The Next Morning

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The day started out just as any other day would. The sun rose, the birds chattered, the sky filled with life, light and sounds. He could hardly be bothered to uncover his head from under the blanket. As he became more aware of his surroundings, the taste of last night’s over indulgence was plastered to the roof of his mouth. With a raw, sickly feel in his throat, he slowly yawned and stretched.

He still had not poked his head from under it’s sanctuary. It wasn’t until his bladder screamed for immediate relief that he stirred. With a smooth motion, practiced for many years, he slung the blanket off of his body, exposing him to the cold morning air. A sudden shiver could not change the urgency in his bladder.

He sprang to his feet and waddled his way to the bathroom. The shock of the frozen tile helped him maintain his composure for a few more seconds. He positioned himself in front of the open crevice of porcelain. Seconds seemed like minutes before the satisfying rush of water filled his ears. While his body was getting it’s needs meet, his mind wandered.

How did he get home last night? How much had he had to drink? Why was he asking himself these questions and not getting any answers? Why did it matter if they were answered or not? Was he going insane? Was he alright with that?

His mind snapped back to the cold ache building in his feet from the tile floor. He was out of autopilot for the moment and turned to head back to bed. Subconsciously, he rubbed the sleep from his eyes as a yawn crept out of his mouth. His muscles tensed and flexed with each step. He felt good to be moving about for a bit.

His hands came down from his eyes. His eyes adjusted to the light sluggishly before he could scan the room. Half of the bed seemed a little lumpier than he remembered. Before he could put the pieces of the puzzle together in his mind, he heard a soft yawn and morning pout come from his bed. He could barely see illegal bahis her figure, much less herself, move under the bulk of the blankets.

He stood in a state of amazement. He couldn’t remember bringing her home, but he must have. His mind raced to remember. He heard a soft moan again, soon followed by another. He watched at the blanket began to rise and fall in a rhythmic time with the moans. The gears nearly stripped in his head as his mind changed directions.

He inched closer to the bed to fill his ears with the sounds of this scene hidden from his eyes. As he moved closer to the bed, he could hear the distinctive slick sound of an increasingly wet sex. His mind filled with images of her masturbating. His cock throb against the cotton of his boxers as the thought excited him.

He gently reached for the edge of the blanket. He stood holding the blanket in his hand, contemplating how to act without scarring her. He decided he would just rip the blankets off of her and dive right into her moistened pussy with relish and desire. He strengthened his resolve to do what he planned. He reassured himself that it would be alright to do so. She was in his bed, she came home with him last night. What else could he do with her masturbating in his bed? He had to do something to help her, cause that’s the nice guy he was.

He gripped the blankets and with a quick fling of his arm, he threw the blankets off the bed. His sight blinded for a moment by the flying fabric. His eyes quickly settled and focused on the bed again. He gazed down upon her. Her eyes were closed in the pleasure she was administrating towards herself. Her fingers slicked with her own juices continued to twiddle her clitoris.

The sudden rush of cool air caused her eyes to open. She continued to run circles around her clitoris as her eyes focused on the man standing above her with a hard cock poking out of the front of his boxers. A sudden moan of desire illegal bahis siteleri escaped her lips as her gaze drank him in. His grip on the blankets slackened, as he moved toward her. The lust filling his eyes begin met by hers.

He slide onto the bed, positioning himself between her legs. His face radiated with the heat emanating from her body. His passion and need became over powering. He dived between her thighs, pushing his body to her velvety folds of flesh. His tongue danced around her fingers on her clitoris. The warm comfort of her thighs invited him to press deeper. The sweet taste of her drove him even more.

His tongue slid down the length of her soaked pussy. He let her juices coat his tongue, filling him with the sweetest of passion. He gently pushed away her fingers as his tongue pressed harder and deeper into her. He could feel her body tense and relax with each flick and lick of his tongue. Her moans were rushing forth from her, faster and stronger.

Her moans also drove him on, licking the entire length of her pussy faster and stronger. He pressed his tongue between her lips as hard as he could, pushing deeper into the sweetness that flowed from her. He pushed as hard as he could to taste the source of such a great treat. Her moans came loud and hard as he pressed deeper into her with his tongue.

He could feel the soft walls of her pussy pulsate over his tongue. She seemed to grip and pull him further into her. He desperately wanted to give her all that he could. His tongue wriggled deeper into her. A deep moaned emanated from her lips as his tongue twirled inside of her. As his oral assault continued on her, his fingers began to spread and probe her most sensitive areas.

His fingers replaced hers in the twirling dance of stimulation upon her clitoris. His tongue darting in and out of her as his fingers danced and squeezed her clitoris. Her moans driving him to fuck her harder canlı bahis siteleri with his tongue and swirl faster with his fingers. He could feel her orgasm building deep inside of her.

He suddenly lifted his face away from her, gazing up her body and staring deep in her eyes. He could see the wanton need for her release. He positioned himself between her thighs, pressing his hard cock against the outer lips of her pussy. He rocked his hips to tease and tantalizing her a bit more. He felt her hips lift to meet him. She wanted more, almost needed more.

She rocked herself against him as he impaled her upon his hard cock. He thrust himself into her. A moan escapes both their lips as he rocks deeper into her. He can feel the walls of her pussy being pushed apart by his cock. The pulsating waves of her walls caressed and took hold of him. He lifted her legs to his shoulders as he pushed his cock deeper into her. His hips rocked to withdraw himself from her before thrusting back deeper with each push.

He could feel her pussy pulsate along his cock, rippling with waves of pleasure. With each thrust, his moans and hers intermingled. The sounds filled the air with their pleasure and passion. He drove his cock harder and faster into her with each of her moans. He could feel his body tensing, knowing that his orgasm would be overtaking him soon if he didn’t calm himself.

He focused his mind to hold off his orgasm as long as he could. He wanted her to scream out in pleasure first. It was a race now, a competition. He wanted to win her orgasm before she won his. The intoxication of her moans was pulling his mind away from his wishes. He wanted to lose himself in the passion and explode in the ecstasy.

After a few seconds, his body shuddered as his orgasm shot hard and deep into her. He could feel her body explode in passion as well. Her pussy pulsated harder than before, wave after wave as her orgasm spread through her body. Her body shook with his. His body shuddered one last time as he collapsed next to her.

He cuddled up close to her as they both gently fell back to sleep. His mind totally lost in the post orgasmic experience. He dreamed of nothing at all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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