The Professor Ch. 03

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“What the hell happened to Elton John?” I thought to myself as I pulled into the campus parking lot.

I had his 1972 classic Honky Chateau blasting to track 4, the hard rocking Black Eyed Susi, which for obvious reasons brought a smile to my face.

I got a french front on my buggy
I got a frisky little colt in a hurry
And my pretty little black-eyed Susi by my side

Well she sure knows how to use me
Pretty little black-eyed Susi
Playing hooky with my heart all the time

I mean jesus he used to play rock and roll, even his old ballads and love songs were at least haunting and enigmatic, and now all he does is this Kum By Ya shit for Disney movies. So much for Darwin’s theory…

It was 06:45 early to be at work even for me, but it was the first day of second summer session and I like to get my rosters entered into the computer before classes start. There were a few cars in the parking lot including Lauren’s, which I thought was odd, she usually wasn’t here this early.

I always like getting onto campus early. It is empty, quiet, and in general a nice atmosphere from which to start the day. I could smell coffee from the Division office as walked into the Social and Behavioral Sciences building but by now I had learned to resist its sirens call. It smelled intoxicating, but I am an admitted coffee snob, and I knew this was cheap coffee made with tap water. Besides, I had already engaged in my morning coffee ritual, and was sufficiently generated for the day. Or so I thought. Checking my mailbox I passed Lauren’s office which was open, and the lights were on, but she was nowhere to be seen. I had been thinking about Lauren for the last week. Ever since that morning with Susi in my office, Lauren had been acting strange. She seemed to be wearing more makeup, tighter fitting and more revealing clothes (for which I was thankful) and a more flirtatious attitude. I could still smell a whiff or her perfume in her office, so I know she couldn’t have been gone for too long.

Heading down the hallway to my office Lauren and I appeared to be the only Division faculty or staff present. When I got to my office I noticed that the light was on, and I heard a faint sound, a buzzing, and something else, although I wasn’t sure what it was. I stood outside for a second, wondering what the hell güvenilir bahis was going on. The only person it could be was Lauren, but if she was just dropping off rosters why was the door closed, and what the hell was that noise? It was bugging me. I knew that sound but couldn’t quite place it. Finally I figured what the hell, it’s my office, so I turned the handle and walked in. Nothing prepared me for what I saw.

Lauren was sitting in my chair, her skirt hiked up around her ass, her feet on the edge of my desk. Her blouse and bra were unbuttoned, and she was smearing lube from my bottom drawer over her nipples. The buzzing was the vibrator I also kept in the bottom drawer of my desk, which Lauren had on high and was rubbing it against her very aroused clit through her soaking wet panties.

I froze in the doorway, so caught off guard I literally couldn’t move. Lauren’s eyes opened wide in horror, and she started to open her mouth, but obviously had no idea what to say. We both stared at each other, Lauren’s hard, lube covered nipples red from being rubbed, the smell of cherry lube mixing with her wetness filling the room, and although she had stopped circling the vibrator, she was still holding it still against her clit.

“I…so early…didn’t think…” Lauren started to stammer.

Finally the spell broke and I realized I better close the door, but rather than stepping out I stepped in and closed the door behind me. Despite my shock my cock had instantaneously grown hard, and was now jutting out from my slacks. Lauren had stopped rubbing her nipples, but she was still sitting in the same position and the vibrator was still buzzing against her clit. We just stared for a second. She looked so incredibly hot, with her skirt hiked up and her panties soaked from her wetness.

By now Lauren was staring at my slacks, or more appropriately at the my aching cock jutting out from my slacks.

“It’s been so long” she whispered, barely audibly.

I noticed that Lauren was starting to make tiny circles over her clit with the vibrator, while continuing to stare at the tent in my slacks. I took a step closer to her and she moaned softly, as if my mere presence was like a touch to her. One more step and I was right next to her. By now the vibrator was moving in full circles over Lauren’s clit, and she was staring türkçe bahis hungrily at my crotch. I stood there for a second, but then, unable to resist, I reached down and ran my hand over her lubed covered nipple.

My touch was like turning on a switch. Lauren gasped, arched her back, and began rubbing the vibrator over herself furiously. As I began to massage her lubed covered tits she reached out and wrapped one hand around my shaft, jerking me off as best she could through my slacks. At this point there was no going back, so I undid my belt and dropped my slacks and underwear to the floor.

Once again Lauren gasped, and immediately began jerking me off, moaning and gurgling to herself.

“Oh fuck, so hard, so hot, oh god”

Looking down I realized that she had worked the vibrator inside her panties and now had it buried deep in her pussy, fucking herself with it. I stepped over Lauren so I was between her and the desk, facing her so my cock was right in front ot those spectacular tits. Lauren was still jerking me off, so I moved closer so that the head of my cock was brushing against her nipples. Lauren just purred and began rubbing my cock over her tits, sliding easily through the lube. The feeling was incredible. Her tits were big, and full, with large nipples, but they were real, so they were soft, supple, and oh so slippery.

Reaching over with both hands I grabbed her tits and pushed them together, enveloping my cock in a perfect blanket of warmth, softness, and slipperiness. Reaching both hands around my legs Lauren fucked herself madly as I began to slide between her beautiful mounds. Leaning down she stuck out her tongue and licked the head of my cock every time it poked through the top of her tits. For a few minutes we both lost ourselves. Lauren content with the vibrator pounding in and out of her pussy as I fucked her tits, amazed at the incredible sensation. My cock so easily sliding between her, her warm tongue waiting for me on every up stroke, I could have stayed like that forever, or at least until I erupted all over her, but now that Lauren had a real cock at hand she needed more than the vibrator.

Finally, she brought her feet off my desk and sat up, breaking her tits away from cock. Leaning down she swallowed me whole, sucking the cherry lube right of me before she let my güvenilir bahis siteleri cock pop out of her mouth with a loud “smack.” Standing up Lauren grabbed me by the shoulders and spun me around, so I was sitting in the chair. Without a word she sat on top of me, sliding right down onto my hardness. Lauren was soaking wet, but she was tight, and if I had doubts about anything feeling better on my cock than her magnificent breasts, they were erased.

Immediately she began riding me, as I grabbed her ass and held on for dear life. It obviously had been a while, as Lauren humped, and rode, and squealed like a cheerleader on prom night. Her ass felt wonderful, but it was those tits bouncing in my face that I couldn’t resist, so I cupped them together and began sucking and licking both her nipples together. This drove Lauren absolutely wild. Bucking harder than ever she arched her back so her tits were closer, and began what can only be described as a primal scream. Her entire body seemed to emanate sound and vibration. Quivering madly, she began to rock back and forth, as her pusy began a series of contractions, squeezing my cock, seemingly milking the cum out of me.

At this point I was only to happy to oblige and began to ejaculate into her. Lauren’s orgasm was so intense, and so prolonged I don’t know if she even noticed that I too was exploding, holding onto her and pushing up, as deep into her as I possibly could. Long after I had stopped Lauren kept going, apparently making up for a long absence. Eventually she leaned her head forward and rested it on my chest. I could still feel small contractions, like after shocks following a major earthquake. We sat like that for another few minutes, saying nothing, her forehead on my chest, me still inside her. I started stroking her hair and kissing the top of her head. Eventually Lauren lifted her head, looked me squarely in the eye, and then got up.

Pulling down her skirt, and buttoning up her bra and blouse, Lauren didn’t say a word. When she had gotten herself somewhat together she picked up a stack of mail off my file cabinet. Taking some papers off the top she handed them to me.

“You class rosters Professor Reynolds”

Then she turned around and walked out. I sat there for a few seconds, before it occurred to me that my pants were around my ankles, and the vibrator was still buzzing away on the floor. After getting everything, including myself, cleaned up I realized that my morning class was about to begin. After the events of the morning I really wasn’t ready for what awaited me in class.

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