The Long Weekend Ch. 02

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Scot woke after a sleep filled with the most vivid dreams. As his eyes adjusted to being awake he saw Adel lying next to him. She was still fast asleep her back was facing him and she looked so sweet lying there. Scot moved closer to Adel and lay as close as he could to her. Scot pulled the duvet up to cover her skin. He laid his head next to hers and closed his eyes. Scot’s arm rested against her hip.

He had come to meet Adel as the more they had talked and the more time they spent together Scot realised that he was falling in love with Adel. When she had called him with her suggestion that she wanted to get pregnant Scot had been taken aback but had jumped at the opportunity. Adel had told him that her biological clock was ticking and she really wanted a baby. With no real man in her life she said that she thought Scot might be able to help as they had been friends with occasional extra for a few years now and he was the only one she could ask.

Last night had been intense. It was the first time they had slept together without condoms. Adel had felt amazing and he felt more love for her this morning because of it. He never wanted to leave her he even hoped that she would be pregnant. Adel he thought would blossom as a pregnant woman cherishing a growing life inside her. She smelled so beautiful the delicate perfume of apple blossom in her hair.

Adel stirred in her sleep as she did she felt his arm tighten around her waist. Scot was cuddled in behind her backbone. She felt safe lying there in Scot’s arms. Adel missed Scot when he wasn’t around she had grown to love him so much. Adel turned around to face Scot. As she did so Scot’s eyes flickered as he started to regain consciousness.

Almost without thinking Scot moved forward and kissed Adel. She responded and kissed him passionately. Scot rolled Adel onto her back and got between her legs. He had already woken erect from the dream he had been having. Scot entered Adel slowly as he leant down and kissed her. She looked divine right now and the moment was perfect. Adel brought her legs up and pulled them back even further using her hands. There was no rush and they went gently about their lovemaking. No gimmicks no teasing just his penis teasing and tempting her vagina. This continued until Scot had cum deep in her vagina and they were both lying in each other’s arms hugging and kissing.

After a short while they got up and went downstairs. Scot said he needed the loo and Adel needed a shower. As Scot urinated into the toilet Adel started to run the shower and hung out some towels ready to dry herself with. Then she got into the bath and let the water fall over her covering her. ‘Can you pass me the shampoo over there, I forgot to bring it in?’ Adel asked Scot politely.

‘Let me do that for you babe?’ Scot said as he got into the bath behind her. He poured some shampoo into his hands. Scot worked it into a thick lather in Adel’s hair. He rubbed her head to get right to the roots. He then leaned over and picked the showerhead from its cradle and rinsed the suds from her hair. It took a few moments to get all the lather from her hair, until the water ran clear.

Scot picked up Adel’s sponge and squeezed some shower gel onto it before starting to clean Adel. It was done with great care and attention. Every inch of her body was paid great attention in a loving manner. Adel was unsure why Scot was washing her but it felt so good, him doing that. Adel bahis firmaları felt very protected as her sponge glided over her body. It felt good to have someone take control of something so basic as a shower. Adel moved so he could clean her raising and lowering her arms and legs in response to the sponge’s movement. ‘There you are ready to go now’ Scot said softly to her. Adel stepped out of the shower wrapping her hair in one towel and her body in another. Scot quickly showered himself before turning off the shower and stepping into the towel held by Adel.

They headed back to the bedroom where they got dressed Adel was going to show him around the local area she’d planned all the interesting places. Adel would have loved to have just cuddled Scot all day but she bit her tongue. Adel had planned her outfits for each day in advance. She had stuck to her best black underwear knowing it was Scot’s favourite and Adel supplemented it with simple to remove yet sexy clothes.

The whole day the electricity surged between Adel and Scot. They looked to everyone around like a couple deep in love. The way they held hands at every opportunity or the constant need to touch each other affectionately. Scot would have happily spent the day with Adel in his arms. However he appreciated the time she had spent planning his visit and it was great to finally see the places she encountered on a daily basis. Today had been a good day for old-fashioned flirting, hidden smiles and great company.

Scot had brought his camera with him and whilst he had the pretence of photographing the local scenery, there was more than enough opportunity to photograph Adel. Through the lens he realised her amazing beauty. He had zoomed in very close to photograph her stunning smile, her flawless skin and that amazing blush that gently coloured her plump cheeks. Although when she did blush she would turn away to prevent him from seeing, but he caught her doing this frequently.

Scot and Adel had eaten at a local restaurant where Adel had watched Scot eat and savour each mouthful. Adel watched each time he swallowed, watching the muscles undulate in his neck, moving the food down to his stomach. The conversation had flowed with ease. They talked like old friends, which they were, although Scot couldn’t help attempting to make those cheeks redden at every opportunity. He took great delight in making her blush; it seemed to bring them closer and closer.

By the time Adel and Scot got home it was getting late. The sun had set. As they walked down the street Scot’s hand was hanging around Adel’s shoulder and her arm was around his waist. ‘I’ve had a lovely day today babes.’ Scot said ‘you know that it’s going to be hard to leave tomorrow?’ Adel nodded.

Adel unlocked her front door, struggling to find the keys. She really didn’t want Scot to leave. Adel was sure they had gotten closer this time but there was no way Adel was going to tell him that she had fallen madly in love with Scot. Now she was going to make sure that their last night was as special as possible. She ushered Scot in and told him to relax and chill out while she went to get him a coffee.

As Adel brought in a tray with coffees and a selection of biscuits Scot held out a white envelope. As he sipped at the hot coffee Scot said ‘I was going to give you this later but thought you might like it now.’ Adel sat and opened the envelope where there was a letter in Scot’s writing. ‘I promise kaçak iddaa to fulfil every fantasy we’ve talked about. I’ve reread and memorised your ‘wish list’. Tonight I want you to relax and let me blow your mind and tick everything off your list’.

Adel felt all the blood rush to her face and she went a deep crimson. Scot stood up and held his hand out to Adel. ‘Let’s go upstairs!’ Adel linked her hand with Scot and followed him to the bedroom. ‘Come here’ Scot said as he pulled Adel close. ‘I’ve wanted to do this all day’ he said as he kissed her soft inviting lips and enveloped her in his strong arms.

Scot fished in his pocket and brought out a black blindfold. It was placed over Adel’s eyes and he tied it firmly yet gently. Adel gasped as she lost her sight but was soon smiling as he started softly kissing her neck and softly pulling the flesh away with suction. He moved lower to her neckline and kissed the mounds of her bosoms. ‘Can I take the blindfold off, I want to watch?’ Scot reached up and removed the blindfold flashed her a smile and then returned to the shirt. He started undoing the tiny buttons and each time new skin was revealed he kissed it slowly. Adel put her fingers on Scot’s head, she found it turned her on just to be able to touch him feel his manliness.

Scot opened the shirt wide taking in the beauty that was in front of him. Her pert nipples were straining against the thin black mesh of her bra. Scot sucked them each in turn through her bra. Adel began to moan with excitement as she reached behind to undo her bra. She wanted him to have full access to everything today. Scot looked eagerly at her breasts now and moved his finger across them until it found the nipple and joining with the thumb he squeezed it firmly. Adel let out an excited yelp. ‘Stand up’ Scot instructed her and as she did so Scot removed her skirt and her stockings. Adel lifted her feet one at a time to have her shoes removed also. ‘ Do you want me to tie you up? Do you trust me?’

‘We could try it even for a little bit’ she replied nervously. Scot took the rope from her dressing gown behind the door and tied her hands together before fastening it to the headboard. Scot stood up and slowly got undressed. He unbuttoned his shirt and let it drop to the floor. Adel’s eyes widened as she saw his chest. He unbuckled his belt, undid his fly and let his trousers drop to the floor. As he bent over to release his feet in a swift motion he had removed his shoes and socks.

Adel moistened her lips with her tongue and squirmed on the bed obviously enjoying the striptease in front of her. Scot was enjoying it too as his cock was straining against the fabric of his shorts. He carefully lowered his shorts carefully as his cock was starting to dig into the waistband and if he caught it now it would be painful. ‘Let me go Scot I want to touch you’ Adel demanded as soon as she saw his naked body. Scot giggled and moved to untie her hands.

‘I want you to hold the bed head as long as you can before you touch me. I want to show you that you have nothing to worry about and I promise that if you want me to stop I will I promise.’ Scot said to her as he untied her hands. ‘I want you to close your eyes for a bit and concentrate on relaxing believe me it will be worth it’ Adel closed her eyes but that kind of closing that you do when you only keep one eye shut at any one time. Scot waited for a bit until she calmed down and both eyes remained kaçak bahis closed.

Scot then reached down to the side of the bed where his gift from last night was laying the long black feather boa. He picked it up and plucked one of the longer feathers out before gently using it to touch Adel’s body. The second it touched her skin her eyes opened with surprise but when she realised what was happening she smiled broadly and closed her eyes again. As the feathers touched her skin he whispered what he was going to do to her where he was going to kiss her and how he was going to make love to her. Adel squirmed as it moved across her body and she arched her back as she held onto the bed head. She moaned slightly at first but her moans got louder and louder the more he talked and touched her.

As Scot got further down her body he could smell that she was aroused and the droplets of sweat were forming at her pussy. Scot got onto the bed between Adel’s legs. Her pussy looked amazing and as the feather circled above her pussy it just looked so very juicy. Without thinking Scot reached down and his hand found his neglected cock and started masturbating himself. He had done so on many occasions to pictures of her pussy so he seemed to forget where he was.

Suddenly Adel started to sit up on the bed. She looked at Scot with a big smile crossing her face. ‘That looks very tasty do you mind if I put it in my mouth?’ Scot nodded as he sat back on the bed, Adel knelt on the bed and started to put his cock in the soft folds of her mouth. She worked her tongue on the hard cock, licking and sucking at the tip of his cock. Adel knew how Scot liked her forcing her tongue into the eye of his cock

‘Stop you little madam I’m supposed to be making love to you!’ Scot said breathlessly. ‘If you continue like that I’m going to be no use to you, besides which I want to taste that hot pussy of yours!’ Scot gently pushed her shoulders back onto the bed and he bent down to finally taste her hot juices. She tasted so good. He needed to drink as much of her juice as possible as he wouldn’t taste her again in a few months and he wanted to savour every single drop. Her cum was intoxicating and he was now addicted. He licked slowly up and down her crack, exploring every inch.

Scot sucked gently at her lips and flicked her clit with his tongue whilst inserting a finger deep inside her hot warm vagina. Scot pushed a finger deep inside her before inserting another one until he had four fingers deep inside her filling her up. As he did this he looked up at her he knew she was close to cumming her body was thrashing around the bed. He pulled his fingers slowly out of her.

Adel looked at him her eyes pleading. Her face soon started smiling as Scot made his way up her body until he was kissing her lips. Adel could taste her juices on his lips and tongue. In a swift action Scot had pushed his hard dick inside her. He was gentle at first as she wrapped her legs around him. She felt so good as he slid inside her. She was so wet that he could increase in speed until his balls were slapping against her vagina. Adel’s back arched pushing him up further and she screamed that she was cumming. She was like an animal a totally wild and free creature. At that moment he came deep inside her. Spurting his seed all over her insides.

Scot collapsed onto Adel. He allowed his penis to go flaccid inside her while he lay kissing softly at her neck. She wrapped her arms around Scot holding onto him for dear life. As Scot’s penis gently slid out of her; he moved down her body and nestled between Adel’s bosoms. She softly kissed his forehead until he fell into a deep sleep.

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