The Maid

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Cum Covered

I sat in the office of my house. I leaned back in my leather chair, hearing it squeak slightly as it pivoted and my eyes flicked between the two seventeen inch monitors on my wall length desk. I was a freelance game developer and after having a surprising success with m first attempt, now did it full time. I had made more than enough money of the first game to either retire or hire employees and have an actual company. All I did with the money though, was buy a nice house, build a fancy office in one of the rooms and fill the office with the latest computer technology available. I had been working on the game for a little over a year; still receiving royalty checks from the last one and watching my seven-digit bank account continue to grow. I was wearing a pair of jeans and a button down shirt that had somehow never gotten buttoned or tucked in when I put it on. The house that I had bought overlooked one of the lakes in Western North Carolina and was large enough for a family of four to be quite comfortable. I, however, was just a family of one.

I shifted my glasses on my nose and continued to stare at the code on one of the screens trying to find the bug that I knew was right in front of me somewhere. I heard the front door to the house open and close and glanced at my watch. It was a little after eleven and the maid had arrived at the same time she always did. I had found a small company that offered house cleaning services which I had promptly hired, I’m sure that she did not consider herself to be a maid, but I liked the thought of having a servant even if I really did not have one. A few minutes later I heard a vacuum cleaner start up and I removed my glasses and tossed them onto the desktop. I had been staring at those screens for over fifteen hours and my eyes were beginning to feel tired. I closed them and leaned farther back into the chair as the vacuum cleaner was turned off.

I got up and decided to go visit the maid for a while. Even though I liked the idea of pretended that she was a servant of some kind, I knew that she was not. In the six months she had been working for me, we had developed a quite a friendly relationship that led to many sleepless nights for me as I wondered about possibilities. She was far more outgoing and personable than I was, however, being in my own house tended to give me courage. We had gotten into several word games in which I managed to hold my own with her fairly well.

Her name was Raylene Denton. She was about five foot four with thick, long auburn hair. She was built rather big for a lady, her shoulders as broad as mine, however that was the kind of woman that I found attractive anyway. She weighed about one hundred forty I would guess, though I could have been wrong. Her breasts were as large as her shoulders were broad, which made for an excellent combination. She was far brighter than most of the people in the area and many times beat me in the word play.

I walked out into the living room as she was dusting one of the bookcases. I leaned against the side of the couch admiring the view as she bent over to get the lower shelves. She wore a pair of black jeans that while not tight fitting highlighted her curves very well. Above the jeans she wore a white button down blouse that was tucked into the pants. A pair of white Nikes matched her blouse and covered her feet. Her hair was pulled back in a lazy ponytail held in place by a long strip of white fabric that looked like silk. Without getting up she looked over at me, her ponytail brushing against the floor, her face upside down as she stared at me. I had no doubt that she knew I was looking at her ass and she did not mind; sometimes I even thought that she encouraged such behavior from me.

“Enjoying the view?” she asked me quizzically as she ever so slowly stood back up and turned around holding her feather duster between her breasts in what she undoubtedly knew to be a provocative fashion.

“Very much so, thanks.” I told her returning the smile suddenly feeling awake again.

“Well, I see your dressed in your best again.” She said with a laugh as her eyes quickly took in my clothing, noticing again the unbuttoned shirt that she seemed to notice every time.

“Hey, only the best for you.” I told her in challenge.

“Sometimes I wonder.” She said with a devastating smile, letting her eyes linger just below the button on my jeans. I pushed my hands into the front pockets of my jeans making the area more camouflaged. Many different thoughts jumped into my head for witty comments but I just could not seem to settle on a good one to use. She seemed to notice my state and laughed as she lowered the feather duster and then stabbed it forward like it were a sword. “Tag your it.” She said still laughing. I shook my head and smiled acknowledging her victory. Sometimes it shocked me how playful she seemed and how easily I could talk to her.

“Coke?” I offered as I turned around and went towards the kitchen to get one for myself.

“Sure.” She said from the living room illegal bahis and I could tell by her voice that she had gone back to her cleaning. I grabbed two cokes from the fridge and returned to the living room. Her back was to me as she worked on cleaning one of the windows, the window wasn’t actually dirty, although the shelves had not been dusty either.

She stood up slowly, sensing that I was behind her. “Do I want to know what you are doing?” she asked me quizzically and then slowly turned around. Her breasts were pressing against the material of her blouse and up close like that I had a pleasant view down the front of her blouse, as the top two buttons were loose. She was wearing a light pink lacy bra, although I could only see just the top fringe of it, the swell of her breasts disappearing within its lacy embrace. The view was almost more than I could handle, yet it left me desperate for more. I know she could tell that I was admiring her, however, out of the corner of my eye, I saw her just smiling at me enjoying the attention.

“Oh, I was just wondering.” I told her breaking the moment and handing her one of the cans.

“Yes?” she asked popping the top of it.

“Just thought that if that coke were to happen to spill onto that shirt of yours you might have to take it off to wash it.” I told her trying to sound nonchalant.

“Perhaps, then again maybe I like sticky liquid all over me.” She shot right back her smile was broad as she took a sip of the coke. I laughed knowing that she had beaten me again.

“Besides, if you did that then you’d need to buy me a new one.” She said to me, sitting her coke down and glancing around the room at her handiwork.

“Hmm, now there’s a thought.” I said more to myself than to her, making a mental note to go visit the bank later just in case. She glanced over at me quizzically at first, then seemed to guess at what my mind had come up with and smiled invitingly. We both sat down and drank our cokes; the conversation became far less sexual, though there were occasional comments here and there. It turned out that Raylene actually owned the cleaning company, which for some reason I had never figured out even though she was the one who had interviewed me when I had called about them. I had known for quite some time that Raylene had made a fair amount of money somewhere else before starting her business but was not sure what she had done, though I was beginning to have a couple of guesses. The conversation was mostly about daily life, though at one point, Raylene asked me if it were possible for her to invest in my “game thing” as she called it. Without thinking about it I told her sure, deciding that I would give her more than her fair share of the royalties just because she was so much fun. She finished her coke and got up to leave. I watched her walk to the door and then she paused and looked back at me as she held the door open. She smiled and with a wink she wiggled her ass back and forth in a taunting fashion.

“Maybe someday.” She said and slapped her ass lightly with one hand then left. I could not even begin to think of anything to say and just sat there laughing to myself as she drove away. I leaned back on the couch thinking about Raylene’s ass and tits and promptly fell into a happy dream.

A few hours later I was awoke by the sound of the doorbell. I opened my eyes and looked around momentarily confused then got up to go to the door. I very rarely had visitors so I was somewhat curious. As I opened the door, I found a delivery guy standing there with a clipboard in one hand and a thick envelope in the other.

“Mr. Miles?” he asked glancing at the name on the board.

“Yeah.” I responded.

“Sign here, please.” He handed me the clipboard and I scrawled my signature on the line. He glanced at it probably seeing someone’s signature that really did resemble chicken scratch for the first time. “Have a good day.” He told me as he handed me the envelope.

I closed the door and went back to the couch; the envelope was surprisingly heavy in my hand. I opened it and was shocked to find a thick stack of money all neatly bundled inside. I glanced at the bundles and counted them in my head, seeing that I was holding ten thousand dollars. I wondered why, and then I noticed the letter inside. I unfolded it and immediately knew why. The letter had the letterhead of Raylene’s company and her neat handwriting told me that this was her investment money, she knew that it wasn’t very much but all her other money was in other investments.

“Hmm.” I said to myself deciding that I should probably run it down to the bank, and then remembered that I had planned to go to the bank anyway. With a smile I got up and put the money in a drawer in my office then went to bed.

I awoke sometime in the middle of the night feeling quite refreshed. I got up and realized that I was still dressed, probably not a good idea. I wandered into the bathroom and after a quick shower threw on a fresh pair of jeans and a flannel button illegal bahis siteleri down shirt that I saw no point in actually buttoning. I wandered into my office and found the computer screens exactly as I had left them. After glancing at them, I decided to go get a coke before continuing my quest for the ever-elusive bug.

I had gotten so focused on what I was doing that I had not noticed the passage of time or the rising of the sun until I heard the front door open and close. Raylene? I thought to myself and with the thought instantly remembered the pile of money that she had sent to me. I opened the drawer and grabbed a handful of twenties, which I shoved into my pocket before wandering out towards the living room.

I found her bent over as she picked up my coke can that I had left on the coffee table the day before. She was wearing a pair of dark blue jeans with a black button down blouse. The blouse had long sleeves the she had rolled up slightly. I paused for a moment gazing hungrily at her ass as she stuck it up in the air and then noticed it wiggle. My eyes shifted slightly and I saw that she was once again looking at me from her upside down vantage.

“Do you live in the gutter?” she asked me with a grin.

“Pretty much, yeah.” I told her then pointed towards the dark shirt, “Guess coke wouldn’t be so noticeable on that, eh?”

“Pretty much, yeah.” She said with a laugh mocking my previous answer.

“That is a nice shirt, though.” I told her, trying to back her into a corner but I knew that she was already ahead of me.
“The shirt, or the titties?” she asked with a wicked grin as she cupped them in her head and pushed them up, straining against one of the buttons. I was taken back at first but quickly recover, or at least I thought so.

“Haven’t seen ’em yet, but they are quite impressive.” I smiled to her, “Where could I get a shirt like that?” I asked her my smile returning.

“Oh,” she started then held her arms out as though she were modeling the shirt, “This is 100% cotton, double stitch seams,” she spun around slowly, “Could probably get one for about thirty dollars from most mail order places.”

“Hmmm.” I said feigning a thoughtful moment, “But I want that one.” I said pointing. She smiled at me, her eyes dancing, as she pulled the shirt lightly away from her body.

“Well, since its you who is asking, you could probably get this one for sixty bucks.” She stated matter-of-factly. I reached into my pocket and pulled out three of the twenties. These I presented to her and I saw for a moment that she was surprised, but she quickly recovered. “I see.” She said as she strolled forward seductively and took the money from my hand. She began to unbutton the highest button, which was actually the third one. She moved her fingers ever so slowly until finally the button was free. She used her fingertips to slowly spread the shirt open revealing the creamy texture of her skin and the obvious swell of her breasts that I was suddenly beside myself. She paused. My eyes moved up to hers and I saw that she was staring at me intently. She licked her lips and smiled, then with a laugh gave a violent jerk that broke the rest of the buttons free on her shirt. Her breasts darted out to freedom, the large nipples clearly visible beneath the black lace bra that just barely covered them. She pulled her arms out of the shirt and tossed it to me. My vision was suddenly obscured as the shirt landed on my head.

By the time I got the shirt off of my head, I saw that Raylene had gone back to her cleaning, though there was really nothing left to clean.

“Now what do you think of ’em?” she asked me as she spun back around and shook her shoulders from side to side making her breasts sway.

“I don’t know.” I said as I rubbed the stubble on my chin with one hand, “Can’t really see them that well.”

“Yeah, bras do make it difficult don’t they?” she said with a laugh as she adjusted the bra slightly so that it actually covered more of her sizeable breasts than it had.

“How much is a bra like that?” I asked her still rubbing my chin.

“Well,” she began as she stepped forward, “These can be pretty expense, I mean bras like this are made out of silk.” She now stood right in front of me, her eyes looked up into mine and she smiled as she leaned forward. I could feel the warmth of her breasts through the bra as she lightly rubbed them against my exposed chest. The hardness of her nipples gave the material a slightly rough texture where they pushed out. I felt a spark race through my whole body at her touch and she smiled again, “Although, I could probably let it go for, oh, I’ll let you off easy, a hundred bucks.” Without hesitation I reached into my pocket and pulled out the required five twenties. She leaned forward and took the money between her teeth, as her hands were busy unhooking the clasp of the bra. Once the bra was lose she let it hand on her breasts, the nipples helping to keep it in place, the twenties sticking out from her smile. canlı bahis siteleri Then with a wiggle, her breasts bounced the bra to the floor. I groaned slightly, my cock now throbbing painfully in my jeans as her tits swayed from side to side until the slowed down and just moved with the gentleness of her breathing. She slid the twenties into her pocket then walked away.

When she had gotten a few paces away she glanced over her shoulder at me, her moving down to the noticeable bulge in my jeans. She smiled appreciatively and with a wink said, “You’ve got some potential there.” I laughed at sat down on the couch, to make sure I did not fall down.

Raylene looked down at the floor and seemed to notice something that didn’t belong so she bent over at the waist to get it. She moved slowly, knowing that I was watching her. When her head got low enough, she abandoned the pretense of picking something up and looked directly at me. The tip of her ponytail rested on the ground and I could see her breasts hanging down between her legs as she shifted her weight from leg to leg shaking her ass slightly for me. “The jeans are two hundred in case you’re wondering.” She said as she began to stand up again. I shifted and pulled out more of the twenties until I had ten of them in my hand. She turned and began to walk towards me to fetch the money.

“No no.” I said making like I was going to put the money back in my pocket. She stopped at looked at me, she was not disappointed, and she was smiling and waiting, enjoying the game. “Get down on your hands and knees and crawl over her for it.” She smiled broader at the suggestion and obediently dropped to all fours. She moved slowly, letting her tits sway with each movement of her shoulders as she crawled towards me. She kept her eyes fixed on mine, her smile never wavered. “That’s a good kitty.” I told her soothingly as she neared me. She leaned back on her legs and slowly moved up towards the offered money. As she got closer, I kept moving the money farther away forcing her to have to get closer to reach it. I could feel her breasts pressing against my thighs, her chin against the hardness of my cock as she finally got the money from my hand.

“Should I purr now?” she asked me with a playful smile.

“No, just lose those jeans and let me see that ass.” I told her and she responded quickly. The jeans were thrown onto the couch beside me; she turned slowly letting me see her legs disappearing beneath the silky black panties that she wore. Her ass was so close that I could almost touch it, but refrained from doing so. She kept turning until she was facing me again and I could see the swell in the panties caused by the thick brown bush that she had, some of the hairs sticking out through the lacy pattern.

“Now its starts to get expensive.” She said leaning forward placing her hands on my shoulders so that her breasts swayed a few inches from my face.

“Bring it on.” I said to her.

“The cost to touch these titties,” she said as she swayed them slightly, they were so close that I was sure she could feel the warmth of my breath against the. One of her hands left my shoulder before she continued “Are these jeans.” She finished as her free hand tightly gripped my cock and balls through them.

“Aw hell,” I told her with a smile, “I never liked these jeans anyway.” She leaned back and as quickly as I could I pulled the jeans off. I had forgotten that I had nothing on underneath. Her breath caught for a moment as the full length of my cock jumped out and throbbed at her, taunting her in its own quiet fashion. She smiled at it appreciatively and stepped back towards me. I reached out and let my hands cup the fullness of her breasts holding them up before me. I let my tongue circle one nipple then trace a line over to the other. I moved slowly, enjoying the feeling of the stiff nipples against my tongue, before I eagerly sucked one of them into my mouth. Her breath came in a sharp gasp, as I twirled my tongue around it within the tight confines of my mouth. Gradually I released it and moved to the neglected one.

“What if I wanna fuck you, Raylene?” I asked her gazing up at her face between her tits. She smiled longingly, she did not look at me though as her eyes were closed.

“That’ll cost you too.” She whispered.

“Name your price.” I told her my fingers toying with her nipples.

“Eat me out until I cum.” She whispered her reply. I gingerly pushed on her shoulders and she gradually gave way until she was sitting on the floor and then lying on the floor. My tongue wandered down her quivering stomach and over the bush of hair still within the panties. I grabbed the panties with my hands and slowly pulled them down, letting my tongue explore each section of skin as it was exposed. She pushed them the rest of the way once they past her knees and I quickly went to her pussy. My fingers pushed her open giving my tongue a clear shot at her clit, which it went straight to. Her whole body quivered as she felt my tongue begin to rub over her clit. She moaned thickly as I feel into a pattern of moving from side to side for a minute then switching to up and down over her clit. I knew that she would not last long as all of the teasing had gotten her as worked up as it had me.

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