The Scarlett Letter

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My wife Angel handed me the letter and her look spoke several volumes. “If you can make it through this letter without your heart breaking, you’re a lot tougher than I am, Adam,” she said to me. My sister had recently written us a long and heartfelt letter telling us about her situation. I’d been busy and had not yet had time to read it. Angel made me promise I’d get to it when my latest case finished, which had been yesterday. We’d gone out to celebrate my latest win and the fact that I had finally made partner. Now things would be so much better for the both of us and we could even talk of starting a family. At 28, Angel was becoming a little antsy over being a mom, although we had lots of time.

My sister Scarlett had been living for the past 7 years with my aunt and uncle in Kansas. Our parents had been suddenly taken from our lives several years ago by a drunk driver. The prosecuting attorney had been so fabulous that I had switched careers in mid-stream and forsaken medicine for the law. Honestly, the only good thing about Med School was the fact I met a sexy brunette named Angel and wisely put a ring on her finger. I’m the sensible and practical one in our family while Angel is the dreamer. Sometimes she reminds me that I need to dream, too.

I started to read the letter and my eyes were welling up. I may be pragmatic but it doesn’t mean I’m not caring or concerned. “We have to do something,” I said to my wife as I handed the letter back to her. “She’s going to wither away in that stagnant environment.”

Angel agreed. My aunt and uncle, my father’s family, are kind people, but they’re not much on dreams. Scarlett and my wife are a lot alike, they want to grab life and shake out all that they can. My kid sister was only 13 the last time I saw her, although we talked on the phone several times and texted and used the Internet a lot. Selfishly, I had put my career and marriage ahead of the rest of my family. Scarlett, I incorrectly assumed, had not needed a big brother. I now saw that she needed me far more than I ever could have imagined and it was time for me to pay the piper. Kansas, no, California, yes.

It’s odd because you would think that being an attorney; I would have a way with words and speeches. Yet it was Angel who was able to convince my relatives to let Scarlett come to “visit” us for a summer. As she would turn 18 while staying here, she wouldn’t have to go back if she didn’t want to – and I hoped she wouldn’t want to. I thought it might be nice to have family around me once more, a reminder of happier times. As for my wife, I thought that she might be happier having a sister-in-law to confide in. I adore my wife, but some other women are threatened by her. Why? Because Angel is porn-star beautiful, slender and gorgeous and the men flock to her. So do some of the women. Angel, being a natural flirt, just basks in all of the attention. She soaks it up like a sponge. A lot of the women who pay attention with her want to sleep with her. They’re either bi-sexual or looking to dip their toes into the water for the first time. Angel, being Angel, is more than happy to accommodate their requests.

No, I’m not threatened by it. When we got married a few years ago, Angel promised she’d never cheat on me and she’s stood by that. I know about every woman she has ever slept with, before and after our marriage. It’s not cheating if you know about it and don’t have any problems with it. Angel’s GG experiences have made her better in bed and the stories sure fuel our sex life.

No, we don’t share. I don’t place that burden on my wife. I get more than my share, I just happened to marry a woman with the sex drive of a true slut. Angel would not be offended by that, by the way. My honey of a wife could fuck all day and still want more. She gets all that I’m capable of giving her. If she needs more or if I’m tied up in a big case, she has one-night stands with one of those formerly “straight” women or calls one of her friends, like Ginger or Vicki. My wife has excellent taste in women; both those particular young ladies are able to scratch her itch.

Has my wife ever offered me a threesome? Of course, she isn’t selfish. She’s also made it more than clear that if I ever want a fling of my own, I’m more than welcome to indulge my desires. Ginger and Vicki have both made it clear they find my 6’4″, dark-haired lawyer self appealing. There are several legal secretaries at Morrison / Whitney – sorry, make that Morrison / Whitney / Baum – that would offer themselves up to me on a platter, no favors expected. I just don’t have the time or energy needed to conduct an affair.

Or, at least, I didn’t. I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

When Angel got off the phone, there were literally tears in her eyes. “That poor little sweetheart,” she sniffed. “All that we are doing is offering her a new place to stay; you’d think we were promising her the moon. She actually felt guilty – guilty – about leaving your aunt illegal bahis and uncle, not wanting to `abandon’ them. Is it okay with you, my handsome and wonderful husband, if I spoil your sister rotten while she’s here?”

“Spoil away, babe,” I smiled, perusing Scarlett’s letter a second time. It really did make you want to weep. She didn’t fit in where she was living; she needed a social life and an adventure. My relatives likely kept her busy, but she needed to get out and live, maybe find a boyfriend and have someone like Angel to bring her out of her shell. If I knew my wife, she’d become both best friend and mentor to my scrawny, ginger-haired sibling. Scarlett took after our Irish mom and I thought I might be hard – just the teeniest bit – having her here. My dad was my best friend and I miss him every day, but I idolized my mom. She made her kids believe they could achieve anything. Okay, it was up to me to instill that belief in Scarlett. I was ready to be her older brother again and I didn’t even have to do a thing. Before we’d even finished breakfast the next morning, Angel had Scarlett’s flight all arranged and sent her a few dollars for any unforeseen expenses.

My secretary wanted to know why I was so “ebullient” the next morning (Janine loves big words). When I told her, I think I shocked her. “I never even knew that my boss-man had a little sister,” she said with a gasp. “Tell me about her.”

I tried but I fell far short and was embarrassed for myself. I realized that I hadn’t been the best big brother I could have been. I was too busy with my career – two careers, of course – to be there when I should have been. Angel had kept up most of the family stuff. I realized again that my wife was aptly named and promised to do better – by both of them. I adored my wife and I needed to tell her that more often and show it more often. I had Janine order a dozen roses and a good bottle of Dom and send both to my home. I also vowed to spend time with Scarlett and let Angel take her shopping. I figured the poor, scrawny little thing might be in need of a makeover. Janine was beaming at me as she made the phone calls. “I work for a good guy,” she told me as I pored through case files. I was going to be a better guy, but I still had to earn a living.

I wanted to be there to pick up my sister at the airport, but I had an appointment in court. Being a partner is wonderful and I’m grateful, but I’m still low man on the proverbial totem pole. My firm also bills me out as a consultant at an ungodly rate and I give the state their money’s worth. Even trying to be succinct, I still didn’t make it home before 6 PM. I opened the door, saw the roses and heard peals of laughter. Ah, my wife and the munchkin were getting along …

… well?

I know that I should feel weird about what I’m about to confess, but I don’t. My kid sister was still a kid … barely. She was tiny in stature at about 5’5″ but the rest of her – this was no little kid. She now had a few curves in all of the right places, a nice perky set of boobs and a great little ass, showcased in cut-offs. Her eyes were the same stellar emerald-isle green as our mom’s had been and she had the same smile. Scarlett practically ran into my arms and almost knocked me off of my feet with a hug that took my breath away. I know she was crying and so was I.

“Thank you, thank you for getting me out of there,” she sniffed. “Even if it is only for the summer.”

“You didn’t tell her?”

“You’re the big brother-benefactor, I thought it was your place to tell her,” Angel said, sticking out her tongue impishly. She knew darned well I’d likely be a bit sheepish about breaking the news to Scarlett. Sensibly, I went into “lawyer mode” as I pried my sexy kid sister free.

“You’re going to be 18 in a few days,” I told her. “In the eyes of the law, you can live wherever you like. If you find you like it here in this big old mausoleum …” our house has 6 bedrooms “… you can stay here for as long as you like.”

I’m sure that Scarlett thought she had won the lottery. “I’m like, never, going to want to leave!” She laughed, already sounding like a Californian. She scrunched up her nose. “Yuck, I’m going to have to like, go back for my stuff!” She said as she flopped on the couch.

“You didn’t TELL her?” I repeated my earlier statement.

“I wanted the two of us to do it together, darling,” Angel responded in the tone she uses when annoyed with me. “Besides, we’ve only been home an hour. YOU can certainly tell her our plans.”

“Hey, you guys, I’m a big girl now,” Scarlett giggled. “You two wanna stop beating around the bush and clue me in as to what the fuck you’re talking about?”

Scarlett’s profanity did catch me off-guard for a moment, but I had to remember that she was only a few days shy of 18 and had likely used it before. “Okay kid …” that earned a scowl “… you don’t have to go back to Kansas, unless it’s for a visit to our family illegal bahis siteleri or some of your friends. We can have whatever you want shipped her and Angel’s taken a few days off, she’s going to take you shopping for whatever you want and might need.”

“Whatever I want?” Scarlett laughed with glee and clapped her hands together. “Aren’t you afraid that I might max out your credit cards?”

“It’s only money,” I smiled, seeing the delighted look on Scarlett’s pretty face. “Besides, I married a woman who earns nearly as much as I do.”

“Really? I thought you were a nurse?” Scarlett questioned my wife.

“I work part-time at the hospital, to keep a hand in,” Angel laughed. “But a chance encounter with a celebrity patient a year or so back led me to a much more lucrative career.”


Angel was almost busting at the seams to tell my baby sister her secret. “Yep,” she grinned. “I work as a personal shopper for a few busy celebrities … the type that never have enough time to manage their schedules. So I know all of the best stores and I can get us both some terrific stuff at discounted prices. What do you say, kid … want to go shopping with your big sister?” I noticed the word “kid” did not evoke a scowl this time and in fact, she gave my wife almost as large a hug as I had gotten. Scarlett didn’t seem able to speak for a bit and that was okay. I was a bit choked up myself as I went outside to our spacious back yard to grill some steaks. I had to confess, I didn’t quite know what to make of the sexy teenager who was going to be living with us. My brain couldn’t quite reconcile the now-sexy Scarlett with the scrawny little nothing I had left behind some years earlier. I heard the patio door slide open and my wife joined me outside wearing one of her more risqué bikinis. I keep having to remind myself that I didn’t marry a porn star, although a few of her “celebrity” clients were in that business. Angel had wisely omitted how she had gotten her new job off the ground – with a steamy, in-hospital encounter that had nearly cost her the nursing career she had worked hard to achieve.

“Bet I know what you’re thinking!”

“In that skimpy, silver-Lycra thing, I’m sure you do!” I shot back.

“No, not that,” Angel said, slapping me on the wrist. “I was talking about Scarlett.”

“My kid sister?” I asked in puzzlement. “Yeah, it’s going to be great having her around. You two sure hit it off.”

Angel was giving me that “you’re a big dummy” look. “What?” I asked again.

“You’re shitting me, you’ve got to be,” Angel responded. “Either that or you’re in denial.”

“About what?”

My wife rolled her gorgeous brown eyes as she stretched out in one of our deck chairs. “You’re in denial or obtuse. You know that you can’t lie to me, remember?”

That was true. Early in our relationship, she had asked me outright if I had ever thought about fucking her gorgeous blonde friend, Ginger. I had done the diplomatic thing and lied – and gotten caught. This time though, I was clueless and not lying about a thing.

“What are you talking about? What about Scarlett?”

“Your sister – you want to fuck her.”

“Don’t be …” My hand flew to my mouth. She was right. It was one of the reasons I had been a bit uncomfortable a few minutes ago. All I had been able to think about was how hot and sexy Scarlett had become. If she hadn’t been my sister, I would finally have succumbed to Angel’s proposition and taken a tumble with Scarlett.

“Oh God, you’re right,” I said, sitting down so I wouldn’t fall down. “I – I can’t, she is my sister and …”

“NO `and’ … babe, I’m fine with it. I don’t blame you, she’s a little cutie. If you want to make a move, I won’t stop you,” Angel suggested.

“But, the incest …”

“You should know me well enough by now to know I don’t give a shit about that,” Angel answered. “Okay, let’s say this … if she comes on to you – and I think she will – if you think you can deal with it, I say GO for it.”

“Yeah, but …”

“STOP it! You need an adventure and so does she. Get this, babe … I’m going to flirt with her when we go shopping. If she even nibbles, I’m going to set something up. I wouldn’t mind a piece of that action, but my gorgeous hubby gets to go there first,” Angel smiled slyly.

I found it hard to wrap my head around this. My sister had not yet been here a full day and here was my wife talking about us sleeping with her! The images of Angel and Scarlett tangled up together flitted through my mind and my cock twitched. I knew that desire was going to win out over morality. I promised myself that if Scarlett made no moves, I’d keep my distance. Fantasies cost nothing. Angel was still smiling as Scarlett joined us by the pool. “Oh wow, what a great pool!” She gushed. Turning to my wife, she asked “Can we get me some cute bikinis so that I can go swimming?” Angel’s near-demonic smile had me squirming because canlı bahis siteleri I was certain Scarlett’s bikini-clad form would be a horrific temptation to my poor libido.

The two women were on their way to becoming fast friends. I don’t remember much of what I said to them. I was in a daze as I wondered just what the hell I had gotten myself into.

I stayed up and watched a bit of television while my girls got acquainted. Scarlett crashed a bit before midnight, exhausted from her first hectic day. I was thinking about watching some late-night television when I heard my wife calling my name. I knew that tone and almost raced up the stairs, knowing what to expect.

Oh yeah, I was right. Wearing a turquoise silk teddy, my slender brunette wife was a wild woman. She almost tackled me to the bed and wrapped herself around me like some sensual animal. Her tongue shot into my mouth and her hands were all over me as she raced to get me undressed. “Scarlett will …” I tried to caution her, but my entreaties fell on deaf ears. Despite my sister being down the hall … or was it because of that … Angel took full and complete control of our sex that night. I’m not one of those macho idiots who need to call the shots. When Angel is like that, she’s an uninhibited fucking machine. I let my sexy wildcat do whatever the hell she wanted to me and just tried my best to keep up. My poor cock was going to get one incredible fuck and I thanked God the next morning was Saturday.

Angel loves to tease and she kept the lingerie on for a good, long while. My wife has more sexy underwear than several boutiques. In the silk and expensive (Jimmy Choo, I think) heels, Angel made love to me as if I was her boy-toy. I got a great blowjob and lots of massage before I was expected to give back. I know all my wife’s spots (Vicki and Ginger once spent an hour giving me some tips) and I had her squirming, her fists pounding the bed. I made her cum a few times before she climbed on top of me and fucked my brains out. We spent a few more hours making love and there was NO way that my sister didn’t hear us. I wondered if we might just have given my baby sis a little Sex Ed. I didn’t imagine my older aunt and uncle being the sex machine my hungry, horny wife was.

When we got up, it was a bit past 10. Scarlett was already up, dressed in a cute little sun dress and reminding her older brother she wasn’t a kid anymore. I found out my kid – younger sister had a valid driver’s license, so I gave Angel the keys to my “baby” – my Corvette – and told her to let Scarlett drive home. That got me an excited squeal and another kiss that almost verged on naughty. That made me even more sure that Scarlett had heard us having sex just hours before.

I had a rare afternoon where I could just sit and do nothing, so I watched a few TV shows on the TiVo and swam a bit in the pool. I could hear the Corvette pull up and the sounds of excited laughter from the house. I joined the girls inside and … oh God, I’m going to hell, but the young hottie that walked in with Angel was as far from my kid sister as a girl could be. She was in a pretty and gauzy silk blouse, a new and very short skirt and high heels. She did not look 17 and I had to pinch myself and remember that Monday, she wouldn’t be! The girls were hugging and laughing and I saw that my sister was a bit tipsy. That was okay, I trusted Angel with Scarlett’s well-being and she whispered that it was she who had driven the Vette home.

“She’s a pistol,” my wife confided in me. “She dated a few times back in Kansas, but your relatives almost had her in prison. The stupid kids at her high school didn’t notice her – you should have seen her trying on clothes and lingerie …”


Angel grinned because she knew that she had me. “Yes, of course – you should have known I would have taken her to Frederick’s. She was like a kid in a candy store. As soon as she’s ready, we’re going to have ourselves a hotter than hell little playmate.”

Angel and I had already agreed, nothing would happen until my sister turned 18 and until she made some kind of move or hint. That entire weekend was hell. Scarlett had gotten herself some of the sexiest clothes she could find and bikinis almost as skimpy as Angel’s. With my sister acting as temptress, Angel’s libido surged. I didn’t think I’d survive until Scarlett’s 18th or until she made a move. Just having her around was making Angel and I as horny as toads.

Monday I appeared at work, bleary-eyed. Janine was merciless in her teasing, she knows all-too well about Angel’s voracious sexual appetites. I let some of our paralegals and associates handle the workload that day as I was in no shape. I actually managed to get my sorry ass out of the office by 3 PM and I didn’t even drive myself home. I took a taxi because I was afraid of falling asleep behind the wheel.

When I walked through the front door, I wasn’t tired anymore. My sister almost tackled me to the ground with appreciative kisses. “You are the best big brother, like, ever!” Scarlett gushed. She was wearing a skimpy black cocktail dress and high heels. My wife, dressed just as sexy, entered the room a few minutes later.

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