penis. She allows the tip of his head to press inside her vagina. “Enjoy!” she groans as she begins to slowly push his hard manhood inside her vagina. She cannot believe how hot his skin feels inside her. Inch by inch she lowers her hips.

“Holy shit.” James says. “What are you doing?”

Melanie stops a second. “Do you like your present?”

He looks her deep in the eyes and smiles. “Are you sure?”

Pushing her hips down over the rest of his penis and groaning, Melanie says, “I AM SURE!”

She raises her hips until his penis is almost completely out of her. She immediately wants him back inside. James uses his hands to help guide her hips back down on top of him. They both moan deeply. Melanie lowers the top of her body back on top of his chest. Their lips lock. Her hips start moving a little faster. Melanie feels a little awkward, trying to learn a smooth rhythm, having never done this before.

James’ penis slides out of her walls. She groans and feels a little silly. She takes his penis in hand and guides him back inside her. She cannot believe how much it stretches her insides. The first kaçak bahis few times were painful, now she has adjusted to him and begins to feel pleasure. She cannot believe she waited so long to do this. If she had known it would feel so wonderful being filled, she may have had sex before now.

Realizing she is having a hard time getting rhythm, James rolls over on top of her and takes control. He raises his hips and slowly slides inside her. Her walls grip him. “You are so damn tight.”

She hopes that is a good thing. Her hands wrap around his back and hold him tightly against her body. James pushes her knees up to her ribs, spreading her wider and starts to pick up the pace. Her hips find his rhythm after a few gyrations and push up against him just as his hips push down against her body. She starts moaning over and over. She can hear his breathing growing stronger and getting shorter with each thrust.

Their bodies start smacking against each other. Melanie wraps her ankles around the small of his back and holds onto him with all her might. She buries her mouth into the small of his neck, sucking and biting. Never has she felt such emotion, such pleasure inside. Her vibrator is nothing compared to the feeling of a real man inside her. She can feel tears begin to flow down her face as she gasps for air. He is taking the air out of her chest. The weight of his chest pressing down against her body; the heat exuding off his body, it is all a little too much.

It has been months since James had had intercourse. He stopped looking for another woman the first time she came over to his house. He did not know where this would all lead, but he had no desire to find someone else. The feeling of her walls gripping tightly against his throbbing penis is getting to be too much. He knows he will not last much longer.

The sound of their hips smacking fills the room. The aroma of sex surrounds them. His hips start thrusting hard and fast. She cannot hold her legs against him anymore. Her legs fall to the bed and spread as wide as she can. Her fingers dig deep into his skin as she holds on for life. She can feel her body preparing to have a great release.

His hips start moving in a feverish manner. His moans mix with her moans. Her hips thrust against him, trying to feel him deeper inside. She cannot get enough.

James wants to spill his seed deep inside her. He wants to feel her walls spasm against him, but he knows what it may lead to. After making a few last feverish thrusts, James pulls out. Melanie opens her eyes and groans, wondering why he suddenly stopped. She watches him stroke himself a few times before shooting his seed all over her stomach.

He falls down beside her. Both of them are drenched in sweat. It takes a few minutes for them to finally catch their breath. Melanie can feel the sticky semen on her stomach and chest.

“Did you like your present?”

“Very much so.” he says with a long lasting smile.

Melanie leans over and gives him a peck on the cheek. “I wanted our last time to be very special.”

“Our last time?” James questions her.

“Yes.” she says before pausing a second. “I am getting too emotional. I am liking you too much and I know we won’t work as a couple. I hope you understand.”

He knew this would not last forever, but he didn’t know it would end so abruptly. “Yes. I understand.”

Melanie scoots off the bed and makes her way to the bathroom. She cleans up then dresses without saying a word. Everything suddenly seems awkward. James is still lying on the bed when she returns to the bedroom. She dresses then leans in and kisses him one more time, long and deep.

“Goodbye.” she says, turning around and exiting the room.

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