The Game

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Ebony Teen

Judging from all the cars in the parking lot, it looked as though the Lone Star Bar was really hopping tonight. Pulling into what looked like the only parking spot left; Karen put the big black car into park and unbuckled her seatbelt. Opening the door, one lovely black stockinged leg with a shiny black high heel touched the black tarmac; her skirt rose up to show plenty of beautiful thigh, had anyone been close enough to see her. Her other leg followed suit and soon she was standing by the car door smoothing her skirt down. Locking the car, she gracefully walked towards the front door of the bar.

Opening the heavy wooden door, Karen smelled the smoke as she walked into the room. The din of people deep in conversation and good old country music hit her in the face just as the air conditioning blasted cool air over her body. It was a sharp difference from the heat outside and she needed to adjust to both. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she could see that the room was filled with men and a few women. Many of whom looked up to see who had entered. She noticed that the men looked at her with admiration and lust showing clearly on their faces, but the women’s gazes were quite different. Strolling past the tables, Karen went up to the bar. Climbing onto a stool she tugged at her skirt but not before many of the patrons got a very nice glimpse of thigh. Karen crossed her legs at the knee and laid her purse down on the bar. Before she was even settled the bartender was there asking, “What’s your pleasure?” Karen’s seductive smile told him that the white wine she ordered was not really her pleasure but it would do for now.

Sipping her wine, Karen glanced around the room taking a closer look at the other patrons. She saw five men dressed in baseball uniforms sitting not far from her at a table filled with bottles of beer, some empty and some in the process of being emptied. Every one of them looked up at her, admiring the sexy thigh she could not seem to cover with her short skirt. She smiled more to herself than them because they were not even looking at her face.

At another table, there was a young couple talking quietly together. The young man pretended to be engrossed in the conversation with his lady friend but Karen smiled when she saw his eyes lift to peek at her. The young lady he was with was not unaware of his furtive glances so she too turned to look over at Karen but she didn’t smile at her. In fact her frown spoke volumes.

Karen’s eyes roamed the bar and saw that there were two men in business suits talking away together; probably about some project or another. She couldn’t help but notice that the one man who had had his back to her turned so he could peek at her now and again and still hold down his end of the conversation.

Finally, her eyes rested on the man sitting next to her. He was wearing tight jeans and a tee shirt that was tight enough to show his off his pecs. His arms were muscled and when he picked up his beer to take a drink they bulked up nicely. He was very handsome and obviously alone, since no one was on his other side. Karen looked away not wanting to be too obvious in her scrutiny. He turned to her and shyly said hello in a way that made her think of the stereotypical cowboy. Trying not to let her own interest show too much, Karen answered with a simple “Hello.”

Sipping his beer, the cowboy didn’t say anything else. He turned on his stool to gaze at the people in the room and he didn’t miss the admiring gazes that were sent her way. Finishing his beer, he lifted a finger at the attentive bartender who came right over. Noticing that Karen’s wine was almost gone, he lifted his empty bottle and said, “And another wine for the lady.”

Looking up to say thank you, Karen found her eyes looking into the most canlı bahis şirketleri beautiful pair of blue eyes and the nicest smile. She flashed him a dazzling smile of her own and thanked him for the wine.

“You’re very welcome, Ma’am. By the way, my name is Mark.”

Karen took his outstretched hand. “Nice to meet you, Mark. I’m Karen.”

Mark’s hand engulfed her small one as he firmly but gently shook it. Their drinks arrived and he asked her if she would like to take them over to a booth.

“Love to, Mark.”

Mark picked up both his beer and her wine and led the way over to the only empty booth in the room. As he placed the drinks down on the table, his eyes scanned the room and noticed the many admiring looks were directed their way.

Sitting down, Mark looked at Karen and very bluntly said, “You are a very beautiful woman and I want you.”

Karen had picked up her wine was taking a sip but started to choke as his words sunk in. Coughing, she looked seriously at him and said, “Excuse me?”

Mark grinned and just as frankly as before said, “You heard me. Tonight I am going to take you out and fuck you as you have never been fucked before.”

Nonchalantly, Mark picked up his beer as if he hadn’t just said anything so outrageous and sipped it. He watched Karen’s face turn a lovely shade of pink and he grinned. Shocked Karen picked up her wine with a shaking hand and sipped, not quite sure what to say or do.

Mark was enjoying himself immensely so he continued, “Tell me you want me to fuck you Karen. Tell me what I already know, that you can’t wait for me to slide my hard cock deep inside you.”

Karen’s voice betrayed her and she barely croaked out a whisper. “Mark, I want you to fuck me. I want to feel your hard cock deep inside me.”

Abruptly, Mark stood up, tossing some bills on the table and reached out for Karen’s hand. Looking up into his eyes, she saw the passion in them. She knew that hers must look the same to him. She took his hand, slid from the booth letting her skirt slide up. She knew she was giving Mark a clear view of the lacy tops of her stockings but she wanted to tease him in return. He would be hard as a rock now!

Mark let Karen walk ahead of him but he was right behind her admiring her lovely ass in her skirt. Catching up to her in just two long strides, he got to the heavy wooden door first and opened it for her and they both stepped out into the heat and setting sun.

Mark asked her where her car was and Karen answered, “Just over here.”

When they reached the car, Mark moved in close to Karen, letting the car be their shield. No one else was in the parking lot so it didn’t really matter anyway. He leaned down to kiss Karen on her lips. Startled but pleasantly so, she kissed him back; softly at first but then harder slipping her tongue into his mouth and tasting him. He tasted of beer and she liked it. While he was still kissing her, she felt his hands touch her thighs as they slid up beneath her skirt. Hooking his fingers into the waistband of her panties, he swiftly pulled them down. Gasping from surprise, Karen pulled away. Shocked at her own behaviour she watched as Mark kneeled down to help her step out of her panties. He took the little satin panties and crumpled them in his big hand while looking into her eyes and smiling. Raising them to his nose, he inhaled deeply. When he had his fill of her lovely scent, he pulled the panties away and told her to touch his cock to see how hard he was for her. Timidly, Karen’s hand reached out and caressed the hard outline of his cock. It was warm and the bugle pleasingly large. Shivering in spite of the heat, she knew she was wet.

Mark took the key from Karen and unlocked the door, opening it, he said, “Get in.” She did.

He canlı kaçak iddaa walked around the back of the car, opening the passenger side and climbed in. Looking at her he took another sniff of her pretty panties then he tossed them on the dash. With shaky fingers Karen to the keys from him and put it into the ignition and started the car.

He told her to get on the highway going east and he would tell her were to go from there. Once on their way, Mark reached over and caressed her breast while she drove. Her heart was pounding and she could hear the blood rushing through her veins. His fingers unbuttoned her blouse and he pulled the two sides open. He pinched her nipples through the soft fabric of her satin bra. She moaned and he smiled. Moving even closer to her, he slipped his hand into the soft warm cup of her bra to hold her breast in his hand. Feeling her nipple pucker even more against his palm, he pinched it again.

“Are you wet?”

“Yes,” she whispered, “I am very wet.”

“Tell me Karen, do you want me to touch your cunt? Do you want me to look at you, feel you and touch you before I fuck it; until you spill come all over my hard cock?”

“Yes, Mark. Please!” she moaned.

“Open your legs, baby.”

Just as abracadabra worked for Aladdin, his magic words worked for him. She opened her legs.

Mark held the sides of her skirt while her hands were on the wheel. “Lift” was all he said and she did. Since her panties were laying there on the dash, she sat driving with her bare ass on the seat.

Mark saw the lacy tops of her black stay up stockings; her high heeled feet; one on the gas pedal and the other to the side allowing her to be opened for him. Raising his eyes he saw the soft white flesh of her thighs and the tiny patch of black hair covering her sex. He lowered his head and much to her surprise he sucked in the humid air breathing deeply of her fragrance.

“Your scent drives me nuts. I want to fuck you so much, Karen.”

Karen knew that the liquid fire he was inflaming was staining the seat of her car. Mark layed down on his left elbow and used his right hand to tug at the little patch of hair to open her more for him. He could see the wetness on her lips and her swollen clit was peeking out from her folds. She was finding it so hard to drive and stay at a steady speed on the highway but somehow she managed.

Taking his middle finger, Mark shoved it deep inside her wet cunt. Karen jolted from the shock and swerved as she moaned out loud.

“Careful, honey. Stay focused” He teased. And right then, he slid his finger from her wet cunt and began to caress her engorged clit. With steady wet smooth circles he brought her closer and closer to orgasm.

“Oh God, Mark, I am going to come!”

“That’s it baby. Let go. Come for me.”

Karen’s eyes closed but only for a second when she realized she was still driving. Without even looking, she pulled over to the side of the highway too aroused to even thank God that no one was there. Slamming the car into park, Karen allowed her head to fall back on the headrest. She was so close to coming, her tummy muscles tightened, her legs stretched out, her head rolled from side to side as air whooshed from her open lips. His finger did not stop. Once she opened her eyes and saw the look on his face as he finger fucked her to orgasm, she was done. As she came she pulled her sensitive clit from his fingers and he slid them deep inside her soaking wet cunt. She held her own hand over his, pushing his fingers in deeper as her hips ground down she poured her warm honey all over him.

As her orgasm subsided, her tense body slumped and she relaxed, Mark took his hand from between her legs. She rolled her head over to look at him while trying hard to catch her canlı kaçak bahis breath, she watched as Mark slid his fingers into his mouth and sucked her juices from them, one by one. What an erotic sight to end her orgasm.

Karen decided that he was not going to have all the fun so she sat up on her knees and reached over Mark to hit the seat release and he was abruptly sent backwards. With her blouse still opened and her breasts pushed up and out over the top of her bra, they dangled tantalizingly over his face and his mouth reached up to grab one tasty nipple between his lips, sucking it very hard. Moaning, she pulled her breast from his mouth to feed him the other one. He sucked it just as hard. Sitting up, Karen tugged her nipple from his mouth and reached down to caress the huge bulge in his jeans. This time it was Mark’s moan they heard out loud. He knew he was going to like this.

Placing both his hands behind his head, he watched Karen as she began to play. She unfastened his jeans and lowered his zipper. Tugging impatiently, she pulled at him to silently tell him to raise his hips so she could lower his tight jeans. He did and she tugged his underwear down with them. His cock stood up proud and wanting. Sitting back on her heels, Karen admired his beautifully circumcised shaft with the long purple vein pulsating along the length of him. His lightly haired pouch holding his balls and his come that needed to be released was resting on strong muscular thighs. Her hands quickly followed her gaze, caressing him softly in the now darkening evening.

Holding his cock like a sucker in her hands, she lowered her mouth to capture it tightly between her moistened lips. She sucked just the tip, as though she were just testing to see what flavour it was. Deciding that it was her favourite, her mouth greedily sucked and took his entire shaft deep in her throat. Mark’s moans of arousal mingled with her moans of pleasure and he raised his hips deepening his thrust into her warm wet mouth. Her soft hands groped to cup his balls and she tightened her grip gently; sucking him slowly rather than franticly because she knew it was more arousing.

Letting her tongue dance across the sensitive head, she played and tasted the precum that seeped out of the little slit. She stroked him slowly holding him tight as she sucked him. She let him go deep, allowing her throat to get used to the intrusion. She knew that when his cock hit the back of her throat he would love it. She almost gagged a few times but she soon relaxed. So slutty, so hot!

His fingers tangled in her hair, gently pulling her head down his shaft holding her there while his hips rose to thrust hard. Not sure what came first, his loud groan or the first load of come as it shot down her throat. It didn’t matter because he just shoots and yells again. He loosened his grip when he felt her gag so she could swallow. The night was so dark that Mark could barely see her throat as she swallowed again drinking the rest of his seed as he shot it into her waiting mouth. Karen released his still hard cock from her mouth and lapped gently around the shaft.

Mark reached down to the handle, raising the seat upright so he could take her face in his hands to kiss her deeply. They looked deep into each others eyes but not only with a look of sated passion but of a deep and tender love.

In a companionable and comfortable silence they both pulled themselves together. Once fully dressed, Mark opened the passenger door, slipped out around the car and climbed into the driver’s seat just as Karen slid easily into the passenger seat. They both buckled up before Mark started the car. On the highway heading home Mark turned to Karen,

“I love you very much, honey.”

“Mark, I love you too.”

Karen spied her panties still lying upon the dashboard and smiled. After a few minutes, Karen turned to her husband and asked,

“What game shall we play next week, honey?”

© 2005, Misty’s Erotic Stories, (revised)

© 1998, Misty’s Erotic Stories

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