The Rajputana Safari

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Skirts were a bad idea. But to be honest she never intended to go on a camel ride. The hotelier kept telling her every day that beyond that first dune were unending rolling dunes like they showed in the movies.

After a day’s sightseeing and shopping of forts, museums and the palaces of the Maharajas she finally decided it was a good idea to be in place where there were no buildings, no structures, no mankind. She and nature.

It was silent – even the evening breeze had no branches to rustle. She climbed the dune with its soft, yielding sand and slowly reached the top. As she crossed over she could see silvery dunes – miles and endless.

The voice was sudden and made her jump. The camel driver had been sitting in the sand by his camel, enjoying the same moonlit night that she had come out to seek.

“Ride?” he asked.

She shook her to say she wasn’t interested.

“No charge,” said the man, standing up, tall, broad and towering. The dark face was punctuated by the whites of his eyes. He had a bushy mustache that was large and twirled in the classic style of Rajputana.

She never quite knew how to deal with warmth and hospitality. That hesitation lasted a brief moment in which the tall figure swooped low to invite her to mount the camel.

She walked up and stood next to the beast, wondering what to do next; or how to say ‘no’ more emphatically.

He just scooped her up and foisted her on the soft saddle.

“Small ride. Nice view. Very dark. Only moon,” he said, warming to his pitch.

Typical, sparse English which she had got used to but his short phrases told her everything that might have convinced her.

He mounted the camel, just behind her and said, “Madam, very safe.”

As the camel rose she felt daunted by the height to which it rose. And then the unnerving sway as the animal sank its broad feet in the sand the same way in which she had been walking a few minutes ago.

As the camel climbed down the dune it swayed from side to side, pitching forward and suddenly she found her crotch ground against the saddle through her skirt.

The first grind was abrupt but by the time the camel was half way down the dune, she was reminded of her first bike ride. She allowed her crotch to grind and feel and slowly but surely she felt her pussy juicing up. The evening breeze was cool, the moon intoxicating and the gait of the camel persistent.

Involuntarily, she closed her eyes and gave in to the massaging of camel against pussy. It felt good- real good. A sigh escaped her lips as she felt pleasure. As the camel reached the bottom of the dune the driver swiveled it around so it would along the gulley.

“We go special place,” he said, from his vantage point behind her.

She nodded, wondering if the poised alignment in which her cunt was held over the animal was going to be lost. Indeed, the sway changed to a sideways rocking motion and with a little bit of hoisting herself up, she pursued her own pleasure some more.

Her breathing became heavy and the inadvertent sighs and moans grew louder. She wondered if he heard her and she desperately hoped that was not the case. She quietly slipped her hand down the front of her skirt desperately trying to reach her clit and accelerate her momentum towards pleasure.

As the camel rounded the bottom of the dune, the driver moved the camel to climb the next dune. She was thrown backward and she frantically grabbed at the horn of the saddle for balance.

The movements caused her skirt to ride up and she exclaimed ‘ouch!’ loudly as the coarse camel skin bruised the soft skin of her inner thigh.

“Madam,” said the driver. And with one swift motion his large hand cupped her stomach and he lifted both his legs. His legs rested against the bottom of her thighs in front of him and he lifted her up with ease. His other hand whipped around a soft cotton quilt. He reached under her crotch and tucked the quilt under her.

As he did so, she regretted that under her skirt she wore no panties. But it was so ridiculously hot! She had wanted to cool down her body after the hot, sweaty day! Initially the breeze had wafted under the skirts and she had been happy to be wearing nothing. But his hand had definitely brushed her crotch, moist now with her grinding.

When he let her down she felt a softness under her bottom and along both legs. She was cushioned from the animal. She also felt the saddle under her a lot lesser than before.

The camel had titillated her only to deceive. As the animal continued its climb she found herself leaning illegal bahis back and not quite able to grind her pussy against the saddle. Desperate for more of that beautiful pleasure she tried leaning forward. She ground down a couple of times and gasped and when it proved too much and fell back, she groaned in despair.

As she slid back she came up against him. And she felt the unmistakable contour of his erection against her ass. She tried to stay off him but the angle proved impossible. As the camel climbed steeply her ass wedged the cock and the sway massaged his cock.

It was his turn to gasp in pleasure. She ground against him. He felt the softness of her buttocks against his massively erect cock. The relentless grind which he did nothing to contain caused his cock to leak. He pressed against her best as he could and that provided him some relief – the kind of relief he provided himself on a working day by grinding the base of his palm against his cockhead.

He was wonderfully trapped. Her buttocks were luscious and accommodating. His cock found a wide enough crevice to wedge again. And from what he could sense she was not trying to stop anything.

They came up to the top of the dune. This was the place he brought all tourists. They loved the low rolling dunes –endless to the horizon. Not too steep which cut the view short. Not too shallow which made it a featureless landscape. A little further and the town lights would dampen. Stars danced in the sky there and tonight there was a full moon, too. He goaded the camel on.

She was wet with her stimulation and he was flowing as a result of his. Both were aroused and unsure of finding a release or finish.

And then the master in the camel driver came up with a move. He guided the camel slightly off the top at which she was poised downward, grinding her crotch and then back up toward the top at which point she fell back on him.

After a series of zigzags she felt him rock hard and the wetness seeped through his dhoti and her skirt to her back, leaving her in no doubt as to what was happening with him.

When the camel went down the dune she lurched forward and surrendered to the grind and she felt her own wetness surge. When she gripped whatever she could of his leg it was partially balance and partly desire. Her soft fingers gripped her his coarse hard leg, just below the knee.

Giddy with desire, her hand moved up and came to rest on his thigh as far back as it would go. Then she stopped.

He lifted her as he had done before, with his legs. One hand moved her skirt up baring her ass. With his other hand be brought his cock to align with her gaping cunt.

She reached back with both hands and gripped his thighs – she wanted to control her descent. She sank on him… he was large and she grunted with effort as she fought off gravity. She needed to be slower and yet she was urgently in need of being filled by him.

She settled on his lap, his cock deep and wide into her. She had absolutely no wiggle space, stuck like a pig on a stake. His mouth was near her ear now.

“Ok?” he asked. She nodded. Very gently she rocked forward as her cunt demand pleasurable caresses. She gasped loudly as pleasure coursed through to her nipples.

He didn’t touch her anywhere. She rocked ever so gently and he barely thrust. She felt his touch her deep. She felt him spread her wide even though her legs were wide apart. The internal massage drove her wild and eventually she leaned forward so that she would have some purchase. Hoisting herself forward she fucked down in short, sharp jabs. Pleasure! Pleasure! Pleasure! She desperately wanted release.

It came unexpectedly when his hand came back to her tummy and he firmly pulled her back. She dropped sharply right up to the point where she felt the coarse prickly pubic hair of his against her pubes. She spent in one large gush, shuddering her orgasm and releasing in a flood.

“Oh, that was so good!” she thought. Traveling for weeks alone across countries and without a man was not all that it was cracked up to be!

“Happy?” he whispered. She shivered and sighed, saying nothing. He was still inside her, large and undiminished. No doubt the lubrication of her cumming had dulled the friction a bit but nothing else.

“Now me happy,” he announced. Digging his heels into the side of the camel, he set it on a trot. As the camel trotted she was thrown about. The bouts lifted her up and dropped her back brutally on the cock. She shouted out loud “ahs” as the large unrelenting cock ravaged her. The camel went illegal bahis siteleri faster and she was fucked with an increasing animalness.

“Ah! Oh my! Stop!” she screamed. But the fucking was relentless. “I might fall,” she said, actually feeling her thighs turning to jelly and her insides boiling to a melting point.

Large strong hands swept around her and held her around the shoulders like a harness. She was now completely pinioned with only the cunt reaming the cock. She sobbed and cried out, “I am cumming! Oh, I am cumming! Ah! Stop, stop, stop!” she wailed, fucking down with more ferocity if the camel slowed down.

He slowed the camel down and she responded by hammering down on his cock hard and fast.

“Come! Come!” she hissed. “Finish, happy?!” she pleaded.

He brought the camel to halt. He cupped her buttocks and lifted her up. He raised her body so that her cunt was just around his head and then with supreme control and strength that made her feel like a toy in his hands, he moved her up and down to fuck him and caress the spots on his cock that would make him cum.

“I come!” he announced and then proceeded to let her lower and stabbed her deeper with each thrust as his seed came boiling up. When he shot streams of cum into her, her ass was resting on his cock fully so that he was deep in her.

By the time he jerked and recoiled to cum again she was almost off him. When he dropped her the semen shot up and he spurted in to her again.

She came for the millionth time on that ride as he made her ride him up and down with each spurt. She filled and flooded and then flowed down and drenched them both.

His jerking slowed and he spewed lesser and lesser. Gently he let the camel walk again and if there was any thing left in either of them the grind of cunt over cock squeezed out all the juices like a mortar grinds a pestle and those masalas get made.

She quivered, shivered and trembled in release as she received her best ever post-release massage. It extended her orgasm manifold. She came thoroughly, copiously and endlessly. She leaned back and nuzzled his face and even those caresses against her face seemed to make her cum some more. Forever and ever, every cell in her body seemed to release orgasmically.

As he receded she slid as if unhooked from a tether and landed back on the cotton quilt and between his legs. They stayed snuggled till he brought the camel to a halt on a small plateau.

With a few clicks and calls to the camel, it sat down. He got off and quickly unrolled a carpet from the side and laid it out for.

“Madam, lie. Stars!” he said with a sweeping gesture to the skies. She got off the camel and looked up, unsteady on her quivering legs. She gasped as the sky surprised her. It was sprayed with a million white dots like flecks of paint and there was hardly a black patch. Sand stretched endlessly in all directions, shimmering in the white light.

There was a nip in the air and a gentle wafting breeze and perfect silence, bar the occasional noise from the jaws of the camel. As if by magic he laid out cushion after cushion and she collapsed on the soft heap, lying under the brilliant night sky.

As he had been when she first walked out to the dunes, he merged into the sandscape, leaving her alone to enjoy the beauty of nature that she had set out for.

She might have dozed for a bit. That was not surprising. The day had been hot and tiring and the unexpected but invigorating fuck had drained her of all stresses. Her wonderfully relaxed body gratefully sank into sleep

She awoke with a start. She knew not how long she had slept.

“Are you there?” she called out, somewhat afraid.

“Yes, Madam,” came his strong reassuring voice. “Me here.”

“Where?” she asked. And he appeared before her, his silhouette rising majestically over her.

“You are amazing!” she murmured her hand lazily wandering under her blouse. Her breasts felt alive and she remembered that she had never been fucked without her breasts having been even touched.

“You, beautiful!” he replied, looking down at her.

“Sit down,” she said patting the carpet next to where she was lying.

He sat down and she turned towards him. She reached out to feel his hard, muscled body. He was strong and she remembered the way he had lifted her effortlessly with one hand while shoving the cotton quilt under her.

She felt out his arms. Yes, they were as strong as she had felt them lifting her. And then his chest. And slowly her hand slowly wandered down his chest, more canlı bahis siteleri out of curiosity than anything else. They had fucked but she had barely felt him except in whatever was essential to their encounter.

She didn’t mean to touch his cock but barely had she crossed his cummerbund when she felt the proud, large, rearing head of his cock on the back of her hand. She was surprised. They had just fucked and drained each other a while ago – she didn’t know how far back for she had lost her sense of time.

Her hand lightly touched and felt his erection. He was magnificent. She shivered as she remembered the monster on which she was impaled. And within a short while he was monstrous again. Her cunt slickened as she felt need again.

Her fingers felt out his contours and she wandered lower and gathered his sac in her palm. She leaned forward and kissed the cockhead. She tasted freshness- he had washed. She liked that. She opened her mouth wider and took the pillar of his cock between her lips, pulling him closer to her mouth.

His hand gently went to the back of her head as if he had been here before and rocked into her. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and throated him best as she could. It was not a perfect position and she felt strained and fell back, wiping her lips with the back of her hand.

He kneeled between her legs and unbuttoned her blouse. Her body shone by the light of the moon. She arched her back, her breasts and nipples aching. She hastened to undo her bra and slipped the straps off.

He knelt forward and brought his lips tantalizingly close to her nipple. He watched, long, erect and aching to be touched. He kissed the very tip very quickly several times, then sucked it in and then in a larger gulp sucked in her entire breast making her cry out in agonized pleasure.

He sucked till he thought he felt milk and till she thought her life was quivering on that tip. And then he moved lower to her stomach, kissing, sucking and nibbling. Finally, he reached her pussy and kissed her, licked at her, tasting both of them.

She raised her legs and wrapped them around his head as he continued to kiss and suck at her. She thrust against his mouth and took whatever pleasure she could get.

His kissing and sucking was eager and unfocused but it gave her pleasure because of the rusticity of his approach.

He came up from between her legs and his tongue drew a line to the other unattended breast. This one he lashed with his tongue before biting her nipple gently making her cry out.

Still kneeling between her legs, he lifted her up as if she was a lightweight doll. She spread her legs and brought them around his hips. Holding each buttock in his large hands he brought her down on his once-more-eager cock and set her down on his cock.

They kissed for the first time. She tasted herself on his lips. Wildly aroused, she raised herself up on her haunches and fucked down. He lifted her off and dropped her. She came instantly in a series of shivers. Kicking her legs in the air she freed herself and lay back, holding her arms out invitingly.

He mounted her again. She gasped out in surprise as he seemed much more difficult to accommodate as she lay back. He fucked her hard and fast.

His sweat dripped onto her torso and slowly flowed down to mingle with the mess between their legs.

She felt him rear into her womb with a bulging head with every fuck.

“Oh god!” she thought. “Virile, hot and deep in my womb!”

She screamed out shattering the stillness of the desert night. “Fuck me! Fuck! Oh fuck!” she whimpered, gripping him, clawing him, beating against him.

He howled as her nails dug one hand into his chest and the other on his buttock. His cum released into her in huge gobs as if he had not released for weeks whereas it had been hardly any time.

They pounded into each other as the each beat an orgasm out of the other and then they collapsed in a heap and slept in exhaustion.

It was much later when he woke her.

He packed the beast and lifted her on. They wended their way back to her hotel. Half way through, she turned around and sat on his lap facing him, head on his shoulder.

Still later, she felt a new arousal from him between her legs and she hoisted herself up marveling at his virility.

“This one for him,” she said to herself and proceeded to fuck him to a finish even as the hotel came up. She climbed off his rapidly receding cock and staggered back to the hotel, her muscles aching from the beautifully romantic night out there in the deserts of Som, near Jaisalmer.

Before she went to bed she took a moment to complete a card she wanted to post to a friend back home.

Twirling a pen between her fingers, she came up with a short phrase that said it all: “Come to Som.”

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