The Talk Ch. 06

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Author’s note: While this chapter does not contain any explicit sex, it deals with the topic of incest. The author (me) does not condone or support incest as a practice and this story is not meant to be taken as any sort of support thereof. It is strictly a work of fiction that is meant to entertain. All characters are fictitious and depicted as being at or over the age of eighteen.

I hope you enjoy this story and keep your eyes peeled for more as it comes along. And remember: PLEASE post comments in the Public Comments section at the end of the story and don’t forget to vote if you like the story!

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The Talk: Chapter 06

After three hours had gone by I finally capitulated to my limitations. My wife had, for the first time in our twenty years together, finally managed to force me to cry uncle and literally demand a break from sex. She was understandably very worked up from having seen our kids have sex in front of us in the kitchen, a situation that had been both unexpected and thoroughly intoxicating, but I simply could not keep up with her any longer. Old age coupled with plain old exhaustion had gotten the better of me, but neither of those things compared to my growing need to just take a moment and talk about what we’d witnessed so recently.

We lay side by side on our bed and I was glad to take note of the fact that the house was very quiet. When Kathy had dragged me away from the kitchen table, I’d heard our kids say that they’d like to have another go at each other. At the time, hearing that had served as fuel for my sexual hunger, a hunger which would be sated with my wife, but a short while later I had considered the possibility that by the time Kathy and I were finished, the kids might still be going at it. Gladly, I heard no evidence to support my suspicion, but that was really inconclusive- the kids could have just gotten quiet, for all I knew. In my heart of hearts, however, I found myself hoping that they’d exhausted themselves early and had gone to bed in their own rooms (them bunking together had not been discussed, but it hadn’t been expressly forbidden, either).

Kathy was the first to use the bathroom and had done so quickly before rejoining me on our bed. The light from the master bathroom, which was attached to our bedroom, lit the darkness around us dimly so that I could still see my wife, if only barely. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Kathy as she lay beside me and breathed heavily from our exertions. We hadn’t cum half as much as we’d probably wanted to, but our love-making session hadn’t been about cumming so much as it was about mutual gratification and quelling the sexual beasts within. As such, we’d both done our best to hold off from orgasming as much as possible and prolonged our pleasure until the last possible moment. Nevertheless, I know that I came three times and Kathy had to have orgasmed at least three times as much, easily, because from moment to finish she’d done nothing but shudder like a leaf in the wind.

I stared up at the ceiling in those few moments of sexual recuperation and let my mind begin to form some serious thoughts. After several long seconds of both of us catching our breaths, I said, “Honey, where’s your head about all this now? Are you still okay with it?”

Kathy sighed deeply and exhaled in a long gust of air before she answered. “I honestly don’t know,” she began. “On the one hand, God, that was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. On the other hand, it’s still a little difficult for me to get over the fact that….”

“It was our kids,” I finished for her.


I sat up on an elbow to face her. “Are you scared?”

She looked up at me, her eyes glittering in the dim light and smiled faintly. “Some, yes,” she said. “I mean… Paul, where do we go from HERE?”

“The real question, honey,” I said, “is: where do we WANT to go?” I paused for a beat to let that question sink in. “Do you think we should check on the kids, to make sure they’re okay?”

Kathy shook her head immediately. “No. They’re too old for that now. And, besides, I’m not sure of what I might do if we find them still… doing it.”

I nodded gently. “I see. Well… what if we DID find them still going at it?” I asked her. “What would you be inclined to do? Stop them?”

Kathy closed her eyes. “No. God help me, I’d want to join them.” She reopened her eyes and looked at me pleadingly. “Am I a bad mother for wanting that?” she asked me.

I shook my head. “No. You aren’t. No more so or less so than I am. We’ve both always agreed that our childrens’ happiness should always come first. Clearly, they’re pretty damned happy and they certainly aren’t hurting each other. And in all other respects, they’re great kids, hon. We’ve done right by them, even with all of this, something tells me that we made the right choice.”

“Well, what about us?” my wife asked. “Did we make the right choice for illegal bahis us?”

“What do you mean?”

Kathy sat up, her beautiful, naked form silhoutted in the low light. “I mean, look at us. Did we REALLY have to see all that? And after seeing it, what did we do? We fucked each other senseless! Because our KIDS put on a show that got us horny.” She grabbed my hands firmly in her own. “I honestly believe that, if we’d asked, we could have stayed in that kitchen and done our own thing and they wouldn’t have flinched. What’s more is that, I’d bet things would’ve progressed even further.”

“You mean…. us, with them?” I asked, just to make sure we had everything out in the open.

Kathy nodded soberly. “And you know what frightens me? I think, then, I would’ve been just fine with that.”

“And now?”

Kathy closed her eyes again and heaved another deep sigh. “I don’t know, Paul. I really don’t know.” When she held my gaze again, she went on. “Listen, after seeing those two, I can totally understand about your attraction to Sue. Hell, she got ME pretty hot and bothered. And that joke you made about Dave’s equipment wasn’t far off the mark. Honey, our boy is hung like a horse.”

“Horse?” I choked out. “Overstating it a bit, aren’t you?”

Kathy smiled wryly. “Okay, maybe not a horse, but still pretty well-equipped. Better than average. And we’ve already had the discussion, years ago, about the truth about the size of a man’s penis. I won’t lie to you: after seeing that thing on our son, I AM curious. But….”

I nodded. “But… they’re our children,” I completed the thought for her and she nodded. “Sue said something before they started,” I said. “Something that I think has a lot of merit. She noted that you’ve still got some cultural conditioning, that you’re still letting society’s fallacious ideas on what’s right and wrong influence your personal choices. Do you think she might be right?”

Kathy looked down at the still-wet bedsheets which were crumpled beneath us and nodded slowly. “Yes,” she said. “It’s just so… hard to break my mind away from years and years of being told that… incest is wrong. And even if this weren’t about the moral ambiguities of the situation,” she said, “there’s still the legal aspect to think about. We’re already breaking the law by allowing THIS much to go on, Paul. If WE get involved, we’ll be in even hotter water.”

I angled my head from side to side. “Yes and no,” I said. “I’ve looked into it some, Kathy. The law states that sex between MINORS who are closely related is unlawful. Both our kids are now legal adults- Sue’s eighteen and Dave’s nineteen. And we’re both well within the status of adulthood. It goes on to say that MARRIAGE between close family members is unlawful, which means that parents can’t marry their children and siblings can’t marry each other. But only in a few states does it say anything about SEX between such relatives, if they are of legal age of consent. Certainly, the law doesn’t condone those kinds of pairings, but in most states, it doesn’t expressly forbid them, either, on a purely sexual basis. So, if you want to be technical about it, we’re all still within the limitations of the law.”

Kathy’s jaw hung open in surprise as she tried to focus on her next coherent thought. She took a moment to think it over and finally said, “So, you mean, that as long as no one else finds about all this, we’re ALL okay, legally?”

I smiled. “The funny thing about the law is that it’s geared to regulate behavior which might be harmful to society at large, but it can’t make moral policies. It’s the separation of church and state which prevents it from doing so. A brother and sister or child and parent fucking each other under a single roof, if they’re all legal adults, doesn’t harm society at large or even at a minimum. It might piss a few people off, but it doesn’t kill anyone or put anyone in the hospital. As far as the law is concerned, no harm, no foul. The only limitation is on marriage. No polygamy and no direct-relative marriages. Aside from that, Uncle Sam can’t say a damn thing to or about us.”

“Jesus,” my wife breathed. “I… I had no idea.”

I chuckled at that. “Not many people do,” I said. “Most people are so hung up on the social conventions that they don’t pay much attention to the legal statutes. And, to be fair, the laws sort of make sense. Kids under the age of eighteen barely know how to make good grades, to say nothing of making wise choices which might affect their entire futures. Forcing them to wait until they’re of legal age, if they’re bound and determined to pursue that kind of lifestyle, allows them a chance to learn about the roads they’re likely to travel later on in life. Whether we realized it or not, honey, we taught our kids a powerful amount of stuff over the years. We’ve subjected them to Truth, in all its forms, and taught them to rely on not only their wits, but their hearts as well. Those lessons, alone, would be enough illegal bahis siteleri to empower our kids to make this kind of choice, when the time was right for them. All the OTHER stuff we taught them and fostered within them had to have been just icing on the proverbial cake.” I held up my hand, open-palmed, and began to tick items off, one by one. “Honesty, integrity, objectivity, rationale, curiosity, justice, honor, courage, faith, love….. honey, if any two kids in this country could be EXPECTED to make the choice that ours have, it would be them.”

“…..because we raised them like that?”

“Well, yes and no,” I said quickly. “Naturally, we didn’t raise them to lean towards incest, of course not. But all of the requisite qualities are there for them. We raised our kids to be level-headed and to love one another unconditionally. If anything, they ended up teaching US a lesson or two.”

“Paul,” Kathy said after a moment of hesitation. “If what you’ve just said is true, then… we ARE responsible for all this! We DID screw up!”

I arched my eyebrows at her in surprise. “We DID?” I asked. “Well, forgive me, honey, but all things being equal, I’d give what remains of my left testicle to make sure that ALL kids are raised to be so screwed up. I mean, let’s take a real, hard look at our kids, why don’t we? They get excellent grades in school, they’re both brilliant intellects, they have limitless amounts of love for the people in their lives as well as themselves, they’re highly respected by their peers, they’re very healthy, they obey just about every law in the land save one, they know how to think for themselves, they’d take a bullet for a total stranger on general principle alone, they’re extremely rational…. gee, honey, you’re right. Our kids AREN’T normal, are they? What will we ever do?” I stood up before my wife could respond, suddenly aware that my bladder was very full. “I’ve got to go to the bathroom, but before I go, let me leave you with this: EVERY family in America has a secret. Lord only knows how many of them I’ve heard in my line of work. Some secrets are huge and some are really, really dumb, but the fact remains. So OUR family’s secret is that the kids like to have sex with each other when the mood strikes them and their parents, let’s face it, honey, are about a hair’s breadth away from joining their kids in the sack. None of us are selling or using narcotics. None of us are abusing each other with violence or cruelty. None of us are alcoholics. None of us are thieves or murderers. What’s OUR sin? We want to bring pleasure to one another. Sure, honey. Go ahead and get the guys with the butterfly nets, we’re all cracked in this house. Y’know what? Phooey. Bullshit. And who gives a fuck? Here’s where *I* stand, my love: let’s keep OUR secret to ourselves and enjoy each other the way we feel is most comfortable. You want it, I want it, and the kids sure as hell want it. So who’s to say that we can’t have it, but us? Now… if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to piss like a rushing race-horse. Be right back.”

When I got back from relieving myself, I found that Kathy had turned on the bedside lamp and had put on a negligé. She sat cross-legged on the bed, waiting for me. “Paul, I know you love me- I’ll never doubt that- but do I still turn you on? Do you still find me sexy?”

I joined her on the bed and kissed her tenderly. “Of course I do, sweetheart. I always have and I always will. You’re the sexiest woman I know. Haven’t we already gone over this, though?”

Kathy looked rather bashful at being so obviously insecure, but that didn’t change how she felt. “Yeah, I guess we did,” she answered. “And I believe you. But I just can’t figure out why…”

“Why I find our daughter so sexy, too?” She nodded in confirmation. I picked up her hand in mine and began to stroke it lovingly. “Honey, Sue is our daughter. I love her just as much and in the same way that you do. She’s our baby girl and always will be. And let me make this perfectly clear: she can NEVER replace you, no one can, if that’s what you’re worried about. This bed is OURS and as long as you’ll have me in it, I’d like it to STAY ours until death eventually claims one or both of us. You are my wife, forever and always, and I don’t ever want that to change. I love you with all my heart and soul and you know it. The attraction I have for our daughter is the simple, physical attraction of a male for a well-developed, attractive female. And you said it, yourself, that you can understand my attraction to her, that she even turned YOU on. She will always be our daughter and I will always be her father, sex or no sex. I will always want to protect and provide for her, just like I always have. And David, too. This isn’t about replacements or changing the family dynamic, Kathy. Not for me, at least.”

“Well, then, what IS it about?” she asked. “Sex? Paul, we both know that sex is never merely casual. There’s always issues of intimacy and trust involved. As a canlı bahis siteleri psychologist, you’ve GOT to know that we’re playing with fire just THINKING about having sex with the kids.”

I cocked an eyebrow at her. “Is that to say you ARE thinking about sex with our son?”

Kathy fixed me with a wuthering gaze. “Fine. You want a full and explicit confession out of me? Fine. Yes. I want to have sex with David, our son. Not immediately, but soon. If only to satisfy my curiosity. That’s what I WANT, Paul. But that doesn’t mean I’m ready to go after that. Nor does it mean that I think it’s a good idea to just run into his room and jump his bones. I don’t think I’m ready for that yet. But I know that I want it. Does THAT finally put your insatiable curiosity to rest, Paul? Are you happy, now that you’ve cornered me into admitting it?”

I knew that my wife was upset at having been put on the spot, but I also knew that she would have been worse on herself if she hadn’t finally said it out loud. “Kathy,” I said, “I am only glad that you CAN say it, rather than to simply want it and never have the courage to admit it out loud, to anyone, least of all yourself. I’m sorry for putting you on the spot like that, but it DID help you to get the courage of your convictions and just get it out, didn’t it?”

“Paul, do me a favor, please?”

“What’s that?”

“Save the psycho-analytical manipulations for your clients. I’m your wife. If I want to wallow in a guilt-complex, even for a few minutes, then I’d like you to respect that. For a FEW minutes, at least.”

Chagrined, I nodded and apologized. “I’m sorry. You’re right. I guess I’m just so concerned that ill feelings, now more than ever, might cause more problems. I’m just trying to keep things rational and balanced.”

“But, Paul, what if I don’t WANT things balanced up here right now?” she asked as she tapped her temple. It was a surprising question, but I remained silent. “What if I want to just let myself go for a minute and FEEL a little helpless about this? Is that so wrong? Because, Paul, I DO feel a little out of control here. I do. A week ago we had a perfectly normal family with no secrets at all. Nothing to hide and no skeletons in our closets. And NOW we do. A pretty damn big skeleton, T-Rex-sized, and if we’re not careful, someone out there just might notice it. And THAT is what’s scaring me, honey. THAT has me spinning in circles. I’m not worried about our kids or how we’ve raised them. I agree that they’re fantastic kids and that we were blessed to have them and raise them as they are. I’m just scared that someone in the outside world might learn about them and, then, learn about US. Aren’t YOU? You should be.”

I was quiet for a moment as I searched myself for an answer. Finally, I said, “I think that it’s a major concern, yes. But I’m confident that, if we’re all careful, no one will notice or learn any-.”

“Honey, you’re not thinking far enough ahead,” Kathy said quickly. “What if the kids get into a fight of some sort. What if one of them goes away half-cocked and decides to blow the whistle?”

“They wouldn’t do that,” I answered immediately. “They’re both smart enough to know that if they did that, they’d be hurting us, too.”

“So what if they’re pissed at us, too? What then?”

“Self-preservation rules still apply,” I said quickly. “They’d also be putting themselves under the microscope. The way things are right now, NONE of us would be able to claim innocence in the matter. We all talked it out and made our own decisions, logically and rationally. Deniable culpability is reserved for those who didn’t know what was happening until it was too late.”

“What if it’s their word against ours, sweetie?” Kathy rejoined. “I know it’s a terrible thing to hypothecise, but we HAVE to be realistic about everything here. We HAVE to consider all the possibilities, honey, no matter how absurd or impossible they might seem. Shit happens. So how do we safeguard everyone in the family from something like that happening?”

“Signed confessions put in a safety-deposit box?” I suggested.

“No,” Kathy said with a shake of her head. “There can be claims of forgery.”

“Signed in blood, for DNA analysis later,” I pressed.

“Claims of having blood withdrawn while they were asleep.”

“Video tape?”

Kathy mulled that one over. “Hmm… possibly. A video-taped confession, though, could still be argued against. Coercion,” she added. We’ve both watched enough legal-eagle movies and television shows to know that she was right.

“Well….” I paused to take a breath before the next suggestion. “What if… we video-taped us all… together? It’d be pretty hard to argue against that, wouldn’t it? We’d all have to be pretty damned willing in order to be video-taped having sex, wouldn’t we?”

“Whoooooaaa,” Kathy said as she held her hands up. “Isn’t that going a little too far? I mean… pictures and home movies are one thing, between a couple like ourselves, but do you honestly think the kids would go for something like that? And what about the pitch, hmm? How do we sell an idea like that to them?”

“Honestly,” I replied. “We tell them precisely why we’re making the video.”

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