The Teacher Ch. 01

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Looking for fresh flesh I enrolled myself in a summer class at a local college as an English teacher. The purpose was to help those students struggling with the regular programs, and feast myself with the view of young nymphs.

Nanci was my first.

She appeared in my office just as I was about to leave for the evening. She was dressed in a red wool sweater and tight denim shorts, white socks and sneakers, looking way younger that her 20 years, and I could taste my mouth watering as I ravaged her body with my eyes.

“Professor, can you please spare me a few minutes?”

“Of course. Come in, er…now let me guess…Bonnie…no…Nanci, isn’t it?”

She beamed at my recognizing her. “Yes, Professor. I came to see you, before, but I’m in even bigger trouble, this time…”

By the time she had finished telling me about her low grades and how she just didn’t understand how she could be doing so poorly, she was in tears.

I wanted to put my arms around her and pull her warm body close, but I fought the temptation. My years of experience at this game would carry me through. I asked her permission to examine her grades, and took several moments (and several

“Hmm…”‘s) studying the book.

“Nanci, I can understand your concern. I don’t know what steps you can take to achieve a respectable grade. I can try to spend some extra one on one work, I am not sure if you would be willing to spend so many hours away from your summer.”

She nodded and looked at me, wide-eyed and sincere, “I’d do anything for a respectable grade, Professor.”

“Nanci, I think you should be careful how you phrase offers like that. You don’t mean `anything.'”

“Yes, I do, Professor.”

I gave a small chuckle, “With an offer like that, you better watch out. I’ll have you raking my leaves and cleaning my windows. Please don’t make offers like that, Dear. After all, I’m only human.”

She locked her eyes on mine, “Professor, you must understand. I am prepared and willing to do ANYthing.”

“Do you know where I live, Nanci?”

Nanci arrived on time, wearing now a soft pale yellow sweater and an incredibly cute and short satin skirt; with a lovely flowery theme over yellow background. She had paired bahis firmaları the outfit with those classic High Tops Reebok sneakers in white, with matching white socks, an unusual match but looking extremely attractive when worn by this gorgeous, slim and very blond babe. Her hair was tied on a cute pony tail I had an aromatic fire warming the room, showing my age, I had “Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love, Baby” from Barry White, playing on the stereo, and a very nice, white wine chilled. She was truly beautiful in the firelight.

Her skin was radiant, her eyes clear, and her lips full and moist. I was mesmerized by the shine of her skirt, wondering what could be hidden underneath.

We sat together on the sofa, tasted the wine, and began talking. After I refilled her glass, I placed my arm on her shoulders and she leaned into me. She was still tense, but seemed determined to be cooperative.

We talked about her small home town, and the one girlfriend she had gone steady with for a while now I was gentle, and a good listener. A bit shocked at how such a lovely creature would turn her back on a steady male friend. I remember reading that females are the best girl lovers as they knew what to do and NOT to do and did not suffer from ego driven vices and performance anxiety.

Soon, she was lying on the sofa, with her head on my lap, and I was gently stroking her cheek and hair. I could feel her relax little by little, sipping wine (we were now sharing one glass), and talking. I put the wine down and placed my hand at her waist. I moved it up, under her soft sweater, until I felt her warm, smooth skin above the waist of her skirt. She tensed as my hand rose along her bare tummy, and halted at her bra. I was greatly surprised at feeling the soft silk of her unpadded bra.

“I’m a little scared and a lot nervous, Professor.”

“I am, too, Nanci. But I won’t deny that I’m enjoying this very much.”

She smiled a weak smile, “Me, too. More than I hoped.”

I lifted the sweater up and she helped me remove it over her head and arms. Her bright yellow silk bra had a front clasp and I opened it and lifted the soft cups off her burning flesh. Her breasts were magnificent. Even lying on her back, they kaçak iddaa thrust up, firm and proud. Her skin was wonderful – smooth, warm and white.

Her nipples and areolas were small and round and centered, with just a hint of hardening. She was blushing under my inspection.

She let a tiny moan escape her lips as I brushed my fingers lightly over her nipples. They hardened and looked like two pencil erasers. I caressed all of her breasts with my hands, pressing, gently squeezing.

Her breathing became rapid as I slowly lowered my face down to her nipple, and she moaned loudly as I sucked it into my mouth, between my teeth. She tasted clean and dry. I shifted out from under her and knelt beside the sofa. She closed her eyes and turned her head into the pillow as I spread her legs, raised her soft skirt and stopped to look at her shiny white string satin panties; Oh Nanci, it’s was like you knew what my hidden fetishes have been all along.

I caressed her warm mound for a little while, savoring its textures and warmth, I raised her skirt to her hips and slid her panties down and off her hips and legs.

Almost naked, Nanci’s body was even more spectacular than I had imagined – it was flawless. I knew I was truly going to enjoy the rest of the school summer program!

I returned my attentions to her breasts, licking and sucking on one nipple, while caressing the other breast with my hand. My other hand slowly traced its way over her flat tummy, her navel, until; finally, I reached her pubis. She groaned as I softly pushed a finger into her already-wet slit. Her legs relaxed and she allowed my hand to further part her thighs. I found her clit and her hips immediately began a subtle humping against my touch.

A second finger joined the first, gently squeezing her hard, slippery clit between them. She tensed – and then in one strong release, she came. Her toes curled, her thighs locked tight on my hand, she tried to pull her breasts away from my caresses as she cried out into the pillows.

Slowly, so slowly, the wave receded and her body settled loosely into the sofa cushions. I was hard and excited and I wanted her. I stripped off my shirt and dropped my pants and underwear. I stood beside kaçak bahis the sofa and brought Nanci’s hand to my cock. She jerked it away, as though burned, and pushed her face deeper into the pillows. I understood.

Her legs offered no resistance as I crawled between them and licked my tongue into her still-wet pussy. I heard her gasp as I found her clit and buried my tongue deep inside of her. Her legs spread wider, until I felt them settle on my shoulders, and her hips pumped onto my mouth.

When I could tell she was again nearing orgasm, I lifted myself over her body and paused. “Should I wear protection, Nanci?”

Her head made a tiny nod and I opened the condom and quickly slipped it on.

I resumed my position, with my cock head resting at her cunt lips.

Almost immediately, her hips thrust up off the sofa to take my cock into her, and I cooperated by thrusting my hips down into hers. As I buried my cock to the hilt up her hot, tight pussy, her head snapped out of the pillows, and her eyes opened and looked at me.

And then, she wrapped her arms around my neck, her legs around my waist, and we fucked, long and passionately.

Later, when the wine was gone and the fire was just a red glow, we dressed. With her clothes back on, Nanci was again the shy student, no longer the lusty little wench that had just fucked me dry – twice.

“What should I do now, Professor? Do I keep coming back? I’m new at this.”

I held her hand, “I’m new at this, too, Nanci. I don’t know what happens, now. I’m really quite embarrassed that this happened at all. But, I want you to know, Dear, that I am NOT sorry that it happened. These last several hours were the most exciting of my life. I really don’t want to think, right now, that what we just enjoyed was based on some tawdry barter for a grade. I just don’t want to think about tonight like that. It was too special for me.”

Nanci smiled and nuzzled her face into my neck.

“Me, too! I was so scared and nervous about tonight that I can’t believe I’m feeling so wonderful, right now. If it would be alright with you, I think I would like to visit you, again.”

“I was hoping you would say that, Nanci. It’s against every rule I’ve made for myself, as an educator, but I want to see you, again, too. But, you have to promise me that you’ll still study and read the material.”

Nanci nodded, giggled a little girl’s giggle and left.

Ah! Success, again!

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