The Mistress Ch. 05

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A lot of cum came out of Emman and he’s still not satisfied. He wanted to fuck me. I didn’t allow him. When earlier I was not ready to give myself to him because he’s still married, this time I really made up my mind to not push thru with our relationship. I was still hung up with his really big and round face, his false teeth, and now I had one more thing to add to his flaws…his tiny penis. After all those years of not having a dick inside me, this was all I’d get? But of course, he need not know about it. He’s going to be insulted big time. I just told him:

“Emman, I am not ready to be your mistress all along. I don’t want to be a mistress. I don’t want to be a home wrecker. I am not that worthy for you to ruin your family. I am not going to be able to match your 21 years with Lorna. Please don’t let us allow ourselves to have a mortal sin.”

But what happened next was something I was not able to prepare myself for. He went down on his knees, took off his wedding ring and handed it to me while saying, “I don’t love her, Joy. I never loved her. She is so hard to love. She embezzled in the Philippines and I got involved. I had a hard life because of her. She’s so demanding and wanted to live in luxury, beyond what I could afford. She’s just a rebound. I broke up with her when we were just going out because I could feel that I would never be happy with her. She just didn’t stop coming to our place and made herself endeared to my family. You knew we had a forced marriage.

Ever since I met you, Joy, I knew you were the one for me. I’ve proven that to you by accepting you back when you left me the first time, and I tried to go back to you two times before. I’m more in love with you now. If Lorna and I had 21 years, I loved you longer than that. You’re always in my mind and in my heart. You never disappeared. You’re an intrinsic part of me. You’re the one who really became a part of me. You’re the one I longed for all my life. I was just suffering in silence. Fate brought us together in this country, a continent away from the Philippines, because it’s time for us to be together. It’s time for us to start our happily ever after. I promise you, I’m going to separate from Lorna so we’d not commit a mortal sin. From now on, we’d be exclusive. It’s not our fault to fall in love with each other again.”

While he’s saying all these, the photo of his kids that he sent to me in 2008 just flashed back in front of me. I knew my conscience was bothering illegal bahis me.

“How did Lorna give birth, Emman? I delivered my girls vaginally. I’m roomy down there already.”

“Thru C-section. Joy, that’s not important. Please.”

I got so insecure.

Emman was crying and begging. It melted my heart. That’s when I realized my effect on him, how deeply he loved me from the very beginning. He handed me his wedding ring to be thrown away. I didn’t take it. I didn’t even want to touch it. I begged him to put it back on. I told him it would not matter to me even if he wore it while we’re together. Even though he’s saying that he never loved Lorna, they got married in church, in the presence of the Lord. Whatever happened between the two of them all those years, good or bad, was not worth throwing away. But he still threw away his wedding ring.

No matter how my mind kept on saying, – “Bullshit. He’s just fooling you, Joy, to have you. Don’t get carried away. He married Lorna because he loved her and they had 21 years. They also have 3 kids. Lorna accepts him the way he is with all of his imperfections, his very big and round face, his false teeth, his pacifier like penis.” – I felt the suffering he had been taking while longing for me, for my love. I felt his deep love for me. I left him twice, I refused him twice, and we had 3 years of flirting to be together this very night. Too much emotion had been invested already.

My mind and my heart kept arguing. My mind was saying, “It’s wrong, so wrong…” My heart was saying, “The time has come. You both have waited for so long…”

I wished I was born with strong convictions…I hoped I refused him…I should have just met him in the lobby…I hoped my mind was stronger than my heart…I hoped I broke up with him…I wished I said my final goodbye…but then…

I trusted him. I gave in. All of his imperfections were thrown out the window…

He brought me to bed and started kissing…my eyes were closed the entire time feeling each moment…he was licking my face…my neck…my ears…my armpits…he was squeezing my boobs and circling my nipples with his tongue…he was sucking my nipples gently…all this time I was masturbating him…he started licking me downwards to my stomach…he parted my thighs and started licking my entire pubic area…he was licking me downwards on my thighs…my knees…my legs…my feet…biting each of my toes…he asked me to lie on my illegal bahis siteleri stomach…he squeezed both of my butt cheeks…he was licking my back…my nape…both of my ears…ooohhh I loved it so much…I’ve never had this kind of foreplay…he asked me to lie on my back again…he was kissing my lips while caressing my face…my hair…he was squeezing and sucking my boobs… all this time I was masturbating him again…he was licking me down on my stomach again…then he started eating my pussy…and he stayed there for a long while…he loved sucking my juice…slurping it loudly…he started finger fucking me with his finger…then two fingers…then three fingers…he’s sucking his fingers once in a while…making me suck and bite them as well…I loved the way he’s sucking my pussy…I was holding his head while fucking his face…grinding his face…my feet were all over the place…my left foot tried to reach his penis and his balls to massage them gently…my feet were hanging in the air just so his tongue could go to the innermost recesses of my pussy…I climaxed…ooohhh…it was so exhilarating…

He positioned himself in between my legs to penetrate me …

“Please do it slowly and gently, Emman. I’m still a virgin.”

We both laughed.

Just as I expected, his tiny penis didn’t even get stiff despite hours of foreplay…

The moment his penis got inside my opening and while he was fucking me, I could tell that he desired me all his life because of the words that were coming out of his mouth each pump…

“I still can’t believe…I still can’t believe…”

I could not feel anything…but with the kind of foreplay that he did to me, it more than made up for his shortcoming…I suddenly noticed his well-built chest and arms…I got horny again and started biting and pinching them…he was embracing me tight and kissing me hard on my lips…he was licking my neck…he was sucking my breasts gently… and then his pumping was getting faster…he was biting my fingers…his eyes started to dilate while blurting a big …aaahhh…and then buried his face on my shoulder…he cummed so quick…in 2 minutes…loads of cum still came out of him even though it’s his second coming already…my vaginal muscles squeezed it some more…

When he was done catching his breath, we started kissing, caressing, and cuddling again. He promised that we’d be exclusive. I didn’t allow him. I told him to treat his canlı bahis siteleri family as if I wasn’t in his life to keep the peace. It was okay for me to be his FUBU (fuck buddy). He didn’t want to. He wanted to be serious. He wanted to be exclusive with me so it would not be unfair to me as I was exclusive with him. He didn’t even want me to say “mistress” as I was his “wife in spirit.”

He got up and showed me the “Happily Ever After Book” that he brought for me.

“One day, Joy, the story of our pure and undying love would make its way on this book.”

He then told me what happened to him when I refused him the first time he asked me to have an affair with him.

“I still kept all your love letters. I couldn’t throw them away. When you refused me, I was beside myself and started digging in our backyard. I buried them all there. I got so jealous of that professional basketball player that I heard courted you. I started wearing the same jersey no. that he’s wearing in all the games that I played just to have a connection with you.”

He then narrated how his sex life with Lorna was. Once a week was the most frequent. Because of her diabetes, she has no desire for sex. When they make love, it’s the quickest because Lorna cums fast and he pre-ejaculates. Lorna’s not wet anymore, and because of the medicines that she’s been taking, her pussy exudes some kind of odor.

It’s time for him to go home. He didn’t want to. He could not stop himself from licking my whole body. He’s crazy with my smooth, silky soft, and light complexion. He could not get enough of it.

“Joy, imagine what I missed for 25 years…I didn’t know your skin is so perfect…Lorna has dark inner recesses…like Serena William’s.”

He told me that he’d be back at 5 pm the next day.

I could tell he was too exhausted when he got out of my room.

I was so spent as well. I could not even get up because of the back to back sex. We did it 2 x in 5 hours. Even though I was so tired, I could not sleep…I was caressing my lips while thinking about his kisses…I was caressing my whole body…while thinking about his caresses…

I suddenly remembered the voice that I heard the first time I met Emman…someday, you’ll be his mistress…

I was officially a mistress.

I am a CPA in the Philippines, I became a Flight Attendant, I am also a CPA here in Canada, only to end up being a mistress to a man I left twice, to a man I refused twice, to a man that I disliked because of the shape of his face and his false teeth, and now because of his tiny penis.

But I truly and deeply fell for Emman because he risked his family just for me.

I fell asleep thinking about our first night…

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