The Spider’s Sticky Web

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This is another perverse incestuous story featuring a mother, an aunt, and a young son/nephew.

I like featuring wealthy controlling matriarchs in some of my incestuous tales. I am fascinated by this archetype of the devouring mother and her need to wrap her male cub up in endless cotton wool and comprehensively protect and dominate him.

The young male in this story fancies himself a player and in charge of the situation, but he is a mother’s boy. He wants to be under her thumb and she won’t let him exist anywhere else.

This may not be the ideal story for you, if these sorts of themes aren’t your cup of tea. There are some domination and punishment themes in this one.



The two men sat back in their comfortable chairs, sipped their single malt scotch and gazed into the dying fire. The blaze before them sighed and spat as it slowly subsided into a pile of glowing coals. The darkened room was filled with the whispered words and the soft laughter of huddled figures. Young men with earnest faces, dressed in waiter’s garb, moved silently about, carrying glasses of gleaming liquor on dull trays.

The two men sat back in their comfortable chairs, sipped their single malt scotch and gazed into the dying fire. The younger man studied the pile of ash and soot. He watched as a log in the blackened fireplace finally crumbled and collapsed into fiery coals amid a whirling shower of sparks and a plume of dark smoke. The logs destruction woke him from his moody dream. He leant forward in his seat, turned his head and peered at his father.

The older man continued to stare into the flame and embers. He occasionally lifted the glass to his lips and drank the liquid fire. His well lined face shone pale and ghost-like in the dying light. His eyes looked hard and dark. His hair looked silver. The younger man felt unreal as he regarded his father. He wondered at the strange and surreal events, which led them to this point. Then he grew certain and strong once more. He was a person of purpose and he knew what he wanted.

The older man became aware of his son’s confidence and self-belief again. His brooding abruptly ended. He dragged his gaze up and out of the fire and peered at his son with critical eyes.

The younger man noted a rising feeling of awkwardness and dislike building between them. His father scrutinised him with those hard dark eyes – their relationship had always been characterised by awkwardness and mutual dislike. The younger man had never been able to quite get in touch with his aloof, stiff and formal father. The cool distance between them was never really breached. It was like an unscaleable wall at times.

“Is there any chance of mending things with her,” the young man asked softly, knowing it was a hopeless situation.

“No Tim, I think not,” the older man said firmly, not looking at his son.

“So, it is over then,” Tim whispered, pleased.

“Yes, and I’m sure you’re happy to hear that Tim. I know she is.”

“Yes, I am happy dad,” Tim said softly.

“Yes, I bet you are,” Lawrie snapped, turning to stare at the fire again. “Now you can have my wife all to yourself, I suppose.”

“I hope so father. It’s what I want most.”

“Yes, of course it is. It’s unhealthy Tim, but I suppose that doesn’t matter to you.”

Tim’s father fell into a stony silence and his jaw was hard. The awkwardness between them reached a peak. Then Tim’s mobile phone rang again. The sound shocked Tim out of his dreamy reveries. Lawrie slowly shook his head, raised his glass and drank again.

“I really should get it this time,” Tim said, picking up the phone and looking down at it. “It may be an emergency.”

“Everything with her is an emergency,” Lawrie said dismissively. “Your mother loves a good emergency. She loves drama. And of course the drama usually involves you.”

The phone stopped ringing. A moment later a text message appeared with a beep. Tim looked at the text and then put the phone down.

“She wants me to call her back.”

“Of course she does.”

“I’ll phone her later.”

Lawrie nodded. He drained the last of his drink and set the empty glass down before him on the table. The older man raised his hand, caught a waiter’s attention and signalled. The waiter nodded. Two more drinks would soon be on their way.

For a moment Tim wondered why he was sitting there in that worn leather bound chair, at the fireplace, with his father, in his father’s dark gentleman’s club – neither one of them was really speaking to the other and they were barely looking at each other either. It was yet another difficult and uncomfortable lunch, but there had been a few difficult and uncomfortable lunches lately. The breakdown of Lawrie’s marriage and the impending divorce had momentarily thrown Lawrie and his son together. They made an unlikely pair. Deep tensions ran below the surface. They had a lot to talk about.

It was all so strange and yet so mundane and completely expected, illegal bahis Tim thought as he sipped his scotch before the fire.

His father had been caught sleeping with a beautiful young woman he had met in a bar. Tim’s private investigator had quickly discovered Lawrie’s infidelity. Tim had notified his mother straight away. Tim’s father had been driven from the family home in the middle of the night, while his wife coldly assured him she was going to take him for every penny he had. Then the divorce proceedings had been commenced, while Tim’s father moved into his city apartment, the beautiful young woman from the bar disappeared, and Lawrie’s determined wife schemed and calculated in her dark home.

The fresh drinks arrived. The waiter set the glasses down on the table, turned and left.

Tim’s mobile phone rang again. Tim instantly picked up the phone and studied it. His father Lawrie sighed, picked up his drink, gulped and then looked around.

“Just switch it off Tim,” Lawrie muttered, turning his attention back to his son.

“I’ll just put it on silent,” Tim replied, still scrutinising the phone.

The phone stopped ringing. Tim put the phone back down on the table. A moment later a text message appeared. Tim grabbed for the phone again.

“How many times has your mother called you today?”

Tim grinned and scratched his head.

“A few times I guess.”

“A few times, you guess,” Lawrie said, raising his eyebrows. He shook his head. “She won’t even leave you alone for five minutes, will she?”

“No, she won’t even leave me alone for five minutes.”

Tim smiled. He picked up his drink and sipped. He didn’t meet his father’s eyes for a moment. His father was clearly annoyed. He seemed bitter and jealous.

“I’m sorry dad. I didn’t want to come here and get into an argument with you about this. I mean I do love you after all.”

They sat there and drank silently. Lawrie sighed and considered his predicament. He felt tired and beaten. His anger seeped away.

“Look, don’t apologise Tim,” Lawrie muttered softly, “You didn’t force me to sleep with that woman. I just felt… I hadn’t been intimate… Let’s just say your mother can be quite cruel Tim. She can be very cruel indeed.”

Tim smiled. Lawrie sipped his drink and continued:

“I don’t hold any ill-will towards you Tim. I would have hired a private investigator as well, if I were you and wanted what you wanted. I can understand why you went straight to your mother and dobbed me in. I guess you were rubbing your hands together with glee when your investigator got the dirt on me.”

Tim smiled again. He noted the tone of weary sarcasm in his father’s voice. Tim declined to comment.

“I guess we should talk about this Tim,” Lawrie continued. “Are you really intending to sleep with your mother?”

“Yes, I’m in love with her. She’s the woman of my dreams.”

Lawrie chuckled, sipped his scotch and broke into a smile. He continued:

“That’s my sick mommy’s boy – just as perverted as I suspected. Your mother has a lot to answer for.”

It’s sort of grown on my mind and taken over, I have to admit.”

“Yes I can imagine, but then again maybe I can’t imagine. Well, anyway, she is the queen, the very essence of the domineering, controlling, devouring mother, so I’m sure she’ll tear you apart in the worst way when you finally get her into bed. I’m sure you’ll love that Tim – being pecked to pieces.”

Tim grinned. He stared into the fire for a moment and then turned back to his father.

“So, do you think I have a chance?”

“Oh yes, I sure do,” Lawrie said, “your mother is obsessed with you Tim and her sister is just as bad. I don’t why they’re so fixated on you, but obviously you should turn this to your advantage, if you are determined to follow through with your plans.”

“Yes. I am determined father. I have my plans in place.”

“You intend to…”

“Seduce both of them,” Tim said, interrupting his father.

Lawrie laughed bitterly and shook his head slowly. He raised his glass.

“Well here’s to you and to your utterly depraved plan,” Lawrie announced.

The two men clinked their glasses together, drank and completed their bizarre toast.



I quickly ascended the narrow stairs, passed through the open door, and breathed a sigh of relief as I stepped out into the busy city street. I inhaled deeply. I was so pleased to have fled my cold contemptuous father and left his dark stuffy club behind me.

I saw an opportunity to pass through the noisy gridlocked traffic and safely cross the street. I took it, carefully dodging and weaving between the private sedans and yellow cabs. Irritated drivers glared at me and a few hit their horn.

I paused, once I reached the other side of the street. I searched my pocket, pulled out my mobile phone and considered my long list of missed phone calls. My mother had left eight phone messages for me and my Aunty Joan had left illegal bahis siteleri me five messages. I decided to call my mother first, knowing how frantic and worried she would be.

I managed to find a quiet location down a grubby side lane and phoned my mother. She picked up after only two rings.

“Is that you Tim darling,” my mother asked anxiously, in her usual neurotic whine.

“For sure mommy,” I answered. “What’s up?”

“Are you okay honey, I was so worried Tim. God, I’ve been calling you all morning and you wouldn’t pick up. Why didn’t you pick up and answer your phone Tim? Didn’t you realise I was trying to get in contact with you? I’ve been waiting by the phone all day for your call darling.”

I smiled and looked down the street, as my mother continued talking and talking.

“And your Aunty Joan has been trying to get you as well. Are you okay? Where are you? When are you coming home? Do you need a lift? Tim? Tim, why aren’t you saying anything? Answer me?”

“Mom, I’m in the city today – remember,” I began, before being cut off.

“No, I don’t remember and I don’t approve. Oh God, I get so worried about you Tim. I don’t want to let you out of the house some days.”

“I know beautiful and I don’t want to go out either when you’re around,” I whispered into the phone, “but I’m okay. I just had lunch with dad again.”

My mother paused. She stopped speaking for a moment. Then she continued again as if I hadn’t mentioned my dad at all. That familiar tone of complaint and concern filled my ears again. I slowly closed my eyes and my body tingled as she questioned and lectured me non-stop.

“Well, how are you going to get home darling? Remember, your birthday party is tonight. Oh God, why did you even go out today? I told you not to go out, but you just do whatever you want without considering me at all. You really need to…”

“It’s okay beautiful,” I whispered, breaking in. “I drove in today. I am going to get my car and come home.”

“Oh God, make sure you drive safely and wear your seat belt. And, yes darling, come straight home please. I would just die if anything happened to you.”

I grinned and looked around.

“Don’t worry mother. I’ll be home soon, I promise.”

My mother broke into a long soft whine.

“Look, I’m going to go beautiful,” I continued. “I have to call Aunty Joan and let her know I’m okay.”

“Oh, okay honey. Just hurry home, please Tim – don’t ever do this again.”

“Okay mommy, I promise. Bye for now.”

“Okay Tim. I’ll see you soon.”

I hung up and then started walking in the direction of my car. I rang my aunt as I picked up speed and then started jogging across another busy city street. I received a few more horn blasts from annoyed drivers. The traffic was horrendous.

“Tim, is that you darling,” my aunt asked, a second after the phone began to ring.

“Yes, it sure is Aunty Joan,” I replied, breaking into another smile.

I stepped onto the sidewalk, turned right, then left and then entered the parking station, where my car was waiting for me.

“You shouldn’t do this to your mother and I Tim honey,” my aunt complained, adopting the same plaintive tone as my mother. “Are you okay? Are you in trouble darling? Do you have your car? Do you need me to drive there and pick you up?”

“I’m okay beautiful,” I said, “I have my car. I was just having lunch with my father in the city.”

My aunty was silent. I could sense her disdain as I mentioned my father. I took the opportunity to continue talking before she broke in and started scolding him for his behaviour.

“Are you looking forward to my birthday party tonight Joan?”

“Of course my love,” my aunt enthused, apparently diverted from any thoughts of my father. “I can’t believe you’re nearly 22 darling boy – I can’t believe you’re a man now Tim.”

“I am a man, beautiful,” I whispered, breaking into a smile.

“Oh yes, indeed you are Tim and what a man you are.”

I reached my car. I pulled my key out of my pocket. I unlocked and opened the door as we talked.

“Are you going to dance with me tonight Aunty Joan?”

My aunt broke into soft laughter.

“Of course Tim,” she said. There was a flirtatious tone in her voice. “I’m saving all my dances for you.”

“And all mine are for you beautiful,” I whispered, sitting back in my seat and starting the car.

“I think your mother is going to want a few as well darling.”

“Uh huh,” I said as I turned my head, checked my mirrors and then slowly reversed out of my parking spot, “and how about a birthday kiss or two, as well beautiful?”

My Aunty Joan burst into delighted laughter. I joined her and we giggled lightly as I cruised down the ramp, around to my left and then passed slowly out of the parking station and into the traffic.

“You’re such a shocking flirt Tim,” my aunt declared.

“Sure I am beautiful, I’m always a flirt when you’re around, but am I going to get a kiss from you or not?”

Aunty canlı bahis siteleri Joan burst into fresh laughter and then she spoke:

“Well, you never know kiddo, you never know. For the time being you better get your butt home, so your mother and I can stop worrying about you for five minutes.”

“Will do beautiful – I’ll see you later this evening for my birthday bash.”

“Okay darling. Bye for now.”


It took me over an hour to drive home. The excessive city traffic held me back by nearly 20 extra minutes, and then the drive on the freeway east had been slow and testing as well. I finally passed through the front gate, and then rumbled up the drive with a sense of relief spreading through me. I parked next to my mother’s car and climbed out of my own. I expected to see my beautiful little mother come tearing out of the house upon hearing me arrive. I wasn’t disappointed.

I watched the front door open and then I saw my mother Helen come running towards me. I slowly ran my eyes up and down her sweet little body and I broke into a grin as she came across the front lawn. She was a short tanned woman with long fine glossy dark hair, dark eyes and a full red mouth. She really was beautiful.

I took a step and then another step and then I ran towards her. She reached me. I picked her up in my arms as she collided with my body. I felt her warm breath on my face as I closed my eyes and held her tight against me. We turned and turned and turned in the driveway together.

I set Helen down on her feet and she held me so tight, refusing to let me go. I gently ran my hands up and down her back. I kissed her head softly. I closed my eyes slowly and sighed. My dick was rock hard. My mother finally broke our embrace. She seemed to tear herself away from me.

“C’mon Tim – you need to start getting ready for your birthday party. We need to have a quick talk though before you do. I think we have a big problem.”

My mother took my hand in hers and led me inside the house. She closed the front door behind me.

“C’mon honey, I want to talk to you in my bedroom,” Helen whispered, inviting me to follow her upstairs.

I followed my mother down the hall and then up the broad curling staircase towards the second floor and the bedrooms. My eyes were glued to her body as she carefully took each stair, her delicate hand slipping up the banister as she went, her hips turning deliciously from side to side as she ascended in heel toe fashion in her stiletto shoes.

I was so tempted to just reach out and unzip her shimmering swishing silver dress as she reached the top of the stairs and turned right. I could imagine just reaching out, taking that zipper in my hand and slowly pulling it down, while she gasped and looked at me with a shocked expression on her beautiful face.

She reached her bedroom and allowed me to step past her inside. She closed the door behind us and turned to me. I tried to keep my eyes above the line of her chest. It was a difficult feat to accomplish as her dress was tight, sleeveless and had a plunging neckline.

“Honey, I’m going to have to impose some more ground rules with you,” my mother said, stepping forward and looking up into my eyes.


“Today was really hard for me and your Aunty Joan as well,” she continued, “neither of us knew where you were and you didn’t call me all day. Honey, I can’t take care of you and protect you when I don’t know exactly where you are. Do you understand darling?”

“Yes, I understand mommy,” I whispered, aware that my cock was feeling uncomfortable and awkward in my pants. “I promise I’ll do better next time mother.”

“I know you say that now honey,” she continued, starting to adopt her favoured whining voice. “I need you to listen to me and do what I say. I just. I just want you to do everything I tell you to do. Not just some things, but everything I tell you to do Tim.”

She stepped in closer. Her eyes peered into mine and then they dropped to my lips. She reached out and tentatively placed her hand on my arm. She squeezed my bicep softly.

“I know you’re almost 22 years old darling,” she continued, “but you’re living with me under my roof and there are rules. I know there are a lot of rules, but they are good rules, designed to keep you safe.”

“I know mommy,” I said, taking her in my arms.

“I just don’t want you to do anything without my approval Tim. And I don’t want you to go out and leave me alone here all by myself.”

“I understand mommy,” I said, inviting her to press her body against mine. She did and I closed my eyes and sighed.

“I just don’t want you running around in a big place like the city son, doing something you shouldn’t be doing and hurting yourself. I’m grounding you honey. You’re not allowed out. You know if I could I would ground you permanently Tim, so you were never ever out of my sight, but I don’t think you would accept that, would you honey?”

I ran my fingers through her hair. I then leant in and softly kissed her cheek as she gazed up at me. She was quietly waiting.

“Well, I might be prepared to do that mother,” I whispered, stroking her face, as she watched me.

“But, we would need to have some sort of arrangement in place, right darling?”

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