The Seduction of Jake

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As a young-ish teacher, it is difficult at times to restrain all of your passions. I have a great passion for teaching and an even greater one for sex and intimacy. Teaching high school boys can be interesting at times and disturbing at others. They love to see how far they can push you in conversation. We all know that recurring fantasies among young men to seduce a teacher or have a teacher seduce them are quite common in society today. Here is my take on the seduction of an 18 year old high school senior.

Working late is the hallmark of every teacher. There is just no possible way to get everything done during school hours, so coming in early and staying late is part of a teacher’s life. All too often, I find myself staying late to finish up grading and just catch up on the multitude of paperwork that is required of teachers. It does wreak havoc on my personal life. Needless to say, I don’t have much of one.

One evening as I was finishing up and getting ready to go home, I look up and there is one of my seniors. Jake Smith is 6’4” and 195 lbs with black hair and blue eyes. He is sweaty and missing his shirt. Of course he is a basketball player and practice has just let out. He is one of my best students—studious, shy, and very quiet. He is also quite the hottie. I don’t let him see how his appearance has turned me on instantly—wetness flooding my pussy and making my clit twitch. Who can resist a young and sweaty male?

“Hi Jake, what brings you over here?” I ask.

“Nothing much Ms. L. Basketball practice just let out and I saw your light on. Just wanted to come by and see what you were up to and to check on my grades,” he replied.

I open the grade book on my computer and log-in. I look at his grade and let him know he is doing just fine. I think to myself that he knows his grades are great and wonder at his motives for coming to see me. As if reading my thoughts, I hear him clear his throat.

“Well Ms. L, I know you think I am crazy for wanting to check my grades, but I needed a reason to come by and see you. I need a ride home tonight and I didn’t want to ask any of the other guys. They can be so immature. I get so tired of them, that I just would rather walk at times.”

“That’s fine Jake. All you need to do is just ask. I don’t mind taking you home. Just let me gather my things and I will be ready to leave. Do your parents know that I am bringing you home?

“No ma’am. They are out of town and won’t be back for a few days. They know I have plenty of friends, so they weren’t worried about me getting home from practice.”

Thinking about his answer and his reasons for coming to see me for a ride home has given me ideas. Why would he come to me, if he isn’t interested in something more than a student-teacher relationship? I am left to my thoughts as I gather my things. I pick up everything and head for the door. I don’t make it before he is taking a couple of my bags from me, as well as, my keys to lock up. We make our way to my Jeep and unload everything into the back seat. As I am driving through town, I notice that he keeps looking at me as if he would like to talk.

“Jake, is there something on your mind?”

“No ma’am. I was just hoping we could stop and get something to eat. Practice always makes me hungry. After all, I am a growing boy.”

That little comment of his definitely had me thinking. I thought I would invite him to dinner at my house and that would prove to be very interesting. If I didn’t have anything to cook, we could always order in something to be delivered.

“Would you like to come to dinner at my house, Jake? I am sure that I have something there that we can whip up in no time and if I don’t, we can always order something. How does that sound to you?”

“That sounds great Ms. L. You don’t mind me coming over? I know that teachers like their privacy and I don’t want to intrude.”

“No, it’s fine Jake. If I didn’t want you come over, I would have just stopped at McDonald’s and bought you something there. I can still do that if you like.”

“NO ma’am! I mean, I would like to see where you live and just to hang out for a while. I miss having someone to talk with in the evening.”

With that out of the way, I continue to drive through town on my way home. I am constantly thinking and planning what I have come to think of as the seduction of Jake. Jake has had plenty of girlfriends and seems to satisfy them very well, if the rumors are to be believed. He seems so shy, that I wonder canlı bahis şirketleri if my plan will work and I will get what I want the most…Jake.

I pull into the townhouse that I call my own and turn the car off. I open the doors and begin to unload everything to get to the front door. Jake motions me away and proceeds to pick up everything from the back seat and follow me into the house. I show him into my home office and we put everything down there.

“Come into the kitchen and let’s see what we can find.”

I walk around Jake, trailing my hand along his waist, and move to the kitchen. I can feel him following me closely. If I were to stop, he would run right into me. I wonder if he realizes he is that close to me. We get to the kitchen and I motion for him to take a seat and I head for the refrigerator.

“Would you like something to drink Jake?”

“Yes ma’am. Whatever you have is fine.”

I hand him a bottle of water and proceed to peruse the contents of the refrigerator hoping to find something suitable to make for dinner. I am coming up with nothing. I look over at him and he is staring at my ass. That makes me smile and my smile gets even bigger as he realizes that I am watching him. His hands are in his lap hiding an obvious erection. He hasn’t even touched his water. It is going to be now or never. I walk to the table and pull out a chair and sit down.

“Well Jake, there is nothing in there to cook. What would you like to order?” As I am talking, I remove my shoes to reveal perfectly painted toenails and the tattoo on my left foot. After removing my shoes, I unbutton a few buttons on my blouse. I always keep my breasts under wrap at school around those horny teenage boys. Jake, so enthralled with what I am doing, doesn’t answer my question. His eyes are fixated on the sight of my breasts spilling over the top of my bra and pressing against my shirt.

“Jake? What would you like to order in to eat?”

“Sorry Ms. L! I didn’t hear the question. Anything is fine. I am not picky at all.”

His eyes never left my breasts until I stood up and walked over to him. He seemed quite startled that I was this close to him. His hands automatically covered his erection. Without saying a word, I knelt down in front of him and slowly moved his hands away from the obvious tent his hard cock was creating in his loose-fitting shorts. Very carefully, I pulled the shorts over his hard cock and immediately ran my tongue up the underside of his cock to the head. There at the tip of his cock was a small drop of pre-cum which I immediately licked off before taking the head of his cock into my mouth for a quick but firm suck. With the head of his cock in my mouth I looked up at him with a question in my eyes. He looked down at me, breathing heavily and gave a quick nod with his head.

At this obvious sign of assent, I began to slowly swallow more and more of his cock until my nose was buried at the base and could feel his balls at my chin. He obviously shaved his cock and balls and that was just fine by me. I held his cock in my mouth for long moments. I loved feeling in pulse and jerk in my mouth with his every heart beat. As I released his cock, slowly moving up the shaft, I bring my hands up to play with the shaft and to gently squeeze his balls. For long minutes, all I concentrated on was the feel of his cock in mouth and his hands in my hair. So tentative in all his movements, he was very gentle with my hair and his guidance of my head in licking and sucking his cock.

After what felt like the longest time, I looked up at Jake. He seemed to be lost in the moment and wasn’t looking at me at all.

“Jake? Would you like to go to my bedroom with me?” I asked. It took him a few moments to find his voice. He had nodded, but I needed to hear the verbal confirmation.

“Yes ma’am. I would. Very much.” He sounded dazed and unsure of himself. It was all I could do to smile and not giggle. This was going to be SO fun.

I covered his cock once more with his shorts, got to my feet and gently took his hand and led him up the stairs to my bedroom. I could feel him watching my ass with every step I took. Once I reached my bedroom, I turned around and looked up at him. Very slowly and with great passion, I kissed him. I could feel the heat rising up from him as he opened his mouth to allow entrance to my tongue. I licked his tongue slowly and firmly before taking it into my mouth to suck it gently at first, then with more and canlı kaçak iddaa more passion. I could feel his hands on my hips pulling me closer to him. I broke off the kiss and gently removed his hands.

I took a step back and just looked at him. He was breathing heavily with his hands fisted at his side. He had never put his shirt on after ball practice ended, so he was just in his shorts and boxers. With a look that told him to stay still, I slid his short and boxers as one over his hips and down his legs. I looked up at him and he stepped out of his clothing. I led him over to the bed and had him lie down.

“Jake, you are not to move at all unless I tell you to do so. You are not allowed to touch any part of your body unless I tell you do so. Do you understand?” He smiled and nodded. I looked at him for long minutes lying naked in my bed. His cock was so hard it strained upwards as if looking for something or someone. At this point, I turned my back and looked into my full length mirror. I could see everything he was doing. He was following my instructions to the letter and not touching himself at all. He was, however, watching me closely.

Smiling at his reflection in the mirror, I slowly unbuttoned my blouse to reveal the sheerest bra that encased my breasts. I placed my blouse on the chair near my mirror to take care of later. I can see him watching me still. His hand is moving every so slowly nearer his tumescent cock.

“Jake, I meant what I said. If you move and touch any part of your body, cock included, we will get dressed and I will take you home.” With those words, his hand stopped and he grabbed a fistful of the comforter beneath him. With him under control again, I continue to disrobe. My hands go to the waistband of my trousers and slowly unbutton and unzip them. I slide them slowly past my hips to my ankles. This leaves me only in my panties. I can hear Jake’s breathing getting heavier and heavier. With that, I bend over to slide my panties over my ass and to the floor. I turn to face Jake and at that moment, he cums.

I can see the look on his face and he is ashamed. I walk to the bed and sit on the edge near him. He looks away from me. I take his face gently in my hands and turn him to look at me. I look deep into his eyes and I see that he is still excited and needs reassurance.

“Jake. It is fine. You were highly excited. That is what I wanted from you. You can’t believe how much it has turned me on to watch you cum just from watching me undress.” As my words sink in, I run my hand up his thigh to his now softened cock. It is all I can do to contain my excitement when it jumps as I wrap my hand around it. I slowly rub my hand up and down his shaft, making it harder and harder.

“This is what I want Jake. I want you hard. I want to play with you for hours. I want you to cum over and over again. I want you to make me cum over and over again. If this isn’t what you want, you wouldn’t be here.” As my words trail off, I lean over him and take the head of his cock into my mouth again. I taste the sweetness of his cum and that makes me frantic to taste more. My mouth and tongue are relentless in cleaning up his now hard cock. I feel his hands in my hair as if he were holding on for dear life. Once his cock is clean, I look up into his face and smile.

I crawl up and over his body and seat myself in his lap. He is lying there, smiling up at me. He can’t believe this is happening to him, but he doesn’t want to jinx it. I reach down and take his hands in mine and bring them to my breasts. Once his hands are there, he takes over. He molds them and squeezes them. He pinches the nipples lightly before he sits up and suckles them one by one. Nibbling and lightly biting them, he can hear my soft moans and this just spurs him on to increase his efforts. While he is paying special attention to my breasts, his cock—jutting up between us—is a temptation I can’t refuse.

With a feather light touch, I run my fingers up and down his shaft. He pauses with his attention to my breasts and leans to up to kiss me deeply. His tongue pushes into my mouth forcefully causing me to sigh into his mouth. I feel his tongue exploring every inch before he takes my tongue between his lips and sucks on the stud he finds there. I break off the kiss and force him to lie back. I lean over him, kissing a path up his neck to his ears to whisper how much I am enjoying him. I suck on the lobe of his ear while I slowly grind my sopping wet pussy against his canlı kaçak bahis hard cock.I won’t let him penetrate me at all. All I do is make sure he can feel how wet he makes me.

He is so distracted by the feel of my wet pussy that he doesn’t notice me lifting his arms one by one and snapping the handcuffs around each wrist. When he realizes that he can’t lower his arms, he starts to panic. I run my hands down his arms and lean over to kiss him gently, softly.

“Jake, you are fine. I want you to experience something new, something different. You know that I won’t hurt you. Just relax and feel. That is all you need to do. You trust me, don’t you?” Jakes nods slowly and closes his eyes. I can feel him trying to relax beneath me. He is trying so very hard. All I can do is smile at his innocence and trust.

Beginning with his ears, I breathe gently and slowly into each one to tease him before licking and sucking on the lobes lightly. I let him know that I am going to enjoy every inch of his gorgeous body before the night is through. Trailing my tongue from his ear to his neck, I can feel him straining against the handcuffs. I know he wants to touch me, but I won’t let him. I work my way slowly down his chest to his nipples. I run my tongue lightly around each nipple before nibbling and biting each one in turn. Jake bucks just enough to make me stop and look up at him. I look into his eyes and see the pleading there. He wants me to take the cuffs off so that he may touch me. I shake my head at him and continue my trek down his body.

Kissing and licking my way down his body, I encounter his bellybutton. My tongue licks deep inside making him groan. He can feel my breasts flattened against his cock; the nipples hard against him. I keep moving and kissing until I get to his hipbones jutting out begging to be kissed. I kiss and lick his hipbones as I feel his cock jumping at my throat. I can hear him beginning to beg me to touch him.

“Touch you where Honey?” I ask.

“My cock Ms. L! Please touch my cock. I want you to lick and suck and kiss it. Please!!” He begs me. He does beg oh so prettily and I give in. I take the head of his engorged cock into my mouth and begin sucking it gently, but with more and more force. My hands are never still. They are constantly running up and down his shaft, squeezing and eliciting sounds of pleasure from him. I continue to lick and suck the length of his shaft, licking the pre-cum that appear at the head.

As I torment him, I get wetter and wetter in anticipation of feeling his rock hard cock in my dripping and sopping wet pussy. I make my way up his body yet again—taking my time and enjoying every inch of him. I reach his lips and kissing him thoroughly, I begin to lower my pussy down the shaft of his rigid, rock-hard cock. His eyes get bigger and bigger as my pussy swallows all of him until he is as deep as can be. I sit up straight and that pushes his cock even deeper. I am forced to sit quite still and just enjoy the moment.

Jake just can’t lie still. Although he has been with a few girls, he has never felt pussy like this one surrounding his cock—it is tight and so very wet. He pushes up tentatively, not wanting to make a mistake that would cause me to release his cock in any way. I can feel Jake wanting to move so badly—this makes me lift slightly off of his cock. He starts to protest when he feels me slide right back into place. With a great big sigh, he smiles up at me sweetly.

I begin to rock back and forth slowly and with every motion my clit rubs against the shaft of his cock causing small shocks to permeate my body. I keep the motion slow and steady despite the frantic beat of my heart and the heart of the boy below me. I can feel every inch of Jake’s cock and I can’t imagine any greater pleasure than this boy’s cock. I speed the timing of my thrusts gradually until I can no longer control my movements. I want this boy to cum so hard deep inside my pussy that it causes me to cum over and over again. Jake must know what I am thinking because he begins to thrust up into my pussy harder and harder. He had been lying almost still up until this point. It is as if he just snapped and couldn’t control himself any longer. I brace myself on his chest and let him take over the thrusting. Almost immediately I begin cumming around his hard cock.

“OH MY GOD JAKE!!!! Jake, I am cuuuuuuuming!!” I scream. That is all that it takes for Jake. All of a sudden he arches his back and I can feel the heat and power as he cums deep inside my pussy. I collapse on his chest and just concentrate on breathing. My pussy is still spasming around his cock making the both of us sigh in contentment.

“Ms. L…will you unlock the handcuffs?”

To be continued…

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