The Mystery of “K”

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Good things always seem to come when you least expect them. Last week was one of those times. I had been burning the proverbial midnight oil a lot lately, spending way too much time working into the late hours of the evening, and far too little time relaxing and enjoying life. My social life had pretty much been put on hold in exchange for what I had convinced myself was a career advancing strategy of burying myself in my work.

I was sitting in my office Thursday morning, frantically typing away on a PowerPoint presentation that I had to present to the Board of Directors right after lunch, when Susan came strolling in my office with a smile on her face and waving two tickets in her right hand.

Susan and I had been great friends for about ten years. We both started working at the firm on the same day and from that very first day we seemed to have a special bond. It was a purely platonic bond, but a bond nonetheless. Although she was extremely attractive, with her long curly auburn hair and the brightest green eyes I have ever seen, neither of us ever attempted to jeopardize our friendship by crossing the line between friends and lovers.

“I have an extra ticket to the Kenny Chesney concert tonight,” Susan proclaimed, as she waltzed right past my secretary and into my office.

“Brenda was supposed to go with me but some asshole sent her out of town on short notice,” she squinted slightly in one of those, “if looks could kill” type of stares.

The asshole Susan was referring to was me, and she obviously knew that. Brenda was an auditor who worked for me and I had asked her to fly to California on short notice to cover an account in the Bay Area that needed some consulting. She hadn’t mentioned a conflict when I asked her to take the assignment, but then again, not too many people say no when their boss asks them to do something.

“Oops,” I said. “I guess that would make me the chief asshole. Sorry about that.”

“I’ll forgive you if you go to the concert with me,” Susan continued. “If you don’t go, I might have to hurt you though,” she warned, as she put both hands on the edge of my desk and gave me her best Dirty Harry, “Do you feel lucky” kind of look.

My presentation to the Board was right after lunch and I really didn’t have anything else pressing for the rest of the afternoon. I had a ton of work that still needed to get done before Monday, but I could always do it at home over the weekend if I had too. It had been a long time since I had been to a concert, and it actually sounded kind of fun after a long hard week at the office.

“Sounds like if I want to keep our friendship in tact and my balls attached to the rest of my body, the only answer to such a generous proposition would be yes,” I replied, with a raised eyebrow and a devilish grin. “What time is the concert?”

“Well,” Susan replied, “The concert actually starts at seven, but the gates open at two for tailgating. The tailgating can be as fun as the concert, so I was hoping to try to get there by maybe three or four o’clock. Any chance of that?”

“I’ll swing by your office after my presentation to the big shots and we can leave then,” I answered. “It might be three o’clock or so but I don’t think it will be any later.”

As expected, the presentation and board meeting wrapped up about 2:30 and I stopped by Susan’s office as we had planned. Given the fact that I was dressed for a board meeting and not a concert, we decided to swing by my place to change clothes and leave Susan’s car for the evening. Susan was planning to change clothes before she left the office, but since we needed to stop by my place anyway, I suggested she just wait and change there, in the comfort of a bedroom rather than a cramped office bathroom.

When we arrived at my house, Susan grabbed a bag from her car and we headed up to the bedroom to change.

“You can have the bathroom,” I told Susan, pointing in the direction of the master bathroom. “I’ll change here in the bedroom.”

“You’re so damn modest Brian,” Susan frowned and shook her head from side to side. “You’re always kissing and telling about your conquests of the women in your life, so I’m pretty sure you’ve seen a naked female or two in your day. God knows I’ve seen enough naked men that I’m not bashful about seeing another one.”

Susan and I had shared dozens of stories over the years about the good, the bad, and the ugly of each of our respective love lives. Maybe “lust lives” would be more appropriate given the fact that neither of us had been involved in any serious relationships in the past couple of years, although we both did our fair share of dating. Susan often joked about the “Woman of the month club” when referring to my current fling, whomever it happened to be that month.

Before I could even respond to Susan’s comment, she had already unbuttoned the top three buttons on her white silk blouse, exposing a beautifully tanned set of perfect breasts held perfectly in place by a white lace bra. I resisted the temptation to stare at my sexy friend güvenilir bahis and proceeded to strip to my boxers, sneaking a quick peak every few seconds as Susan continued to disrobe just a few feet away from me.

Down to just her lacy bra and a matching pair of white bikini panties, my eyes could no longer resist the temptation as I fell into a much lengthier gaze. Susan had been a long time friend and I had always thought of her as being attractive, but seeing her now standing in front of me nearly naked, I realized for the first time just how sexy she really was.

I must have been somewhat mesmerized as I stood there staring at Susan, not thinking clear enough to quickly look away when she turned around and caught me gawking.

“Victoria’s Secret,” Susan stated, flipping her hand palm up into the air and posing like a fashion model at the end of the runway. “Do you like?”

I saw Susan’s eyes drop to my boxers where she got her answer even before I spoke.

“What’s not to like?” I stammered, no doubt blushing at the thought that Susan had already seen the tent formed in my boxers resulting from the full staff erection desperately attempting to get released from its silky confinement.

“Get that thing under control you big perv,” Susan laughed, as she grabbed and squeezed my now fully erect cock through the fabric of my boxers.

Susan caught me completely off guard when she reached out and grabbed me, and just as quickly she let go and returned to getting dressed. Despite the fact that we were both half naked, the fact that I had a hard on the size of Texas, and the fact that Susan had just playfully grabbed my throbbing cock, it all seemed more like a playful tease between two friends than a sexually tense moment.

Susan proceeded to get dressed for the concert. It was mid June and the temperature was forecast to be in the low 90’s for the afternoon and evening. The concert was at a local amphitheater so it was going to be hot. The short (and I do mean SHORT) denim skirt that Susan had planned for the event and the spaghetti strapped top that left about three inches of her belly exposed was both incredibly sexy and extremely practical given the temperature. The matching cowboy hat and high healed cowboy boots completed the outfit.

I had never been to a Kenny Chesney concert before, but if this is what the young ladies were going to be wearing, it might be midnight before the stiffening in my shorts would return to normal. I decided a loose fitting pair of baggy shorts might be best for me, something to hide the evidence of my obvious state of arousal.

“Come on big fella,” Susan giggled, as she grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the door once we were both dressed. “It’s time to go party!”

We grabbed a blanket to sit on during the concert since we had lawn seats, a couple of lawn chairs for the tailgate party, and most importantly, a cooler and a couple of cases of Coors Light. You can never have too much beer for a tailgate party, now can you!

We arrived at the parking lot at about 3:30. I couldn’t believe the crowd that had already assembled. I knew Kenny Chesney was popular, and I had heard that he put on a great concert, but this was incredible. Thousands of people were at the concert a good four hours before the show even started, drinking and partying to the sounds of “Summertime”, and “Beer in Mexico”.

Like all good tailgaters, we popped open the hatch of my SUV, put our lawn chairs down, and opened the first of many cold beers. We had brought a couple of Kenny Chesney CD’s thinking we might play them while we were drinking and relaxing, but there was no need for that as the tunes already filled the air from our partying neighbors.

We had just sat down with the first beer when a car pulled into the parking spot beside us. When the passenger door opened, the blaring sound of “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy” blasted from the stereo as one of the female occupants stepped out singing the chorus at the top of her lungs.

“Damn it Karen,” the singing blonde poked her head back into the car. “I told you we should have brought some beer.”

Two other young ladies stepped out of the car and shut the doors behind them.

The three young ladies all appeared to be in their mid to late twenties and all appeared to have shopped at the same store as Susan. All three were dressed in short skirts, halter tops that covered only the essential parts of the female anatomy, cowboy hats and boots.

The driver of the car was a petite brunet. She couldn’t have been more that five feet tall, but she had a killer body packed into that tiny cowgirl outfit. The singing blonde who made the first escape from the car was pretty tall, maybe five eight or so with an average figure. Not overweight, but not toned like she was a fitness freak either. Behind door number three was every young man’s dream, a blonde, blue eyed angel that looked like she had just returned from a Playboy shoot.

“You girls are welcome to join us if you want,” Susan shouted toward the türkçe bahis girls. “We’ve got plenty of beer and a blanket if you don’t mind sitting on the ground.”

Now if I had been the one to make that suggestion, Susan would have accused me of being a pig, but the fact that she was the one to suggest it, who was I to complain?

It took the girls all of about two seconds to grab a beer and start to introduce themselves.

“Hi, I’m Karen,” stated the petite brunet who had piloted the three to the concert, as she raised the dripping bottle of Coors Light into the air in a ceremonial toast.

“And I’m Kristen,” followed the blonde singer who had tipped us off that the ladies didn’t come properly prepared for a tailgate party.

“And I’m Kelly,” stated Miss April, I mean the third of the three ladies.

Susan and I introduced ourselves and we all raised our bottles in a toast. “Here’s to good music, great concerts, and all the beer you can drink,” we laughed, as the bottles clanked together.

Four lovely young ladies and me; talk about luck! I was glad I had decided on the loose fitting shorts. Had I not made that extremely forward thinking decision, I would no doubt be a little embarrassed about right now when the girls noticed my uncontrollable state of arousal. Despite the alcohol flowing freely in my veins, the beer did nothing to suppress the growing stiffness in my shorts.

For the next three hours, the five of us drank, danced, chatted, and listened to the music coming from all corners of the parking lot as we partied and prepared for the concert. By the time 6:30 arrived and it was time to go stake out a piece of turf on the lawn to watch the concert, we were pretty well buzzed.

The crowd was unbelievable. I heard someone say the concert had sold out during the first fifteen minutes the tickets went on sale. I believe it. I have never seen so many people packed into one place in my life.

The lawn was wall to wall people. It was mostly a twenties and thirties crowd, but there were also a lot of younger and older fans in attendance. We finally found a spot big enough for the five of us to toss a blanket on the ground, but from the size of the crowd, I was guessing we were going to be standing the entire concert and the blanket was just something to get trampled on.

When the band started up, the crowd went crazy. One of my new friends, I’m not sure which one, let out an ear curling scream as Kenny stepped onto the stage. As the music started, the crowd was all standing and began to sway to the music. It was so packed you couldn’t move without bumping into the person beside you or in front of you.

Susan and I were standing side by side and Karen, Kristen, and Kelly were right in front of us. Kelly stood right in front of me and I kept bumping into her as we moved with the crowd. She didn’t seem to mind the unintentional contact my groin was making with her firm ass as we swayed to the music. It may not have bothered her, but it certainly got me quickly back to a state of stiffened excitement. I don’t think there is any way she could not have realized my dick was rock hard as it brushed against her repeatedly.

Several times during the first hour of the concert, one of the girls in front of us would turn around, hands in the air swaying to the music, and yell something neither Susan nor I could hear over top of the loud music. One time it was Kelly, the next time it was Karen, and so on, and each time they would turn around the close proximity forced them to bump their tits right into my chest. None of them seemed to mind the close physical contact, and I certainly did not attempt to pull away, in fact, I was hoping they didn’t notice me leaning in just a little to make sure we made contact.

It was an extremely hot night, so half way through the concert, the band decided to take an unplanned intermission break. Given the fact that each of us had consumed several beers before and during the concert, we decided it would be a great time to hit the restroom. Unfortunately, twenty thousand other people had the same idea.

It was like a herd of cattle slowly pushing toward the restrooms. If someone would have fallen down, they would have been suffocated beneath the crowd, but it was nearly impossible to fall down when you were pressed body to body with people on all sides. Lucky for me, I had a nice firm ass in front of me to nuzzle against, and a firm set of tits pressing me from behind.

As always, the line to the men’s room was a about a hundred people deep but the line to the women’s room was about a thousand deep.

“There’s no freaking way I’m standing in that line,” Susan proclaimed, as we worked our way in the general direction of the restrooms. “I’m using the men’s restroom. Are you girls with me,” Susan challenged, as she turned to our three new friends.

This was a side of Susan I had never seen. She always seemed so prim, proper, and professional at the office. I was shocked to hear her so nonchalantly suggest they jump in line with a güvenilir bahis siteleri hundred drunken guys and willingly walk into what could be a dangerous, or at least embarrassing, situation.

The girls weren’t satisfied with just getting in line; they also felt the need to push their way right to the front.

“Move over boys, we’ve got to pee,” proclaimed Kristen, as they nudged their way to the front of the line, being “felt” and groped by numerous guys along they way.

When they got to the very front of the line, two guys stood in front of them blocking their entrance into the restroom.

“Sorry ladies,” remarked one of the tough acting guys that looked like he probably arrived at the concert on a Harley. “If you want to pee, we get to see?”

I saw Karen look at Susan with a “what is he talking about” look.

Susan quickly raised her shirt and flashed the two gents her perfect 36C tits and then turned around and flashed the rest of the guys in line.

“That’s what he’s talking about Darlin,” Susan replied, as she pushed her way between the two gents and made her way to an open stall, leaving behind the cat calls resulting from her sexy display.

“I’m game,” stated Kelly, as she followed Susan’s lead.

All four girls made it safely in and out of the restroom. The bathroom stalls had doors on them, but based on how uninhibited the ladies were about entering the men’s room, I’m guessing they would have stayed and completed their business, even if there had been no doors.

With our business concluded, we headed back to our tiny piece of real estate on the lawn and prepared for the second half of the show. The second half was much like the first, only this time, Susan and I were in front and the other three girls were behind us.

It seemed like at least one of the girls was leaning against me the entire second half of the concert. It wasn’t always the same one, but I was almost in constant contact with some body part of at least one of the ladies. Needless to say, between the heat, the visual stimulation of being surrounded by scantly clad sexy ladies, and the constant feel of tits, thighs, or asses pushing against me, my cock was in a very confused state and couldn’t decide if it wanted to stay hard, or just semi-hard.

There were times when I swear it felt like a hand squeezing my ass and not just an unintentional brush of a different body part, but I quickly wrote that off as wishful thinking versus playful, flirtatious gestures from my new friends.

The concert ended about eleven o’clock, but it was another hour and a half before the parking lot began to clear enough for us to leave. During the long wait for the parking to clear, we sat and chatted with our new acquaintances and continued our friendly and sometimes teasing conversation. By the time we left the parking lot and headed toward my place, I was in desperate need of relieving my balls of the tension that had been building all evening long.

It was after one o’clock when we finally made it back to my place so I suggested to Susan that she might as well crash there for the night. It didn’t take much convincing to talk her into it.

Despite my insistence that I would sleep on the sofa and let Susan have the bed, she refused to take me up on the offer. As Susan grabbed some spare sheets and pillows to prepare the sofa, I headed for a quick shower to rinse off the sweat and smell of a long, hot night.

As I was emptying the pockets of my shorts before stepping out of them and into the shower, I found a piece of paper folded and slipped into my right hip pocket. I didn’t remember putting anything into my pocket, and was quite surprised when I unfolded the paper and read its contents.

“If you’d like to have a private concert and do some more intimate bumping and grinding, drop me an email at:”

The note was simply signed, “K”.

Damn. Was it Karen? Was it Kristen? Was it Kelly? My cock once again sprang into action as the thoughts fired rapidly through my mind. All three ladies were attractive. Some were certainly hotter in a sexy way than others, but I would be up for a little one on one action with any of them. If I had to rank them in terms of preference, I would have to say that my first choice would be Kelly, followed by Karen and then Kristen.

As I finished stripping, my cock stood at full attention as I couldn’t quit thinking about the possibilities of a one on one rendezvous. Thoughts of me playing with that centerfold body of Kelly’s, or tormenting the hell out of Karen’s petite but firm tits with my hands and my tongue, or taking Kristen forcefully from behind, mingled together in my mind and resulted in an intensified rush of blood to my already straining cock.

By the time the clear glass shower door closed and the water temperature of the shower reached my comfort level, I already had my hand firmly wrapped around my cock and was stroking diligently toward what I knew would be a quick but powerful explosion. My balls had been rocketed into and out of arousal mode so many times during the evening I was certain they would be primed and ready to finish the job that had been started multiple times, each episode stopping short of its biologically programmed mission.

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