The Psychiatrist

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“Please, look at me…” Gina forced her eyes up, non-focusing, in the general direction of Cade’s voice. Tears blurred her vision and a tinny metallic sound had now begun to buzz in her ears as he continued to speak “… you know I will always love you, I’m just not IN love with you. But we can still be friends…” Every fiber of her being wanted to scream out NO! She wanted to fly at him, and flail until he felt as much pain as she did. But she didn’t. Instead she buried her face back into her hands and began to sob the beginning of what would be an ocean of tears. Gina heard the door click as her life walked out of it. Or so she thought.

Weeks went by, and although she continued outwardly to perform and function in the ‘real world’, once the door to her apartment clicked closed at night, Gina retreated into a state of complete and utter misery, complete with a bottle of wine and sappy love songs. Even her cat had begun to avoid her. Her mother consoled her all she could, as did her friends, but after they began to talk amongst themselves, they decided that she was in desperate need of some tough love. They sat her down one evening and all told of the woman she once was before he left her, and that they wanted that friend and daughter back. It was then that Gina realized how alienating (and alienated) she had become… and she made a promise to them, and to herself, to find some help and get back on track.

Dr. Brewer’s office was warm and inviting. His receptionist, Cherlyn, was in no way condescending when Gina had made the appointment. She had a bright smile and greeted Gina this morning with the same gracious attitude as if Gina was a long-lost friend. Sinking into a soft chair in the waiting room, Gina tried to lose herself in the latest issue of Cosmo that she had brought with her, but she still couldn’t get the small voice out of her head that kept saying, “Good lord. You’re seeing a SHRINK because that dumbass man of yours left. What a los…”

“Gina Davenport?” a plumpish nurse called out.

“Yes, ma’am… that’s me,” Gina said, butterflies the size of elephants suddenly springing up in her stomach.

The nurse smiled, “Good morning, Gina… would you please follow me? Dr. Brewer will see you now…”

Gina rose and followed “Astrid” or so her nametag said, down a corridor into a cozy office. There was a recliner, a lounge, and a regular chair… but no desk, no plethora of books lining a wall… it looked very much like a room in her own home. Astrid touched her arm, saying, “please make yourself comfortable in either the recliner or on the lounge, Gina. Dr. Brewer will join you in a moment…” and with that, she left the room, leaving Gina there alone with her thoughts.

Gary Brewer was a striking man. Tall and well built, the women thought him very sexy. His masculine features, dark hair, intensely inquisitive dark eyes, and gentle demeanor drew people in without him ever having to say a word. He considered himself well read, his many friends considered him funny and warm and a great friend to have around even if he DID “shrink heads for a living”. Yet he remained alone.

He had had some close relationships in the past, but no woman had ever struck the right combination of sexy and smart to keep his interest for long. A soft knock at his office door stirred him as Astrid poked her head inside. “Gina Davenport is in the conference room, Dr. Brewer…”

“Thank you, Astrid,” Gary’s deep voice responded, and he began to look over Gina’s evaluation questionnaire. ‘Hmmmmmm…’ Gary thought to himself, ‘she seems intelligent by these answers, just very lost… ‘ and he rose to keep their appointment.

Gina stared out the window of the room. It overlooked the park, and although she was on the third floor, she could still see people there. The tree leaves were just beginning now to take on a faint hint of the color that would soon blush across them, and she could see women with their children playing in the playground equipment. How her heart longed for that. For family, for that kind of connection and love. Dr. Brewer’s voice startled her. “Ms. Davenport?”

She whirled to face him, her eyes instantly locking on the kindest face she could ever remember seeing. “Y-y-y-yeesss…” she said, and immediately set about righting herself, straightening her clothing, running her fingers nervously through her short hair.

Dr. Brewer’s eyes returned her appreciative gaze, and they wrinkled at the edges when he smiled. He drank in her beauty. No, it was not a classic beauty, but a beauty that came from innocence. He took in the deep pools of blue that were her eyes, the way her hair curled in a helter-skelter manner over her head as if she’d run her hands through it a thousand times a day. He drank in her ample curves, the furrow of her brow that told him she had deep thoughts to think and did so often. He felt himself stir in his pants, and he had to remind himself of what she was there for. His breath sort of rushed from his lungs, and güvenilir bahis he knew he was already in trouble. He knew right then and there that he wanted to get to know this woman as more than his patient.

She extended her hand, and he took it in his, “Hi, I’m Gina…” Her voice was melodious, not the depressed monotone he so often heard. That alone made him smile, because he knew then that she wasn’t terribly depressed, only in need of a little guidance.

“I’m Dr. Bennett… it’s nice to meet you. If you will please have a seat wherever you would be most comfortable, we can have a chat…” And so began Gina’s journey. She found Dr. Bennett very easy to talk to… and she found herself pouring out parts of her soul that no one else was privy to. She talked at length about her relationship with and her disappointments in Cade, about her struggles with her weight, her struggles with her parents. They talked about what Gina wanted out of her life. Together they formed a plan for her to continue an education toward a career she’d always loved. They talked about her hopes and dreams and goals, and Gary found himself more and more entranced by her.

Then came the day that Gary could no longer justify having her come to his office. He knew she was standing on her own and needed room to test those wings they had built for her to see if she could truly fly. “Gina,” he said softy, leaning toward her, “I think we’ve done all we can do here. Now it’s up to you…”

Her voice caught in her throat, “Yeah… I was afraid today you’d say that…” She stood from the chair, smoothing the front of her pants as she did so, and looking at the floor. She knew if she turned her face to him, he would see the glistening of the tears… and she knew he was her doctor, not her lover, so the time was right for her to go.

He couldn’t resist the pull of her body, however, and he, too, stood… taking Gina into his arms in a warm embrace. “Perhaps I will see you sometime… ” Gary said, hugging her. She melted against him, wanting to beg him to stay in her life. She knew, though, she had to find her way on her own… so she turned and walked out of the door.

A year or so passed, and Gina flourished. She completed some schooling, found a better job, made some new friends. But there was still a part of her that was missing. A part she gave to Gary when she left that room that day. Her mind often drifted back to their talks… she was amazed by what she felt safe in sharing with him, even if he WAS her doctor! So, it must have been fate that crisp fall Saturday when Gina found herself alone for the first time in weeks, and she decided to take a walk at the park by Gary’s office. She remembered how peaceful it always looked… how filled with the laughter of children, and the sounds of nature. Now, with the leaves once again turning their brilliant amber and crimson tones and the air briskly clean, she thought it a good time to take a book and spend the afternoon just sitting on a bench, watching life pass by around her. She pulled on a comfortable pair of jeans and a light sweater and her walking shoes, grabbed the keys to her car, and pointed herself in the direction of the park.

When she arrived, she savored the walk to choose her bench, feeling the fallen leaves swirl around her feet in the gentle breeze. The air carried a spicy smell of someone baking pumpkin pies… yes, the holidays weren’t far away now. She found a bench near the playground where she could watch the children play and still enjoy a breath of quiet every now and then. Settling back, she inhaled deeply, drinking in the crisp, clean air… but it exploded from her when she heard his voice: “Gina? Gina Davenport! Is that YOU??”

Jumping from the bench, she whirled around, only to be face-to-face with Gary Bennett. He had his Golden Retriever on a leash, and was a little out of breath from being dragged behind the beast… but not any more so than Gina was from hearing his voice for the first time in ages!

“My god… how long has it been?” he continued, then introduced “Ramsey” the dog. Gina knelt down, and Ramsey proceeded to swath her face with his large, wet tongue, which drew a lilting laughter from her. Gary smiled… he remembered that laugh. He remembered those eyes. He remembered everything about her, and had thought he’d call her a million times, but somehow, he always talked himself out of it. Fate was not to be denied, however, and Gina invited Gary to sit.

“Dr. Bennett, I…”

Gary cut her off mid-sentence. “Please, call me Gary. We are no longer doctor/patient, we’re just two people… Gina.” Her heart leapt when he repeated her name. Probably because when he did so, he reached out and touched her hand. It was as if electricity had been passed through her body. She felt her nipples harden in her bra, and all the small hairs on the back of her neck stand up. Yes, she wanted this man. She wanted him badly. But did he feel the same?

Gina cleared her throat and began to catch türkçe bahis Gary up on her life for the past few months. She reminded him of their plan, and then took him through all the ways she had accomplished the goals they had set for her. “I am so proud of you, Gina,” Gary said, looking into her eyes, “I always knew you could do it.”

Gina blushed, “I couldn’t have done it without YOU, Gary” she said, and he reached to touch her on the arm softly.

“Would you like to walk with Ramsey and me for a while?” he asked her, and Ramsey wagged his tail encouragingly.

“Sure!” she said, pushing her book back into her purse and slinging it over her shoulder. They walked and talked for hours, as if they were old friends. Gina laughed wildly when Ramsey spotted a frizbee whizzing by and bolted to catch it, pulling Gary off is his feet and into a huge drift of leaves. Gary laughed equally as much when she bent to find out if he was alright and Ramsey pushed her over onto Gary’s fallen body, it took them several minutes of laughing and detangling to upright themselves again.

Dusk was coming, and they had made it back to where Gina had parked her car. “Y’know… I’m famished, and I’ll bet you haven’t eaten, either…” Gary’s voice trailed off in an unspoken offer.

Gina blushed again, a trait she had hated until that very moment, “No, Gary, I haven’t eaten, and yes, I am getting rather hungry…” Her eyes roved his body, now standing so close to her that she could feel his heat radiating. She wanted to grab his shoulders and pull him into a deep, soft, wet kiss, but her “good girl” upbringing told her no… wait for the perfect time.

Gary cleared his throat, feeling his body once again responding to Gina, “Why don’t you lock up your car and come with me. I promise to get you home safely…”

Gina thought for a moment before responding, “Okay” and she did just that, climbing into the passenger side of his Jeep Wrangler, Ramsey ambling over her lap to get into the back seat. She didn’t even stop to ask where he was taking her. She didn’t care, as long as it was somewhere quiet where she might be able to coax a kiss from him later.

They pulled up at a nice brick home. Gina thought it looked new… it was in the newer section of town. The garage doors opened slowly to reveal a blank spot where the Wrangler obviously went, a Mercedes sports car, and a pickup truck. Her brow furrowed a little trying to figure out why one man would need all those vehicles when he spoke: “I like the Jeep for fun, the Mercedes for work-related stuff, and the pickup I use at my ranch… where I’m eventually going to build my dream house. Wanna see the plans?”

Eagerly, Gina scrambled out of the Jeep just in time to keep Ramsey from using her as a catapult onto the garage floor. They went into the house, and Gary set about cleaning a spot at the breakfast counter so she could look at the plans while he cooked them something to eat. He poured her a cold glass of wine… fruity, full-bodied but not terribly dry.

“Open your mouth,” he said, leaning close, and he placed inside a small cube of cheese. “It goes good with the wine…”, he explained, and, as she savored it’s creamy texture, she agreed that indeed it did!

They talked and laughed over dinner, Gina felt as though they had been together for years. The tension in the room was mounting, however, and as they retired to the living room, they both knew that this night wasn’t going to be ordinary. Gary put some soft, sensuous music on, and sat down next to Gina on his couch, draping his arm over the back, and leaning back away from her slightly to support himself on the arm.

Gina sat stiffly upright, not knowing exactly what to do. She felt like a teenage girl on her first date. The butterflies in her stomach were enormous: on the one hand she wanted to make love with this man, on the other… she didn’t want that act to destroy a potentially amazing relationship.

Gary sensed her hesitation, and leaned up, taking her shoulders in his strong hands, turning her to him. “Gina…” his voice a husky whisper, “I have thought about you so much since you stopped coming to me. Today made me realize how very much I’ve missed you. And how very much I would like…” he gently took her face into his hands and pulled her close, nuzzling her with his nose before chastely tasting her lips.

He looked into her eyes, searching for signs of hesitation… signs that she may not want this. But he found none, only deep blue pools of longing, so he pulled her face to his again, this time capturing her mouth with his own, snaking his tongue between her lips. His hands dropped to her ribcage and around her back, cradling her and pulling her now-pliable body to his in an embrace. He felt her hands finally touch his shoulders, and as the kiss progress, they moved to his neck, her fingers playing with his hair.

Gary pulled his mouth from hers, allowing Gina to breathe again. As if she was able to. All the breath in her was gone. güvenilir bahis siteleri He continued to hold her close, feeling the rushing pulse of her heart against him, feeling her heat radiating through him like a convection wind. He reached up with one hand, brushing the tendrils of her hair from her face, waiting for her to protest, to say SOMETHING, but she was too busy trying to decide if she should pinch herself or not. If she did and she awoke, it would devastate her. If she did and she DIDN’T wake up, all those inhibitions would come rushing to the surface and this time, she wanted to be free.

He nuzzled her cheek, “Say something… anything… stop… go… more… “

She pulled him closer, putting her mouth inches from his ear… her hot breath made him shiver as she whispered softly, “More…” and she placed her mouth on his neck, feeling it vibrate against her lips and tongue as he groaned deeply in his throat.

He carefully disentangled himself from her, and stood, lifting her to her feet as he did so. She followed him submissively down the hall where he opened up the door to his bedroom. He turned on the lights, and remembering some of the things she had said so long ago, he turned to her and place his finger on her lips, indicating he’d be right back.

When he returned, he lit several candles and turned the lights in the room off. The candlelight gave the room a soft glow and he pulled her inside, wrapping her once again in his strong arms. She knew that he knew everything about her and somehow this didn’t bother her at all; in fact, the fact that he still wanted to make love to her gave her wings.

He began to undress her, reveling in each patch of skin that was revealed to him: kissing, savoring each delicate morsel of her. Pushing her pants off, dragging her underwear along for the ride, he had her step from them one delicate foot at a time, encouraging her to widen her stance as he did so. He looked up at her from this kneeling position, feeling her hands in his hair and watching her breasts heave with each ragged breath; but best of all, he could smell her. She smelled like soap, and like lilacs, and like… a woman. He buried his face into her, his tongue dancing against her clit and allowing him to savor her richness. He reached around and gripped her asscheeks, stabilizing her against his face. He nibbled and sucked at her pussy until he felt her begin to tremble in his arms, and then he stopped and stood, backing her to the bed.

He laid her back, her legs dangling over, and once again dove into her moistness, feeling her muscles clench and release around his tongue. Her mewling sounds told him that she was close, and he pushed one finger into her, curling it against the top of her pussy wall to find her g-spot. His tongue went to work in earnest then, feeling her inner walls pulse and swell against his finger, her hips beginning to rise and fall and her voice… oh, that sweet voice… beginning to beg him not to stop. He pulled his finger from her and savored all her flavor, then replaced it, sliding it slowly as he sucked her clit into his mouth. Her hips rose from the bed as her insides began a fluid contortion against his finger, and he lifted his face to watch her in all her passionate glory. He would find that he never tired of watching her cum.

Gary rose and undressed, allowing Gina a moment to catch her breath once again. He could see her visibly trembling, and he wasn’t quite sure if she was cold (it WAS a chilly evening after all), or if something else was wrong. He slid his warm body up next to her, cupping his head in his hand as his elbow supported its weight, his other finger tracing a light trail up her abdomen to her breast and over her nipple. It wrinkled in protest, the nipple hardening against the pad of his fingertip. She turned her face to him, and he noticed her flushed smile.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

Gina took a deep breath, and sighed… a soft noise that stirred Gary’s cock. “Yes,” she replied, “I’m more than okay. It’s been a long time…”

Her voice trailed off because he took the finger he was tracing her body with and turned her chin to him, once again possessing her mouth with his tongue. She moaned against his lips, wanting to feel them on her body once again. Gary dipped his face to the hollow of Gina’s neck and granted her unspoken wish, nibbling her shoulder and down to suckle at her breast. She cradled his head against her, feeling the soft wetness of his tongue, the sharpness of his teeth, and the warmth of his breath. She didn’t worry that she didn’t look right or smell right or sound right. She didn’t care that she might not look quite right or have the right job or be from the right family or go to the right church. This was just him and her… in this room… in this lovemaking… and for the first time it felt RIGHT.

Gary’s weight shifted again and he began to pull Gina to the middle of the bed, so she moved herself into the place where they could both be more comfortable. Feeling rather giddy, Gina rose up, and said, “Down, mister! It’s MY turn now…” and grabbing Gary by the shoulders, pushing him onto his back on the mattress, straddling his midsection and leaning down to kiss him deeply.

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