The Interview

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The alarm goes off at 6:00 am as you awake to start a new day…

You crawl out of your empty bed to walk toward your window and look out to see the busy Kansas City streets below your 15th story studio apartment. The noises, pollution, hot dog stand smells, and overall city stench is actually quite pleasant to you this morning. Not really sure why, but it seems like today could be a different kind of day.

You then hear your automatic coffee machine kick on. You like your coffee steaming hot, so you have it set to be finished about the time you are up and actually moving around and not dead to the world so you can enjoy the one exciting thing in your tedious day. You see your blue skirt suit hanging on the back of the bathroom door as you enter to get your daily self pampering bubble bath before your stroll into big city life. You start the water and add the peach scented oils and moisturizers, and beads that seam to dissolve almost instantly. You lay there in the tub imagining what is missing in your life as you think about that one true love that had slipped away many years ago. Wondering how much you have yearned for that feeling of need, compassion, devotion, pleasure, since you have been left alone. Then you stop to think, I have the only person in my life that matters, me… After 36 years, you finally found the right combination that completely sends you to oblivion when you bathe and keeps you refreshed the entire day.

Today is completely different than any other day… why? Because you have been given this new career opportunity that is just too good to pass up. Today is the big interview. You have to be downtown at 8:30 am, so you decide to take a horse and buggy, just because you have plenty of time. You thought it would be a nice change of pace and a way to relax to clear your head of all nervousness before the “big meeting”.

Reading the directions and address given to you through a conference call in your home office only hours before, you hand them to the driver and sit back to enjoy the ride. You watch the people walk by in a hustle bustle to get to some place that doesn’t matter. The cars push impatiently through the overcrowded streets, and the drug dealers turning their next trick, but yet the city life today seems so distant and serene. It is unexplainable, but something about the way you feel says that this Monday is going to be different…

After stopping at the bakery to get a fresh pastry, you continue your journey toward the first step into your new life. You arrive 3 blocks later in front of this high rise glass building, which sits on the corner of what seems to be the busiest intersection in the city. You tip the gentleman handsomely for his stop at the bakery and the surprisingly smooth ride through the chaos around you. Immediately in front of you, stands this towering structure which seems like something from the movies. Reflecting the sun as if it were a giant prism designed to cast a bright rainbow of light onto a dismal city. You take a deep breath and enter through the revolving doors to the marble floor lobby full of jackets, ties, and pantsuits, and more stress than the New York Stock Exchange.

Your new instructions tell you to go to the 68th floor to the Human Resources Department of Menchey Industries Inc. to speak with a Mr. Jason Whitley. You have always been slightly afraid of heights but today, you feel like you can conquer anything that your heart desires.

The elevator doors open and you timidly step onto the landing trying not to think about not being able to get off until you are 1000 feet above solid earth. This probably won’t be the worst challenge for you today. “Concentrate on the interview”, you tell yourself. The elevator begins its ascent and you look around you to find one man reading his Wall Street Journal, a well-dressed woman tapping her right foot to the music playing from small speakers in the corner of the lift. Then you turn to look out the front of the elevator and realize the only thing is preventing you from falling to the busy street is two panes of glass…

Then you think about how wonderful your day has been so far and watch all of the people, automobiles, and commotion below you and begin to get the erotic thoughts in your head as a gorgeous, well-built man enters the elevator at the 43rd floor. He immediately caught your eye. He stood about 5’8″, strong facial features, illegal bahis with a slight 5 o’clock shadow. He was wearing a pair of snug blue jeans with a tool belt slung over his shoulder, and a tight white tee stained from whatever work he was doing just before. Sweat is so slightly rolling down his forehead. As he looks your way. Your eyes meet just briefly. Enough to manage a smile from your mysterious guest. You blush and continue your trip as you pass the 56th floor. The impure thoughts are now intensified as you wonder what it would be like to have someone like this handsome man make you feel like a real woman again… Not even caring when or where, you think of being on this elevator alone with him, but knowing that if all of the people from outside world would just stop with their lives for a moment then you would have one million eyes upon you. This thought intrigues you, as you reach the 68th floor and have to come back to reality to get to the meeting.

As you exit the elevator, you exchange glances once more, as if you have met somewhere before and you will meet again…

You walk down the hallway, which is lined with certificates, copies of certificates for business of the year, Employee of the month plaques, corporate policy letters, and mission statements. Reading each one briefly as you try to soak in as much background about the company as possible. The entire time thinking about that beautiful specimen in the elevator which you continuously fantasize about. You get to the end of the hallway and speak with the receptionist. She tells you to wait in the chair over in the corner.

The receptionist is sitting behind her desk, but it is one of those desks that don’t have a front so you can see under the desk. You happen to notice that the receptionist is sitting with her legs uncrossed and she is wearing these red silk panties… For some reason this turns you on so much that you can hardly stand it. If it were any other day it would have repulsed you, but you looked at her nice shapely legs, and firm calf muscles, and your eyes follow her legs up to the inner thigh to examine her honey pot…

Her eyes, her hair, her lips… she makes eye contact with you and then realizes that you had been checking her out and gives you an intriguing smile, then continues her work, glancing up at you every so often. Something about the day and the smell in the air hints at sexual fantasies and erotic tendencies. You continuously find yourself trapped in thought about that man in the elevator and the women busily working at her desk. You get called in to begin your meeting with Mr. Whitley…

Before you know it, the meeting is over and all you remember is that he said that he would be contacting you with their decision. Your body was present, but your mind was lost in thought, as you hope that you said all the right things, and conducted your self as a professional even though your insides were screaming to act out devilish desires. On your way out, you exchange glances with the receptionist one more time as you thank her for her time and begin to go out of the door. Just as you get to the door, the receptionist calls out your name to get your attention. You turn and go back to her at the desk for a moment. When you reach her desk, she hands you a piece of paper and she gives you a smile.

It reads…

Meet me at the 85th floor elevators at 12:30 SHARP!


You begin to thing that today is just way too weird. Not sure whether to go or not, you sit in the lobby with a cup of coffee and look at the clock. It is 12:05pm. You could walk out now and not think twice. It is way too coincidental for you to get these looks twice within an hour of each other from two completely different people. You ask yourself if someone accidentally slipped pheromones into your perfume. Chuckling under your breath. Then you start to think that what if the two incidents were related. Improbability…

It is now 12:20 and your mind is racing… You have never been with a woman before, but the thought has crossed your mind before. Sounds kind of exciting actually. You decide what can it hurt, as you throw your styrofoam coffee cup in the trashcan beside the machine and head toward the hallway where the inner elevators lead to the upper floors. You get in and ride up to the 85th floor and arrive there 3 minutes early. Contemplating going back down. This illegal bahis siteleri feeling is completely wrong. Just as you turn around, who is standing there face to face with you but Buffy AND the chiseled man from the glass elevator. She introduces her friend as being Josh, and thanks you for showing up, as she takes you by the hand and leads you to a blanket in the hallway between the inner and glass elevators. This floor, as Buffy explains to you, is a closed off floor because they don’t need the space anymore until the new department comes in, so you will not be bothered.

At this point you realize that this is definitely a setup. Since the man in the elevator saw you fidgeting from the excitement of your sensual thoughts of an elevator experience, he had gone up during your interview and talked to his mistress and set this whole thing up… They revealed their plot to seduce you. You smirk and then agree to their requests when they tell you to lie down on the blanket. You are lying on the blanket wondering what you have gotten into as the two of them begin to kiss and touch each other. They keep looking at you, as she asks if you like what you see. You reply with an anxious nod, but she says that you must watch and wait. She runs her hands up and down his rippling chest muscles, sensually kissing the nape of his exposed neck, as you feel the temperature rising deep in your loin. You begin to touch yourself when she removes his shirt and exposes his perfectly shaped muscular body. Six pack abdominal muscles, firm rounded chest, and gentle, hard, curves of hie lower back… They have you so hot, and you want the both of them right now. She then kisses all the way his chest to his stomach, reaching with one hand to unbutton his fly as she allows him to suck on the forefinger of the other hand.

At this point you can hardly stand the thought of having to watch these two please each other. She get his pants off and he is wearing a pair of tight boxer briefs showing off his chiseled buttocks and huge growth of manhood bulging as a boa constrictor waiting to pounce on his next prey. You watch with much anticipation as he slowly undresses her and kisses all over her body. He begins at her neck, then along her firm sweet breast line, then along her side down to her hips. He removes her jacket to reveal a pair of the most beautiful breasts you have ever seen. She is wearing a black lace half cup bra covering just enough to make you wanting more. He then turns her around to face away from him as he slowly unzips her skirt to pull it down to the floor. As he slides the skirt off his hands slide down along the outsides of her thighs, and she bends over to allow you to see her perfectly round ass wearing a high cut thong which accents her tan and compliments her bra perfectly…You almost cum right now.

She is such a beautiful specimen lying there vulnerable, as he tastes her through her panties, which are soaked from her juices. He runs his hands up and down her body, ever so gently to make her shiver with delight as he caresses her honey pot with his pierced tongue and overflowing passion. She watches you masturbate as he pleasures her the way no one else ever before him. As she climaxes you do too. You look into each other’s eyes as you reach that point of complete and utter ecstasy, moaning, panting, pushing, pulling, felling a rush of blood, rise in body temperatures if you were walking into a heat wave from an air-conditioned room.

After you and Buffy climax at the same time, she cums over to you and begins kissing on your face and neck. She opens your jacket and blouse to suck on your pink, erect nipples as he watches his woman seduce you beyond all means. She kisses all over your body, removing your clothing one by one…

Touching like no other woman has before, and you love it. You are about to climax again and she stops and takes you by the hand over to Josh where he is awaiting the two of you to tantalize him. You girls begin to suck and lick every inch of his concrete formed body, teasing him bringing him to the moment of climax then stopping to let him cool off for a minute, then start all over again… You take turns going down on him, kiss each other, taste each other while the other of you rides him. You switch and now you are lying down and he puts his huge hard manhood deep inside of you and she mounts your face so that you can taste canlı bahis siteleri how aroused she is. You are having the best day of your life right now and don’t want it to end…

This continues for a little while longer, and then she climbs off of you after you bring her to climax. Takes your hand, kisses you on the cheek and walks away without saying a word. With a look of mystery on your face, Josh sees your concern and takes you by the hand. What he says next blows your mind… He leans over to you and whispers ” We know and can feel other people’s fantasies”. As my mind races, he continues. “I know what you want, and I am the one that is going to fulfill that fantasy for you, if you will just follow me.”

At this point, you are really curious. How does he know exactly what your fantasies are? Maybe that is why the sex is so good earlier. He knew exactly what I wanted. None of us even said a word but made love like we knew exactly what to do. He leads you to the elevators again, stops and turns to you as if to say, “you doubt me now”. Pushes the down button and the doors open. What you see to your amazement is the glass walls, the open sunlit horizon of office buildings and street after street of people, taxis, and moving trucks. You take the one step forward into the elevator still nude from the marathon sexfest you experienced earlier with this “god’s gift to women” and his mate. Still wanting more to your demise.

The view is breathtaking, to say the least. You walk up to the window and look down, despite the fact that you are afraid of heights, he makes you feel safe as he follows you into the elevator and the doors close behind you. He comes up behind you and feel his manhood pressed against the small of your back. His hands wander around the front of you and fondle your breasts. He kisses your neck so passionately as he inserts his glory inside of you. You feel every hard inch penetrate the depths of your womb, and you love every bit of it. You are resting your hands against the glass as the elevator descends toward the city again. Your anxiety grows as the busy street gets closer and closer. The pleasure grows as does your fear of someone seeing you. The pleasure is insurmountable, so the threat is nullified. You don’t care who sees you, because today is the best day of your life…

You approach the bottom of the building and you watch the street. There is only a few curious individuals even notice, for the rest of the world is wandering around lost in their stress. These people that see you glance once or twice then go on with the rest of their lives. You are feeling Josh’s pulsing muscle so deep it feels like it is piercing through your entire body all the way up to your stomach. The pleasure is amazing. No one has ever made you feel more like a woman than this man and his lover. The elevator climbs automatically, Buffy disappeared earlier only to appear outside the elevator doors in the lobby. This is the nineties, so we still have to worry about other outside problems. Buffy eliminated those for us by basically standing guard, and operating the lift. As we climb, the feeling begins to be overwhelming. He is pumping you harder, and harder. Just when you thought it couldn’t be any deeper or better, he thrusts so deep inside of you, you shutter out a scream that makes him thrust that much faster. As you near the top, you both are on the verge of climax at the same time… you are reaching behind you with one hand digging your claws into his firm ass. Which causes his to let out a grunt of pleasure. You both explode just as the doors open and Buffy is standing there watching you both climax at the same time. With a pleased look on her face, Buffy masturbates to the sight of another woman getting her man off. As you finish, you both get out of the elevator and kiss goodbye as they hand you your clothes. By the time you get your clothes on and look up, the two of them are gone.

You received the call on Friday to start work today. It is now Monday, and you are walking in for your fist day of work. Ever since that mysteriously weird, enjoyable day two weeks ago, you have not been able to get Josh and Buffy out of your mind. You hope to see her when you get to the office, and thank her for the experience, since you didn’t get to that day. No sign of Buffy, or the man that taught you meaning of true pleasure.

You have not seen them, nor has anyone ever even acknowledged that they worked here. Ever. As far as you are concerned, there is no proof or evidence leading to the fact that this event ever took place. Only your mind, which still cannot convince itself whether or not it was a reality.

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