The Trio

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“Oh, the heat outdoors is sweltering,” Carol said as she entered Janet’s home.

“Well, enter my air-conditioned home and enjoy,” Janet replied.

Six months ago, twenty-four-year-old Janet had married Bob Anderson. As a wedding gift, Bob’s well-to-do-father gave the young couple the down payment on a lavish eight room home with two full baths and a five-room in-law apartment attached. Bob’s engineering job in his father’s corporation enabled him to afford the mortgage payments. The house was in a new development in the same town in which the three age-mates Janet, Carol, and Bob had grown up.

Although the couple had only been married six months, Janet was eight months along in her first pregnancy and the bulge on her belly made her look like she was ready to deliver her baby any minute.

“What did the doctor say when you visited her yesterday,” Carol asked.

“She said everything is fine and the baby will come when he’s ready. But she said that I shouldn’t let Bob fuck me until after the baby’s born.”

“How does Bab feel about that?”

“He’s okay with it. I gave him a hand job this morning and he seemed content.”

“Anytime you need help satisfying his sex drive, you can count on me for help,” Carol said half-jokingly.

Carol had been Janet’s rival for Bob’s affections throughout their college days until Carol learned of Janet’s pregnancy. Bob, Janet, and Carol had met during their freshman year in college and the trio, accompanied by Jack Green, had gone on many double dates during their collegiate years. Jack had joined the Marine Corps within two weeks of graduating and he married a female Marine as soon as she graduated from boot camp.

Bob had continued dating Janet regularly. When Janet announced her pregnancy, they hastened their wedding date. They had a somewhat lavish wedding, paid for by Bob’s wealthy father, and Carol was internet casino the maid-of-honor.

Janet cocked her head for a moment after Carol’s last comment. Janet thought and then spoke. “Would you like to come live with us and let Bob make love with you? Bob and I have the in-law apartment. You can live there and Bob can visit you whenever you and he want. Like, you could be Bob’s second wife and pretend to be my spinster sister.”

“Yeah, I’d like that but what if Bob knocks me up?”

“I would tell our nosy neighbors that my sister is a whore. We could raise the children as siblings. Bob makes good money. One of us could work while the other took care of the children. We could pull it off with no trouble.”

Janet hesitated in her speech, then as an afterthought said, “Only if you want to.”

“Oh, I love your Bob. I’m very jealous of you. I could go along with your idea but how would Bob feel about it?”

“I’m so confident that he will accept the idea that let’s move you out of your apartment right now and into the in-law apartment. We’ll surprise him when he comes home from work.”

The two women used their two SUVs to move Carol out of her small apartment into the much larger in-law apartment and completed the task a full two hours before Bob got home from work.

Janet showed Carol where to find the utensils and food. Carol cooked supper for that evening.

When the girls proposed their ideas about a spinster sister and a second wife, Bob eagerly accepted their thoughts.

Immediately upon hearing her husband agree to the relationship, realistic Janet stood up and said to Bob, “Good. Instead of sitting there drooling, waiting to get Carol in bed, why don’t you let her show you her apartment and you can fuck her while you have her alone. Besides, I want you to sleep with her until the baby is born and you can start fucking canlı poker oyna me again.”

Bob was speechless. Carol arose quickly from her chair and said, “Let’s go.”

Bob and Carol kissed Janet gently. Then, Carol took Bob by the hand and led him to her new home. Bob lifted Carol into his arms at the apartment entrance and carried her over the threshold. He made certain to feel her ass as he did so. She noticed but didn’t complain.

He dutifully admired how Carol furnished the apartment. Carol sensuously avoided Bab’s touch until she noticed the bulge in his trousers.

She turned. Her hand patted the bulge while she said, “Is this for me.”

Bob drew her close, kissed her lips, kissed her neck, whispered in her ear. “I love you, Carol.”

“I love you, too, Bob,” she said as she returned his kisses.

She continued, “Let me washup before we make love.”

“I’ll take you the way you are.”

“I have to wash my pussy so you can eat me.”

Bob reluctantly released her.

When she emerged from the toilet, she was naked. Bob commented on her upright tits and flat stomach while he dropped all his clothing on the floor. Again, he started kissing her, on the lips, on the neck, on the ears. As he kissed, he whispered sweet endearments. She returned his kisses and words of praise.

He maneuvered her to the bed. She wriggled to the center. He resumed his kissing while he fondled her tits. His fingers explored her belly button. He complimented her flat stomach as he pressed and felt it. His hand went to her pubic bush.

“I’ll be able to tell you and Janet apart in the dark. Janet shaves her triangle. I like yours hairy.”

“Fresh,” was her only response as she hugged him tighter.

His lips moved to her pussy. His fingers opened her labia. His middle finger entered her vagina. His thumb located her clitoris and flicked poker oyna it back and forth. His tongue followed his thumb’s lead and soon was flicking her clitoris. His thumb was now free to explore other orifices. It chose the vagina. The displaced middle finger entered her asshole.

She rolled onto him and, with some clumsy shuffling, maneuvered her hips over his face. He continued his licking and fingering without interruption. She sucked in his penis. Swish, swash, in and out she sucked. Up and down she licked. She expected a load of cum but didn’t get it.

More clumsy movements. He was atop her. He put his knee between her legs and pointed his penis at her hole of love. She guided his penis into her vagina and wrapped her long legs around his waist. He started his thrusts. She stretched her legs to stop him.

“Take your time,” she whispered in his ear. “I’m here for the long term.”

He smiled as he gave a hard thrust.

She said, “Unnh,” and kept her legs outstretched.

“Do it again, Bob.” It was a request, not a challenge.

Again, he thrust hard into her vagina. Again, she uttered “Unnh.” She pulled her legs back so that Bob could finish fucking her.

Her arms squeezed him tightly as she said, “I can feel your pecker throbbing inside me. I love you, Bob.”

They rested a few minutes before Bob said, “I have to get some clothes to go to work tomorrow.”

The couple returned to the main portion of their home and found Janet in the bedroom.

Janet asked, “How did you two get along?”

“Your husband fucks real nice,” Carol responded with a big grin on her face.

Bob smiled but said nothing.

Speaking to both, Janet said, “I packed enough of Bob’s clothes for Thursday and Friday. On Saturday, the three of us can split Bob’s things so that he can live comfortably in either bedroom. Bob, I want you to sleep with Carol until the doctor says you can start fucking me again. Now, I need some sleep. You two go do whatever you have a mind to do. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight, Janet,” Bob and Carol said in unison. Bob’s thoughts were already awakening his penis.

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