The New Office Sex Kitten

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She was mesmerizing, absolutely so, and I can say that without the slightest hint of exaggeration. She was my dream woman, but not just mine- oh no, judging by the way she turned heads as she walked, she was busy occupying quite a few others’, too.

Michael’s and Associates isn’t a riveting place on its best day, but on a Monday at 8am it’s at its absolute worst. Almost anything can be categorized as exciting when half the staff is busy clearing out their inbox and slurping down luke warm coffee. We’ll take anything we can get, and we’re not beneath oogling a pretty face. Really, who is? So, when foxy Miss Red pranced in, we were all too eager to sit back and enjoy the show. I’m no pro at reading lips, but it didn’t take long to figure out that my useless, Sea Sponge of a boss was leading Red around and performing obligatory introductions. Who was this mystery creature and why all the pomp and circumstance? I’m left with baited breath and more than my curiosities growing as she’s led quickly past me, her hips swaying side to side with an overt sensuality that’s barely contained by her skintight pencil skirt.

It doesn’t take long before the rumors start swirling around the office. Some say she’s the boss’s latest fling, we all know he has a sweet spot for well-dressed temps, but my more credible sources say that she’s filling the team member spot that’s just been vacated by Michael’s and Associates most recent victim- we told Bob to lay off the Dunkin Doughnuts and Marlboro breaks, but he never listened. It isn’t until after lunch that the office tension becomes so palpable that the head honcho decides to finally make a formal announcement. He clears his throat to get the attention of the pod, as if he needs to direct attention towards them; every eye in the place is settled on the redhead in stilettos. There’s a confidence about her that’s easy to spot. The way she’s perched on those heels, one hip jutting out, her right hand falling perfectly into the curve of her hip- she’s sexy and she knows it. That’s powerful and that’s…delicious. All the men in the pod are drooling over their keyboards, fabricating fantasy after fantasy in their filthy heads. She’s being bent over every desk in the place right now, on her knees in front of every rolling chair…and she loves it. I barely catch the actual introduction, but learn that the rumors are true. She is the newest project manager and my new team mate.

“I’ll let you go make some more intimate introductions with your new coworkers, Annie.” the Sponge offers before clomping back to his office; probably to jerk off like the rest of us are dying to.

At the mention of intimate introduction, I make eye contact with my cube mate, Paul, and he winks. I know what he’s thinking; I’d love to make some intimate introductions with her, alright. Our teenage wet dreams are interrupted by the soft sound of a polite throat clearing. I can tell who it is by the way Paul’s brows raise before I even swivel around. I turn and see Red standing right behind me- she’s even more stunning up close and I use the spare seconds to drink her in. She has long, red curls that fall past her shoulders, her green blouse is buttoned modestly, but it can’t hide the delicious swell of her pert breasts. Her curves canlı bahis şirketaleri are classic; a tiny waist perfectly sets off her rounded hips and thick thighs. I’m dying to see her from behind again, the way her heels perk up her perfect ass has shallow-ed my breathing.

She licks her lips before she speaks, making her dark, red pout glisten, “I’m Annie Morgan, you’re new partner on the Daisy Made Cakes line.” Red sticks out her hand, thin fingers are accented by dangerous claws, her lips crack into a Coke-a-Cola grin as she shakes my hand firmly.

I can’t even stand up to give her a proper hand shake, not without facing a sexual harassment suit. “Nice…I’m uh-I’m Adam,” I stutter, like an idiot, but I can’t manage much else. My thought process is clouded with images of Red straddling my lap, her tight skirt riding up to her waist so that she can get those gorgeous legs on either side of me.

Her grin fades, but judging by the smirk that’s left on her face I can tell that she knows what she’s doing to me and she loves it. Powerful, beautiful, and dangerous- her attributes are growing. “I have a lot of new hire paperwork to take care of, but if you don’t mind staying after a bit, I was hoping that you’d get me up to speed on this client?” She asks as if it’s even a question, I can practically see Paul biting his knuckle behind the half-wall; this isn’t something you say no to.

“Yeah, yeah of course,” the words spill out too quickly, I can’t keep my cool with her. She has my body completely tense; my shoulders are pressed up to my ear lobes.

“You’re a doll,” she purrs before turning on her shining, black stilettos and sauntering away. My eyes immediately land on her tight ass. I notice that I can’t make out any panty lines, and my mind starts to turn over what she has, or doesn’t have, beneath that tight skirt.

The day drags on and I barely get a start on the Daisy Made Cakes advertising campaign. I keep picturing Red in the frilly apron getup that the product mascot is wearing. In my mind, it’s a lot less wholesome than what the design team was going for. I think my idea’s a little more appealing, though. Sex sells, and I’m already dying to taste her cream filling. The office clears out by five o’clock because it’s a Monday and no one wants to be there a second longer than they have to. I’d be flying out the door right behind Paul if it wasn’t for Red.

She keeps me waiting another hour before I finally hear the ticks of her heels down the hallway. My drooping eyes snap open immediately, and I run a hand through my dark hair to settle down the soft waves I’ve been tugging at for the last grueling hour.

She steps into my cubicle and immediately seems to occupy all of the space. Her hips knock against my small desk top, shaking my coffee cup, she leans back and lets out a little moan, “Oh…I’m so sorry. He kept me in there all afternoon. All those damn papers- so exhausting. I’ll be signing my name in my sleep tonight,” she finishes with a haughty laugh that sends a chill up my spine. I watch her lean forward, my eyes sneaking a peek down her shirt as it falls away from her body. I can just barely see the black lace lining the top of her bra; my palms are starting to sweat and I feel a twitch canlı kaçak iddaa in my cock. Her hand finds my thigh and she gives me a firm pat, “So, what have you been slaving away at all afternoon? Let me jump into this, too. I’m here to help you, Adam. Use me.”

Use me…Her last words hang in the air between us, building up the tension that’s already palpable on my end. She has to know, she has to be fucking with me. My eyes follow her hand up as it brushes away a stray curl that’s fallen between her breasts. Her fingertips linger too long at her neck; absentmindedly, they trace the line of her collarbone and down to skim the top button of her blouse. God, I want to kiss the path she’s drawing me. I’m dying to rip open her shirt and kiss the tops of her breasts where I saw the lace skimming her soft skin.

“Adam? Are you listening to me?” Hearing my name snaps be back to reality and I realize that I’ve been sitting here, entranced, and she’s been waiting for my briefing on the project.

“Yeah, yeah…Sorry. Really tired,” I have to literally shake my head to clear out the filth. I motion to my computer screen where an unfinished, rough, campaign is laid out, “This is all I’ve got so far. It’s proving…difficult.”

“Let me see,” She scoots off the edge of my desk and comes to stand behind me. With her hands braced on her thighs she leans down and hovers over my shoulder; I can feel her breasts nudge lightly against my shoulder blade. “Oh, it’s going to be a long night. We have lots to do before the AM meeting.”

The night is long, and frustrating. Red and I work side by side for hours and the innocent touches and accidental brushings of skin on skin keep happening. She loves it. It’s a game of cat and mouse for her, and the sex kitten has the upper hand. From over my shoulder, I watch her walk back from getting us round three of shitty, lounge coffee, waving goodbye to the night janitor as the elevator doors slide closed with a ding. Red hands me a cup before she makes herself comfortable on the edge of my desk, crossing one perfectly smooth calve over top the other.

“I’m exhausted. Let’s do some quick edits and call it a night?” I ask, because I can’t take it anymore. I’ve had a hardon for what feels like the past ten hours and I need to go home and let the fantasies play out; I need relief.

She looks at me with a smirk, her eyes close slightly and I wonder if it’s out of need for sleep or something darker, and carnal. “I don’t think I’m ready to call it a night, Adam,” she’s up and crossing what little distance is between us, “I know what you’ve been thinking…I want it, too.” I can’t comprehend the words coming out of her beautiful mouth. For a split second I wonder if it’s the exhaustion playing tricks on me, but then I feel her hand brush against my cock and I let out a gasp; It’s real.

“Do you want me, Adam?” She purrs, her head is leaned down so close to mine that I can feel the warm kiss of her breath against my neck and ear. It sends shivers up my arms and my cock instantly hardens.

“Yes,” I get out. It’s loud and almost strangled as I try to make sense of the situation unfolding in front of me. I desperately want to get my hands on her, but I’m afraid that if I touch her- the fantasy canlı kaçak bahis will unravel before me.

Red drops down to her knees in front of me, her hands run up my thighs and they tense. “Relax, baby,” she purrs as her fingers search out my belt buckle and undo it with an efficient flick of her wrist, “sit back and let me take care of you.”

She doesn’t break eye contact as she unbuttons my dress slacks and slides down the zipper, but I have to close my eyes when her hands slip into my boxes and I feel her warmth close around my cock. I let out a moan and my head falls back. “I can’t wait to wrap my lips around you,” I don’t need to open my eyes to see the smile that’s plastered on her face.

Her hand leaves me cock and I open my eyes to see her lick her palm before she wraps it around me again. She tightens her grip and starts to run her hand up and down the length of my rigid cock. I grip the arm rests of my desk chair, my hips thrusting up into her hand as she speeds up her pace. I’m dying to feel the wetness of her warm mouth and I let out a few strangled pleas, “Please…please.”

She lets out a small moan and stops her motions. I watch, my mouth hanging open, my eyes half closed with lust, as she rubs the head of my cock across her pouty lips. She opens her mouth and flicks her tongue across the head of my cock, licking off the drips of precum leaking out. I mash my lips together to keep in the loud groan that’s trying to escape, but I can’t steady my hips; I’m bucking up into her hand- trying to push myself into her mouth. She lets out a moan of her own, relishing in the control she has over me, but she decides to reward me for my efforts. Her shining lips part and she slowly leans down to close them over the head of my cock. Her hand grips tighter and she flicks her tongue back and forth over my aching head.

“Oh, god, Annie…” I groan, my hands lock onto the sides of the chair to keep myself from ramming her head down on my cock.

She starts to move her hand again, twisting and corkscrewing up and down, as she licks greedily at the sensitive, swollen head of my cock. I’m lost in the sensation for awhile, until her loud moans pull me out and force my eyes open. I look down at the red headed goddess between my legs and I realize that her left hand has snaked down between her legs, and her skirt is hiked up to her waist. I catch a glimpse of her hand inside her black, lace panties and I lose it. My hand finds the back of her head and I grab onto her red curls and pull her mouth down onto my cock. I’m rewarded with a loud moan that I can feel vibrate down the length of my cock. I keep her head still, thrusting my hips hard up into her mouth, finally using her like I’ve been dying to all night. I can’t last much longer like this. My body tenses, my legs go stiff, and the overwhelming build up hits me hard. I knot my fingers into her hair and cum hard, jamming my dick into her mouth and holding her still while I unload ropes of cum into her delicious mouth.

It takes some time before I finally ease up my grip and let her pull her head back. I feel her suck deeply as she lifts her head up, swallowing my cum and licking up the length of my cock. She sits back on her heels and licks her lips with a smile; they’re glistening with a mix of saliva and cum and it’s possibly the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.

“Perks of working late, huh?” My sex kitten purrs before she slinks her way up into my lap and I realize it’s going to be a very long night at the office.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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