The Girl Pt. 03

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Ever had that feeling like you were going to hell because of something you shouldn’t have been doing? Well that’s how I felt after getting home.

After Kelly and I had cleaned ourselves up, I think we both felt a stab of awkwardness. I was mentally freaking out about what time it was and whether or not my wife was going to be up and ready to ream me a whole new asshole. Kelly looked as if she was contemplating her next move.

“Well, uh Kelly…” I shrugged sheepishly at her. “Tonight was amazing. I hope you know that.”

Kelly smiled at me. She looked normal again without her breasts exposed, but she was still sexy as hell.

“Well John, will I see you next Wednesday?”

“Of course.” I said to her. “And I’ll keep waving to you when I see you outside.” I added jokingly.

She had no idea how badly I wanted to kiss her seeing that little pang of doubt cross her face and vanish just as quickly. We stood at the door to her car, her leaning against it and me holding the door open. As much as I didn’t want to leave, I knew I had to.

“Thanks again for tonight.” Kelly said. “Hope no one’s waiting up for you when you get home.”

I rolled my eyes. “Yeah me too.”

“Drive safe.” I told her. I was stalling for time.

“You too but you can cut the bullshit and kiss me if you want.” She said making me smile.

She knew exactly what I was thinking. I walked up to her, cupping her face in my hands and holding her face up to mine and kissed her. When we finished, I was aching to take her again, but I knew I couldn’t.

“I’ve never done anything like this before…” I told her. I had cheated on Judy twice before, but they were quick and nothing like this had been in terms of how my body and my mind were feeling.

“It’s okay,” Kelly said, “you can always tell yourself that I seduced you, if you need to rationalize what happened tonight.” she added.

Kelly smiled at me as I backed up and started walking towards the west lot. I heard her door close and her car engine roar to life. On the ride home, I kept thinking about our encounter and how amazing Kelly was. She was so different from Judy. I felt wrong about what I did, but I couldn’t help it.

When I got home, I crept as quietly as I could through the door, barely letting the door latch shut. The hallway and living room were dark and I don’t think I had ever been more relieved in my life. I knew my daughter was asleep. It was nearly eleven thirty and Judy never let her stay up that late. I dropped my bag in my office and headed up the stairs. Once I got to the top and slowly opened the door to our bedroom, my heart started racing when I saw Judy in bed with the bedside lamp on.

‘Fuck she’s awake!’, I panicked. I walked to the side of our bed slowly, watching her like a hawk. My heart slowed when I saw her eyes shut and a light snore coming from her. Thank God.

I quickly undressed myself, discarding my cum soaked boxers, balling them up and then throwing them in the hamper. I needed to remember to do the laundry this time around so that Judy didn’t see the huge stain on them. I was both mentally and physically exhausted as I got into bed, turning off Judy’s bedside lamp and then my own. I turned and kissed my sleeping wife on the cheek and turned back over to my side. The last thing I remember was recalling the feel of Kelly’s young body against mine. For a few days I didn’t hear from Kelly or see her. I had debated on whether or not to call her or if I should just let us have some space to think.

The weekend went by without a hitch and by Monday, I felt like my normal self again. That day I woke up late and to the sound of a silent house. I thought perhaps I was still dreaming until I turned over and my wife wasn’t there. I scratched my jaw and got out of bed glancing at the clock to find it was eight. I walked down the stairs to find the kitchen empty and a fresh pot of coffee steaming. A note was sitting on the counter in Judy’s handwriting. She had gone to work early this morning and would be home around seven. She wished me a wonderful day and signed I Love you. I knew my daughter had cheerleading practice after school until 6:30. Judy must be picking her up after work tonight, which left me with the early part of the evening to myself.

I breathed out a sigh as I headed back up the stairs to take a shower. I had to be at work at 9 and started off the day relieved and happy; one reason being that today would be an easy day for me in terms of my workload the second being I would have some time to relax before Judy and Leslie got home. The day went by uneventful as expected and when I got home, I quickly ran through some class papers I had and then sat on the couch and watched the news. When I heard the phone ring, I figured it was Judy calling to ask if I wanted her to pick up anything for dinner on the way home.

“Hello honey.” I greeted.

“Hello yourself Mister Merrill.” a soft feminie voice purred. I almost spilled my beer when I heard Kelly’s voice. I smiled inwardly. canlı bahis I had managed to act my normal self although secretly my mind fluttered with thoughts of the next time I would see Kelly. I couldn’t call her, I hadn’t seen her outside as I drove by her house, and I can’t begin to say how badly I wanted to fuck her again. And here she was calling me.

“Kelly, what are doing calling here?” I questioned almost nervously and briefly wondered if she had called the house before only to get Judy or Leslie. Oh God, what if she had talked to one of them?

“Don’t worry John I wouldn’t have called or said anything if you hadn’t answered, but I will say it’s good to hear your voice.”

“It’s good to hear yours too. ” I replied. “I’ve been thinking about you alot since last time we saw eachother.”

“Oh really? Might I ask in what context?” Kelly asked me giggling.

“You know damn well in what context.” I joked smiling myself. I felt like a school kid again as I talked to her.

“Hmm, well you do see me again in two days…” Kelly said.

I knew Wednesday was coming up and I had been looking forward to it, maybe more so than I should have. I shouldn’t have touched Kelly the first time, and what made me think I could do it again or would do it again? I would… I knew it and so did Kelly and if I knew Kelly at all, I’d say she’d let me do it again.

“I know, I’m looking forward to seeing you after class.” I told her.

“You know, you and I could always skip class this Wednesday and go somewhere…”

I blinked in surprise. Had I heard her right?

“Go somewhere? Kelly, I can’t just up and cancel class for no reason.” I tried to rationalize.

There was silence and a brief giggle through the phone. “Okay, well I guess I’ll just see you after class.” Kelly said.

I smiled and sighed.

“Well Mister Merrill, I’d better get going to work, I just wanted to call and say hello.” she said.

“Okay sweetie,” I said, “have a wonderful evening, and I’m really looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday.”

And with that we hung up. I was horny just from talking to her and I wondered what Kelly would do if I drove to her work to see her? Would she tell me to go home, or would she do what I wanted to do… go into the back and screw. No I couldn’t do that. I grabbed myself another beer and sat back onto the couch. I’d wait till Wednesday. When it came, I’d see what would happen.

Wednesday morning came around and I woke up early. Today was the day and my mind wouldn’t let me forget it. I was hoping that the day would fly by just so my night class would come. When I got home at 5, Judy was home and had a quick dinner made for me before I showered and headed off. I felt so guilty as I watched her move throughout the kitchen talking about a house she sold in Afton while I was more interested in the young girl I was going to meet tonight. And the horrible thing was that Judy had no idea. I was lucky for that. I finished my early supper and stuffed some papers in my briefcase before kissing Judy. I kissed her more passionately and with more vigor than I had in the past couple of weeks. Maybe I did it so that she wouldn’t forget how much I loved her. Then again maybe I did it to prove to myself that I wasn’t an asshole for having an affair behind her back.

I headed off to night class in a hurry. I wanted to get there early and hopefully catch up with Kelly before she went to her class. I pulled into the faculty parking lot and sat for a moment. I checked myself in the mirror and unbuttoned my blazer. As I walked up to the entrance, I looked back into the parking lot to see Kelly pulling up in her little car. I stopped walking and waited for her to get out. I watched as she got out of her car wearing a cute pair of cutoffs and and tight knit little shirt. She looked cute and smiled in my direction as she started walking towards me.

“Hello stranger.” I greeted her.

“Hey Mister Merrill, I mean…John.” she replied smiling.

I wanted to hug her or kiss her or touch her but I didn’t want anyone to see. I settled for resting my hand on the small of her back as I walked her into the school.

“So do you want to meet after class tonight, or did you change your mind and decide to cancel your class?” she questioned with a devilish smile. Thank God the hallway was empty of students and no one heard her.

I smiled nervously and gave a quick squeeze to her round asscheek. “I’ll meet you after class sweetie like last time. Although you are tempting me with that suggestion and the little outfit you decided to wear tonight.”

Kelly wiggled her bottom against my hand. I walked her to her classroom which was just getting ready to start and gave a quick goodbye as I headed down the hall to my room. The class went by quickly as we reviewed for a quiz next Wednesday and then I allowed for a half hour question period with my students which they used to their full advantage as always. Before I knew it, our time was over and it was time to leave. bahis siteleri I checked my watch briefly as I gathered my paper and notebooks into my briefcase. As I walked out the door, Kelly was waiting for me. I smiled and looked down the hall to find a few students walking out the entrance.

“You ready?” she asked me as she blinked with those bright blue eyes.

I nodded as I watched one of the other teachers close and lock her door down the hall. I looked at Kelly as I started to walk.

“Wait wait where are you going?” she asked me, setting a hand on my chest. I stopped.

“What do you mean where am I going? We’re going outside to your car aren’t we?” I questioned.

Kelly gave me a devilish smile. “I was thinking we could go back into the classroom.”

“Wh..what?” I asked nervously.

“I thought…we could go back into the classroom Mister Merrill.” she explained. “Maybe I could get a little one on one help with the homework you assigned?”

My heart started beating fast. She wanted to fool around in the classroom? What if we got caught?

“Honey, I don’t think that’s a good idea. What if someone caught us? We’d be arrested.” I told her.

Kelly blatantly laughed at me. “John, the janitors don’t close the school until 10:15. We have an hour and fifteen minutes. Trust me no one will come.”

Had she done this sort of thing before? I mentally discarded the thought as Kelly grabbed my hand and pulled me into the tiny classroom. She closed the door and pulled down the blinds as I leaned against the desk watching her thin form and the way her round ass moved in the tight confines of her jean shorts. She looked at me over her shoulder and we exchanged glances. I set my briefcase down on the floor and sat on the top of the desk. When Kelly had finished, she moved over towards me.

“So do you think you can assign me some extra credit Mister Merrill?” she said pouting slightly and walking to stand before me. She grabbed at my blazer and shrugged it off of me. Then she started to unbutton my shirt.

I was getting a hard-on just looking at her. “I think I might be able to find something you can do.” I replied smiling. “But do you really think this is a good idea?”

“Mmmhmm.” Kelly replied as she undid the last of my buttons and pulled down my shirt.

I quickly glanced at the door praying that nobody would walk in on us and then looked back at Kelly. She was looking at me with a seductive look in her eye; a “come on, you know you want to” look. I reached up to Kelly and pulled her forward.

“I’ve been waiting to do this all week.” I stated and kissed her long and hard. Her moist lips smashed against mine and instantly I tasted bubblegum on her tongue. I couldn’t get enough as I swirled my tongue into her mouth and suckled on her lips with vigor.

Kelly moaned into my mouth as she touched my bare chest and slid her hands down to the front of my pants and my outlined erection. I touched her hands and pulled them away.

“Hold on, ” I said, “I want to undress you.”

Kelly nodded and stood upward. I touched her shirt and pulled it up. Kelly raised her arms as the shirt came up and off. I was surprised when Kelly’s gorgeous breasts came clean into view without any further obstruction.

“No bra?” I questioned huskily.

“Nope. Why did you want one?” she countered smiling.

She knew the answer to that as my hands grabbed at each breast. I squeezed them and watched as they gained a pinkish color. Her nipples hardened at the grazing touch of my fingers. Without any further hesitation, I had to taste them. I leant forward and captured her fleshy globe in my mouth, sucking vigorously at the warm skin and swirling my tongue around its peak. I felt Kelly grab at my hair and looked up watching as she closed her eyes.

“Mmm… Mister Merrill that feels so good.” she told me.

I grabbed at her nipple with my teeth and bit lightly at it. Kelly’s body tensed and her grip tightened. She let out a light gasp as I did this two or three more times. When I pulled away, Kelly looked down at me and kissed me. I groaned as her hands grabbed at my erection and stroked it through my pants. Her tongue slashed with my own as the fear of getting caught by another member of faculty or the janitor was replaced with heated lust. I slid back on the desk as my own hands rushed towards Kelly’s shorts. I frantically unbuttoned and unzipped them as Kelly fondled me.

“Take off my pants.” I told Kelly more than asking her.

“Gladly.” she replied, unbuttoning my own pants. We both pulled at eachothers clothing with eagerness. I watched and lifted my hips for her as she pulled my pants down and then her own. Her hips and the pinkness of a pair of what looked like teenage panties came into view hugging her pussy. Her pink panties rode low on her hips and had a little blue flower design on the front. God that was sexy. I openly gazed at them and watched as she pulled them down.

“God those panties are so sexy.” I told her.

“I bahis şirketleri thought you’d like them.” she replied lifting one foot after the other to remove them. After succeeding, she raised the pink cotton up to my face. “Smell.”

I took them from her and inhaled deeply. Some of her wetness in the crotch of the panties touched my face and I couldn’t help but lick my lips and taste her.

“God they smell wonderful and you taste exquisite.” I stated inhaling again before setting them on the desk. Kelly smiled at me as she pulled my pants off from around my ankles. I sat there in my boxers with my aching erection poking up at me.

Kelly grabbed at my shoulders and pulled herself up straddling my lap. I wondered what she was up to. When her hand moved downwards and fished my cock out of the opening in my boxers, I asked her what she was doing.

“Well I’m going to fuck you silly.” she replied, sending my mind reeling.

My cock stuck straight up from my pelvis and Kelly raised herself up and over me. “Oh my God…” I hissed as she moved back down and let my cock slide and impale her wetness.

I hadn’t forgotten how fantastic her pussy felt wrapped around me. So tight and wet and warm that I could stay there forever. When Kelly wrapped her arms around my neck and started humping her naked form against my upthrusts, I thought I might pass out from the heavenly sensation she was giving. Her soft “uh’s” and my grunts of pleasure filled the small classroom.

“Uh Mister Merrill, how does that feel huh?” Kelly whispered into my ear before running her hot little tongue against my ear lobe. This electrical little spark flittered through me at her touch and I plummetted my cock harder into her grinding form.

“Oh you feel so fucking good Kell.” I stated back at her. I was clenching my teeth, I was so close to cumming.

I grabbed at Kelly’s moving waist, letting my thumbs rub along the insides of her thighs and brushing her light pubic hair. Kelly’s pace quickened as she bounced up and down on my aching cock. The sounds of light thumping against the desk came with each downward hump of Kelly. I could feel my balls beginning to ache with release and I let my thumbs rub at her lips as I reached towards climax.

” Oh God Kelly, I’m gonna cum so hard. Cum with me Kell…” I stated frantically pulling her up and down harder and rougher against me. I watched as Kelly’s breasts jiggled in response.

Kelly bent her head back and squealed in pleasure. I felt as her pussy contracted around me, a gush of wetness coating my shaft and dripping onto the wood desk around my asshole. I knew I was going to blow my load and I’d cum inside her if I didn’t pull out now.

I pulled my dripping hard cock out of Kelly on an upward stroke. Kelly pulled herself forward and started humping her wet pussy up and down against the front of my cock. Her pussy lips spread around my cock shaft and as I watched, the next thing I knew I was gasping for breath as my cock spurted white semen all over her light pubic hair and her belly.

I could practically see stars my orgasm was so intense. Kelly’s naked body collapsed against my chest as she hugged me. I wrapped my arms around her, kissing her cheek, her forehead and finally her lips. As my cum cooled on her and we both noticed it, I looked for something to clean her with. Kelly stepped off of the desk and walked around the desk and opened a drawer. She pulled out some paper towels and we cleaned up.

After we got ourselves halfway decent, Kelly sat next to me on the desk. She looked over at me and smiled.

“I’m moving away.” Kelly stated flatly out of nowhere.

I stared over at her and blinked. Where had that come from? “You’re what? Why? When?” I asked.

“I’ve decided to get an apartment down south. I’ve finally saved up enough money. I’m leaving in two weeks.” She smiled at me.

I grabbed at her hand and kissed it gently, both sad and yet slightly relieved. She looked down at me and then back up at me with those gorgeous blue eyes.

“Why did you wait to tell me?” I asked her.

“You wouldn’t be able to stop me regardless. Plus you’ve got other things to worry about.” she replied. “Plus, I didn’t want it to spoil what we did tonight.”

I could understand her point and maybe she was right. We couldn’t go on like this forever. I had my wife, and my daughter, and my job. And she had her whole life ahead of her; her nursing degree, a career, and somwhere out there, a boyfriend. I couldn’t take that away from her.

“I know,” I replied, “I’m just going to miss you. I really enjoyed you…all of you.”

Kelly smiled and stood up as did I and followed her out of the room. She grabbed at my hand as we walked down the hallway together in silence. I was contemplating whether or not this was a good or bad thing. Maybe it was both.

I walked Kelly to her car.

“So what are going to do for the next two weeks?” I questioned.

Kelly shrugged. ” I’m going to pack. I put in my notice at work and I’m going to transfer my credits for this class to a school down there.”

“Can I come see you before you leave?” I asked hopefully. I at least wanted a chance to kiss her goodbye. I touched Kelly’s cheek.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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